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15 Princes / Part One


A/N: Finally getting to the first part of the series. Hopefully everyone liked the introduction. I’m proud to present the first chapter! This time, there will be more interaction. Hopefully everyone enjoys like always~

PLOT:  What if 15 boys had a crush on you? What would you do? That’s exactly the situation you are in. Suddenly, you are being confessed to left and right. The boring school year just got interesting. Who will you choose? Who is the one who makes your heart flutter the most? Why is there a club dedicated entirely to you?

CHAPTERS: Intro / One / Two

“So, I’m sure you know why I’ve gathered you here today.” Doyoung took his seat at the end of the long table, clearing his throat, and organizing the papers in front of him.

The eight other boys seated at the table quieted down. Their faces ranged from annoyed to genuinely curious.

“Now, before I begin, is there an-” A hand shot up, and a voice interrupted him.

“When did we make you president?” Doyoung rolled his eyes at the question.

“Excuse me Jaehyun, but I don’t see you being the student council president in elementary school. I’m more qualified than more than half of you pathetic lover boys.”

“Last time I checked Doyoung, you were in that category.”

“Shut up Ten, nobody was talking to you.”

This prompted an argument to arise and the room became filled with angry yelling. Doyoung let out a long sigh, rubbing at his temples. Why did their meetings always start like this?


Hands slammed onto the table, quieting everyone abruptly. All heads turned towards the sound, and a fuming Taeyong greeted them.

“We have more important business to take care of.” Taeyong sat back down in the plastic chair, crossing his arms. Doyoung let out an awkward laugh.

“Well, there is a reason he is vice president.”


Anyway, you must be wondering why I gathered you all here. Usually we only meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but we have an emergency.”

Everyone stiffened up. This could only mean one thing…

“Y/N is in danger of falling into the hands of a foreigner who is better looking than us but we won’t admit it.” Doyoung slammed his hands on the table, and everyone broke out into whispers. “It seems that Y/N has been asked to show him around, but we all know what that means.”

“It’s the perfect scenario, Foreigner meets beautiful angel, proceeds to fall in love. Next thing we know, they are popping out babies left and right. We can’t let this happen to our queen!” A chorus of “hell yeahs!” filled the room. 

“What information do we have on the foreigner?” Taeil cut into the cheering. All attention was back onto Doyoung, who gestured towards Jaehyun.

“Jaehyun, tell us what you know.”

Jaehyun cleared his throat, and stood up from his seat.

“Well, the transfer student is part of the international student program. He’s from China, and his name is Qian Kun. He’s a B blood type and is 178 cm tall. Favorite animal is cats, enjoys chocolate, beef, brea-” Johnny interrupted him before he could continue.

“Dude, how did you find all that out when he just arrived not even an hour ago?” Jaehyun opened his mouth to answer, but was once again cut off by Doyoung.

“That doesn’t matter, what matters is that since this Kun person is from a foreign country, it means that we have competition now for Y/N’s love. He is at an advantage because he gets to be with her 24/7!” Doyoung growled. He was especially frustrated, being that he was the one who (supposedly) has had the longest crush on you.

“Competition? Aren’t we all competition?” Yuta raised an eyebrow at Doyoung. He was just here to pass time and find out anything he could about you to best the others for your affection. 

“This is a passive group, we aren’t going to confess to our angel, you idiot.” Yuta glared at Doyoung. 

While everyone was arguing about the point of the club, Hansol sighed, grabbing his backpack from the floor. He had to go home, and it was beginning to look like the club meeting was veering off course once again. He got up, sending a small wave to the rest of the members.

None of them noticed him.

A dejected feeling came over him. If his own friends don’t notice him, how will you ever? There was no hope for him. He should just give up.

He slid the door closed, and adjusted his backpack. Even as he walked down the hallway, he could still hear the echos of the other members. It was a miracle nobody had come and complained by now. 

Hansol hung his head low, feeling the energy just get sucked right out of him. Today had been a exhausting day. 

“Oh-” Something collided with him, sending whatever it was onto the floor. Hansol, startled, looked up.

His eyes widened and his pulse quickened.

You sat on the ground, rubbing at the part of your back that had hit the ground. You still had your uniform on, and there was a pout on your face. Hansol felt his breath hitch.

You were beautiful like always.

Hansol’s daydreaming was interrupted by a male hand popping in out of nowhere, and helping you up. You smiled at the stranger, thanking him for helping you.

