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Internal vs External Magic Users

So, I’ve come to find knowing how magic works for each individual can help immensely when it comes to studying and perfecting each person’s form of witchcraft. Everyone tends to be different, and finding out where you stand and how you personally use, store, and/or release energy can help when it comes to visualization. This can, in turn, greatly impact the success rate of each spell, working, or ritual a witch does. Obviously, it’s not an end-all, be-all. However, I’ve found knowing the information can help even just a tiny bit (or a lot, depending on the person.)

Internal vs External

The way energy moves throughout the body is a great way to start understanding how you can use and manipulate your own in your everyday life as well as in your practice. There are hundreds of different types of paths for energy to go, but for the most part, the two largest categories are: internal and external.


Internal energy pathways are self-explanatory. Typically, these people were born during the day and possess power from within their own bodies. They have a connection with the Sun. Internal is quite common, and these individuals may have to ground and cleanse themselves more than their counterparts. They can be gifted at enchantments, astral work, communing with deity or spirits, etc. Their cores emanate energy, which can be activated with a touch. Touch with the hands, feet, chest, and the top of the head would be ideal as these are their center points of energy. Internal magic users tend to rely on their instincts and intuition and often have extra-sensory abilities. My recommendation: focusing on visualization and using touch-based rituals/spells (sigils, baths, etc.)

Oil to help loosen up the internal energy flow:

  • Olive oil base
  • Sea Salt
  • Amethyst (chips or tumbled)
  • Rosemary (herb or oil form)
  • Yerba Santa, Sage, or Palo Santo

Burn either on a charcoal disk or rub on a candle to breathe it in.


External magic users are the lucky ones! Typically born at night, these are those lucky people who could wish for something and have it happen. They have an ability to influence the world from afar, like the Moon. They can trigger changes around them without thinking about it too much. Simply saying things like “I really wish I had some extra money,” might aid them in finding a spare $20 on the street. These are typically the people who can reblog emoji spells, and/or “money cat”-type posts and have a high success rate. Their bodies radiate energy and manipulating it may come naturally to them, to the point where they have no idea they’re doing it. They rely on their intellect and are disciplined, determined, and intelligent. They excel at area of effect rituals, such as wards. Energy manipulation, healing magic, and forms of divination may also be easier for them to master. My recommendation: learning how to manipulate their energy more and using repetitive mindset spells (ie, vision boards. AKA, wishing for something super hard.)

Oil to help loosen up the external energy flow:

  • Coconut oil
  • Lavender (herb or oil)
  • Sea Salt
  • Mint (herb or oil)
  • Selenite (Charge oil with it or add chips. Disclaimer: selenite dissolves in water, so either charge the oil or use pieces you don’t care for.)

Rub on skin, do NOT consume if you add selenite chips as it is unfit for internal consumption. 

Kim Namjoon MBTI: INFP

Rap Monster’s turn! Man oh man, I’ve seen a lot of types for Namjoon. Some have typed him ISTP, ESTP, ENTJ, ENFP, INFJ, and more. As with some of the other members, there’s usually one or two functions which I notice most, and in Rap Monster’s case, it’s Fi and Te. I’m of the opinion that he is an INFP and here’s why:

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Why I'm Still Not Over Episode 13

Since I’m playing on the English server, I haven’t reached 13 yet, but I have definitely seen what has happened from international users. My opinion on this episode is like everyone else’s opinion:
The writer in me, the part of me that writes stories full of horror and heartbreak, definitely enjoyed 13. This part of me saw the potential in the betrayal by the boys and can not wait for it to escalate. This part of me is very invested in the story-
But this part of me isn’t the grand majority of my consciousness.
While the writer in me enjoyed 13, the player in me was definitely enraged by the last episode.

I, like most players, disliked the kissing scene in 13 because it symbolized a huge betrayal.
The kisses between the guys was not romantic or cute, rather, it was disgusting and twisted. The kiss symbolized something that was supposed to be pure, warped into something detrimental that would impact Erika and everything she knew.
To put it simply, the kiss was the thing that destroyed her life.

