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Anti-anxiety Herbs

A list of herbs that help reduce stress & anxiety & how to use them. 

Chamomile: Top of the list because it’s my personal favourite. Chamomile is very calming, & also helps calm the nervous system, reducing physical & emotional tensions & helping to soothe, & calm the mind. Chamomile tea is very effective in relieving anxiety, & can also be used in combination with other herbs as an edible oil to take internally for an instant relief. The smell of Chamomile alone is very calming & for these reasons it can also be used in aromatherapy remedies as incense or facial mists. 

Lavender: Lavender is also very soothing & has a slight sedative effect. Use Lavender alone, or in combination with other herbs to place inside a pillow to aid in a restful sleep. Lavender can also be drunk as a tea to provide relief from emotional tensions & anxieties, & aid in soothing the nervous system, relieving physical stress as well. 

Green Tea: Helps by relieving heart rate, & blood pressure, & cleans & detoxifies the blood at the same time. Provides mental clarity & reduces anxiety whilst improving focus, preventing one from becoming lethargic. Note that green tea does contain small amounts of caffeine so it may not work for everyone in the same way. 

Hops: Used in sleep pillows, & edible anti-anxiety oils & tinctures. Hops has mild sedative effects.

Valerian: Valerian is a strong sedative herb & can help promote a deep, restful sleep. It produces an unpleasant smell, so is usually taken as a supplement or tincture, but can also be used in combination with other fragrant herbs to drink as tea.Valerian has such strong sedative effects that it is advised only taking this herb in the evening, before bed. A good aid for insomniacs. 

Lemon Balm: Lemon Balm has been used since the middle ages to help reduce stress & anxiety. It is useful in promoting both a calm, & more alert state of mind. Commonly taken as a tea, tincture, or capsule supplement. 

Passionflower: Passionflower has mild sedative properties & helps soothe & calm the nervous system & relieve anxiety. It is also a great aid for insomnia. 

Licorice Root: Helps by stimulating relaxing chemicals in the brain, it helps one in dealing with general stress. Soothes & calms the nervous system. Most commonly drunk in combination with other herbs as a tea, & used in sleep pillows. 

Note: All of these herbs can be used in herbal sachets & other magickal charms to relieve stress & anxiety. 

Remember these are only herbal suggestions, NOT prescribed medicine, if you are already on medication, ask your doctor if it’s ok to use some of these herbs internally as some come can react with medication. Do not take too many sedative supplements at once & consult your doctor before internal use of any herbal supplements if you are pregnant. 

Aspects to the Moon
  • Moon-Sun aspects: The vital forces and emotional state switch on and off without notice, there can be difficulty with excessive and under stimulation. They can find themselves suddenly responding inappropriately to their surroundings or overwhelmed by a disorienting tide of emotions
  • Moon-Mercury aspects: Communicates with the tone of emotion. Can experience good internal balance and relief through conversation, can also suffer misinterpretation and miscommunication due to emotional bias
  • Moon-Venus aspects: The social expression is philosophical, inclusive, and accepting. They see friends and loved ones as a blessing. The substance of their relationships can directly regulate the emotional baseline
  • Moon-Mars aspects: The emotions rise passion, desire, and energy supplies and they can put up a great battle against their emotions, but eventually this combat bleeds out and begins to affect everyone around them
  • Moon-Jupiter aspects: The emotional experience swells until it occludes everything else in view and takes complete control. In positive expressions there is great exuberant peaks, in negative expressions feelings can reach a state of destructive disproportion
  • Moon-Saturn aspects: There is a desire to analyse and scrutinise emotions as they begin to form and flow. Emotional demonstrations, response, and rage become trapped inside and sink into the unconscious and become internalised critical voices that were once meant to slay their opponent
  • Moon-Neptune aspects: There are 2 forms of memory that occur. One is the experienced, authentic, objective recollection. The other memory is the emotionally filtered, idealised, and subjective experience. There can be a tendency to reflect on childhood and further relationships with rose-coloured glasses and deny if mistreatment occured
  • Moon-Uranus aspects: There can be wild, unstable, and unpredictable behaviour that arises with high emotional stimulus. The individual tries to ascend above the emotional experience, put on the clinical frames and study them like they belong to someone else
  • Moon-Pluto aspects: You see their face drop, their fists tighten, or their breath shorten in a subtle display of emotional distress. You don't see the days, weeks, or months after that they spend by themselves searching for the triggers, reliving the agony, and perishing their emotional pain with the fire inside that burns part of them alive too
  • -C.

To the people who have no way to get out of Irma’s path:

My prayers are with you.

While it is absolutely important to keep Florida in mind, please also ensure that international agencies and relief efforts do not forget about all the other places being devastated by this storm. Antigua, Barbuda, Anguilla, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis, Saba, St. Eustatius, St. Martin, St. Barthelemy, British and US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Vieques, and Culebra, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Cuba are ALL in the storms path too, and it is important to make sure we do not forget about them when the recovery, rescue, and restoration after Irma begins.

Irma has already made landfall in Barbuda (as of today, Sept. 6th 2017), and it is imperative that we remember these countries, islands, and occupied states are all about to be devastated too. And you know the USA is not going to help the occupied territories it has.

