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My submission for ISTD, International Society of Typographic Designers’ student competition. The book is containing two narratives, bound back to back, upside down. One is about Ben Barker, a passionate and dedicated community volunteer meanwhile the other one contextualises his work by being an investigation into the Big Society initiative. 



I attended the ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers) Student Awards on Friday night. It was a long, tough journey but I made it and was able to celebrate my success at the awards night in London. I had a great time and would like to thank the whole ISTD team, especially John McMillan who has been a huge encouragement!

More ISTD photographs on Flickr:

ISTD Logo Design:

This was a project/competition brief given by the university, challenge set by ISTD: International Society of Typographic Designers. The aim was to simply design a new logo that could attract and bring in more people to ISTD.

It was a 3 month competition, but a university project that had to finish in 2 weeks, and as a result: these logo’s appeared. As the designs start off plain, the imagination of what type of people are we attracting to ISTD kicked in, thus adding a bit more colour, intense designs as well as looking towards female attractions.

Personally I am not a fan of much of them, as at the end of the day I could not use the design of my own choice but instead choose the design which my class would favour. It turned out to be the blank black square with definition underneath (two designs in centre of the image) which goes to fully explain the projects “motivation” from the class as a whole.

Though the designs may not be up to par with what I am capable of, in those two weeks we did get to learn a lot of the history of type, listening to some stories, which I think in the end was the tutors main aim towards us.

“A combination of a passion and admiration for Jazz music and keen interest in the typographically natured artwork associated with the music, led me to pursue the area of ‘Jazz. This is my successful entry to the 2014 International Society of typographic Design student assessments, the brief: Every thing about one thing” See full poster series »