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The experience of the empty leisure produced by modern capitalism has provided a critical correction to the Marxian notion of the extension of leisure time: It is now clear that full freedom of time requires first of all a transformation of work and the appropriation of this work in view of goals, and under conditions, that are utterly different from those of the forced labor that has prevailed up till now (see the activity of the groups that publish Socialisme ou Barbarie in France, Solidarity in England and Alternative in Belgium). But those who put all the stress on the necessity of changing work itself, of rationalizing it and of interesting people in it, and who pay no attention to the free content of life (i.e. the development of a materially equipped creative power that goes beyond the traditional categories of work time and rest-and-recreation time) run the risk of providing an ideological cover for a harmonization of the present production system in the direction of greater efficiency and profitability without at all having called in question the experience of this production or the necessity of this kind of life. The free construction of the entire space-time of individual life is a demand that will have to be defended against all sorts of dreams of harmony in the minds of aspiring managers of social reorganization.

‘Instructions for an Insurrection’

Internationale Situationniste #6 


“It’s called an Adipose. Made out of living fat.”

Ok, remember the Doctor Who: Legacy app we told you about?

Well, this cute little bundle (if we do say so ourselves) will be available to unlock on the Doctor Who: Legacy app (Android and iOS ) starting this Friday. 

Complete the Season 6 level, Zygon Ambush: Nefertiti and Riddell – and you’ll have the chance to unlock the Adipose for free. If you’re not that far in yet, the Adipose will also be available to buy through the in-app store. There’s also one other way to unlock the Adipose which is the purpose of this here post…

Guise. GUISE. You have a chance to win + play with one of our squishy distant relatives in Doctor Who: Legacy!

You can win one of 10 codes that unlock the Adipose or 10 Fan Area codes by creating some lovely, stubby, squishy, oleaginous Adipose fan work.

You can do anything you’d like for this! You could draw a picture, make a video, make one of those funny stop-motion animations and upload it as a gif, dress up as an Adipose, write a poem, a song or create a new Adipose emojicon.

ლ(╹◡╹ლ) *

(* sorta kinda adipose-ish)

To have your post entered into our giveaway, use #Adipose Fan Work Contest Thingy in the tags of your post. Here at the Doctor Who Tumblr, every contest winner is decided at random. (We also like to contact everybody before we announce the winners, so please bare with us while we wait for peeps to respond.) We’ll be closing the contest at 12pm ET this Friday January 31st 2014.

BTW. The Doctor Who: Legacy game design team will be doing a Twitch video cast on Thursday at 9p GMT, 4p ET, 1p PT here: where they’ll be taking a look at some of your Adipose fan work.

We’re so, so sorry to those of you living the international life of leisure and mystery, but this contest is only open to residents of the United States of America who are 18 years old or older (if you’re younger than 18, you just need a parent or guardian to sign for you.) You can read the full terms and conditions for BBC America social media contests by clicking here.

Have fun and good luck!

Here are the links to get Doctor Who: Legacy for iOS and Android.