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Harry Potter AU | The Interschool Quidditch Championships (IQC)

Established in 2000 by the International Quidditch Association, the Interschool Quidditch Championships is a newly established tournament between all ten wizarding schools with existing Quidditch teams. Professional scouts and avid Quidditch fans are flocking to Greece this December to watch the wizarding world’s rising Quidditch stars play it off in the first ever IQC. 

OK OK but I just had he best idea of my life and I can’t do anything about it, so astronauts, please read and take note:

If you’re in space, with zero gravity and all, you know what you can do?




You can literally fly on broomsticks and people can throw the Quaffle between them and someone can have the job of throwing the Snitch around really fast so the Seekers have trouble catching it and the Beaters are obviously in charge of the Bludgers and I just — space Quidditch! Please, someone at the International Space Station, please, please, please set this up!

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Do you not like Romione because they don't belong together or because you don't like Ron? I'm not trying to be rude, it's just that some people don't like Ron and I was wondering

I just don’t see them together romantically, that’s all :) I’ve always loved the idea of Hermione having two boy best friends and ending up with neither of them. It would be so refreshing to see that

I feel more strongly anti R*mione than some of the other canon ships I’m not into because I love Krumione so fucking much. Krumione was my first real ship- I started shipping them when I was really young and didn’t know what shipping was, but the idea of this quiet, thoughtful, kind hearted international Quidditch player who wanted nothing more than to watch a fierce, brilliant girl read in the library just lit up my heart. I thought their dynamic was so beautiful and hoped beyond hope that they’d be endgame, and I bawled my eyes out when I read the epilogue. To me, Viktor and Hermione belong together, and I want nothing more than to imagine their peaceful yet adventurous life together 

Tickets for Two

Fred Weasley Imagine

“Y/N, there’s an owl shitting all over the dining table” your mum calls out in a fed up tone,

“It has a letter, which I assume is for you”

You trudged down the stairs in your pyjamas, walking into the kitchen to see your mum with her hands on her hips glaring at you, gesturing to the dirty brown own hopping around the fruit bowl, dragging its poop along with it.

You take the letter from the owl, opening it to find a ticket, reading:

The International Quidditch Association is proud to present the 422nd Quidditch World Cup Finals - Bulgaria V Ireland

Also in the envelope is a note.

“To Hogwarts’ finest, Y/N.
I’ve gone to the liberty of purchasing two tickets to the Quidditch World Cup, on Monday two weeks from now. As I have clearly only enclosed one ticket, this means that if you accept my request, we shall be attending the game together. You can stay in our tent with the rest of my family, if you so desire. Looking forward to seeing you there, love.
You’ll find out soon enough.
P.S., You better choose Ireland over Bulgaria, or there will be problems, madam.”

On one hand, meeting up with a stranger at night is a potential red flag for disaster, but on the other hand, it’s Quidditch, aka your favourite sport. You’re on the [house] Quidditch team, and plus, you’ve never been to a professional game before. Plus, how romantic, a secret admirer, who can complain?

“What’s in the letter, Y/N?” your mum asks, wiping the shit off the table.

“It’s a—my ticket for the Quidditch World Cup”

“I don’t remember you telling me you were going, when did this all happen? She asks,

“Like, aaages ago, I’ve been waiting forever for them” you lied.

“How much was it?”

“Oh you know, a few galleons, some knuts, sickles…” Your mum being a muggle, you knew talking about Wizard currency would stop the questions coming at you.

After discussing the details of the game and being reminded not to talk to strangers for the eighth time, she agreed to let you go. Funny enough, a stranger was the whole reason you’re going to the game in the first place.

———- Game Night ———

Monday, 22nd August finally rolled around, and you couldn’t be more excited for the game, you’d almost forgotten all about your curiosity of who actually gave you the ticket.

You got to Dartmoor, this year’s location of the Trillenium Stadium, and you could already hear the cheering of the crowds.

As you walk up the hill, you see the ridiculously enormous stadium. Lee Jordan wasn’t lying for once when he told you that it could fit 100,000 people. Did he invite you to the game?

Your seats were up at the very top of the stands. You hike up the stairs when you hear your name from behind you.

“Y/N!” a girl called out.