Produce 101 Kang Daniel Friend to Boyfriend Scenario

Here’s the next part of the Wanna-One Boyfriend scenarios, enjoy! (You + Kang Daniel)

  • You and Daniel had always been acquaintances, there was some brief overlap in your friend group
  • You didn’t talk that much and were rarely alone together, but he was charming and friendly 
  • And of course you harbored a cute little crush on him
  • Ever since you saw him at a pet store, playing through the glass with some shelter cats
  • It was really nothing more than a crush, and you didn’t actively pursue your feelings, they just popped up sometimes
  • When you two were alone together, you pretty much just small talked
  • “hey y/n”
  • “hey dan how are you”
  • You always got super blushy and nervous when talking to him, but he didn’t seem to notice (which was good)
  • He was just a sweet guy who just happened to be very attractive
  • One day you were all hanging out together with friends in a park
  • And you were sitting with your friends, trying to lowkey/secretly watch Daniel on his skateboard, fooling around with his own friends
  • Your friends had already clearly figured out you liked him (you were way more obvious than you had thought rip you)
  • At some point Daniel had fallen off his board while trying to do some trick and you gasped out loud, making it super obvious that you had been watching him hahahahaha you dumbo
  • You tried to cover yourself up, but your friends just pretended like they didn’t hear anything, leaving you to internally sigh in relief
  • Your friends weren’t the type to tease/encourage you ever since you confessed to a guy that didn’t like you thanks to their wrong advice (i’m imagining a reply 1988 kind of thing here lmao)
  • But what you didn’t know was that also nearby was Daniel’s best friend, Sungwoo (everyone just called him Ong though)
  • He very-obviously ran around to look you in the eye, catching you by surprise
  • He caught sight of your red face and wiggled his eyebrows at you, before giggling and skipping away to the rest of the boys, heading to Daniel
  • Shit. Ong was definitely up to no good (like usual)
  • You watched in dismay as Ong whispered something to Daniel, and then Daniel glanced right in your direcTION
  • Embarrassed and almost scared, you got up and quickly said goodbye to your friends, fleeing the scene of the crime
  • You got home as fast as possible and immediately ran to your room, burying your head under your pillow and curling up as worries drowned you
  • Ong wouldn’t say anything, right?? Why did you have to be so obvious y/n seriously why did you do this to yourself
  • But over time, your thoughts started changing, gaining some confidence
  • So what if Ong tells him?? He’s just a human boy, he’s not better or greater than me in any way, liking someone isn’t a crime, I can do whatever the hell I want, I can like whoever the hell I want!!
  • With your newfound confidence, you got up the next day and decided to treAT YOURSELF to some new clothes from the mall
  • After picking up some new clothes, you dropped by a cute little street stand that sold keychains and other trinkets
  • You were admiring a cute little peach keychain, but it dropped back to the table when you heard a familiar deep voice
  • “Y/N? Oh, what a coincidence!”
  • Kang Daniel.
  • You winced, eyes tightly closing before you collected yourself, turning around to see him right behind you
  • Literally right behind you.
  • Like you ran right into him.
  • Shocked, you tripped backwards, stumbling over your own feet before he caught you by the small of your back
  • sldkfjsldfjklsdjfksjdlsdjfsljdfkljdskfjkslfj ← your mind
  • He pulled you up straight
  • You quickly stumbled around out of his arms, failing to notice Daniel’s own cheeks and eaRS REDDENING 
  • You forgot all about the keychain, and quickly managed to muster out a “what are you doing here?”
  • “I’m just hanging out, went shopping for a bit,” he replied, holding up a couple of bags with a toothy grin
  • “Oh, me too,” you replied, holding up the bags of your own
  • Something you bought caught Daniel’s eye as he peeked into one of your shopping bags
  • “Whoa… is that Stussy?? (AKA THE BRAND DANIEL ALWAYS FUCKING WEARS) That’s so cool oh my gosh I also bought some streetwear–” he excitedly rambled, attempting to out his own clothes from his bag when you grabbed his hand and stopped him
  • “Uhh Daniel we probably shouldn’t do this here in the middle of the sidewalk, why don’t we just sit down somewhere first”
  • “Oh, okay,” he responded, grabbing your wrist and quickly leading you to a nearby coffee shop
  • You burned at the contact from the soft skin of his hands that easily wrapped around your wrist
  • Rationality told you that he was probably just really excited to discuss clothes but you couldn’t help but believe in the worst and most likely scenario: he knew you liked him (thanks to Ong). 
  • You couldn’t help but think negative thoughts: Is he teasing me right now? Seriously… why should I have to deal with this… 
  • You both plopped down on a couch in the shop, not bothering to order anything
  • He excitedly looked through your clothes, and showing his to you, giggling and laughing away as you pretended you were okay, completely believing that he was making a fool of you
  • There was no way he would be talking to you like a friend if Ong hadn’t told him you liked him.
  • “And this dark green is just so gorgeous, it totally works in the short sleeve, maybe accessorize it with a cap or–”
  • “Daniel.” You spoke sharply, cutting him off
  • He immediately stopped, looking up to you in confusion, seeing your face that was warming up in anger and embarrassment
  • “You don’t have to act like this. It’s just making everything harder for me. We should just go back to normal, I don’t think I can take this even for a minute more.”
  • “W-wait, what?” Daniel looked completely confused, but you wouldn’t let his innocent act fool you, causing you to sigh
  • “I know Ong told you, please. I know he told you that I like you, it’s really not that big of a deal so can’t we just go back–”
  • “Wait, you like me?” Daniel said, stopping you
  • Oh.
  • Shit.
  • You lost all of your confidence and structure, whimpering out “wait… he didn’t tell you?? Then what was that at the park????”
  • Daniel’s face morphed from confusion into a sheepish laugh, scratching his face in embarrassment
  • “Oh… oh that…” He cleared his throat, with a deep ahem
  • “Yeah uhh Ong was teasing me that I fell off my board in front of you,” he finished quickly, scratching his face again
  • You stared at him in confusion, unable to comprehend why this was a problem
  • “You know… *cough* cause I like you…”
  • sdklfjsdfjslkdjfsldjfsldjfsjlsdfjlkjsdjflksdfjlksjflsj ← your mind
  • And you both just sat there next to each other, clothes draped everywhere, just staring at each others’ blushing faces
  • You finally managed out, “wait, you like me, since when??” (LATE REACTION Y/N WYD)
  • “Umm… it’s been a while… it was at the pet store, when you started playing with the kittens with me,” he confessed
  • “Oh, same here actually!” you exclaimed, before realizing that this was the most casual conversation you have ever had with him… and it was litERALLY ABOUT TELLING EACH OTHER YOUR SECRET CRUSHES
  • what a concept
  • "I can’t believe we are really talking about this, we haven’t really talked much before in the past,” you giggled, letting out your thoughts freely
  • Daniel laughed in return, “Yeah sorry about that… I always wanted to approach you and there were so many times I could have but I’m kinda awkward with people I want to get closer to I guess… lol” (he said lol out loud,,, awkward confirmed)
  • “I always got embarrassed when I talked to you”
  • *snickers* “same here, (y/n)”
  • For the rest of the day, you just got closer to one another, learning about each other
  • You visited the pet store again and saw more cats LOL
  • You both got more comfortable with one another
  • Matching Stussy shirts LOL
  • Your friend group and Daniel’s friend group were both relieved and satisfied (both having known about your crushes)
  • Lots of teasing from Ong he took credit for your entire relationship even happening (LMAOOO)
  • Told that you both should worship him and that he would “officiate your marriage” because it was all his doing in the first place
  • You both still made each other’s heart skip beats a lot of the times
  • Both of you still couldn’t believe sometimes that the other liked you
  • kav is dead from this adorableness goodBYE
  • :’)))))))

