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Video of Nandi Cain Jr. getting beaten by Sacramento police officer prompts investigation

  • Bystander footage showing a Sacramento, California, police officer slamming Nandi Cain Jr. — a black man — to the ground and punching him repeatedly in the face during a jaywalking stop on Monday has prompted an internal investigation, the Sacramento Police Department said in a statement.
  • “The actions of the involved Sacramento police officer are disturbing and [do] not appear to be reasonable based upon the circumstances,” the statement read. “The Sacramento Police Department holds itself to the highest professional standard and the actions that were observed are not indicative of the dedicated women and men who work for the department.”
  • Naomi Montaie, the local woman who recorded the incident with her cellphone camera and posted it on Facebook, told reporters that she had never seen anything quite like it. Read more. (4/12/2017 1:03 PM)
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Nothing's okay. Wuntch is circling me like a shark frenzied by chum. The task force turning into a career-threatening quagmire. An Internal Affairs investigation casting doubt upon my integrity. And you ask, is everything okay? I am buffeted by the winds of my foe's enmity and cast about by the towering waves of cruel fate. Yet I, a Captain, am no longer able to command my vessel, my precinct, from my customary helm, my office. And you ask, is everything okay? I've worked the better part of my years on earth overcoming every prejudice and fighting for the position I hold, and now I feel it being ripped from my grasp, and with it the very essence of what defines me as a man. And you ask, is everything okay?
The Only Exception (Part 9)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 4,249

Warnings: language, confrontation, threats, therapy session, talks of trauma, dangerous situation, talk of messed up people. Author note under cut.

Part - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

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A bit morbid but

An AU where due to his close encounter with death and seeing what it did to nearly destroy his brother, Genji decided to take up being a Funeral Director to help people through the most tragic time of their lives. 

Hanzo, wanting nothing to do with the end of life but instead, finding himself drawn to new beginnings, takes up being a Wedding Planner.

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please like this if you have seen archer / know who sterling archer is !!

Flashes (Part 2)

Summary: Soulmate AU. “The fault, dear Brutus is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” - William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,831

Warnings: language, fluff, wishful thinking, angst, sadness, borderline depression, sarcasm, discrimination, tw: terrible family relations, shunning

A/N: Well, I did it…at least I tried. The lovely @minervaem challenged me (sort of) to do an angsty story. I’m warning you now, it’s not gonna be pretty.

Lots of reader backstory here. Hopefully it’s not boring!

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HOUSTON- A video released Monday shows John Hernandez – the 24-year-old who died after a confrontation with a Harris County deputy’s husband outside a Denny’s restaurant – struggling on the ground while being held in a chokehold by the man. The footage was captured by a concerned citizen who recorded the incident, despite being told by the deputy to stop filming.

The video, which is disturbing to watch, is confirmation of a cover up, according to the Hernandez family attorney.

“This is what witnesses have been saying all along,” said Randall Kallinen, a civil rights lawyer. “The Harris County deputies actively tried to cover up the killing at the scene and let a killer go free because he was married to a deputy.”

Hernandez died Wednesday after being taken off life support at Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital. His family made the tough decision to remove breathing tubes after it was determined by doctors that Hernandez was brain dead.

The family is now seeking justice and feels that his death could have been prevented.

Investigators said the deputy’s husband drove up to a Denny’s restaurant in the 17700 block of the Crosby Freeway on Sunday at around 11:40 p.m. His children were in the car with him as they waited to meet with his wife, an HCSO deputy who was off-duty at the time.

While waiting in the parking lot, deputies said the husband saw Hernandez urinating in public and went to verbally confront the man about his behavior. Officers said the argument escalated to a physical altercation. Moments later, the deputy, who was off-duty at the time, arrived in a separate vehicle.

Video clearly shows the deputy’s husband on top of Hernandez’s back with a strong chokehold around his neck. Hernandez is seen on the video kicking his back legs, and making audible sounds of struggle.

The husband would not let go. The deputy began telling the person capturing footage of the fight to stop recording her husband because it was “illegal.”