“Hey Hermione, fancy seeing you here!” You embraced her in a hug. “Yeah, we were all hoping you would actually show up!”

Oh, maybe this isn’t a date at all, maybe Hermione invited you. But why would she be so secretive? Does she fancy me?

“It wasn’t her who invited you” Ginny chuckles. “And it wasn’t me either for that matter” She must’ve guessed what you were thinking by the confusion on your face. “Come with us, we’ll take you over to your mystery man” she jokes.

When you got up to the stands, you were greeted by Ron and Harry, also saying how relieved they were that you actually accepted whoever’s invitation. They pointed in the direction of where he was, behind a group of people.

As you past the small crowd, you see Fred Weasley leaning on the railing by himself, holding two Butterbeers. He turns to see you, his eyes immediately lighting up and a smile growing on his face

“Hey, Y/N, glad you could make it” he says as he walks towards you.

He envelopes you in a tight, warm hug, sending shivers down your spine.

“So, you’re my mystery man then, huh?” you say.

“Sure am, hope you weren’t hoping for someone better” he teases.

“Absolutely not” you smile up at him.

“Good, because there’s a fat chance of that happening” he remarks boastfully, making you giggle.

He hands you one of the Butterbeers and the two of you talk about who knows what until the game starts. Green, orange and white fireworks shoot up into the air, forming a dancing leprechaun, as the two of you cheer at the top of your lungs.


The final score was 170-160 in Ireland’s favour. You and Fred scream with delight, and he hugs you around the waist and spins you around with joy.

As he sets you back on the ground, he looks down at you for a few moments, before he crashes his lips onto yours, just as the fireworks start to explode behind you. George, Ron and Harry whistle and cheer at the two of you, while Ginny and Hermione are trying to look disgusted at the boys’ reactions, but both were secretly cheering, mentally.

As you two part, you look each other in the eyes again. His hands come up to your face cupping your cheeks, with his forehead pressed against yours, as he whispers “thank you for spending tonight with me”. And honestly you couldn’t be happier, as it was the best night of your life.


Ta-daaa, just a quick one because 1. I have a splitting headache, 2. I spent a good hour and a half on designing this ticket, and 3. I actually love Quidditch, I think it’s actually my favourite part of the Wizarding world!


My beloved HP verse just had to be done of course

Seventh year Slytherin prefect Katsuki Yuuri, also international star, dancer, singer and actor

Yuuri who is sweet and kind, utterly gorgeous, and also utterly terrifying, mad.

And so very out of, oh, everyone’s league.

Seventh year Viktor, international Quidditch star who has a crush larger than a mountain troll and just as hopeless.

Viktor, devotee and follower of every single event that Yuuri has ever done, co-founder of the Secret Katsuki Yuuri fanclub

Viktor could talk about Yuuri for hours.
Katsuki Yuuri made his debut as a ballet dancer, at the national magical theatre of Russia under former renown ballerina Okukawa Minako, where Viktor watched his very first performance and fell head over heels when he was twelve.

Katsuki Yuuri then immediately featured in numerous magazines and awareness campaigns following the disaster of the Makoto Tsunami. Yuuri did so well that he ended up signing on for numerous other brands, and eventually even famous luxury brands, and walked down a runway or two from Magical Tokyo to Milan.

Eventually he took singing lessons for his part in a Shakespearean play, and went on to star in several more, ranking as one of the top ten percentile of magical Japan’s most popular stars.

Viktor met Yuuri in their second years of study in a pen pal program for international relations after the mess that was the recent cold war.

The International Quidditch Association is proud to present the 422nd
Quidditch World Cup Finals - Bulgaria V Ireland

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Global Games Reaction 2014!

The second bi-annual Global Games took place in Burnaby, Canada this last weekend and was it interesting to see how teams of each nations “all stars” stacked up against each other.

As expected, Team USA took home the gold, in pretty dominating fashion, with staggering scores of 210*-0 (championship game), 250*-20 (France) and 120*-0 (UK). The United States did not disappoint, proving that, in the US, quidditch is heads and shoulders above the rest of the world. The final standings are as follows:

1. USA
2. Australia
3. Canada
4. United Kingdom
5. Mexico
6. France
7. Belgium

Several questions come to mind on these standings. What happened to France from 2 years ago? Why did Canada fail to meet their own expectations? How did Australia do so well? How did Mexico win a few games?

