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Tittle: Twelve Steps to Pleasure [Edit 3/3]

Tags: NSFW / + 18 / smut / fluff / tad bit of angst / BDSM / sub and dom / brat kink / daddy kink / voyeurism / choking / spanking / bondage / lap dance / unconventional relationships / girl X girl (slight) / Reader’s POV (woman, as B) + 1st person POV (as CL, fat woman) / Fat Fiction Series 🎀 /
Featuring: Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P) and Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon), BIGBANG.
Writer: CL
Word Count: 8,6k.
Comments: Just to be clear, this is my Christmas present to my favorite brat, @chanyeolspout She’s B in the story. When it’s CL, it’s me. Special appearance by @chanyeolandthebananas as R. Not gonna give hints about the plot. As R said: “That was both SOO HOT and funny in some part I’m 😍😍” / DISCLAIMER: I’m fat, so my character (CL) is also fat. / Wow, this story has over 50 notes! You guys liked seeing me making B suffer, right? You naughty children! 😏 Let’s make a deal, then? When the post reaches 80 notes, I’ll add the lap dance bet scene. And when it reaches 100 I’ll add the Daddy scene that I challenged Seunghyun. Ok? Let’s do this. 

ATTENTION, PLEASE READ: This is a fictional story. Any similarities to real people are unintentional. This story contains mature themes. All the stories on this blog are from the genre SMUT, but it may contain others. By reading this story you agree that you are 18 years or older. The author does not authorize the reproduction of this material, fully or partially.

Disclaimer: Please note that the stories on the Fat Fiction Series tag are about physically fat people, people who have been through actual prejudice and suffer from fatphobia. The stories are NOT about non-fat people, even those with body dysmorphia. However everybody is welcome to read them. This blog respects everyone, different people with all kinds of lives, diseases, disabilities, body shapes, ethnicities, skin colors, religion, genders, sexualities, etc. But these stories are ultimately about and for fat people.


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