The deputy allegedly called the Sheriff’s office for backup and emergency medical services before helping her husband restrain Hernandez, investigators said.

The man did not get off of Hernandez until he stopped moving. When the deputy realized Hernandez was not breathing, she began to perform CPR on him until paramedics arrived, witnesses said.

Neither the deputy nor her husband were injured during the altercation, authorities said. No charges have been filed at this time.

The deputy will remain on active duty while Internal Affairs investigates her involvement in the incident, the sheriff’s office said.

The Hernandez family is left in disbelief, and says the attack happened in front of Hernandez’s young daughter.

“John’s 3-year-old daughter witnessed the killing and begged the killer to stop hitting her daddy,” the girl’s mother, Maria Toral, said.

Kallinen has demanded the sheriff’s office allow an independent, outside investigation of the death.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez didn’t beat around the bush regarding how the internal investigation may look to the public, but added he’s confident in the office’s ability to be transparent, thorough and unbiased. He also assured that the deputy’s husband was not receiving preferential treatment because of his wife’s position.

Gonzalez said the investigation is still in its early stages, and the Sheriff’s office doesn’t want to rush to any quick judgments.

“[It] was an altercation that occurred between two parties, and obviously, it was fatal for Mr. Hernandez, unfortunately,” Gonzalez said. “But part of [the investigation] is to see what led to that. What was the actual cause? That’s why we could look at video footage, but a medical examiner needs to tell us this was cause of death, this is what led to the death. Not, yes, he died. But, he was on top? Was there another health issue? There’s different factors in this type of case.”

Attorneys for the Hernandez family and several witnesses say the video leaves no doubt as to what caused the young father’s death.

“An anonymous concerned citizen brought me the video because he said it shows murder,” said criminal defense lawyer Jack Carroll, “I concur.”

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office released the following statement:

“Harris County Sheriff’s Office investigators are aware of the cell phone video that was made public today. The investigation into the death of John Hernandez remains a high priority and will be referred to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office for consideration in a timely manner.”


@Regrann from @freedom_faction - An off-duty officer with the #LAPD opened fire on a crowd of teens in #Anaheim, #California on Tuesday. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
The incident occurred around 2:40pm. According to reports, the off-duty officer was upset that one of the boys was walking on his property. He says that the boy threatened to shoot him. At some point, the off-duty officer is seen on video apprehending the child who is begging to be let go, before a few of his school mates attempt to intervene. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
As the video continues, one teen pushes the officer into the bushes in an attempt to rescue his friend. Another teen is scene punching the officer as he tries to pull his friend out of the man’s grasp. As more teens surround the scene, The officer removes a gun from his waist band and fires a shot. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
None of the students were struck by the gunfire, but two of the boys were later arrested.  One was taken into custody for making criminal threats and battery, while the second boy was arrested for assault and battery. The LAPD officer was not arrested. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Homicide detectives from Anaheim continue to investigate. Findings will be turned over to the District Attorney’s office for review. LAPD is also conducting an internal investigation. #PoliceState - #regrann

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I just read about Jessica Borrasca and I had this thought. What if she is reunited with her fiancée? That would be a 'oh shit, shit just hit the ceiling' moment

Jessica:  Omg!  Wow!  Isn’t this great??  I’m so happy right now!!!  :D :D :D


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Just wondering... in hope it's not a spoilers, how did other skaters as a whole react to the dopage allegations and the resulting drama? Are they on the rabid fan's side or are they rightfully horrified at the breach of privacy that could perfectly happen to them? How did their opinion of Yuuri change? Are they disgusted? Do they feel sorry for him? Do they respect him even more now that they know why he's so closed-off and what he's struggling with?