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Accidental Interests [3]

Pairing: Tom Holland x Actor! Female Reader

Summary: Who’d you rather?

Warnings: none ;)

A/N: I’m late, I know, I’m so sorry!!

“Hi welcome back, and if you’ve just tuned in, I’m joined here by Y/N Y/L/N whose new movie, All About You is in theatres right now, check it out!” Ellen says, the audience and you clapping along in cue. Now that you were on the second leg of your press tour, you were refreshed, ready to take on the world, its interviews and paparazzi.

“Now that we’ve talked about the movie, let’s find out more about you. I heard from your co-star the other day when we had him on the show, that when he went to go follow you on Twitter, half your tweets were to do with you fangirling over Infinity War?“ Ellen asked. 

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You take the file Natasha’s holding out to you and sit next to her, flipping through it with a frown. “Why are we going to Star City?”

“There’s a growing crime ring there that could turn into a terrorist threat,” Steve explains.

“Who’s Damien Dark?” Sam asks, flipping through his own file. “Sounds like someone out of a comic book.” You snort and look back at the file. It seems that Sam, Steve, Natasha, Wanda, and you are the only ones going on this mission. At least for now.

“He’s most likely the ring’s leader.” Natasha pulls up a picture of him on the projection monitor. “For the past couple of weeks, he’s either been impossible to track or at public gatherings.” She looks over at you. “He’s been at every single one of your boyfriend’s campaign events.”

You swallow nervously when you see Oliver’s smiling face staring up at you from the file. He still doesn’t know that you’re an Avenger, and you’d like to keep it that way for as long as you can. He’s already been through enough; he doesn’t need a superhero girlfriend and possibly an evil overlord locked on him. “Okay, so what’s the game plan?” you ask.

Steve leans forward. “We will be as undercover as we can be in Star City until someone recognizes us, which will happen eventually. We’ll be supporting Mr. Queen’s campaign. Wanda will go through Damien’s mind at each event so we know if he’s guilty and, possibly, what he’s up to.” He locks eyes with Wanda, who’s standing next to you with her arms crossed. “Is that alright?”

She nods with determination. “I can do it.”

The corner of Steve’s mouth twitches up at her words. “All right, we’ll head out in fifteen minutes so we can make Queen’s next event. ”

“Steve,” Sam says, “what about the Green Arrow?”

Natasha and Steve exchange a familiar look that makes you frown. It’s a “we-know-something-that-you-don’t” look.

“We tried to contact the vigilante so we could work with him, but got no response,” Natasha says. “We’re on our own for now.”

“Hey.” You smile, walking up to where Thea stands in the front row of Oliver’s supporters. The younger girl smiles brightly and pulls you into an enthusiastic hug.

“Hey!” she squeals and keeps her hands on your shoulders when she pulls away. “I didn’t know you were in town! Where have you been? It’s been months!”

You sigh. “My job’s kept me tied up in a bad way.” Your eyes flick to where Steve stands at the edge of the crowd, the World War II veteran hat Natasha got him pulled low over his face. His undercover get up sucks, as usual. “In fact, I’m here on business.”

Thea frowns suspiciously. “What kind of–”

She’s cut off as Oliver takes the stage in the new music hall, smiling and waving at the cheering crowd and flashing cameras. “I’ll tell you later!” you yell to Thea over the commotion. She nods and you internally sigh in relief. That will give you enough time to invent a good alibi. 

“Good evening, everyone,” Oliver greets, smiling at the crowd. His eyes move over you once before they recognize you and Oliver’s smile brightens. “It’s great to see you all here.” You can’t help the smile that comes over your face at the way he’s looking at you.

“As you probably know, I am here to support the opening of this beautiful new Star City Music Hall here in the Glades. Earlier this year, it was–”

You feel a tug on your right sleeve and turn your head to see Wanda, her eyes flashing quickly from scarlet to brown. “Wanda, what’s wrong?” you whisper, taking hold of her elbow in case she gets weak. “Wanda?”

Thea leans over your shoulder and gasps. “Hey, is she okay?”

“She’s fine,” you snap and Thea recoils. You wince at your sharp tone and the fact that you responded way too quickly. “This is my colleague. She has anxiety and doesn’t do well in crowds, I’ll be right back.”

Thea nods with concerned eyes. “I’ll save your seat.” You smile gratefully and wrap your arm around Wanda’s waist, half-carrying her to the edge of the crowd and into the entrance of a hallway so you’re partially-hidden. “What’s wrong, Wanda? What is it?”