First, let’s start with Canada. They came into this tournament with a chip on their shoulder. They wanted to prove that they could contend with the USA as a premier quidditch country, then in game one, they fell to the US 130-70*. The fire they had going into the US game disappeared after getting smashed in the first game of the day. They came in amped, and lost it because they put everything into the USA game. They still had a shot at the title game, but promptly handed that to Australia, falling to the Aussies, 70*-40, sending them to play for the Bronze Medal.

Speaking of Australia, they have adapted quickly, moving from one of the worst teams 2 years ago, to a second place finish this year. How did they do it? Physical play, smart game plans and a solid seeking game gave Australia the edge it didn’t have before. After a good showing at West Fantasy, Australia had few expectations going to Burnaby, and just played the game. Watch for Australia to continue to grow, and watch for them to be taken more seriously by global teams in the future. (Btw, congrats on second, Australia!)

France did not perform like the runner up team from two years ago. They took Australia to an overtime game, however, Australia took the game into their own hands, as each seeker toyed with the snitch, and the French promptly laid an egg in the OT with Australia scoring seven, yes SEVEN goals in the extra period, winning 160-90* (no OT catch). Where were the players from two years ago? Has France fallen in quidditch luster? Are teams not as talented, therefore, sending a less talented national team? We think not. A lot of games for France ended poorly because of poor execution, and poor seeking. It doesn’t meant the roster was less talented, it means it was less organized and less balanced. Hopefully France learns from this, and can come back in 2 years ready to compete for the gold once more.

Mexico was the talk of the tournament, and this was one of the teams we wish we could have been able to watch live. According to various sources, the Mexicans brought between 8-10 players for their national team, and none of them got injured. They came out and played with a resilience that won them more games than anyone expected, including the game against France to take 5th, winning 70*-40. It will be interesting to see how Mexico learns from this, taking the experience home and sharing what they learned. Mexico was in so many games because of 3 things: a great keeping game to protect the hoops, fantastic beaters to keep control and maximize their beats, and solid seeking. Future Mexican teams will hopefully have a bigger roster, because that will add an extra element to their game to make them a much more legitimate threat.

The UK came out wanting at least bronze, however, they fell short to Canada in the ¾ game, however, the scores don’t tell the story. The UK took advantage of bad opportunities by opponents and played with a stout defense, (the only team to hold the US under 100 quaffle points) and made each opponents feel their hits. Expect to see them finish about the same or higher in 2 years.

Belgium was the underdog the second they announced they were bringing a team. Plagued by injury, they were forced to forfeit their game against the United States, and that pretty much tells the tale of the day. The Belgians played hard, but, similar to Australia 2 years ago, didn’t fully understand the rules, and struggled with game play and strategy. According to sources, they played with several players under the age of 18, which is interesting to note, not because of their age, but because of their inexperience to the sport. Expect to see Belgium back in the future and compete at a much higher level and to hopefully not forfeit any games.

The United States had one goal, and one goal only: Complete domination. With the staggering scores they posted, no one is surprised that they USA is the only country able to send a team to foreign soil and remain undefeated. Through two global games, the US is 13-0. As stated before, clearly heads and shoulders above the rest of the world in quidditch. Teams the US needs to potentially worry about in the future? The UK and Australia. “But, Canada is pissed! They have their number one goal set to beat the USA!” Well, Canadian teams play the USA enough that they will always see each other and therefore they can plan better. The USA had a much deeper talent pool to choose from, over every country, and in having that, the USA was able to pick a roster of all elite players. The rest of the world is not on par with that at this time, including Canada. So while they are the closest to beating them, the USA already knows how they can win. With. Australia, and the UK, the USA only sees them at global games, so they are always a wild card. Expect these teams to all get better and come guns blazing for the 2016 iteration of this event.

Congrats to everyone who played, and congrats to the USA for taking home the gold once more! You have done your country proud!!



Brooms Up! - Quidditch World Cup IV documentary

My day has been made!! Don’t let my find a quidditch team to join!