Their main reaction is horror at the ISU for such a horrific information leak. Because yeah it sucked that Yuuri got accused of doping but if it hadn’t been publicized there could have been a quiet internal investigation, his innocence could have been proven and the matter dismissed. But then it went public and his medical information was leaked and  Yakov (and Viktor’s) reputations are on the line because even though he technically did the right thing by reporting a potential rule violation the fans aren’t going to care about that since it was a ‘false accusation’. So everyone’s basically horrified that it got so out of control so quickly when it should all have been done privately. As for their opinions of Yuuri they feel very sorry for him because getting your personal information leaked is a horrible thing to happen and now that they know about his anxiety suddenly a lot of his behavior that was seen in a more negative light is now understandable the way it wasn’t before

Onsra | kihyunau!

(v.) to love for the last time - a bittersweet feeling of knowing that a love wont last

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summary: kihyun is an international spy investigating an art robbery, and is paired up with [y/n], who was a double-agent.

ship: kihyun x [y/n]

genre: angst, romance, idk ;u;

word count: 5,611

a/n: hi there! i hope you guys like this. i don’t know but it might be all over the place ;; im so sorry. but anyways, i was listening to urban zapaka’s i don’t love you while writing the latter. you can listen to it while reading this tho! anyways, i hope you guys enjoy this and i apologize for any misspelled words and wrong grammar ;;


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“I need the you to work on this case.”

The atmosphere was utterly suffocating, and pressure was already building up. Glancing down at the folder handed to you, you scan the case file once more and let out a deep sigh. It was the tenth art theft for this year and you’ve gotten sick of hearing such cases over and over again.


A simple question left your mouth. You look up to meet the gaze of the chief of the secret intelligence service that you’re currently working in. Yes, you are an agent, a double agent of some sort. Working under two different S.I.S was a piece of cake for you. Just work under the enemy, earn their trust and destroy them slowly with the information you get without earning any suspicion from your colleagues. 

“You’re one of the best agents that we have, [y/n], and we badly need your help on this one.” The Chief was already sounding like he’s desperate to have you in that case and this isn’t the first time he sounded like that. 

“Alright, I’ll do it but who’s in my team?” You query without any hesitation. Never in a million years would the Chief let you work alone. There was always an outstanding agent who’d get paired up with you.  

“Yoo Kihyun. He’s an international spy who signed contracts with us last year and he’s got outstanding skills to find the mastermind of the stolen Poppy Flower by Van Gogh. Mr. Yoo has already started this case long before the Poppy Flowers were even stolen.” The Chief declares while passing you a folder filled with Kihyun’s basic information.

“Hm.. Yoo Kihyun, 23 years old, Male..” you continue to scan the papers right in front of you and wonder why you’re being paired up with him.

“Hey, pops,” you look up from the paper that you’re currently reading and ask, tapping your lower lip with your finger, “out of all the best agents in this building, why did you choose me?”

“Simple. I know you have tons of ways to get this case done. You’re not like the other agents whom I trust with other dangerous cases and I think that you’d have some chemistry with each other. I can sense something great about you to be honest and–”

The doors burst open, revealing a handsome, young lad whom you didn’t expect to arrive. His soft black locks bounced every time he makes a step, his cheekbones ever prominent as he flashes a toothy grin at the two of you, and his eyes turning into crescent shape. If you didn’t know a single thing about him, you would practically be fooled by his appearance, thinking that he’s just some handsome man with a profession suited for his face.

“Great timing, Mr. Yoo.” The Chief beamed and takes the hand of Kihyun, shaking it before passing him the case file that he’s given you when you first came in.

“Ms. [l/n], I want you to meet Mr. Yoo. Mr. Yoo, you’ll be working with one of our top agents and I hope that the two of you get along. Now that the two of you are here, let me proceed in breaking down our objectives for this case,” Pressing a button on the remote that he’s been holding for a while, the light from the projector illuminated the presentation prepared by the Chief himself.

“First, with all the information gathered by Mr. Yoo,” The Chief passes the two of you another folder and proceeds with his presentation, “Ms. [l/n] will come in in the picture. You’ll be working in the museum with Mr. Yoo as his personal assistant.”

“Next, in order to get a head start on finding the one who stole the painting, you need to squeeze some information out of the Director running the museum itself.” Upon hearing the objectives of the case, you couldn’t help but let out another sigh.