Sam walks up to you, sporting a red hat and a casual jacket and jeans. He looks at you questioningly and you shake your head. “Damien is here,” Wanda gasps, “but something … Something is wrong. It’s twisted and dark, (y/n). It’s making me dizzy.”

“Do you see anything about him? Anything important?” Sam asks.

Wanda shakes her head. “Nothing. Except …” Her eyes suddenly widen and flash scarlet as her mouth opens into a small, surprised “O.” 

You squeeze Wanda’s trembling shoulder and lean her against the wall. She’s only proving to make you more worried at the moment–You’ve never seen her like this. “Wanda are you okay?

She whips her head back and forth and continues to shake uncontrollably. You look at Sam helplessly and he gulps, taking Wanda’s other arm. “What do we do?” he asks.

Before you can even think about responding, the floor shakes with the familiar force of a nearby explosion and the sound of gunshots comes from down the hall. You gently lower Wanda to the floor as Sam runs to look at what’s going on. You follow, looking around the corner to see complete chaos.

People are fleeing in all directions, and masked men with guns are firing into the crowd. Oliver is nowhere to be seen, which immediately makes your chest clench in terror. You glance behind you to see Wanda still in the same state as before and are about to run into the crowd when you see a familiar blonde rushing toward you.

“Felicity!” You yell. Running forward, you take her arm and pull her behind cover. Sam pulls out his gun and guards the entrance as you pull the surprisingly-calm techie towards Wanda. “Please watch her, something’s wrong and I have to go.”

Felicity nods unquestioningly before glancing at Wanda and doing a double take. “Is that … ?” Then she looks at Sam’s crappy undercover outfit and even though his back is to you, she puts two and two together. “Oh my god.”

You smile shakily. “I’ll be back.”

Then you rush up to Sam’s side, pulling on your wrist braces as you do and, at his nod, the two of you run into the fray. 

Sam grins, walking towards where Diggle stands on the other side of the lair. “Looks like neither of us really got out of the good fight.”

“Can’t escape it.” Dig laughs and shakes his old army buddy’s hand. He sees Steve standing beside Sam and greets him with a handshake next, nodding knowingly. “Even after a lifetime.”

Steve laughs dryly, and the three veterans look around the room. Felicity, Thea, Wanda, and Natasha are all talking around the computers as Felicity tries to track the terrorists. Wanda has a blanket around her shoulders and is still shaking slightly. She doesn’t know what happened to her at the music hall, only that Damien caused it somehow. According to her, he must have somehow known that she was in his mind.

All of the information she gathered from him was erased like a computer, and you’ve already made it clear to Steve that you’re not letting her do that again.

While the two teams have gotten along well so far, the couple at the other end of the room has been in a silent dispute for nearly two hours. They were silent on the ride to the lair, silent for the first half hour and, finally, they went to the corner to talk and haven’t stopped. Everyone else is doing their best to ignore them.

“So, what’re they usually like when they’re together?” Sam asks, looking away from you and Oliver and back at Diggle. “(y/n) talks about Oliver all the time, but …”

Dig smiles a bit. “They’re great. Oliver’s happiest whenever (y/n)’s in town. I just wish he would’ve told her about his nightly activities before now. And that she told him.”

Steve nods. “(y/n)’s very strict about keeping her identity secret. She’s never told me why.” The three are silent as they all look at the other end of the room. Steve clears his throat. “Well, since they’re a bit caught up at the moment, we should probably discuss some sort of plan.” The other two men agree, and they begin discussing a plan of attack.

On the other side of the large room, (y/n) steps away from Oliver and crosses her arms over her chest. “I just don’t understand why you didn’t tell me.”

He holds up a finger and narrows his eyes dangerously. Your heart sinks when he does so; that glare has never once been directed at you. “You have no right to say that to me. You did the same thing.”

“I was going to tell you today after your conference,” you hiss, trying your best not to subdue to his anger. “But then some psychos decided to shoot up the place, so I didn’t really get the chance.”

Oliver’s angry gaze doesn’t falter from you and you sigh, stepping forward and interlacing both of your hands with his. “Look, I love you, Oliver, and I really don’t want this to be what comes between us. We both kept secrets, and we both know everything now, so can we please just promise each other that we won’t lie anymore and move on?”

You pause and look down at your entwined hands. “I already hardly see you in the first place and I don’t want to lose you forever.”

He untangles his right hand’s fingers from your left’s and cups your chin gently so you look up at him. “No more secrets?” You shake your head. “And you’ll keep me updated?”

You nod, feeling the corner of your mouth twitch slightly. “And you’ll keep me updated?” He nods and smiles softly down at you, making you do the same. “Good.”

He grins and releases his hold on your chin and hand so he can wrap his arms lazily around your waist. “So we’re good?” he asks.

You laugh at his attempt to be coy and rest your hands on his strong chest. “Yes, Ollie, we’re ‘good.’”

Still smiling, he leans down and kisses you softly. You grip his shirt just a little tighter and kiss him back for a few seconds before pulling away. The two of you simply sway back and forth for a few seconds, foreheads touching as you do.

“I love you,” you breathe.

Oliver’s chest moves up with a small laugh and you feel his warm breath brush over your face. “I love you too.”

Nothing to Lose (HitoMina)

@keiid made me fall in love with this ship and I just had to write something about them. So, here is a short story about Mina painting Shinsou’s nails. Why? Because why not.
English isn’t my first language, so there are probably some mistakes, feel free to point them out!

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She is Grace (Tom Holland x Reader)

Tom Holland x Fem!Reader

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

Summary: You’ve dodged the dating question for a while now, but a room full of anxious fans plus the teasing of your co stars equals a nice, long, heartfelt confession about how you’re dating a complete dork. Long story short, Seb and Anthony are pissed.

Warnings: Swearing… I’m pretty sure. Almost all my fics have swearing, so watch out. Also, so much fluff you’ll choke and die. Have a good fucking day.

