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Thursday, September 15th 2016

Tbh I had a mediocre day. Well, my school day was mediocre. I was just kind of feeling blah the whole day, which is weird, because I woke up feeling really chipper. But I was talking to a friend after school and he made me smile and laugh and I was like you know what? I can control how the rest of my day goes. So I came home, watched YouTube videos, napped, and started working. My mood isn’t completely gone but it’s better than it was before.

tl;dr: Not every day is good, but there is something good in every day.

Thursday, January 5th 2017 | 3/100 Days of Productivity

I just realised I wrote 2016 in my last 2 posts for the date hahaha! That’s embarrassing. And I thought I wouldn’t fall prey to that this year…

I’ve returned back to this study desk just because I feel like I need alone time right now and where better to find that than in my own room. I’m thinking that we need to bring the study desk back because I’m feeling quite unmotivated in my bed now.

Also - the 100 Days of Productivity has already began to help, kind of. I really wasn’t in the mood to do anything all day but I managed to begin some chemistry homework so I am pleased with that.

Spread for first full week of October 🌹

My midterms aren’t done yet guys. So far I’ve taken ¾ of my midterms and got As on 2 (Finance and Business Stats, I’m still waiting for my Management grades). Last one is next Thursday for International Economics which is probably the most challenging class for me this semester so please 😩🙏🏼

Also I finally(!!) saw Kanye Friday night and it totally lived up to my expectations and Chicago always got his back.

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Kuroo's s.o unconciously making him flustered!!!

/internal yelling/ 

On Thursday morning, Kuroo vaguely hears his alarm go off, and he doesn’t know when he silenced it, but it never sounds again. In between drifting in and out of restless sleep, he hears his phone buzz a number of times with texts and calls. He thinks he answered them but it always turns out to be a very realistic dream, so he just gives up and lets himself fall into a deep, feverish sleep. 

The next time he regains consciousness, he wakes up to see your face just centimeters away from his. You smile, and it’s the most welcoming thing he’s ever seen, ever.

“Hello, you sickly child,” you greet cheerfully. You laugh, highly amused for some reason, and say, “You must be really sick if you’re sleeping in a normal position!” 

Kuroo just stares at you through heavily lidded eyes and a disoriented conscience. And then you brush his hair out of his eyes, and it starts: a quiet but distressed no echoing through his mind from afar, getting progressively closer and louder as he slowly returns to earth. He becomes acutely aware that you’re sitting right beside him, legs touching his side, fingers still in his hair.

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Ok this episode of critical role has actually been killing me because I realized something. “I’ve known a lot of people with money, and they are definitely not worth you.” Percy is stating that even if he has feelings for Vex, she doesn’t deserve him, she doesn’t deserve the man who almost killed her. That he is inferior to her in every way. And this layers on his disbelief that she’s forgiven him for the accident, because it still weighs greatly on him. He feels that because of those actions, it doesn’t matter how he feels about her, he’s a horrible person that doesn’t deserve a girl like her. The undertones of the sentence is so powerful it makes me want to c r y. The way he structured the sentence is beautiful, as a longtime writer, this is a beautiful sentence you can only dream of for their level of relation ship and I- Can’t stop thinking about it… It’s ruining my life…

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A letter bomb exploded at the International Monetary Fund offices in Paris and injured 1 person

(An Armed French policeman (L) and a CRS riot policeman secure the scene at the raid zone in Saint-Denis, near Paris, France, November 18, 2015 to catch fugitives from Friday night’s deadly attacks in the French capital.REUTERS/Benoit Tessier)
A letter exploded when it was opened at the offices in central Paris of the International Monetary Fund on Thursday and slightly injured an executive assistant’s face and hands, a police source said. 

According to the first elements of the investigation, a firecracker could be at the origin of the explosion which occured late on Thursday morning, according to French newspaper Le Figaro.

Several people were evacuated “as a precautionary measure,” according to le Fiagro, and the Parisian judicial police opened an investigation.

A police intervention is currently underway near the World Bank, which is located in the same offices as the IMF.

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Astronaut Terry Virts returned to Earth from the International Space Station on Thursday and is now back in the United States. While he was up there, he collected some incredible videos of Earth below him and shared him through Vine - I think this is a good weekend to share a few. 

This is a view he had of a nighttime lightning storm over the Ozarks. That’s a lotta electricity.