Fab Faves From ICFF

As ICFF—or, for our acronym-resistant friends, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair—wraps up, the Fab team reflects on their favorite pieces from this year’s exhibition. Scroll on to see what rose to the top of our professional tastemaker’s lists!

Kast van een Huis Closets

The one thing at ICFF that made my heart jump was the Kast van een Huis, beautiful closets and storage units shaped like Dutch canal houses, from Cool Kids Company. I love them because they’re  fun and cute, but also because they’re so functional. They look especially beautiful together, and I like that you can recreate a street in Amsterdam in miniature scale in your own house. 

-Johanna Lenander, Editorial Director

Woodchuck Pendants by Lindsey Adelman

Love the customizable aspect of these, and their jewelry-like sensibility! 

-Chad Phillips, Executive Director, Merchandising, Special Projects

Urbio Modular Shelves

Easy to put together and ideal for transitional spaces, Urbio’s shelves add color and excitement to your walls. They’re also fully recyclable, interchangeable and unbreakable! 

-Devin Guinn, Buyer 

Kraft Composition Desk by Vonnegut/Kraft

Classic construction with innovative accent details? Color me enthusiastic.

-Cat Birch, Buyer

Hao Shi Jewelry

I love the unexpected texture and genre mix in Hao Shi designs. These creations blend startling realism with everyday street style elements. 

-Michelle Casciolo, Buyer

Round Diamond Rug by Emma Elizabeth

Emma Elizabeth is a name to keep an eye on. These Round Diamond Rug—true ICFF gems—are a glamorous and dynamic take on floor textiles! 
-Katherine Walters, Buyer
Bold & Lovely Nesting Bowls

I love the contrast of the bright, glazed interiors of these bowls with the softness of the porcelain. They are so cheery and sculptural! I particularly like the yellow. 

-Jamie Rowley, Buyer

Index tables by Jonah Takagi for Council 

The new Index tables by Jonah Takagi for Council are quietly perfect. As usual with Jonah’s work, they’re simple yet strong—the proportions are considered, the muted color wash doesn’t hide the underlying grain of the wood, and they can be disassembled and shipped flat—a benefit to retailers and buyers alike. 

-Kimberly J. Oliver, Director, Merchandising

Snake Sticker by Albertus Seba

I love this snake because it’s unlike anything I’ve seen in art and design recently. It’s both beautiful and dangerous, familiar and exotic. The colors are brilliant and the scale makes it more than just a decoration: It becomes a presence in the room. The application is something we’re used to seeing in museum exhibition graphics and it’s nice to see it brought into the home.

-Gabrielle Zola, Buyer

Joint Venture shelving by Matt Gagnon for RS Barcelona

Matt Gagnon’s Joint Venture shelving for RS Barcelona is truly a joint venture—the versatile design allows you to decide how you’d like to arrange it.

-Josephine Minutillo, Managing Editor

objects of desire #1: planters by Collaboration

A change in attitude towards the way we view the exterior, use and furnish it, has resulted in an explosion of contemporary garden products entering the market. This series of planters by Collaboration has all the exclusivity and sophistication of an art gallery display, and will on view at The 23rd Annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair ICFF show 14-17 May 2011.


Design\Milk was at International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2015 and it got them so excited they created a video of highlights of the exhibitors. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do

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