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Another month down! Thank you to all of you who have followed me and supported the blog in any way. I’ll save the sappy thank you’s. Here are my favorite imagines of the past month. There are a ton but please check some of them out if you haven’t already!

Rosaline (Adnan Januzaj), They Say You Can’t Have Cake… (Álvaro Morata), Days With You (Antoine Griezmann), The Blues (Antoine Griezmann), If I’m (Bastian Schweinsteiger), Hide And Seek (Calum Chambers), The Shirt Off My Back (Cristiano Ronaldo), Wild Drive (Cristiano Ronaldo), To Be… (Cristiano Ronaldo), Don’t Save Me (Eden Hazard), Bad Blood (Erik Durm & Julian Draxler), Papa, What Pretty Nails You Have (Erik Durm), Baby Steps (Fernando Torres), Pendulum (Gareth Bale), Fight For You (Gareth Bale), Glory Days (Geoff Cameron), A House Divided (Gianluca Gaudino), He Wore A Red Tie (Héctor Bellerín), Just Like You (Héctor Bellerín), As Fate May Have It… (Isco Alarcón), Shake It Off (James Rodriguez), Living Up To The Family Name (James Rodriguez), Gone (Javi Martínez), This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like A Motherf*cker (Jonathan dos Santos), Last Friday Night (Jordan Henderson), Drought in the Bahamas (Julian Draxler), Got A Love Jones  (Karim Benzema), GHOST! (Lucas Piazón), The Fault in Our Stars (Lukas Podolski), ‘Coffee’ by Miguel (Marc Bartra), Parenting 101 (Marco Reus), Dirty Diana (Marco Reus), No Rest For The Wicked (Marco Reus), Stand Out (Marco Reus), Never Let Me Go, Part 1 (Marco Reus), King of Anything (Marco Reus), Marley & Me (Mats Hummels), Say Goodbye (Mats Hummels), Steal My Girl (Neymar Jr.), Hard To Forget (Neymar Jr), Bittersweet (Neymar Jr.), A Beautiful Canvas (Neymar Jr.), International Players Anthem (Rafinha Alcântara), Bribery, Corruption, Oh My (Rafinha Alcântara), Where Are Ü Now (Raphaël Varane), When Mommy’s Away… (Sergio Ramos), Cruel Intentions (Sergio Ramos), A Little Conversation (Thiago Alcântara), See Me (Thiago Silva), Simply Charismatic (Viktor Fischer), chapter thirteen (illusion.)

I really loved the plots I have been receiving recently so thank you all for being creative! I’ve had fun writing all of these and if you have the time, here’s plenty for you to enjoy. Thanks again for all of the support!

We Back (College Party Mix Vol. 4) - Astro Traveler

Good Ass Intro - Chance The Rapper
It Was A Good Day (Instrumental) - Ice Cube
Waiting So Long (CRNKN Remix) - Sam Gellaitry
Some Minds - Flume ft. Andrew Wyatt
La Brisa x International Players Anthem - Big Wild
ODB - Mr. Carmack
Your Love - Mick Jenkins
Trippy’s Theme (TWRK Remix) - Trippy Turtle
Classic Lean (Jidenna & Kendrick Lamar x Major Lazer & DJ Snake)- The Hood Internet
I Wish (San Holo Remix) - Skee-Lo
Independent - TWRK & LAMBO
Dream Lover - JayKode
52 - Vestige
The Humpty Dance - Digital Underground
Pear Witness - Astronomar
Alright - Kendrick Lamar
Feel Stronger (Kanye West x The Weeknd) - Carlos Serrano
Tables and Chairs - Pools
Roses (Swindali Remix) - OutKast
Glassss (Gravez Remix) - PYRMDPLAZA
Kingpin (Mura Masa Remix) - RL Grime ft. Big Sean
YeYe - Aminé
Too Original (Gylzey Remix) - Major Lazer
Pusher (Branchez Remix) - Sleepy Tom ft. Anna Lunoe
Reactions - Louie Lastic
The Thrill - Wiz Khalifa
L$D (Dombresky Remix) - A$AP Rocky
Badman (Torro Torro Remix) - Autoerotique ft. Max Styler
Flies - Zeds Dead & LOUDPVCK
Off The Leash - Gucci Mane ft. Young Thug
We’ll Never Know What We Want - Josh Pan
So Help Me God - Andrew Luce
La Danse - Aminé
Dance On Me (Mr. Carmack Remix) - GoldLink
Cha Cha Bling (D.R.A.M. x Drake) - Astro Traveler
Everything - Ramzoid
Super Rick Kids (Bird Peterson Remix) - Frank Ocean ft. Earl Sweatshirt
Scylla (VIP) - RL Grime
Where Are Ü Now (Rustie Remix) - Jack U
Aquafina - Falcons ft. GoldLink & Chaz French
Pony (Rustie Remix) - Ginuwine
Breezeblocks (Icarus Moth Remix) - Alt-J
I Will - Danny Brown
Brilliant - Hati
Ugh - Mr. Carmack
We Rare - Chance The Rapper & Lil B
Pillz (Go Buck! Bootleg) - Gucci Mane
Chop Chop - Swindali
Palace/Curse - The Internet ft. Tyler The Creator