It’s been awhile since you’ve worked on a case. You couldn’t help but feel ecstatic about it but thousands of problems came crossing in your mind. Both of the secret intelligence services that you’re working under for have requested you to do this, and you couldn’t help but think on how you should inform the main S.I.S, that you’re loyal to, without getting any suspicion from Kihyun.

Slowly losing yourself in your own train of thoughts, you didn’t notice Kihyun calling out your name, trying to get your attention. “Earth to you! Hey, are you even listening?”

Snapping out from your thoughts, you look at Kihyun and gave him a nod. “Y-yeah.” 

“I hope so. How about let’s get going, aight? And here, I think you should change into this.” Kihyun hands you a paper bag filled with normal people clothes.  Peeking through the gap, you couldn’t help but compliment his taste in fashion.


“Oh, Kihyun, you’re here! Omo, and who might this be?” A man in his late 50s came to welcome the two of you with a big smile on his face. Looking at you from head to toe, you gave him a polite bow before Kihyun introduces you to him. “ [y/n], I want you to meet, Mr. Park, he’s the Director of this museum. Mr. Park, this is my personal assistant, [y/n]. She’ll be with me starting today.”

“You sure do have a good eye in choosing an assistant, Kihyun.” Winking at him, Mr. Park couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh before patting him on the shoulder and flashing you a fatherly smile.

“I welcome you with wide arms, [y/n]. I hope you enjoy working with our Kihyunnie.” 

“Thank you, Mr. Park.” you respond and gave him one last bow before he left to handle some paper works for the artworks that were coming in in a few days. As soon as the Director left, Kihyun turns to face you and gives you a clipboard filled with classified information.

“Here, if we ever get separated, we’ll still be able to communicate and track each other down with this.” Kihyun takes a hold of your wrist and wraps a watch around it, smiling at you in the process. He was utterly close and you could feel your heart skip a bit but you decided to push away any possible romantic feelings that could start to develop.

“Oh, and as a matter of fact, I can also send pictures and files through this watch and vice-versa. Quite handy, right?” Kihyun’s eyes twinkled while talking about the watch itself, as if it was just a toy to him.

“Yeah, it is.” you said, gazing at the rich clay brown leather strap and at the glossy case before catching Kihyun’s gaze. “So, Mr. Yoo, do you want to continue staring at me or should we get going and get this case done?” you playfully teased to which resulted to Kihyun bursting out into fits of laughter.

“Let’s get going.” Before you could even respond, Kihyun already has his back at you as he waltz towards the room where the theft happened. The sound of footsteps echoed throughout the whole museum. There was nothing but silence to be heard. No one really talked as they tried to enjoy and focus themselves on the meaning behind every single art that is being displayed.

Scanning the whole room with your eyes, you noticed a couple of cctv on every corner. The information that Kihyun has gathered were reliable and relevant. Taking a couple of information in your mind, you glance up to see Kihyun looking at you. 

“Have you checked the cctvs?” Kihyun didn’t think twice but to respond right away with a nod. “I’ve checked each and every cctv there is in this room,” He points at every cctv in the room and continues, “However each camera were somewhat hacked during the of the robbery. In addition to this, they did not only hack the cctvs in this room, but also in the whole building.”

“Were they able to hack the cctv from the outside of the museum?” You question once more but you didn’t stay at the same position. You walk up to the cctv and scrutinize ever side of it for any possible lead. 

“They were. Mr. Park has actually hired a hacker to check if there was any possible chance in retrieving any possible footage but… they weren’t able to find any.”

“Gotcha.” you mutter under your breath as you turned around and gestured Kihyun to come closer. Kihyun, confused of what’s up, went closer to you and asked, “What is it?” 

“Lift me up.” you order without any hesitation. “What? Why?” Being ordered by someone out of the blue baffled Kihyun. “Just give me a lift, will you?” Without complaining, Kihyun positions himself and effortlessly lifted you up. In the midst of removing something from the cctv, Kihyun couldn’t help but feel flushed when he realized that you were wearing a skirt.