“Please watch where you’re going next time.” The heavy accent was directed towards him, and Hansol took in the male that was next to you. He was around the same height as Hansol, yet Hansol felt a sense of inferiority being by him. The man’s smile was bright and it really lit up the room. His hair was trimmed neatly and his posture was perfectly straight.

Hansol felt like a squid next to him.

You dusted yourself off, and turned your attention to Hansol.

“Yes, please watch where you walk. The whole hallway is not just for you.” You giggled. Hansol felt his face warm up at your small smile, and he was glad that you weren’t mad at him. 

He was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn’t even have time to form a single sentence.

You looked at him a bit confused.

“Well…I guess we’ll get going now. Kun, come on, I’ll show you the science classroom next.” The two of you walked away, leaving a frozen Hansol who was a jumbled mess on the inside.

He let out a long groan once he realized that he missed his chance.

9/30, day 002/100 of productivity.

Today was kind of productive.  I had to give my two-week’s notice at my current job since I start my new one soon, and I can’t lie it feels really good to be done with retail.  I went to a cafe before class to do some light reading.

I also discovered that the university I’m currently at does a dual PhD and JD program… which is my dream.  Since I’m applying for PhD programs this semester so I can start next fall, I decided I need to take the LSATs this December in order to do the dual JD/PhD next fall.  … wish me luck.  I’m really nervous but I ordered some test prep materials and asked some old class mates for advice.  I have no other option but to Hermione Granger the shit out of this.

If any of you have ever taken the LSAT before and have advice to give, PLAS MESSAGE ME PLAS.  And thank you.

Stupid in Love

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Stupid in Love

Genre: Angst 

Word count:  2,115

You had met Dongrim back in 2007 as you tried to find the way back to your dorm after a finished school day at Hongik University. Being a foreigner, and your Korean being at a 30% fluency rate, getting lost was not ideal at all. You did not want to ask anyone, 1.) to not offend anyone in case you said the wrong thing, and 2.) you wanted to figure this out yourself. Giving up you went up to a tall guy, wearing glasses, with a backpack. Judging by the backpack, you had thought he was a student as well, so you went up to him asking for directions in broken Korean with some English. He luckily was able to inform you that he understood English, but just couldn’t speak it. You brightened up as soon as you replied telling him that you understood Korean, but just couldn’t speak it either. Dongrim helped you out of the random street you were in and showed you the way to your dorm building.

Each day after that, you had purposely taken the same route to meet him at least even for a small hello and greeting. You had learned that he was not infact a student, but an aspiring artist, who studied in North America for a while. Dongrim had also learned that you were in the international students program at Hongik University, studying International Management. Despite your 4 year age gap, (him being older) you had definitely hit it off well. You had gone to his few shows in Hongdae when you had time, and he would come over to your dorm  to distract  attempt to help you with homework.

It was now 2013, 6 years of meeting and 5 of dating. In honestly, you were having the time of your life with your relationship. He had gained more fame, you had graduated university last year, and you had both moved in together in the main part of Seoul. It had also been about a month and a half since Dongrim had left for overseas business and promotion (Which you both really hated). He hardly had to leave far, with the company headquarters, Starship being in Seoul, and your comfortable two bedroom apartment too. This had been the third day in the row where you had lost your appetite in the morning after cooking. Weird, it could have not been a coincidence…, your menstruation was near by so it definitely was that, or was it?

Going to the clinic was probably the safest, and most reliant choice to determine this conflict. So you did, and that was a decision that would change your life forever. You took a pregnancy test, and the results were positive. How were you going to tell Dongrim, especially when he was away working? How? You had two had spoken about children recently, but definitely after marriage at least. You both were at the peak of starting your lives successfully. So, you didn’t, you waited for him to come back.

After two weeks of keeping the secret in, Dongrim finally returned back home. You waited a few more days deciding how to tell him.

“Dongrim oppa, how was your two hour nap?” You asked with a small laugh as Dongrim walked towards you. “Ughh, what time is it?” He groaned, wrapping his arms around your waist, standing there as you finished making dinner. “Only 7:30 pm…on a Tuesday night” You replied turning around pecking his lips, and walking away to set the table. “It was a wonderful nap, cut short by the amazing smell of what you’re cooking” Dongrim replies grabbing cups, helping you. “Ahh..well. I’m sorry.” You sarcastically reply, winking. “But hey, sit down I wanna do this for you. I was hoping I’d have to wake you up and surprise you. I guess hunger woke you up.” You chuckle making him sit down. “Jagiya, what did I do to deserve to have you?” He jokingly says. You let out a sigh, “What did I do to have you?” You repeat back, genuinely.