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International Players Anthem.

Knowing Rafinha Alcântara, you’d know he’s pretty high up on the ranking of international playboys on the FC Barcelona roster. That went beyond just being the typical footballer who attracted the attention of women everywhere. He seemed to be able to quadruple that stereotype and mold himself into a totally different animal.

There was even this romanticized story about how he had once left a club with four women all at the same time. Four women. It surely wasn’t an easy feat to please one woman let alone four but it seemed from the rumors that circulated that Rafinha was quite successful but just as quickly as he entertained them, he dropped them for the next nice pair of legs to walk by.

He would always insist to his friends, mainly the women he had yet to check off of his list and were strictly his friends, ‘strictly’ being actually used loosely, that there was a difference between being a good person and a good lover.

Rafinha was a good person. No one could deny that. He’d give the shirt off his back to a stranger if necessary. He was always there for his friends when he was needed and willing to sacrifice when needed but women? Ha. That was a totally different story.

He wasn’t the type to save feelings. He was brutally honest once he had swooned you into bed. He went from whispering sweet nothings to boasting cold goodbyes once he crept from under your sheets. He wasn’t much into pampering the women he bedded mainly because he knew the purpose they served in his life and it was strictly sex. He knew better than to pepper their feeble minds with lies and promises he knew he was never going to fulfill. He could be an ass but he wasn’t that much of one.

Something inside of me that told me I was treading dangerous waters when I decided to entertain his advances but like a child staring at the bright flame of a candle for the first time, I couldn’t resist hovering my finger over it as if to dare it to burn me.

I had been warned about the type of man I was dealing with from the moment we were introduced and he disappeared into the crowd for a moment. Everyone in town knew and my friends were quick to remind me of the heartbreak I was setting myself up for.

I wasn’t the type to do casual relationships. I was only wishing to share intimate moments with men who proudly sported the title of my boyfriend. I got attached too easily and sometimes I felt like I fell in love with just a handsome face without any regard for the fact that sort of thinking could end with me getting severely hurt.

The smart thing would have been to just ignore his glances as his eyes wandered over my body lustfully. The smart thing would have been to refuse giving my number to a man I figured was only using it to satisfy his sexual cravings for a night and then he’d do as he did with all of the others and get rid of it or just keep it in his phone for later use if I happened to be that lucky.

I wasn’t too smart.

I engaged in the chase with him being the chaser. He wanted my attention and I wasn’t willing to give it so easily. I was entertained and it seemed he was too because he never quite gave up the pursuit. He had his eyes set on a prize he was going to claim as his.

He got his prize.

I went from being chased to now being by his side, our hands clasped together as he had never before experienced. That initial feeling of care, because love was far too strong of a word for us right now, scared him and I could tell because as someone who could remember that initial feeling so vividly still, even after years of having experienced it, I knew all too well what it looked like, felt like and sounded like.

He wasn’t used to this type of attachment and it took some sort of adjustment for him to get used to it. He was still trying to adjust though that selfish part of me wanted that stage to be over and done with. I still think people were stuck on the old Rafinha, not even sure if he had really changed or if he was keeping up this façade with me until he got bored. At least that’s what the gossip around town was.

As if.

I was sitting in his living room at the moment, a magazine in my lap as I sat curled up in the chair nearby while he and Neymar sat on the couch playing a game of FIFA and Neymar’s sister Rafaella sat between the two of them watching.

It still felt a bit awkward to hang around Rafa’s friends. He never really knew how to introduce me as he was so used to not even having to. Women weren’t around long enough to warrant an introduction but it seemed I was sticking around and the curious eyes I received from his friends let me know that this was out of the normal for their friend.

Sometimes I was introduced as his girlfriend and other times he opted to just simply introduce me by name. I never felt bothered by it. I knew the type of man I was dealing with and though he was trying to shed that bad playboy image he had, it still somewhat existed.