Get a hold of yourself Yoo Kihyun! Kihyun mentally scolds himself and looks up to see if you’re already done. “I got it!” you beamed and carefully get off of Kihyun. Kihyun’s eyebrows were furrowed, curiosity got him and he’s been itching to ask you what you just found. 

“Did you ever think of checking the cctvs for any… oh I don’t know… any device of such sort?” You playfully ask whilst showing him the small device in between your fingers.

“Wait, is that..” 

“It is.” You quickly answer his question. “They seem to have forgotten to remove such device that can be easily tracked or maybe hacked, if possible.” Kihyun was definitely impressed by your skills. A smile found its way to his lips, making you look at him weirdly.

“Why are you smiling like that?” You ask whilst studying his features up close. Smooth, flawless skin, red plump lips, sharp nose and a pair of beautiful that could make you lose yourself to. “You’re pretty good.” Chuckling at his sudden compliment, you nod your head and mutter a, “Let’s get this device checked.”

The two of you didn’t waste any time and proceeded to his office where the two of you spent most of your time in.

Days turned to weeks and neither one of you was able to get a lead to this case. Staying in his office didn’t really help but you weren’t in the place to complain about it. Reviewing the gathered information once more, a thought popped out of the blue. 

You remembered that Kihyun started to work in this museum long before the Poppy Flower was even stolen. “Hey, Kihyun.” catching his attention in just seconds, Kihyun looks up to meet your gaze. Dark circles were already forming under his eyes. Both of you spent sleepless nights together and throughout those nights, the two of you were able to get to know about each other.

“Chief told me that you were already working here before the Poppy Flower was even stolen.” 

“Yeah, what about it?” Kihyun then returns his gaze back to the pile of paper right in front of him, scribbling notes on his pad while tapping his foot. “Didn’t you notice any suspicious looking person?”

“None.” Kihyun timidly replies without meeting your gaze. Scratching the back of your head, you knew that neither of you would make some progress in that state. Hoisting yourself up from your seat, you walk over to Kihyun’s side and peeked on what he’s writing. 

“You should take a break, Ki.” 

Startled by your voice, Kihyun looks up to you in confusion. “Eh? I can’t take a break, [y/n], and you know that. We haven’t made any progress and the chief just gave us a deadline for this case.” 

“Well, we wouldn’t be able to make any progress if we’re this stressed. You should take a nap or something, dark circles are not your thing.” you mutter as you turned your back at him, walking towards to you handbag to get something. Pulling out some eye mask, you offer it to Kihyun and said once more, “Take a nap, will you? I’ll go get some drinks for the two of us and maybe something to eat, alright?”

Before Kihyun could even stop you from leaving, you were already out of the room with your wallet tucked under your arm. Kihyun couldn’t help but smile at how cute you were. Following what you just told him, he puts on the eye mask under his eyes and proceeds in catching some Zs.

It’s been awhile since you’ve last came out of that room. The museum was still buzzing with tourists and you couldn’t help but envy their lifestyle. Sighing to yourself, you walk towards the small cafeteria in that museum. Ordering two bento boxes and some cold beverages for the two of you, you thanked the old lady and waltz your way back to Kihyun’s office with the bento boxes and beverages in your hands.

Your mind was definitely clouded with the device you’ve discovered days ago. Where did you go wrong with the hacking? Did you miss some codes? You just couldn’t seem to put a finger on it, you decided to just dismiss the thought. 

Upon entering the room, you were welcomed by a couple of soft snores from your partner. The sight of Kihyun fast asleep with his head resting in his arms made you soften up. Placing the paper bag on the table, you went back in front of your laptop and studied the code once more.

Staring at the monitor for quite some time now, you finally found the mistake in your own codes. The sound of keys being pressed on echoed throughout the whole room. Your fingers skillfully pressed on the keys, your eyes was glued on monitor with such concentration that you didn’t even realize you’ve awoken Kihyun from his short nap. Pressing enter, your monitor finally displays the information that you’ve been wanting to see.