I really can’t stress how horrible this was enough.

I’m the type of person who can easily step into a character’s shoes and feel what they feel. So, during 13, I stepped into Erika’s situation and saw the true impact of what happened:
Erika lost everything she knew.
With one action, one swallow, one potion, Erika lost her life.
Think about it for a second. Let it sink in.
The grand majority of us have families that care. Have friends that care. Have some form of relationships that care.
Think about your loved ones for a second. Run through each name and face in your mind.
I’ll tell you mine if you want.

When it comes to my loved ones, my grandma comes to mind. My grandma who hugs me every chance she has and rhetorically asks me why she loves me so much. My grandmother who listens to my problems and gives me her best advice. My grandma who raised me after my mother gave me up because she wasn’t ready to raise a kid-
Though she isn’t the only one that appears in my mind.
I also think of my grandfather who is a father to me. My grandpa who gets up at midnight to run down to the pharmacy when I’m sick. My grandfather who jokes with me and buys me treats and complains when I need something yet never hesitates to provide it. My grandpa who tries to help me with my math homework, even though it’s gibberish to him because his education ended at third grade, and does everything he can to make my life easier because he loves me as a daughter and not a granddaughter.
And it doesn’t stop with him.
I think of my Godmother who gives me advice and is always there for support. My Godmother who says that sometimes she forgets I’m her niece and not her actual biological daughter.
I also think of my little brother who irritates me and gets irritated by me, yet is always there when I need help like a little gentleman.
I think of my younger sister who teases me yet listens to my problems and comes to me for advice. My little sister who once hugged me and cried after having a nightmare where I died.
And I think of my mother who is not the best person in the world, yet she tries.

So, because I come from a very loving family, I can easily realize the extent of Erika’s pain.

I mean, Erika lost her life.

She may still be alive, but she isn’t living in the world she used to be.
She lost everyone who cared. Think on that for a second. Imagine your family, as I imagine mine, suddenly not remembering who you are. Imagine them looking at you with blank looks because they don’t remember you existed.
Imagine how much that would hurt you.
And imagine how much that hurt Erika-

Though it doesn’t really end there, does it?

Erika, on top of losing her family, lost any trace she left behind.
Bite into that for a moment.
We humans are afraid of being lost in the pages of history, or at least I am, so imagine what it is like to be gone.
Imagine your legacy, whatever it may be, disappearing back in your world.
That’s everything you worked for, everything you strived for, and everything the world would have had to remember you by, gone.
Wouldn’t that be a horrible nightmare?

So, truly, reflect on everything for a second.
With one liquid, one kiss, one substance, you do not exist.
There is no one to mourn your loss, and no one to even know you were ever something that could be mourned.
You are lost.
Lost to your loved ones, lost to your world, and lost in a world that you don’t belong in.
Because no matter how hard you, or Erika, or your Guardianne tries, you do NOT belong in Eldarya.
Even if, through a plot twist, Erika is from that world: SHE. DOES. NOT. BELONG.
She doesn’t know the world, the society, or the history. She doesn’t know how to live there or survive. And she doesn’t have anyone that knows her as deeply as any one she left behind.
So, she doesn’t fit in, and the one world she actually belonged to, is forever out of reach.

I mean, even if she can go back, she can’t really go back.
There is nothing to go back TO.
Her family doesn’t know her, her studies and achievements are gone, and her life is erased.
If she goes back to her world, she’s an outcast.
And if she stays in Eldarya, she’s an outcast.

Erika has no place to go now simply because the Refuge of Eel couldn’t consider a better solution.
And, although I get the fact that they had to protect their people, could they not have had a better option?
Could they not have given Erika a better choice?
Could they not have told her the truth for once?

Anyway, in conclusion, I’m not over 13.

I’m very empathetic when it comes to characters and easily saw things from Erika’s point of view.
Erika’s life is shattered and she is now forced to stay with people who have done nothing but lie and betray her.
At this point, I think her best bet would be to go with Ashkore. At least he has been largely honest with her-
At least, compared to the Eel people.

