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Wednesday, 22/02/2017 (1/100)

Spending the afternoon at the library. It’s pretty empty and I love it!! My second semester started last week and I already have tons of deadlines (starting next week). A lot of reading reports, presentations and papers to do! Motivation, please stay with me and don’t go away.

(Also starting that 100 days of productivity. Let’s see how it goes!)

In other news, I made a studygram!!! It’s @raquelstudies​ in case you want to follow!

03.06.16 // Things are getting serious. I’ve tacked up little cards with dates for my history paper (and two for stats) on my wardrobe. They’re not exactly in chronological order, but thats the order in which things will show up in my paper.

I wish everyone doing exams luck!

Trump is Unworthy to Shake Angela Merkel’s Hand, Anyway

It was reprehensible DJT didn’t shake Merkel’s hand today. 

But she’s the better for it. 

The leader of the free world shouldn’t have to touch that goon.


// Monday - December 5, 2016

It has been a while since I posted content on my studyblr. But I’m back and I have some news: I graduated, started my master’s degree and now I’m busy, busy writing essays and thinking of a topic for my dissertation (yikes!). It’s been a mixture of emotions so far but hopefully I’ll find my place again. 

I’m currently at the library working on a paper I need to turn in next week. It’s about humanitarian intervention and the use of force. It’s been interesting so far and hopefully I’ll finish it by the end of this week! 

Las relaciones a distancia no son recomendables para la salud emocional, pero que bonito se siente saber que hay alguien en algun lugar del mundo que te quiere y piensa que eres lo más hermoso que existe.
The Leader of the Free World Meets Donald Trump
Angela Merkel, whether she wants the job or not, is the West’s last, best hope.

The cruel irony of Trump’s election is that for many decades it was the United States that was seen as a moral leader. During the Cold War, Soviet dissidents looked to the United States. And after communism fell, it was the United States that led international actions to protect victims of repression or hardship. Whether it was the Kurds in northern Iraq, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, or the spending on medicine to treat millions suffering from HIV in Africa, the United States was the country expected to act.

Not recently. After “leading from behind”—way behind—during the six years of civil war in Syria, Washington was seen as abdicating its traditional role. So the mantle of leadership was empty until Merkel stepped in to help hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing war and chaos. Trump not only rejects the idea that the United States should act to prevent tragedies like Syria but also that it should help care for the millions of refugees fleeing the conflict. Trump and Merkel thus represent the two poles of the debate about refugees and responsibility in 2017.

It’s Germany, too, that has led the world in imposing sanctions on Russia for its invasion and occupation of Ukraine. Trump, meanwhile, not only has refused to criticize Putin for the invasion—he has often suggested that sanctions be lifted to make a new relationship with Russia possible.


March 29, 2017: King Felipe VI of Spain received the Credentials (Cartas Credenciales) from the Ambassadors from Belgium, Qatar, Senegal, Yemen, Nepal and Iceland (not included in this post, not because I have a problem with Iceland but because Tumblr is a bitch and doesn’t let me upload more pictures), at Palacio Real de Madrid in Madrid, Spain.

anonymous asked:

My story takes place in the near-future. What would happen to international politics if America took up a totally isolationist stance?

By total isolation stance, I am going to take the following assumptions:

a) Closed borders (no one comes in, no one goes out)

b) Media and Internet censorship (only American-produced content is accessible by the general American public)

b-2) Any media released by the United States to the outside world is state controlled.

c) Withdrawal from international organizations

d) Withdrawal from trade agreements

e) US troops stationed outside of the US would be recalled back home

f) a-d happen instantaneously and without prior warning.

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ID #14756

Name: Katie
Age: 18
Country: USA

Hi! I’ve always wanted a pen pal, and I’m looking for one as I begin college– I’d just like to learn about someone else and share thoughts and ideas. I love talking about history, international relations, theatre, tv shows (GoT, Parks and Rec), books (Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adams, George R.R. Martin, and Shakespeare are names on some of my most dog-eared copies), and everyday stuff. I work in technical theatre, I collect rocks and comic strips, I debate in Model United Nations, and I love learning about anything from quarks to microbacteria. I hope to pursue pre-med, so it would be great to meet and talk to someone who likes to hear and discuss cool science and anatomy facts. I mess around with cosplay, watercolors, embroidery, and astrophysics in my free time. I’m hoping to learn new things, hear new ideas, and make a friend!

Preferences: I would like to hear from someone around my own age, so 17-21 would be best. Otherwise, if you have access to the postal service I can’t wait to get in touch!


So I just got the okay to use my study abroad course this summer in place of an intro to IR (International Relations) course, which means I’ll only need to take 9 course hours next fall to graduate! 💕 My professor gave me these books and told me to read up, and I’ve never been more excited about something 😍