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Ariana’s Figure Skating Masterpost

Okay, so as a figure skater, I love Yuri on Ice… But as a figure skater I am begging you to PLEASE do research on figure skating before you write YOI fanfics because if I see the word ‘twirl’ one more time I am going to shit a brick.

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French Braids in February - Otayuri

{ an otayuri fic inspired by @yuri-and-spice }

Yuri Plisetsky was excited for for his visit to Almaty in the late winter. For one, it meant seeing Otabek, who was one of the best things in his life right now. However, once Yuri would reach the Almaty International Airport, the Winter Olympics would start the next day. Mostly, he was just excited to see his best friend, whom he hadn’t seen since the Grand Prix Final the previous year. Video chats weren’t the same anyway.

When Otabek had come to pick him up from the airport, Yuri greeted him with a big hug. Otabek’s arms wrapped comfortingly around his shoulders,  pulling him closer.

“I missed you.” Yuri admitted when they pulled apart. Otabek gave him a gentle smile.

“I missed you too, Yura.”

Sadly, Otabek hadn’t traveled to the airport via his motorcycle. However, Yuri doubted that he could’ve fit his leopard-print suitcase between the two of them anyway.

When Yuri saw Otabek’s car, it occurred to him that his friend probably had a sizable income from skating. A sleek, black Mercedes was parked in the three-story parking garage outside of the airport check-in. He gave an appreciative whistle. Otabek’s little smile was hard not to notice.

It took less than fifteen minutes to reach the actual city of Almaty. Yuri looked around in wonder at the skyscrapers. It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen any before; he had, plenty of times. It was just the sight of a city where you couldn’t look anywhere without seeing mountains or hills was astounding. No matter what building he thought was beautiful, the mountains behind it were more so.

Otabek pulled into a small parking garage under a very tall apartment complex, spinning the wheel until the car was between the white lines. The older skater insisted that he carry Yuri’s suitcase up to the apartment, even though he had previously informed Yuri that he lived on the tenth floor.

“Why did you chose an apartment so high up?” Yuri asked as he stared at the glowing buttons of the elevator. “If there’s a fire, you’ve got a better chance of dying.”

Otabek’s laugh brought a smile to Yuri’s face. “I like the view.” was all he said.

Yuri could definitely see why Otabek bought the apartment once they arrived. It had a very modern look to it. White painted walls were decorated with little portrait style photos with black frames. The living room had a soft, grey rug covering the black-tiled floors. On one side of the room was a whole wall of floor-to-ceiling windows, a feature that Yuri secretly wished to have when he could buy his own place.

“You do photography?” Yuri gave a nod to the pictures lining the walls.

Otabek scratched at the back of his head. “Yeah… when I’m not doing skating. I like the way you can frame a single moment forever. You can never get the same shot twice.” Yuri liked the idea of turning a memory immortal, something that would live way past himself. 

Yuri was to sleep in the guest bedroom. It was a nice, cozy room. The walls were painted a soft light blue color, like the ocean then the tide came in. Various plants in glass cocoons hung from the ceiling on wires that looked like spider webs.

The bed was made with simple cotton sheets that were surprisingly soft to the touch. Yuri set his suitcase at the base of the bed and made his way over to the window. A light snow had started to fall, peppering the window with tiny ice crystals. Beautiful.

Behind him, Otabek spoke, “You’ve got about half an hour before dinner. If you want, you could take a shower. Towels are to the right of the bathroom down the hall.”

Yuri nodded in acknowledgement. “Thank you, Beka.” The older skater smiled at his nickname. He secretly loved that Yura was the only one who could call him that.

When Yuri stepped out of the shower, he noticed how his hair had gotten long enough to cover his collarbones (which were very noticeable, he had realized, ever since his training with Lilia had started a couple years ago). He liked that he could do more with his hair, now that it was longer.

With a towel tied around his waist, Yuri quickly padded down the hall to his room. Before he closed the door, however, he caught a glimpse of Otabek in his room. The older skater was laying on his back, in the middle of his floor, holding his phone above him. Yuri couldn’t catch what was on the screen, but Otabek was smiling fondly. It was beautiful to see him so happy.

Dinner that night was nice. Yuri and Otabek discussed what they should do in the week that Yuri would be staying in Almaty. Aside, from watching the Winter Olympics, they didn’t really have a clue. It was February, so there wasn’t much to do outside. Otabek suggested the shopping mall, where there was an indoor ice rink. Yuri wasn’t keen on going out, on the off chance they might get recognized, but Otabek assured him that his fans were more chill than the infamous ‘Yuri’s Angels’.

“Beka,” Yuri said, out of the blue, “What were you smiling at earlier? On your phone?” Otabek’s cheeks turned pink. Yuri suddenly realized that the question was a little invasive, but it was too late to take the words back.

“Um…” Otabek’s voice was quiet. “Well I… I actually was watching a video from the Grand Prix Final. The one where you won gold. I was watching your free skate to Allegro Appassionato in B Minor.”

It was Yuri’s turn to blush. Otabek was smiling while watching his performance? Yet, Otabek looked somehow embarrassed to share this information.

“Did you like the performance, then?”

Otabek was silent for a moment, then he stood up from the table, disappearing down the hallway for a moment. Yuri just sat at the table, unsure of what to do. Thankfully, his friend returned to the kitchen. He was holding what looked like a paper in his hands. Otabek pushed it across the table for him to see.

It was a picture of Yuri, in his final pose of the free skate that had won him gold. Yuri wasn’t sure what to say.

“I only take pictures of things I find beautiful.” Otabek spoke quietly.

That was the only thing Yuri needed to hear.

