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Every night I crawl into his bed to watch him sleep.

Last night was different.

The mutts came for him until I screamed. His comfort became wings. His shushes, promises. My fingers wound around him and his fingers inched inside me, coaxing me to come to him.

All night we came.

Our bodies entwined, we finally slept.

This morning I found him sitting in the doorway, watching the rain. Wordlessly, I joined him.

The door is unyielding, sturdy. The rain, soft. My eyes fall to his hands, and I think about all they make.

If he asks, I’ll tell him.

I literally cannot believe that in the year of our Lord 2017, I’m still seeing Amy and Clara being referred to as “manic pixie dream girls.” And worse, “wet dreams.” 

Confessions : A Companion Piece (2/2)

Inspired by the work of @summermint. (X)

But what if Sonny receives on the very first day of each month, an email sent from an anonymous email account, containing a tiny confession from someone who loves him?

This is how it goes … and how Sonny feels about it.

1st January - Sonny sits behind his desk, anxious energy twisting and writhing low in his gut.  He squirms in his seat, mind reeling.  Work had piled up in the time he’d spent agonizing over his life choices and he does his best to at leasat make a dent.  Sometimes he forgets what he’s done.  He does paperwork and argues with Rollins for fun and the small gift box with the purple wrapping fades to the background.  For a minute.  Until he catches a glimpse of the receipt on his desk and the fear starts up again.

What if Barba knows?

What if he takes one look at his note and laughs?

Oh, God.  What if he calls Benson?

Sonny groans.

He’s a few seconds away from braining himself on his desk for his own stupidity - and to keep himself from ever having to face the consequences - when his computer chimes.  A happy, innocent sound that completely belies the nature of his existence at that moment.  An email.  He notices the unnamed sender and almost deletes it, imagining already a pitch for cheap designer sunglasses or Viagra, but the subject line stops him.

To my Sonny

He clicks the message open, hungry eyes scanning the few meager lines of text.  His heart jumps in his chest and he blinks.  First in confusion, then in joy, and then in something like abject terror.




What were the chances?

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You guys know I love angst so here’s some fluff and humour to balance out the inevitable Framework Angst I’ll be throwing your way:

  • Leopold “Pretty Fly For a White Guy” Fitz gets out of car dramatically, adjusts lapels like a Boss, proceeds to stack it up the curb (*record scratch*)

  • Jemma “High Roller” Simmons playing in Framework!Fitz’s social circles in order to get his attention

  • Daisy “Soccer Mom” Johnson trying to get into a position to talk to Mack

  • Daisy trying to “set FitzSimmons up” and trying not to die of laughter and/or realising that no wonder it’s taken them so gd long it’s the same in every universe

  • Jemma “I excel at preparation” Simmons the doe-eyed student teacher seeking Coulson’s “advice”
  • Daisy Johnson, Professional Business Person Who Has Definitely Graduated Some Form Of Higher Education I Promise™, showing up for a meeting with Fitz but probably not knowing how to authentically act uber-rich. (@ Jemma What schools are Ivy League? what fork do I use??)
  • Daisy Johnson, actually competent(ish) International Business Woman. (No but seriously if Chloe speaks Mandarin I will die happy).

  • Daisy “Skye” Johnson, (pretending to be) looking for seed funds from Basquillionaire Fitz for a startup, classic arts/comp-sci/poli-sci student, wears lots of S1 style, and/or is a hipster probably.
Plurality Glossary
Age Sliding

An age slider is a system member whose age may change over the course of minutes, days, hours, or months, and who may progress forward or backward depending on circumstance, the person themself. This may be a result of shifting identity or shifting physicality within the inner world. Age sliding is the act of moving ages, while an age slider is a system member who does so or has done so in the past.


An originally psychological term for a system member. It can be short for alternate personality, alternate, alter ego, or alternate identity, many DID systems use this term, and it was once thought of as implying that system members were somehow ‘cardboard cutout’ in comparison to the host or core. As of recently it has become markedly more popular in denoting the same use as 'system member’. Psychological alternates to this term are: personality, parts, aspects, fragments (easily confused with the type of system member by the same name). See also: headmate, skullbuddy, system member, other, collectivemate, systemmate.

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Noticing that the pile of brochures was running low at the “Taste of Scotland” stand, Brody reached beneath the food stand to grab a handful of brochures, careful not to bend over and reveal too much. As he stood upright he tugged at the side of his kilt to ensure that it was still secure. He didn’t trust his mom when she said it would be. Refilling the brochure holder he looking around, popping a piece of black pudding in his mouth. Plenty of people came over to have a look at the food on offer: black pudding, haggis, potato scone, caramel shortbread, and smoked salmon. Cans of Irn Bru were being kept cool in the ice bucket. The salmon and caramel shortbread seemed to be going down a treat but so far nobody had been brave enough to try the haggis or black pudding. He turned the traditional Scottish bagpipe music up a little bit as he picked up a sample tray from the table. Brody stood in front of the stand, beginning to dance a little in the hopes of grabbing people’s attention.

Fate and Chief Residents have a sick sense of humor

On review of my second year schedule, I discovered that I will be doing ANOTHER heme/onc rotation, more focused on hematology with super-sick leukemia and lymphoma patients. 

And my co-residents for that month will be…I can’t even believe this…

Co-intern Meatloaf

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So I have to be with the worst intern I’ve ever worked with (we’re friends socially but shit we know we hate working with each other) and my Jaeger co-pilot dream partner/my ID-lovin’ carrot cake eating work husband. 

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Kibum knows he shouldn’t be doing this. It’s his second month as an intern at this company, and he should be focusing on being a good little networking college freshman and, like, actually working on the tasks he’s been assigned.

But hey, when the boss calls, you’re supposed to come, right?

“That’s it, Kibum-ah,” Jinki murmurs, trailing little nibbling kisses up and down the smooth skin of Kibum’s neck. “Make those pretty noises for me.”

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