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Women in Comics Con 2016

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening! Whenever you might be reading this post, welcome!

Attended the second annual WinC (Women in Comics) Con 2016 held at the New York Public Library’s The Bronx Library Center.

Where do I begin… WinC Con was really cool! I will admit, my days spent on Twitter with it’s 140 character limit have definitely made me a bit rusty in normal long writing form. So please bare (bear?) with me. Moving on.

Women in Comics was founded by Regine Sawyer (tw: @lockettdown), a comics creator herself(Eating Vampires).

From the Women in Comics homepage which can be found here describes itself accordingly: “The ‘WinC’ Collective NYC International is an artistic and informative initiative serving to educate communities about the role and merit of women working in Comics.”

Met quite a few great artists, bought a few prints, made some new connections and learned more about other events/Cons going on around the year local and otherwise(Bronx Heroes and MECCA Con). Overall WinC Con was a great experience and I’ll be looking forward to going next year.

Oh, shout outs to Julie Anderson, Barbara Ang, L Anna Lenz (tw: @The_Apocalisa), Sha-Nee Williams (tumblr: @swilliams1), Sheeba Maya, Alitha Martinez (tw: @ariotstorm), Maia Williams (tumblr: @meccacon)! If you have the time, check out these fine folks.