i guess to make a long story short senior year has made me realize how lost i really am in life. i know i have the potential to do anything i want, but it’s just not knowing what i want that’s killing me. after being deferred and then accepted into my dream college, i thought i had everything planned out for the next 4 years and that life would be perfect. within the past few weeks, i have realized that i was all wrong and that going to university in the fall is truly not the right decision for me. i want to take a gap year but if you live in america you know that that is a really rare thing to do, and if anything people kind of look down on you if you take a year off from school. the past 72 hours of my life have been consumed with researching this international volunteer program, called IVHQ. talking with my two best friends who know me better than anyone in this world, has really helped me realize that i need to do this for me. i decided that i’m going to get some opinions from a few trusted adults tomorrow as well, before dropping this atomic bomb on my parents. i don’t know what to expect and to be honest i’m pretty much scared shitless. if they don’t support, i think i will still be able to do it on my own. the plan right now is to volunteer in south africa from this december until may of 2015. typing all of this has me more excited than i have been about something for months and i can only hope my parents understand when i tell them all of this this weekend….. wish. me. luck. 

Grace Academy Orphanage, owned by my homestay mom, Regina (The kindest most generous woman I’ve ever met) is in need of school supplies and toiletries for the children living there. This includes notebooks, pencils, and more importantly, soap, toilet paper… and other basic necessities we don’t give a second thought to that are essential for their day to days. There are about 60 children actually living at the orphanage, and every dollar goes along way. I think the exchange rate is 85 shillings to the dollar. Raffy Girardi and co have already been so generous as to help donate chalk and some other supplies for these kids and we are so thankful! I’m hoping their generosity is contagious. If you’re interested in helping, please email me at or send your donations via paypal to the same email address.

Asante sana <3

Heading Out!

After about 2 months of setbacks, I can finally say I’m on the way out!

I didn’t want to write this post until the day before my flight, but I figured I’d be too busy getting last minute things taken care of to sit down and write anything, so I’m going to…

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Interview With Daniel Radcliffe Of International Volunteer HQ
  • Interview With Daniel Radcliffe Of International Volunteer HQ

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What does it take to be an Entrepreneur? Join us as Dan shares his Entrepreneurial mindset and an inside glance at his journey of becoming a successful Entrepreneur.

Dan is the Executive Director of International Volunteer HQ.  IVHQ is the world’s leading volunteer travel company, placing over 10,000 volunteer travelers onto quality, safe, and highly affordable volunteering programs abroad every year.

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Success Quote

  • “There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.” ~ Christopher Morley

Business Failure

  • Dan was rocking and rolling with IVHQ and decided to take a chance on another venture that focused on web design in India. A year later and $30,000 lighter, Dan now sticks with what he knows.

Entrepreneurial AHA Moment

  • Dan talked to his target market while he was backpacking the world. This allowed him a great sounding board and plenty of feedback.

Current Business

  • IVHQ is expanding a a rapid rate, and Dan is at the center of it all, traveling the world and making it a better place to make a better place.

Small Business Resource

Why I am here

Hello all! My name is Felicia Montenegro and I am baout to embark on a journey to Uganda to work as a teacher in the town of Kampala for a month. On this blog I will be documenting my trip mostly visually with sprinkles of verbal enlightenment of my adventures so that you to can partake in the venture to the other side of the earth. Hope you all enjoy and get something out of any of this.
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Hello, friends and family! I am hoping to take a gap year before college which I will spend working, and, if I can afford it, travelling. I plan to work as an intern at the Farm Sanctuary in California for 2-3 months. This organization rescues and rehabilitates animals from abusive situations,…

Trying this again…pretty please! Literally 5 dollars would help. My gap year will be 100% work and volunteer work, not a vacation- your donations will be helping me to help others. Thank you, much love!

Oh my god.  This is actually happening.  This might actually happen.  I am freaking out.  I talked to my dad.  He’s not okay with it, but he understands.  As he said, “So you’ll be going my little girl and coming back a grown up."  Hopefully.  As long as they have a placement for me.  Kenya, three months, women’s education program, in March.  Oh my god.  I’m not good with growing up.  And changes.  And stuff…happening.  Especially stuff like this.  Important stuff.  Life decisions.  I’m not good at making them.  Hell, I can barely decide what t-shirt I want to wear.  Oh my god.  

Our Instagram of the Month for August comes from Eugenia Xiao on our Orphanage Work project in Ghana. The beautiful smile on Charity’s face won us over big time!

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