Whether I wanted to believe it or not, that side of him was still there and I was about to see it firsthand.

The conversation going on around me, mainly banter between Neymar and Rafinha as they played the game, was like background noise as I continued to flip through the fashion magazine in my hands but as the conversation continued on I began to pay more attention. I kept my eyes on the page as if I was too busy reading.

“Wooo, Rafa!” Rafaella yelled enthusiastically as I assumed he had made a good play.

I could hear Neymar scoff playfully. “Oh please. Whose side are you on? You would think he’s your boyfriend or something. I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to sleep with you yet. He’s tried with everyone else.”

“How do you know we haven’t slept together?” Rafaella teased and my head popped up then as I watched for Rafinha’s reaction. Rafaella had made a few sly comments towards him but I assumed she was no threat as she was his teammate’s sister. He wouldn’t have done that right? Slept with his teammate’s sister and then tossed her carelessly to the side as he had done everyone else?

I seemed to be the only not amused by this conversation because even Neymar was laughing as he said, “Oh I’d know. He’d rub it in my face every chance he got to annoy the shit out of me.”

Rafaella turned to Rafinha then, playfully running her manicured nails against his cheek as she suggested, “Well maybe we should make that happen.”

Rafa had the nerve to laugh at her joke and I quickly threw my magazine down to my chair and out of my lap as I got up and headed off down the hall and towards his bedroom. The rational side of me wanted to calm down, wanted me to realize how insane I looked getting jealous over a few jokes but my jealous side was turned up to another level that overpowered that rational side right out of the building.

Silently I was cursing myself because I should have known this would happen at some point. There would always be women flirting with him and even women that could probably boast to me that they had slept with him prior to my arrival into ‘changing his life around’.

Then again, how did I know I could even change him? What if he was just playing some silly mind game with me, thinking he’d entertain me for a little longer than the others only to enjoy hearing the sound of my heart crashing into th—


The sudden sound of his voice behind me caused me to whirl around quickly. I couldn’t help it but my eyes narrowed menacingly in his direction. Needless to say, I was a bit pissed. “Not out there entertaining one of your ladies?”

He had the audacity to let out a hearty laugh, his Adam’s apple prominently bobbing up and down. “Ladies? Are you talking about Rafaella?”

“Yes. Don’t you want to go out there and have sex with her? Get the plan going?”

Rafa crossed his arms over his chest, his head tilting to the side some as if he was truly contemplating my suggestion. “Maybe I do,” he finally responded. I simply scoffed before saying, “You’re sick.”

“Am I?”

“Yes. You let another girl make comments about fucking you in front of your girlfriend?”

“Girlfriend?” He looked around in mock confusion. “Since when did I get a girlfriend?”

With that comment, I forgot all about my initial reasoning of being mad. This felt like something to be ten times madder about and I could feel my cheeks heat up with the anger swelling inside of me. “Oh. So you just introduce me as your girlfriend but suddenly when it’s convenient, I’m no longer that?”

“Well technically I never asked you to be my girlfriend officially. I could have just been introducing you as that to make it a little less awkward for the both of us. I think we’re both aware of my track record with women.” Now he was just being a dick and the last thing I wanted to do was entertain Rafinha ‘Dick’ Alcântara.

I gave a soft nod though internally I wasn’t agreeing. I was fuming. “You know what? You’re right.”

I didn’t let him get another word in. I didn’t let him stop me though I wasn’t even sure he was really trying to. I headed out of the room and continued my walk briskly out of the house, not even caring if Neymar or Rafaella were paying attention to my exit.

I didn’t stop as I got in my car, revving the engine and pulling off to head to the only place I could think of. I figured Marc had to be home and if there was any guy I could rant my emotions to, it was him.

I wanted to hate Marc for really being the reason I even knew Rafinha on a one-on-one basis because it was him who had invited me out to that club the night he introduced me to Rafa. At one point I was thankful for that but now I wasn’t so sure.

When I got to his place I knocked harshly on his door and soon enough Marc was pulling the door open. “Hey. Something wrong?”

I guess my expression betrayed me but for now I just made my way inside in silence, finding a comfortable seat and resting my head back, eyes closed for the moment. “I hate your teammate.”

Marc just broke out into laughter. “Already? It hasn’t even been that long. I thought you were all oh, he’s changed and he’s different now and…”

“I lied.”

Rafinha really wasn’t all that different from the man I had initially met and it was stupid of me to think I could change him anyway especially in the little time we had spent together so far. It surely wasn’t a year’s worth of time.

