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Politicians from the United States and the world react to Donald Trump pulling out of the Paris Agreement

The Fight (Jungkook, You) Scenario

Two book reports due by next week…
A research paper due for consultation two days from now…
An five page-essay on the effects of Shakespearian literature to contemporary literary works due by Friday…
Submission of final draft for the decorations committee for the upcoming graduation ball… 

You wondered if this is what college was all about: a whole bunch of deadlines.You’re only a freshman and you’re already so busy. Having been elected into the student council, you had a lot of things to take care of like student activities and outside school events. Then there’s also the fact that you have to continually keep your grades up to be able to stay in the honor list, as well as a member of the council. It was a touch job but you were able handle it. It’s just that these past few weeks had been like hell for you and every time you checked your to-do list, it’s seemed to be never-ending.  

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Which HPA Student Council member is which

A ton of appreciation goes to the combined efforts of @jinjojess, @gs-goldstarz and @taichinchin for providing us the translations for the HPA Student Council members in this post.

Now, I’m really curious as to which person is which. Thus after rewatching the first killing game for more despair, I noticed that the way the ‘motivation’ files are arranged here (from left to right)

is somewhat similar to how they are arranged here (or more specifically, how it goes from right to left, bottom to top)

I’m saying somewhat similar because from jinjojess’ post, and from the 2 canonically named characters (Murasame and Kisaragi), we got the positions correct? Murasame is also the last from the gif, and that Kisaragi is 4th from the last as well.

So, from my guess, I would say they are arranged in the exact same way? Just my opinion though, since we really don’t have anything set in stone besides Murasame’s and Kisaragi’s.

So if that were the case, it would be like this then:

(Idk I just put Isshiki there because extra space and he IS the bodyguard of the SC, plus wHERE THE HELL IS HE AND MATSUDA TOO)

And from there as well, I would assume that the way they are arranged is also related to their position in the student council.

Meaning, Kashiki would be in the lowest position while Murasame would obviously be the highest.

Though there isn’t really any set rules as to what positions you can have in a student council (besides the important ones, like Pres, VP, Secretary, Auditor, Treasurer, etc)

But more of my other wild guesses are that both Someya and Ikuta are Vice Presidents (Internal and External), since we already have Kisaragi as the Secretary and Murasame as the President, and I don’t think there’s any other position in between those besides VPs. And maybe, Ichino and Kamiginu are the Escort and Muse (idk do you have those in Student Councils? Lol I honestly don’t know and I think I remember my HS had them?). Also, I think the lowest position in the SC would be the representatives per year (or per class) but I don’t think they (Kashiki, Nishizawa, and Kubou) are?

Anyways, this is just my two cents on the topic and haha yes because I want to really know which is which so there is DISTINCTION between them

P.S. Kodaka pls tell us who they are. Youve given them character designs, dont let the character designers’ efforts go to waste

The Strings We Attach (Olicity AU - M) -- 1/6

Summary: Felicity Smoak knows that sleeping with the boss’s son goes against the rules of her summer internship at Queen Consolidated in about a hundred different ways. She knows, but it doesn’t matter.

Read at: AO3

Late September 2015

“We really need to stop meeting like this.”

Felicity snorted. “No, you need to stop hunting me down at the office. You know, where I work? The concept might seem foreign to you since you still don’t have a job and all, but your name is on the building so that should be helpful.”

He only grinned in response and she watched as he stood up, tucking the rumpled shirt back into his pants, the zipper unbearingly loud in the silence of the small conference room. He knew, just as well as she did, that she loved when he stopped by the office.

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