Words: 1,080

If you don’t understand a reference, part one is here:

She is Beauty

You grabbed the nearest pillow off the couch and screamed into it, probably making everyone else backstage think you were crazy. But hey, your cue was about to be called, meaning you were to go on stage at a fucking Comic Con panel, so yeah, you were a bit nervous. You peeked out from behind the metal beam pillars and saw the audience, clapping and shouting as every Infinity War actor introduced themselves to the crowd.

“And now, we give a very warm welcome, to Marvel’s newest badass queen, Miss (Full Name)!”

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Further update with @arrghigiveup: Yuri definitely eventually meets PK and there’s a selfie where PK is giving the camera his big happy smile and Yuri is looking all cutely, shyly blushy and delighted.

Gold Medalist of Everything Victor Nikiforov is in the background, wearing the look the dog gets when you just told another dog it was the Goodest Boy and it knows it can’t shove the other dog away from you.

Part 1 | Monday

Prompt: Could you do a Batmom story where somethings happens to her, for example she gets kidnapped or gets in a car accident and the kids and Bruce’s reactions? And like, she isn’t immediately fine. Maybe some happy flashbacks? Love your blog! Thanks doll!

A/N: Another little series!! And like always, Dick is first as he is the older of Bruce’s army of children! Enjoy ;))

“Hello, Mr. Grayson.” The woman behind the reception desk greeted flirtatiously. For the first time ever, Dick ignored an approach from the opposite sex and made his way to the usual room without another word. 

Dick inhaled a deep breath once he caught sight of you. His mom. His protector. The most important woman in his life. It looked as though you were merely sleeping, but he knew better. No matter how many times he wished you were dreaming about the rare family vacation in Paris and whatnot, he knew it was virtually impossible. Especially now that you were officially declared brain dead. 

Once he reached your bedside, Dick took your hand in his. The only thing telling him you were still somehow alive was the heat radiating off of you. It consumed him. But unlike the other times, it brought nothing but despair. Because he knew. He knew you were legally and medically gone. 

It’s been months since that teenaged girl ran you over with her car on the streets. Your other wounds would’ve healed perfectly through time, but the severe trauma to your brain was the nail in your coffin. Literally. But none of them could let you go. Not yet. They weren’t ready. Dick doubted they ever would be. 

“Hey, momma,” Dick said, forcing a small smile. You might not be able to hear or feel him, but you were still breathing. That was enough to keep him and the others going, if only for a little while. “I miss you. We all do. So fucking much.

The quiet volume he used to speak to you reminded him of his preteen days. The days when he would tiptoe to yours and Bruce’s room after a nightmare. He could vividly remember you never turning him away and always beckoning him into your warm, loving arms. 

Ten-year-old Dick quietly snuck out of his room. The hallway was dark, the only light guiding him was from the window. It was quiet, too quiet for his liking. The noise from outside made him fidget nervously and his body instinctively was tense and ready for any type of attack.

He paced down to the master bedroom, which was only a few doors down from his, luckily. Dick bit his lips and hesitantly grabbed ahold of the doorknob.

He slowly twisted it and walked inside, wincing when the sound of a loud creak entered his ear. Fortunately, Bruce was still on patrol or else his adoptive father would’ve no doubt threw a bat-dart at him already. When your safety was involved, the man could be quite frightening. More than usual, of course. 

Dick froze when he heard a tired groan. “Bruce?” You said confusingly. You fluttered your eyes open and averted them towards his direction. “You’re back earlier than usual.” 

“It’s not Bruce, mom,” Dick spoke up, trudging closer to you. He closed the door behind him and waited nervously from where he stood, not knowing if you’d turn him away or welcome him. He wasn’t a kid anymore. He was Robin now. He shouldn’t be frightened by stupid nightmares, but yet he was. 

“Little Wing?” You murmured, sitting up. You smiled sleepily. “Come over here, Dickie. It’s alright.”

Dick internally sighed in relief before practically sprinting over to you and jumping onto the bed. He quickly went under the covers and grinned happily when he felt your arms wrap around his shoulders. 

You pulled him closer to your side, smiling fondly. “Nightmare?” You whispered, understandingly.

Dick pursed his lips and nodded. “I’m sorry for waking you up.” 

You chuckled and shifted so that he could comfortably lay his head on your chest. Running your hands through his jet black hair, you hugged him tighter. “Don’t be, sweetheart. Do you wanna tell me what your nightmare was about?”

“You.” Dick murmured, voice thick with fear. 

“Me?” You asked in disbelief. 

Dick hurriedly shook his head. “Y-you were kidnapped!” He tried to explain. “A-and Bruce and I didn’t make it to you in time save you! The Joker e-ended up k-killing you! I-I saw your b-body, mom! It was so real! It felt so real.

To calm your hysterical son, you nuzzled your nose in his hair and rubbed his back soothingly. “Sshh, it was just a dream, little wing. I’m right here and I’m not going anywhere.”

Dick sniffled, hating how immature and childish he was acting. Nonetheless, he basked in your loving and motherly touches and slowed his rapid breathing.”I-I’m sorry.”

“Stop apologizing, Dick.” You smiled assuringly. “My father used to say that fear can not only hold us back, but it can drive us as well. It’s up to you how you want it to control your life. And I highly advise you to listen to him. Quite the character, my father was.”

Dick lifted the corners of his lips into a small smile. “I wish I could’ve met him.” 

“I wish you could’ve too.” 

The pleasant silence that followed was peaceful. You were on the edge of falling asleep when Dick spoke up again. 

“Did you mean it?” He asked quietly. “When you said you weren’t going anywhere.”

He could see your soft smile through the darkness of the room. It was like a warm fire in the middle of the tundra, and it brought a sense of security, one Dick knew only you could bring. 

“We both know I can’t live forever, little wing.” The thought made his chest tighten in distress. “But,” you added, “I won’t go anywhere unless you’re ready, that I can promise you.”