So, yeah, I hope she keeps him a secret from the others, I hope the guy that kissed her truly suffers for his actions, and I hope Erika somehow either escapes with Ashkore-or is finally thought of as an equal by the guys and Miiko.

What are your opinions on this?

Min Yoongi MBTI: INTP

I see a lot of people typing Suga as an INTJ. The reasoning usually goes that he’s cold and indifferent in behavior and works hard. This is an oversimplification of the MBTI process, the core of which is the 8 cognitive functions and the order in which they appear.

I disagree with his being an INTJ. The INTJ cognitive function stack is Ni-Te-Fi-Se. When we look at the cognitive functions, it doesn’t fit all that well. This is totally just my observation and he could still be an INTJ or any other type because bruh at the end of the day we don’t know him personally, but I’m still going to explain why I disagree with the INTJ typing because I’ve got some time on my hands.

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Surprisingly an Ni-Se/Se-Ni user has and can access memories?? Surprisingly they can be sentimental? Surprisingly they can regret past actions??? Surprisingly external stimuli can remind them of the past?????

Jeon Jungkook MBTI: ISTP

Aight folks, gather round. It’s Kookie time.

So I’ve seen people type Jungkook as ISFJ. This would mean he has the following function stack: Si-Fe-Ti-Ne. I’m going to disagree with this typing as well. Just a note, I will acknowledge if I agree with a typing (as I do with at least one of the members) and I’m not trying to be a contrarian here. Because contrarians are the literal worst.

Okay, now with Yoongi, the thing that I first noticed was the Fe vs Fi function. This isn’t to say it was exhibited the most, only that I noticed a conflict between the common typing and the functions I thought were present to whatever degree. With Jungkook, I notice Se as opposed to Si, enough so that I wanted to explore further. I’ll offer a brief overview of the functions as needed. Feel free to skim it or ignore it. Aight, that being said, let’s take a look.

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“Exsectus”, a watercooled rig in a heavily modded Thermaltake Core X31… Reddit User: Makirole⠀

internals to follow…⠀

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[Josuke] "Holy flip! Jotaro was right! My father WAS ripped as a young adult!" -askthejosukes

“… Haha that ‘Jotaro’ guy seems like someone who knows what they’re talking about, yup!”


Oof I’ve had the most rotten migraine since yesterday’s appointment. Just checking in to say, Happy Wheelchair Day! I had to overcome a lot of internalized ableism and self worth struggles before I finally agreed to try using a wheelchair. I was progressively housebound for almost two years before I managed to get to that point mentally. Having degenerative conditions and growing up surrounded by subtly and quietly ableist attitudes and worlds is quite a different situation to being injured or indeed growing up with the use of a wheelchair. All situations have their own challenges… My own was very much internal.

When I finally let my doctors know I was ready for a wheelchair they seemed relieved and very encouraging. Clearly they had been thinking it, but again, likely due to society’s ableist ideas had been reluctant to suggest it. My entire life has changed since I ‘succumbed’ to rolling around and it is 100% for the better. I feel so free and positive these days. I feel like I’m getting a huge part of myself back (and my upper body strength is the best it’s ever been which for someone with muscular and joint problems is a big deal!).

While I was absolutely housebound I strongly resent the phrase 'wheelchair bound’ I am a wheelchair user. It gives me freedom and life. It gives me the ability to participate and enjoy most things I want to. Only society is to blame for any barriers I face as a wheelchair user. I’m still anxiously awaiting my new chair that will hopefully fit me like a fancy glove, and I will write more then, but for now, here is a photo of me about a month ago, my first time on a gravel 'trail’.

{please don’t remove my words}

Kim Taehyung MBTI: ESFP

As requested, here’s my analysis of Taehyung’s MBTI. Most of the typings I’ve seen have him pegged as an ENTP, and others, ENFP. This is mostly due to his seemingly random behavior which is presumed to be the result of dominant extroverted intuition. I did have a difficult time deciding between ENFP and ESFP, which I’ll analyze more later on. In the end, I think his “Ne” may actually just be Se paired with a well developed Ni. Explanation time:

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