international relations

People who is worried about what’s going on in Mexico

Please, let it be known internationally that there isn’t a single person from higher levels at the government who is trying to help us. Not the Senate, not a single deputy, no one. The president went to the school with the trapped little girl, took pictures and right now is smiling at a drunken congregation with his workers. SMILING DRUNK.

The people are BUYING stuff to donate to our neighbors and compatriots but the big chains of supermarkets are putting higher prices and aren’t donating anything.

The world has their eyes on us and those mothefuckers are smiling for the picture and gaining money from it.

There’s 12k million pesos up for political campaigns that the people NEED right now, because you know, those are our taxes, and they are keeping it all, hiding in the law they made up, they won’t put a single peso to reconstruct a city that hasn’t stopped falling since yesterday. Every hour there’s a new building falling. But they are keeping all for themselves, while the people is literally spending money they don’t have to help.

Please, I’m begging you, please. Let this be known internationally. Let them be ashamed of their crimes. Don’t let them smile while our people is dying on the streets.

Wednesday, 22/02/2017 (1/100)

Spending the afternoon at the library. It’s pretty empty and I love it!! My second semester started last week and I already have tons of deadlines (starting next week). A lot of reading reports, presentations and papers to do! Motivation, please stay with me and don’t go away.

(Also starting that 100 days of productivity. Let’s see how it goes!)

In other news, I made a studygram!!! It’s @raquelstudies​ in case you want to follow!
Merkel says EU cannot completely rely on US and Britain any more
German chancellor tells election rally in Munich that Europe must take its fate into its own hands after ‘unsatisfactory’ G7 talks

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is tired of the UK and USA, deciding to encourage the EU to stand more on their own feet than rely on either the Americans or the British.

Fun Fact 256

Google researchers have noticed that the demographics for Internet usership have changed based on the types of videos shared on the Internet. According to researchers, the rise of users coming online from sub-Saharan Africa and China has coincided with an explosion of cute goat and cute Panda videos on the Internet that are starting to out-number cute cat videos.

11:45am // day 38/100

Still working on that politics presentation. I have to give it on Thursday, so in four days. My anxiety about it increases every day. I’m going to be eternally relieved when it’s over.

I’m using @arystudies’s daily planner for today’s work!

Fun Fact 237

After three years of service in the French Foreign Legion, a soldier can apply for French citizenship. Additionally, any soldier who gets injured during a battle for France immediately becomes a French citizen under a provision known as “Français par le sang versé” (French by spilled blood).

03.06.16 // Things are getting serious. I’ve tacked up little cards with dates for my history paper (and two for stats) on my wardrobe. They’re not exactly in chronological order, but thats the order in which things will show up in my paper.

I wish everyone doing exams luck!

1/100 Days of Productivity // Monday 8 January 2018 //

Starting the 100 days of productivity challenge with my friend theconfusedpipe to try and keep each other accountable (lol) and motivate us to work hard next term (more lol). Anyway, this morning I read a hundred page paper (painful!). This afternoon my plan is to do the reading for my last lecture for the international relations (IR) course, then walk my dog, and finish off the day by doing more reading for IR so that I can get the essay that is due in week two of next term done before even starting term (hopefully). Hope y’all have been having a productive 2018 so far! 

Fun Fact 223

Because of a lack of widespread internet access and government censorship, Cubans have developed an intricate system of file sharing that has sometimes been called the “offline internet”. In this system, information peddlers download movies, TV shows and music from across the world onto hard drives which are then copied onto smaller flash drives and distributed by networks on foot. In this way, thousands of young Cubans stay up to date with Western TV shows through weekly deliveries of “Paquetes” (packets) despite not having access to the internet.

“I’M A PRIVILEGED STRAIGHT WHITE MALE AND EVEN I’M OUTRAGED”. My favorite sign at Seattle’s March for Truth on Saturday June 3, 2017, part of the nationwide march.


24-25/02/2017 (3-4/100

I didn’t take any pictures on the 3rd and 4th day of the 100 days of Productivity, so here’s two that I took the other day. Despite not having taken any pictures, I did a lot of research and cleaned and organized my room. That counts as productivity, right?