Dick showed his happiness by cuddling closer to your side. You giggled and pressed a kiss to his temple. “Love you, momma.” He muttered exhaustingly. His eyes fought to stay open, but sleep, like death, was something you couldn’t escape without help. 

“I love you too, Dickie.” 

wishbone 02 (m)

anonymous asked:

So idk if I just send the sentence starter or something, but I think your project sounds really cool? Also because I’m lowkey a hoe for Jimin and I’m excited at the prospect of so much smut. This one please!!! —> Look, I know I’m not special to you, I get it, but when you fuck me, I still feel like I belong to you. So call me yours when you fuck me, because that what I am.

anonymous asked:

Jimin; sugar daddy; “Look, I know I’m not special to you…”

anonymous asked:

Look, I know I’m not special to you, I get it, but when you fuck me, I still feel like I belong to you. So call me yours when you fuck me, because that what I am.i think this would be great for jimin

➾ 11/13 of jimin’s smut fest 2017

➾ recommended to read wishbone 01 first, but not necessary :)

➾ 2.8k

You should have known this from the start, after all, it’s not like you don’t have years of experience to back you up. You’d woken up to a text this morning telling you that Park Jimin had wired the money into your account, and even though it’s the first time you’re out of the negatives, you can’t bring yourself to keep it. Men just can’t take hints, and okay, maybe it was a cowardly move to just leave his money on the table and walk out, hoping he would interpret it as the end of your contract with him, but still.

Feeling acutely out of place in the polished, upscale lobby of his office building, you can’t help but begin to bite on your lower lip harshly, a bad habit when you’re nervous. You’d picked your most office-like outfit of a pencil skirt and blouse for today, hoping that you’d be let into the building to see him without having to let him know in advance.

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We need help, buildings are collapsed, people are going missing, so many kids are injured and some others were left homeless too or are trapped in the ruins. There is no water and no power.

Down below are included few links to organizations. Donations go toward basic necessities such as food, water, medicines, temporary shelter and long-term recovery assistance.

Thank you everyone in advance and if you can’t donate please help by spreading the word. We’d appreciate it a lot. May god bless you ❤️🇲🇽🙏🏻 and keep Mexico in your prayers

1. International Community Foundation(ICF)
2. Global Giving  
3.  Red Cross Mexico
4. Unicef Mexico
5. Brigada de Rescate Topos Tlaltelolco is a volunteer rescue brigade, non-governmental or commercial:

If you have other reputable donations sites to recommend, please include them.

shiraw  asked:

43. “Are you drunk?” Paperhat :3. I love your writing too. You're just amazing!!

“Are you drunk?”

Dementia stepped into Dr. Flug’s private quarters cautiously. She eyed the empty bottles of cheap beer scattered across the floor, and then her friend, who sat slumped over at his desk. Slowly, she picked her way over to him, and laid a hand on his shoulder

“Flug are you-” Suddenly, Flug snapped to attention, nearly falling backwards out of his chair, and staring at Dementia through fogged up goggles. He stammered out,

“Wha? What are you… oh…”  He reached up under his crinkled bag and rubbed at his eyes. “HEy, DementiA!”

“Ah jeez, Flug, how much did you drink?” Dementia asked. The doctor held his hand in front of his face and tried to count on his fingers.

“Uhh… one, two…. Three??? Four. Maybe 5?” he muttered. Then Flug lurched in his chair and stood up to face Dementia. “ ‘M not sure!”

Taking another look, Dementia noticed their were were only 3 beers that were actually empty on the floor; she sighed internally in relief.

“All right, how ‘bout you sit down and we can have a lil’ chat,” she said. Then she guided her friend back into his seat, and hoisted herself onto his desk. “Why’d you feel like drinking?”  

Flug slammed him face down onto the desk with a loud THUNK, and groaned. His next ‘words’ sounded as if someone had managed to say a keyboard smash out loud, which caused Dementia even more concern.

“FLuuuuuuuggggg, what’s happening in that super smart noggin?” The doctor shifted so he could look the girl in the eye.

“Toooooo, many feeeeeelings, Dem,” Flug slurred.

“What KINDA feelings?”

“Heart stuff, like, bang bang in my chest and uhhhhhhhh, ya know?” Dementia was trying so hard not to laugh, but the way Flug was looking at her like he’d just revealed some big secret made her double over with laughter.

“You have a crush on someone!! Oh my gosh are you serious!? That’s why you’re drinking!!??” Even with his bag on, Dementia could tell that Flug was blushing, as the skin disappearing under the bag’s fringe was turning pink.

“I-its not f-funny DEM!” Flug shouted and folded his arms tightly across his chest like a pouty child. “I *hic* don’t want to feeeeeel things about him.”

“HIM!!!??? HIM!!!!!” Dementia jumped off the desk and began to bounce in front of Flug on tip-toe. Flug made that keyboard smash sound again, then promptly fell out of his chair and began to roll across the floor in no particular direction, just to get away from Dementia. She followed close behind. “Unless you’ve been getting out of the house Flug, which I KNOW you haven’t, there is ONE him in this house and-”

“StttoooooOOOOPP,” Flug groaned and slapped his hand up at Dementia’s face, then curled into tighter ball on the floor.

“I can’t believe this!”

“I’m gonna kill yah… and then ‘M gonna drown myself with drink.”

“No you’re not, silly! You and I are gonna swap stories about Blackhat now, and both reminisce over our mutual love for him! Although…” Dementia laid down and next to Flug and rested her chin on his shoulder. “Your ‘love’ is probably more genuine than mine, come to think of it. You’ve worked with him longer, know him better than any of us, and honestly sometimes I think I like him just cause he’s the only person around worth liking!” Flug glared at Dementia over his shoulder.

“I find that offensive, “ he huffed. Dementia made a gagging noise and then pushed him away from herself.