“Finally!” you exclaim with such happiness that you’ve startled yourself when your eyes landed on Kihyun, who was staring at you with such sleepy eyes. “What’s up?” He asks and rubs his eyes while looking at the paper bag that you’ve placed on top of the table.

“I’ve finally decoded the device and I think we’re gonna get ourselves some juicy information.” 

You continue to work on your laptop until it decided to warn you that it might take ten to twenty minutes for it to finally analyze every single data it gets. The room was utterly quiet for the two of you. Nobody dared to speak until the sound of your stomach grumbling filled the whole room, making Kihyun burst out laughing.

“C’mon, let’s take a break for awhile and eat these bento boxes.” Kihyun hands you the bento box that you’ve bought while pulling his swivel chair near to you. His bento box in his hands, he sits down and opens it in just a snap. You, on the other hand, are already ripping your chopsticks off the paper casing.

“Thanks for the meal.” Kihyun mutters before digging in. Throughout the whole meal, the two of you had some conversations here and there. “Were you able to get some sleep?” You ask while plopping in a piece of meat in your mouth.

“I was able to get some until you came typing really loud.” Kihyun joked, making you nudge him on the elbow with a smile. “Oh, does our prince need more of his beauty sleep?” 

“Whatever, [y/n].” 

It took the two of you almost 15 minutes to finish your meal and by the time the two of you guys were finished, you immediately checked your laptop and it showed the information that you’ve been trying to retrieve.

“Kihyun, we finally have a lead!”

“Really?! Nice one!” Kihyun beamed and pumped his fists in the air. Having the information printed out, the two of you decided to scavenge more information and with just one fatal information, the two of you were able to find the main culprit.

The name was written all over the screen and printed information. Just reading the name all over and over, you couldn’t help but feel your heart race in fear. It was no other than the persons who made you take up this path. Gulping down your saliva, you avoided eye contact with Kihyun.

“Wait, Shin Hoseok and Son Hyunwoo? Are you freaking serious?” 

Kihyun also couldn’t believe what he was reading. They were probably in the last place for suspicion for Kihyun. Glancing towards your direction, he immediately noticed how tensed up you were. The atmosphere was quite heavy and Kihyun didn’t like it. Placing the printed information down, he quietly walk towards his laptop and stare at his monitor blankly.

“Now that we know who stole the painting, we better start tracking them and plan out how we’re going to retrieve the stolen painting.”

Tugging the hem of the skin-tight longsleeve shirt that you were wearing, you look up at the building right in front of you. The sound of dogs barking from a distance sent chills running down your spine. Throughout the previous weeks of planning out the perfect plan, you couldn’t help but feel a gush of guilt of something you were about to do.

It was undeniable that you and Kihyun had gotten to that flirting stage, a couple of naughty actions here and there during those sleepless nights. You’d be lying to yourself if you’d say that you don’t have any feelings for Yoo Kihyun.

But what can you do? Your life, nor did Kihyun’s life, allowed the two of you to enter such relationship. The two of you were agents and once you bring someone in to your life, they were bound to meet tragic endings. Feeling a tug on your hand, you look up and saw Kihyun’s angelic smile that could make your knees weak.

“Hey, angel, are you okay?” He asked, concern was all over his tone and you couldn’t help but feel those butterflies dancing around your tummy. “I-I’m fine. Let’s go?” You stammered and flashed the most convincing smile, but you knew Kihyun too well that he wasn’t going to buy it.

Despite the fact that the two of you only have known each other for a couple of weeks, you were able to spill everything to him as if the two of you have been best of friends over a decade. Agent or not, the two of you acted like yourselves around each other and neither of you minded. 

Those weeks of working together was the best moments in your life. It has been a long time that you’ve felt your heart flutter from the little things that you’ve done with Kihyun. However, you were dreading this day would come. 