The sound of Marc’s doorbell chiming interrupted him from being able to respond and he headed to the door to answer.

“She wants to kill you,” Marc warned and I could see it was Rafinha who barged in anyway. I rolled my eyes at his presence and just as I was about to rise from my seat, he was standing in front of me with his arms on either side and practically cornering me to the seat I was in. Marc took that as his opportunity to escape into the next room while I tried to avoid Rafinha’s eyes that were trying to force their way into my soul.

I just kept glancing away but he began talking anyway. “I’m sorry.”

“Sure you are, Rafinha.”

He was so used to my random pet names that hearing his name uttered from my mouth was probably weird to hear. “Rafinha?”

Rafinha.” I let my eyes meet his this time as I stared at him blankly.

“You know I’m not used to this. Why are you so pissed?”

“I shouldn’t have to explain it.”

He shook his head, a bitter chuckle eliciting from his throat as he looked away for a moment. “You don’t get it.”

“What don’t I get?”

“This!” he exclaimed. “All that I’m doing. I don’t do…this,” he said as he motioned to me and I assumed he meant a relationship.

“So why the hell are you here?”

“Because I care and you know I do. I’m stupid for reacting the way I did but you have to recognize too who you’re dealing with. I’m not used to having feelings for someone and having to tread lightly with the things that I say.”

“Including one day claiming me as your girlfriend and then not the next?” I reminded him. It must have been a harsh reminder because he seemed to wince, his eyes squinting for a moment before he dropped his head to look down at my lap, still hovering over my seated position.

“I’m sorry. That comment was made in the heat of the moment.”

“And I’m supposed to excuse it for that reason?”

“You don’t have to excuse anything. Would I like you to forgive me for that? Yes but I get it if you don’t.” He changed positions from standing over me to now sitting down next to me, running his fingers through his hair. “I’m trying, Y/N. I really am. I’ve made a lot of changes for you and I’m not trying to make it seem as if those were unwilling changes but it’s not that easy for me to go from being this single bachelor to now having a…girlfriend, someone I really care for and am afraid of hurting. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to deal with this.”

It seemed the more he talked, the calmer I got and I could hear the sincerity in his voice which made it hard to stay mad for much longer. I let silence overtake us for a moment before giving a silent nod and then saying, “I got it. I get it.”

“Do you?”

“I do. I’ll…I’ll try to be more patient. We’ll figure it out. Together.” I gave him a small smile which was quickly widened as soon as he took my hand into his and gave my knuckles a gentle kiss.

“Thank you,” was all he needed to say.

I was already caught in his web.

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MICK Presents Greetings Earthlings: Outkast Rarities & Remixes (Mixtape)

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01 Greetings Earthling Intro

02 Royal Flush f. Raekwon

03 Everlasting

04 Sole Sunday f. Goodie Mob

05 Throw Your Hands Up f. 8ball

06 Watch For The Hook f. Cool Breeze

07 Black Ice f. Goodie Mob

08 I Can’t Wait f. Sleepy Brown

09 High Schoolin’

10 Neck Uv Da Woods

11 Funkin’ Around

12 Tough Guy f. UGK

13 In Due Time f. Cee-Lo Green

14 Thought Process f. Goodie Mob

15 Benz or Beamer

16 Rats and Roaches (Demo Mix)

17 Phobia

18 Dirty South f. Goodie Mob

19 Da Art Of Storytellin’ pt.4

20 Millionaire (Baptiste Montigy Remix)

21 Smokefest

22 Hollywood Divorce f. Lil Wayne

23 Southernplayalistic (Diamond D Remix)

24 Sorry

25 What A Job f. Devin The Dude

26 The Mighty O

27 Street Talkin’ f. Slick Rick

28 Da Art Of Storytellin’ (rmx) f. Slick Rick

29 In Da Wind f. Cee-Lo Green & Trick Daddy

30 Lookin’ For Ya f. Sleepy Brown

31 International Players Anthem f. UGK

32 Deuces

33 Pink Matter f. Frank Ocean

34 Dez Only 1 f. Witchdoctor

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anonymous asked:

Please marry me. I want to have babies with you.

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So, I typed a text to this anon that’s buggin me, sayin that I chose this cutie pie with whom I wanna be.  And I apologize if this message gets you down, then I CC’d every girl that I’d see-see round town.  And I hate to see y'all frown but I’d rather see her smiling, wetness all around me, true, but I’m no island.  Peninsula? maybe.  Makes no sense I know, crazy–give up all this pussy cat that’s in my lap no lookin back…