“That wasn’t meant to say you’re not worth liking, ya dolt. Just that you’re more like a brother to me or something,” she said. “Or like, you’re my best friend, and it would be weird to like you.”

“Yeah, whatever, Dem….” For a moment, Flug fell silent, as if he had snapped out of his slightly drunken stupor and become very much aware of what was happening all around him.

“What do you mean by all that though?” he asked quietly.

“Well, I guess I mean what you’d probably have a chance with Blackhat. I mean, I see the way that he looks at you after filming, when you’ve gotten hurt in some way? He seems worried, and he always tells 5.0.5 to check on you. A few times, I’ve even caught him checking in on you’re while you sleep, or carrying you to your room if you crash in the lab. He’s gentle in those moments, and I never see him like that anywhere else, or with anyone else.” Dementia crawled over Flug’s prone body to curl up facing him.

“You see, he acts really tough, but I’ve seen him with genuine fear in his eye over losing you. That one time you got kidnapped and held for ransom, he acted cool and collected when giving 5.0.5 and I instructions, but I saw him tearing apart everything in his room afterwards in rage. He… he almost killed me when he learned that I had failed to protect you…but you see, I know he cares for me too, ‘cause he didn’t. And later, when we got you back, he patted me on the back and said ‘you’re forgiven, but don’t let that happen again.” Dementia rolled onto her back, so he didn’t have to see the way that Flug was staring at her through his goggles.

“Now, you may say that Black hat just cares about you because you make him money, but… I don’t think that’s it, Flug. We’re his family in a way, and he won’t ever admit that, but we know it’s true. “ Dementia giggled. “I’m his annoying little sister, 5.0.5 the overly affectionate pet, and you? You mean the most to him, you’re… what he wishes was his love.”

The room fell silent.

As Flug’s gaze bored into the side of her head, Dementia grew increasingly uncomfortable, until she shot up to her feet and shouted,

“Well you know, I’m probably actually a lesbian for all I know!”

That got Flug laughing.

“Hey don’t laugh at me, mister! I have seen, like one girl, and she was hella hot okay! I saw her outside and was just like ‘wowie! Look at that artwork strolling down the street! Hey! It’s not FUNNY!” Flug was wheezing with laughter, sitting up and holding his sides trying to breathe.

“Holy Shit, DEm! I’m gonna die!” he gasped. Then that moment of awe striking clarity ended, and Flug became slurred with his drunkenness again.

Struggling to his feet, Flug began to stumble towards the door, but Dementia caught him, asking,

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“I’m gonna go get Blackhat to confess his love for me!” Flug slurred. Now any good friend would have sat their friend down and told them to sleep off the drink so they didn’t do something they’d regret in the morning. Dementia, was not a good friend.

“Holy shit, I gotta see this go down! Let me get my phone!”

The next morning

Phone recording—

“Hey, it Dementia, here to bring you the aftermath of Flug’s Drunken Shenanigans! Let’s see what’s behind door number 1!”




“Wha? What’s going on? Dementia?”

“Flug! Flug what happened!!! You’ll tell me the truth!!”

“What? Nothing happened Dementia, we just feel asleep.”


“You guys are boring! You just cuddled and-”


“Actually sir-”


“But sir I-”


“Then why did you hold on so tightly and start purring like a-”


—end recording

“Sooooo, that went better then expected,” Dementia hummed. Staring Flug down as they both stood outside Blackhat quarters, where he had just slammed the door in their faces, she grinned mischievously and winked. “So what did happen, in there, Flug?”

“I don’t kiss and tell, Dementia.” Flug stated firmly.

“So you DID kiss him!!” Flug began to stammer and blush.

“NO! I didn’t say that!!

“It was implied! I’m gonna go shout this from the rooftops!”

“No you’re not!”

“Am too!” Dementia took off running down the hall.

“Get back here!” And with that, Flug sprinted off after her.

Meanwhile, in his quarters, Black hat sat at his desk with his head in his hands. Damn his cute scientist, and damn that annoying Dementia, he thought. They were going to be the end of him.

I hope this is to your liking? I was laughing for a good portion for writing this, and so thank you for this wonderful request! Anyone and everyone feel free to send me more writing prompts!

Bite Me (Part I)

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean (no pairings as of yet!)

Warnings: Minor character deaths, violence, the occasional swear word

Overview: You were raised in the hunter life. You fell out of it. It wasn’t your choice to get pulled back in.

Word Count: 1,436

A/N: This is my first ever fanfic. It’s a slow burn all around thanks to my inability to write without sounding like the opening of a biography. Thank you @wheresthekillswitch for giving me the baby push that I needed to put this out there. Received well or not, I’m four chapters in and have no plans to stop. These words, like everything else I write, are for me. Feel free to join me in the adventure.

What overloaded my senses the most was the drastic change from warmth to a harsh cold. Goosebumps were immediate in forming on my skin. 

Had the power gone out again?

My arm extended towards the foot of my bed, searching for the soft fabric of my blanket. My fingers were met with a scratchy sheet right about the time that the smell of mildew and…was that sour meat?… hit my nose.

My brain kicked in.

This wasn’t my bed.

This isn’t my room.

Unsurprisingly, this wasn’t the first time I had been in a situation like this. What was surprising is that I couldn’t remember how I had gotten here.

“I think she’s awake.”

The voice made me freeze in place, and I stilled the shivers that had been slowly increasing in magnitude, cursing myself for not wearing socks to bed with a knife tucked into the side. That’s what my uncle had trained me do. In the five years that he had been gone, I had let the habit slowly slip. I had let myself start to believe that I was safe. Like an idiot.