“The security has been deactivated by Minhyuk and what’s left for us to do is that we need to get to the room where they kept the painting.” Kihyun remarked and showed you the plan once more. “I need you to get there safely, [y/n]. Promise me that you’ll get there safely…. okay?”

Nodding your head, you linked your pinky with his and flashed him a smile. You were about to leave and proceed with your plan, you were pulled back into a tight hug. Looking up, you saw Kihyun’s smile and you couldn’t help but heat up by the sudden skinship. Your pale cheeks were flushed when Kihyun softly pressed his lips on your forehead. “See you there.” 

Before you knew it, Kihyun was off to his own plan. Without wasting any more time you proceeded with your plan and successfully avoided all the guards inside the building.

With you back on the wall, you listened to the conversation between two guards. Looking around your surroundings, you noticed the cctv camera facing at the entrance. If the person behind the camera sees you, your cover would be blown and you’d utterly fail.

You pulled your wrist up to your lips and whispered something loud enough for Kihyun, “There’s a cctv camera facing the entrance. I need you to–” 

(Don’t worry, I’ve knocked the person behind all the cctv cameras down. Now that I’m here, there are actually four guards armed with guns.)

Glancing towards the glossy wall, you saw the reflection of the guards. All of them were facing their backs at you, giving you much advantage. Pulling out some poisoned darts out from your pocket, you carefully placed them inside the blowpipe. Aiming at the first victim, you blew as hard as you can and hurriedly placed the next poison dart inside before aiming it to the next target before the others could react. 

Successfully knocking down two guards with the poison dart. you grabbed your pistol, with a silencer attached to it, from your belt and immediately fired at the guard you turned around to face you. Seeing his fellow men down, the last guard pulled his gun out and fired at you. You were able to miss the first bullet but then you were distracted by the other cctv camera with a red light, making the second bullet hit you on the right shoulder. 

Wincing in pain, you looked at the guard who had a smug look on his face. Pointing your gun at him you didn’t think twice and fired, aiming the gun on his head. Just before you know it, the guard was sprawled on the floor, blood spurting out from his head. 

You held onto your bleeding shoulder and went straight to the place where the painting was hidden. Kihyun was right behind the screen when he saw you getting hit on the shoulder. His heart almost stopped when he saw you wincing in pain, blood dripping down your arm. Cursing under his breath, he dashed out of the room and hurriedly dashed towards the room.

The whole way to the room was filled with the sound of you grunting. You knew you needed to stop the bleeding before you loose a lot of blood. A couple of turns here and there, you finally spotted the room and stopped right in front of the door, hesitating whether you should enter or not. 

Pressing your ear on the door, there was nothing but silence. You lifted your watch and checked the Minhyuk’s signal. Sending you a big go signal, you grabbed your gun and twisted the knob open, pushing it open, only to be greeted by darkness.

Despite your right arm going numb, you were still able to grab the small flashlight from your pocket and turned it on. A couple of flashing on different places, you finally found the painting and waltz your way towards it, only to be stopped by someone. 

“Well, well, look who we have here.” You stiffened when you finally identified the owner of the voice. Slowly turning around with your gun ready, you pointed it at the person right behind you. “Isn’t it our little tiger, [y/n]?” Just hearing your nickname made you remember all the bad memories you’ve had with them. “What do you want?” you spat, trying to put on a brave front but deep inside you were already whimpering in fear. 

“What do we want? Hm, should we be the ones asking you that? You’re trespassing and you know what’s going to happen to those who decides to trespass on our territory huh, litter tiger?”

Kihyun was completely drained when he arrived at the room. His gut feeling has been telling him that something bad was going to happen. Shaking that feeling off, he wraps his fingers around the silver knob, twisting it open, only to be greeted by you, seated on a chair with tons of tapes wrapped around your body. 

It was obvious that you’ve lost a lot of blood based on your pale lips. Your hair was a mess and there was a bruise slowly forming on your cheekbone. Scrambling to his feet, Kihyun was about to get a hold of you when you stopped him.

“Don’t… please don’t come near me Kihyun.”

