August 1-3rd, 2O14
International Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses | Landover, Maryland @ FedEx Stadium
1OOth Anniversary Of God’s Kingdom.

56,OOO + attended this event.
What a GREAT witness to Dan Snyder & to the Maryland/ DC metropolitan area!😁👏

I got baptized there with 4OO+ other brothers & sisters.

4OO+ dedicated their lives with my cousin & I at the Fed Ex Field stadium in Landover, MD on August 2, 2O14 during the 1OOth Anniversary of God’s Kingdom. I appreciate all of the love & encouragement that has helped me to come to my senses & help to prepare myself for monumental moments like this one 😂 .. I’ve learned so much before this moment & now it’s my job to keep the legacy going not only for my grandparents but for myself .. For ourselves, we have to keep fighting “in these critical times, that are hard to deal with” (2 Tim 3:1-4).. We’ve received all the encouragement we can get, now it’s our job to save lives & give back!

- K💜