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evamoans  asked:

prompt: isak taking care of even in one way or another, maybe he has food poisoning because isak decided to cook food for him in their new apartment :)

Hello there, @evamoans my dear! I’m so, SO sorry for how late this is–between a couple of trips and work being crazy, the prompts in my inbox got away from me (also, I’m the worst, which I think is well-known at this point). But I loved your prompt and couldn’t leave it unfilled, so here you go! It got way too long and way too schmoopy, OOPS. Thank you for sending it my way! Can also be found on AO3 here.

the boyfriend experience

The thing is—and Isak supposes it should come as no surprise, given the ludicrously romantic timing and circumstances of their first kiss—Even is an absolutely phenomenal boyfriend.

And it’s not just the comforting, casual touches and the unreasonably frequent cuddling and the life-altering, mind-blowing sex, either.

(Although that stuff is pretty damn good.)

(Like, seriously. He cannot over-emphasize how good it is.)

It’s the soothing backrubs, and making sure Isak eats breakfast before school, and surprising Isak with baked goods or coffee or little trinkets that remind Even of something Isak said the previous week. It’s knowing when Isak is one textbook paragraph away from studying himself to an early grave and coaxing him into taking a break with the promise of sleep or snacks or Netflix (and yes, sometimes sexual favors are on the table. Hell, sometimes they take place on the table). 

It’s knowing when to press and when to hold back, when to offer quiet support and when to take the lead. Knowing when Isak needs to be alone because he got a shitty text from his shitty father, and when he needs to talk about it, or be spooned within an inch of his life, or fuck to forget.

The point is: Even is great. Even is perfect. So perfect, in fact, that the alarming and ever-growing disparity between them, in terms of boyfriend-ing, has become impossible to ignore. Try as he might to talk himself down, Isak can’t quite stop that ugly fear from gnawing at him—the fear that Even will wake up one day and suddenly realize, fuck, why in God’s name am I doing all this work for a smelly, socially awkward slob with no money and no skills and Dorito crumbs in his bed?

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You Forgot Your Change!

A Shitty/Lardo meet-cute for a prompt I saw earlier today: You look like you can barely afford to eat out, and you still gave me the best tip I have ever received from a single person. [Also on AO3]

In theory, taking a job waiting tables at the posh restaurant near the yacht club was genius. Where better to make big tips than a place frequented by people who clearly had too much money?

Turns out, rich people didn’t tip that well. Lardo had no idea why, but it appeared to be the truth. She still needed the job, though, so she stuck with it. Art supplies weren’t cheap, and she had a show coming up.

Not that today is going to be much help for her art supply fund. She maybe shouldn’t have made the mistake of inadvertently insulting hyperrealism earlier, because now Beth Ann, who was hostess this afternoon, was assigning all the stingiest people she could find to Lardo’s section. It wasn’t even like Lardo had said it was bad! She just said it was technically impressive, but often compositionally uninteresting. It wasn’t like she’d memorized the portfolios of all her fellow servers.

Looking at the guy Beth Ann had just seated, she thought maybe she should consider it, just out of self-preservation. Because this guy didn’t look like he fit in with this restaurant’s usual clientele at all. He didn’t fit in with this entire side of town at all. He was wearing an American flag denim vest over a slogan tee, for god’s sake. He looked vaguely like a refugee from the set of Dazed and Confused; he looked like a dine-and-dash waiting to happen.

Still, she was a professional. Sort of. Whatever. She had standards, anyway. So she stepped up to the table in complete customer service mode and asked what she could get him.

“I dunno, man, you think I could start with a little light socialism?”

She blinked at him. She was generally prepared to deal with customers who went off script, but this was pushing it, even for her. “I’ll see what I can do about that. How about a drink while you wait for the revolution?”

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justin foley: oakland

Originally posted by 13reasons-13truths

Request: None

Pairing: Justing Foley x Reader

Warning(s): Homelessness

Word Count: 442

Gif: @13reasons-13truths

A/N: I thought the concept on Justin’s life on the streets is underwhelmingly unused. If y’all would like more on this topic, please feel free to request :)

“Spare change?” A voice called out from the brick wall. You normally didn’t given much notice to the homeless community being as you genuinely did not have spare change or knew better than waste you money on a drug addict’s addiction, but something about this man’s demeanor told you that he wasn’t on the streets for very long.

“Hey, you wanna grab a sandwich? I’ll pay,” you offered. Without thinking, he stood up and gathered his things.  “Let’s go across the street.”

You went into the shop and greeted the cashier.  The boy had disappeared to the deli area while you got a coffee and granola bar.  You kept your eye on the boy while he looked at the coolers for a drink.  You could see that the cashier was keeping an eye on him through the reflective mirrors.  He was your responsibility in this store and what ever he did would be your fault. When he returned to your side for you to purchase his food, you let out an internal sigh of relief.

“Anything else?” Your card was in your hand waiting for the cashier’s go-ahead. He reached for an Oakland postcard and asked if you would let him get this. You nodded and paid for the order.

While leaving the store, he stopped you.

“Thank you,” he spoke in a raspy, tired voice.  You smiled kindly at him.  “Do you, by any chance, have a pen I could borrow?” 

“Uh… yeah,” you rustled in your bag.  He wrote against the store’s wall for support.  “Is your name Sid?” He cleared his throat. 

“Yeah, yeah it is.” He turned to return your pen. 

“You’ll need a postage stamp. Here.” You gave him a kitten postage stamp. “There is a mail box down there, I’ll walk with you.”

He was quiet, shuffling his feet. 

“So, Sid where are you from?” He mumbled something, only catching ‘North Cal.’ “So, what are you doing on the streets? You seem a little young.”

“I’m not that much younger than you,” he blurted.  You nodded, keeping silent. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be rude. You did pay for my first full meal in a while.” You shrugged. “I just can’t deal with life right now. Not a home, so I’m better on my own– I’ve been on my own my whole life.”

You reached the post box.  He turned his card in.  “You know, you don’t have to be alone.  There are probably a lot more people who need you than you think.”

“Thank you for everything, but you’re wrong about that.” And with that statement, he crossed the street and you made your way off.