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American Honey (2016)

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Fortunately Elin, the Sami woman, got to golden finale, which renewed my faith in Norway. Elin wasn’t a favourite of any of the international jury countries, so it shows how much Norwegian voters liked her.


As her boyfriend says, “To win we need something unique, something that stands out and that shows the culture in Norway, like previous Norwegian Eurovision winners. Sami representation will show victory.”

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I think its great that we have the international jury "helping" us out. Robin had both a great song and performance. I'm not saying Nano - Hold On is bad, but i think Robin's song is more Eurovision material.

absolutely! i love the jury and it’s not like i don’t want them there. if this is about my post, what i wanted to say was that the app needs development, maybe let the viewers cast 15 free votes in total (but max. 5 to one entry) in the final? because as it is now, if people like several entries and can’t decide, and therefore will vote five times for each and every one, the margins will decrease and our power as well. this article explains it well

i only have three things to say about tonight’s melodifestivalen:

1) we’re sending the most boring song in the line-up to eurovision but maybe it’s a winning concept, who knows

2) wiktoria deserved better

3) i’m so annoyed/tired of/frustrated with whoever came up with the idea to have international juries (which is not new by any means but getting tiresome after a few years)

Robin Bengtsson Will Represent Sweden

Live from Friends Arena in Stockholm, Robin Bengtsson was crowned the winner of Melodifestivalen 2017. He will represent his nation at Eurovision in May with the song, “I Can’t Go On.”

Earlier in the week, betting odds had placed Robin in fourth. But at the final, the international jury awarded “I Can’t Go On” the highest score, giving him the advantage. The rest of the points are awarded by Swedish televote; Robin came in third place, behind Nano and Wiktoria, but but he managed to stay in the lead.

The final results:

  1. Robin Bengtsson - 146 points
  2. Nano - 133 points
  3. Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia - 105 points
  4. Mariette - 99 points
  5. Benjamin Ingrosso - 88 points
  6. Wiktoria - 80 points
  7. Ace Wilder - 67 points
  8. Boris René - 66 points
  9. Lisa Ajax - 46 points
  10. Anton Hagman - 43 points
  11. FO&O - 41 points
  12. Owe Thörnqvist - 33 points

Flocked by his strutting, swerving back-up dancers, Robin’s performance really stood out at Melodifestivalen, and it will likely be a big hit at Eurovision. Congrats to Robin Bengtsson, and thank you, Sweden, for another entertaining year of Melodifestivalen! 


the song that SHOULD have won this year’s Melodifestivalen (for those who don’t know; that’s Sweden’s competition to choose which song we send to Eurovision Song Contest)

the worst part is he got the most votes from the viewers, but since we have an “international jury” that gets to vote as well and he didn’t get enough points from them he didn’t win. fucking stupid system.

Sweden is sending a shit song to ESC bc international jurys are a Great Idea and it doesn’t matter that Nano got the most votes bc the jury gave Robin so many points

The same happened with Yohio and Ace Wilder and what even is the point with this bullshit any more