After you both finished eating dinner and before he stood up, you grabbed his hands. “Dongrim-sshi” You began formally, he didn’t mind the honorifics it was just odd hearing you begin a sentence like that. “Uhh?” He looks up at you confused, sitting back down. “I’ve been feeling ill for the past…month and a half. I didn’t want to worry you while you were working, but I went to a clinic recently.” You said. Dongrim raised an eyebrow, “Why didn’t you tell me? We’d speak like every day, is it something serious?” He worriedly questions. You shake your head while a slight smile. “Ahh, well. The doctor gave me the news..we’re having a baby!” You told him with a slightly happy expression, trying to read his face. “W-what? A” He suddenly says in a panicking and upset tone. “No, no no no no. Hey, tell me you’re lying. This is a joke, isn’t it?” He searches truth in your eyes. “I know it’s a little too soon, but we probably conceived before you left. This can be a good thing” You gulp watching him stand up. “We are not having a baby! Look. I-I..I have a career I’m trying to rebuilt. You have a life to work for, that’s just starting.”  Dongrim steps out of the kitchen trying to take control of his temper in a way that wasn’t mad. “Please calm down, we can figure it out, uhm. I’m sure I can delay work for a while, and you can ask sajangnim for a short break.” You reason out. He buries his face into the palm of his hands, trying to calm down. “Please, oppa, we can do this.” You sniffle and walk towards him, tears building up in your eyes. “I need to calm down and think about this situation. I’ll be back tomorrow.” Dongrim cowardly says, grabbing his phone, wallet, and putting on his shoes. “No! Don’t leave me, Dongrim! Please.” You beg, crying now. “I’m sorry….I can’t think straight right now.” He pecks your forehead and walks out, leaving you in an emotional mess.

Three days later after not speaking and that incident, he came back finally. “You finally decide to show up?” You snap, watching him walk in through the door shamefully. “I-I thought about this and I’ve dec-” You cut him off “Oh? You did? Finally Mr. Jo Dongrim made up his mind? What is it? Leave me? Shotgun wedding? Let me guess, you don’t want our child?” You calmly ask. “I’m sorry Y/N, I don’t want this child, and I don’t want us. I went to see my parents last night and they agreed on my-” You scoff “You’re a real bastard you know that? Your parents never agreed to our relationship, to your career, to us living together. Finally, you’re giving into them? Or is this an idiotic excuse?” You harshly respond. “Y/N, look I didn’t intend on this..” He reasons coming closer. “Get out Dongrim, Get out, and never come back! Your shit will all be sent to you somehow, I don’t know how, but it will. If i would have known this was the real you six years ago, I would have never spoken to you, you asshole!” You scream, tears building up again. “Hey, I promise I want to help. I’ll be willingly to-” He walks towards you. “I SAID LEAVE! DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND ME?” You shout trying to push him out. “I’m sorry..” He tells you before walking out the same door, he came in with.

And you did as you said you would. Two days later, most of his clothing and necessary items were sent to his parents’ home. You had sold most of your unnecessary belongings, got rid of anything that could be replaced, and quit your job at a marketing agency you really worked hard to get into. Just like that, you were ready to erase your mark in the lovely country and city that treated you well, getting ready to raise a child made from love.

Three years later, here you were back again. You had raised a beautiful boy, Jaebum, or as you called him, Jae. You were able to get a part time job (despite your degrees) with a little over minimum wage. Your family helped, but you didn’t like depending on people.  After you gave birth to Jae, you began rebuilding the connections you once had and got started on your career again. You worked as an international business manager. It certainly paid way more than minimum wage, and comfortably supported Jae and yourself. You had made trips internationally for business but not enough to enjoy it. Working for a Korean music company put your language skills back into use.  

So here you were, over three years later back into the country that matured you, for a business trip. No word from, or to Dongrim had been ever made in the past few years. And you liked that. Jae was an amazing boy, fast learner, and enjoyed korean music despite not understanding much. Dongrim did not deserve to have this super sweet happy virus in his life.