The next evening was much more quiet. Otabek didn’t actually have a TV in his living room, but in his own bedroom. The two skaters sat, legs crisscrossed, on Otabek’s bed, watching as the first skater of the night took the ice. It wasn’t long into the skate when Yuri could feel, Otabek’s fingers running through his long, blonde hair.

“Your hair has gotten much longer.” the skater stated.

Yuri shrugged absentmindedly, but he couldn’t help the goosebumps that crawled over his skin when Otabek played with his hair.

“Have you ever braided your hair, Yura?” 

“Only for competition.”

It was silent except for the cheers coming from the screen.Yuri felt Otabek’s finger pulling lightly at his blonde strands, tugging them into formation for a braid. Yuri shivered at the contact, but didn’t make any comments.

After the skate they were watching finished, and the scores were being shown, Otabek’s weight shifted.

“Do you have a hair tie?” he asked.

Yuri pulled one from his wrist and handed to Otabek in silence. There was a slight pull at his scalp, but he didn’t mind. When he was finished, Otabek took the braid and flipped it over Yuri’s shoulder.

“How does that look?”

Yuri ran his fingers over the design, following it all the way up to the top of his head. A french braid.

“It’s beautiful.”

With that, the two fell into a comfortable quiet. Otabek leaned his head against Yuri’s back, the pattern of their breathing synchronizing after a few minutes.

Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale.

They were both asleep before the second skate even finished.

A/N: Sorry that was a bit long, but thanks to @yuri-and-spice for inspiring the fic!


Okay today I spent an hour x-country skiing and the weather was so beautiful and being in nature gets my creative juices flowing, and now I really want an alpine skiing anime. It could be called “Hit the Slopes!!” (I considered “Hit the Powder!! but it sounds like everyone would be doing drugs haha). Consider:

- Main character(s) is/are from Hokkaido, where skiing is big in Japan. 

- characters based off Olympic skiers

- international-themed, with locations like Chamonix, Mont Blanc and Les Trois Vallees in the alps, or Mont St Anne and Le Massif in Quebec, etc

- training montages of x-country skiing when they can’t hit the slopes

- romantic apres ski scenes; hot chocolate by the fire after a long day of skiing

- kisses on chair lifts

- that one character who is really obnoxious and intense (*cough*Yurio*cough*) who prefers to skate ski when doing x-country, and ONLY likes skiing through glades, and is always shouting “EAT MY POWDER!” to their competitors

- maybe a character getting an injury and instead of being devastated accepts that their new role is a coach

- inclusion of disabled skiing - a character who skis sitting down because they use a wheelchair 


- also I would love a pole-dancing anime called “360!!” or something, with characters of all genders and body types having a go, and everyone is really supportive of each other, and everyone is there to have fun, and UGH. 

I wish I had infinite time to make these @_@ 


This Olympian is proving that there’s no such thing as a “white” or “rich person’s” sport

Nzingha Prescod is a world-class fencer — literally. The 23-year-old foil fencer is competing at Rio de Janeiro in her second Olympic games. But Prescod’s passion for fencing goes beyond just competing — she’s calling attention to perceptions of race and class that accompany the sport.

Photos: Brian To/REX/Shutterstock/Andrew Medichini/AP/David X Prutting/BFA

Look, allow me to clarify one thing: the International Paralympic Committee just banned Russia from the 2016 Paralympic Games for repeated doping violations. It was most definitely NOT because we tried to put rockets on the wheelchairs of our Paralympic wheelchair racing athletes.

Majlinda Kelmendi made history at the Rio Games on Sunday as she took gold in judo to become the first athlete from Kosovo to win an Olympic medal, a feeling she said she would not trade for any amount of money in the world.

Rio marks the first Olympics at which athletes are competing under the flag of Kosovo, which proclaimed independence from Serbia in 2008.

Many competitors from the small Balkan country, which was accepted as a member of the International Olympic Committee in 2014, had previously participated under another country’s flag including Kelmendi herself.

The twice world champion, who was Kosovo’s flag bearer at Friday’s opening ceremony and was competing in the -52kg category, represented Albania at the London Games in 2012 but went home without a medal that time.

“I have lived four years for this day, for this moment, and I felt so happy there at the podium when I saw my flag and when I heard my anthem,” she told reporters.


Brb, crying. 

An International Olympics of sorts is introduced to help unite school kids around the world. Two schools have made it to the finals and tensions are high as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry goes up against Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

yesterday when Abby’s sister was speaking she said how on September 9, 2001 there was only one Wambach jersey in the stadium and four people, all family members, who were cheering for her and yelling her name but two nights ago, on December 16, 2015, after her 15-year international career, 252 caps, 184 international goals, two Olympic Gold medals and one World Cup title, there was close to 33,000 people in that New Orleans stadium wanting to see her last game, wearing her jersey and yelling her name and that was very moving.
The Olympics Has Sex-Tested Women, But Not Men, For Decades
Experts question the “gender tests” — examining genitals, chromosomes, and testosterone levels — required of some of the world's best female athletes.
By Azeen Ghorayshi

Last summer, 19-year old sprinter Dutee Chand’s ability to compete in the Rio Olympics was in limbo. Her fate was not tied up in her race time, but rather a controversial rule for Olympians that said female athletes could be disqualified if their natural testosterone levels were too high. Chand’s were.

The rationale behind the rule was that women with high testosterone fall outside the limits of “normal” female biology, giving them an unfair advantage. If they wanted to compete as women, the rule stated, they would need to take hormones or undergo invasive surgeries. Otherwise, they could compete against the men.

Chand decided to fight the rule, which had been adopted by both the governing body of track and field — the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) — and the International Olympics Committee (IOC). In July of last year, she won: the Court of Arbitration for Sport suspended the so-called “T-test.” It gave the IAAF two years to come back with scientific evidence that female athletes with naturally high testosterone actually had a significant advantage over their peers.

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