international relations


• 28th march 2016 • 

Morning for working, afternoon for studying.

Made a delicious one pot pasta because I didn’t want to waste precious time cooking (it takes 15 minutes, more or less). My cats kept me company while I was studying the International Criminal Court.


and tomorrow comes the exam days; indonesia’s foreign policy for the first day! this semester, i begin to use the course guide’s back page to resume the materials (they consist of compulsory readings, lecture notes handout, resumes of best papers, and group presentations material….. i’m dying) 

this is still 1/8. still 7 to go - quietly counting for the homecoming day.

Statue of a Vizier, Usurped by Pa-di-iset

ca. 1780-1700 BCE; Inscription and relief: ca. 900-850 BCE (Middle Kingdom, 13th dynasty & Third Intermediate Period, 22nd)

A remarkable example of the re-use of a work of art, reflecting the course of Egypt’s long history, this statue was originally carved to commemorate a powerful government official. A thousand years later the inscription naming this unknown man was erased, and a carved scene was added depicting its new owner, Pa-di-iset, son of Apy, worshipping the gods Osiris, Horus, and Isis. From a text on the rear of the statue we learn that Pa-di-iset was a diplomatic messenger to the neighboring lands of Canaan and Peleset (Palestine).

From the Walters Art Museum

Hundreds of Europeans are driving to Hungary to offer rides to stranded migrants | Quartz

In the early evening of Sept. 14, around 45 cars crossed the highways of Austria, heading toward Hungary. As they approached the border, near the Austrian town of Mönchhof, they began to see people walking toward them along the motorway, illuminated under the rain by passing headlights. The motorists stopped on the road, and opened their car doors.

Coming from Vienna, Prague, and Leipzig, these drivers were on a mission to help undocumented migrants complete the final leg of an arduous journey to northern Europe.

At least four convoys this week have already made the round-trip from Austria to Hungary and back. Some, like this one, were destined for Győr, where there is a refugee camp and a migrant detention center. Some were bound for Röszke, a town on the Serbian border. Others stopped at capital city Budapest, where the temporary halt of trains bound for the Austrian border has turned the main station into a makeshift refugee camp and an epicenter of Europe’s migrant crisis.

Angelika Hofir, 54, from Vienna, Austria, drove to Budapest last week. Inspired to act after hearing rumors that the buses carrying migrants to the Austro-Hungarian border would stop running, Hofir answered a call to action on Facebook. “I don’t understand why people don’t open museums, churches and hotels for the refugees,” Hofir told Quartz.

(Read Full Text) (Photo Credit: EPA/Balazs Mohai)


Diplomatic Correspondence between Ottoman Emperor Mehmed IV and the Zaporozhian Cossacks in the 1670′s

From Mehmed IV

I, the Sultan, son of  Mohamed, brother of the Sun and Moon, grandson and vicegerent of God, sovereign of all kingdoms: of Macedonia, Babylonia, and Jerusalem, of Upper and Lower Egypt: king of kings; ruler of all that exists; extraordinary, invincible  knight; constant guardian of the grave of Jesus Christ; trustee of God himself; hope and comport of Moslems, confusion and great protector of Christians, command, the Zaporozhian Cossacks, to surrender to me voluntarily and without any kind of resistance, and don’t permit yourselves to trouble me with attacks! Turkish Sultan Mehmed.

Reply from the Zaporozhian Cossacks,

To the Turkish Sultan. You Turkish Satan, brother and comrade of the damned devil and secretary to Lucifer himself!  What the hell kind of knight are you?  The devil shits and you and your army swallow it.  You aren’t fit to have the sons of Christians under you; we aren’t afraid of your army, and we’ll fight you on land and sea.  You Babylonian busboy, Macedonian mechanic, Jerusalem beer-brewer, Alexandrian goatskinner, swineherd of Upper and Lower Egypt, Armenian pig, Tatar goat, Kamenets hangman, Podolian thief, grandson of the Evil Serpent himself, and buffoon of all the world and the netherworld, fool of our God, swine’s snout, mare’s asshole, butcher’s dog, unbaptized brow, may the devil steam your ass! That’s how the Cossacks answer you, you nasty glob of snot! You’re unfit to rule true Christians. We don’t know the date because we don’t have a calendar, the moon is in the sky, and the year is in the book, and the day is the same with us as with you, so go kiss your ass. Chief Hetman Zaxarcenko with all the Zaporozhian Host.