Walking into a music store with Jae holding your hand, you looked around happily. “Mommy has to look for an album okay? So be patient, we’ll be out soon and go eat.” You reassured you fussy, yet calm son. “Ah! There it is!” Your hand reached up to grab the Got7 album. “Wahh, looks better as a finalized product.” you whisper to yourself looking at the packaging. “Jae, Mommy got the-” you turned around and found no toddler. “Jae?! JAE?!” you shouted out looking around. A sudden giggle made you turn around and before you could grab Jae, he turned around bumping into an older man. “Ahh!” You picked up Jae and bowed to the stranger. “I’m so sorry.” you muttered before looking up. “Y/N..?” Dongrim asked looking at you, putting back what he was looking at. “excuse me, I need to go.” You firmly say holding Jae tightly, and walking towards the exit.

“Hey! Y/N.” Dongrim grabbed your arm pulling you back. You quickly removed your hand from him grip. “Don’t you ever touch me!” You harshly say. “Don’t be mean mommy.” Jae pouted hugging you tightly, looking at Dongrim. “Is this our child..?” Dongrim asks in Korean, looking at Jae in awe.”No, this is my child. If you can please get out of my way, I need to go.” You repeat, not knowing how to react in this situation . “He’s beautiful, what’s his name?” He asks trying to reach for him. “Did you not hear me the second time, you idiot? It’s none of your business.” You push past him harshly.

Suddenly the store alarm goes off and an employee walks towards you. “Miss, I think you didn’t pay for that.” She says. “Oh yes, yes, I’m so sorry.” You sheepishly apologize, embarrassed, walking back to the register to pay. Thankfully, the employee understood it was a mistake. Before you could take out your wallet, Dongrim takes out his card and hands it to the employee. “HEY!” You scold him, your blood boiling even more. “It’s fine, I got it.” He shrugs. “Well, keep it.” You growl walking out again, thinking how the hell he was so calm and normal in this situation.

“Y/N, C’mon. Don’t go.” Dongrim chases after you with the shopping back in one hand. “I’m sorry, please. I swear I tried to contact you everywhere but when I found out you went back home..I lost hope. I was stupid, selfish, I wasn’t in the right mindset. I’m a changed man.” He admits with tears in his eyes. You look down, “Sorry and stupid excuses don’t make up for everything I went through.” letting out a sigh, you set down Jae.

“I can imagine, just please. Give me a second chance?” He pleads, crouching down to Jae’s height. “Get away from my child, Dongrim-sshi.” You carry Jae again. “I need to calm down and think about this situation. You are my son’s biological father, but there’s nothing left between us. You mock, his exact words from three years ago. “Who is he mommy?” Jae finally speaks in English. “Someone you’ll formally meet one day…just not today, or right now.” You respond, mostly to Dongrim.  You walk away with Jae, leaving a dumbfounded Dongrim, in front of a music store. Why would you buy a got7 album? Were you living here now? Did your child only speak English? So many questions ran through his head as he looked down to the Got7’s MAD album, spotting something.


My first scenario up! I know this is not a happy ending but i just could not help myself! I would NOT let a coward like this into my life again! haha. Please give me any feedback, criticism, and any mistakes that need to be fixed please tell me! Thank you and I hope you enjoyed it!

Admin E

I have the biggest bias for the short-haired, blue-eyed blonde. I am trying to get back into doodling and part of that is…doodle-every-day-no-matter-what goal. This is as far as I got today. I did do a 5 minute sketch prior to this one but it’s unworthy of this blog. I need to sketch more and more, aaah.

I named her  Emily. This girl is my main “MC” and she ends up (paired) with Saeyoung Choi (always). This quirky, and smart girl is from the U.S.A. (an International Student Exchange Program Student!). She is fresh out of high school, so, age wise that’d put her 17-18 age range. I think I’ll make the other MC’s older than her (which isn’t hard). Out of all the girls (the MCs), Emily is the biggest weirdo. 

Totes did download the app. to chat with cute boys. 

“I’m from Australia.”

“And I’m from New Zealand. We’re in graduate school.”

“How did you become friends?”

“There are only four international students in our program, and we’re the only ones from Australasia, so it happened naturally. We also share somewhat similar backgrounds and can relate to each other. I had the world’s best mom. She worked really, really hard to make sure I had everything I needed. She got sick when I was 16 and passed away when I was 19. When she was gone, I wanted to get as far away as possible from the rest of my family. And my mom was very well traveled and interesting, so I wanted to be a little bit like her. I think I’m boring. But I made this skirt.”

“I also wanted to get away. After I graduated from college, I looked around and all my friends and former classmates were getting married and having kids. I thought, That’s not the life I want! I don’t want to get married and have kids yet. It was a rebellion of sorts.”