Kihyun has finally caught on to what was happening. “[y/n]…” His eyes were now looking at you with worry. He never saw this coming and he was never going to forgive himself if you’d be gone. You remembered what Hoseok and Hyunwoo told you a little while ago.

We’ll give you fifteen minutes to say everything that you want to that little friend of yours, little tiger. Once the time is up, the two of you will be dead.” 

Kihyun… I know that this is not the time for things like this..” you paused, only to receive a ‘huh?’ from Kihyun. “But I just wanted to tell you that you’ve literally made my heart flutter… and I’ve never believed to be able to feel these feelings again in my entire life of being an agent..” you continued but stopped once you felt that it was wrong.

It was wrong for you to feel that way. Catching feelings for someone was a taboo in the field and here you are, doing the exact opposite of what not to do. 

“[y/n], don’t do this.” Kihyun pleaded as he walked towards you. “Didn’t I just tell you to not come near me?” You asked, searching his eyes when he placed his hands on your cheeks, wiping the tears falling down in your cheeks.

“How can I not reach out to you when you’re in this state? [y/n], don’t do this… Please, l-let me help you.” He begged as you shook your head, unable to hold back your tears. “Kihyun, just leave me here. Take the painting and just leave… “ You whispered loud enough for the two of you to hear. 

“I can’t leave you here. [y/n], I love you, okay? I know this is a taboo but I need to get you out of here with me. I don’t want to lose you. You know what, forget about that stupid painting.” His voice was shaky as he tried his best to cut the tape.

Glancing at the shadows, you saw Hoseok showing you his watch, telling you that your time is almost up. “Kihyun, please, just listen to me.” No matter how much you pleaded him to look at you and listen, he didn’t budge as he continued to cut through the tape with the knife he had in his pockets.

“Just leave me, okay? If you don’t leave, we’ll both die! Please, just save yourself–”

“No, there no fucking way that I’m going to leave you okay?! You’re my partner and an agent never leaves their partner behind.” Kihyun shouted through the pressure and stress that was building up.

Remembering that your colleague from your main s.i.s was coming, you already knew what to do. Once Kihyun was able to finally cut the tape, he hurriedly removes all the tape on your body. “C-c’mon, [y/n], w-we still have time to leave.” You shook your head and held his hand. “No, we don’t…” Your hands slowly cups his cheeks, a smile slowly forming in your lips. “I love you, Kihyun and I’m sorry… and there’s something that I haven’t told you… I’m a double agent.” your voice trailed off at the end, making Kihyun just gaze at you with sad eyes.

Pressing your lips onto his, you couldn’t help but cherish this moment. In just seconds, you slowly pulled away and the softness of his lips lingered on yours. You wiped away the tears brimming down his cheeks and looked back to see Jooheon’s sad smile. Jooheon has been in the shadows until now, with the painting in his hand. Jooheon wasn’t alone as Changkyun was also with him. They were your trusted team and you couldn’t help but feel sorry all of a sudden.

“Jooheon, you know what to do.” Before Kihyun could even react, you already pushed him towards the two, Changkyun catching him on time before dashing out of the room with the painting in their hold. Kihyun struggled, trying to free himself from Changkyun’s hold but it was no use, Changkyun was stronger. He bawled his eyes out, screaming your name with so much despair.

“[y/n] don’t do this!! [y/n]!!” Kihyun continued to scream until his voice turned into a muffle. You already knew that that love wasn’t going to last. It was painful but this was your fate. You had to give up everything just to keep those around you safe.

“Time’s up.” Hoseok said as he comes out from the shadows with Hyunwoo readying the gun in his hands. “You didn’t change after all, little tiger. Always ever ready to sacrifice yourself for the sake of those whom you love.” he added as he stopped right in front of you.

“It’s such a shame that you have to leave this world at a young age.” Hoseok twirled his finger around the strands of hair covering your face. You didn’t care anymore. This has been your fate ever since then. You look up and stare right into Hoseok’s eyes.

“Why don’t you just kill me now?” 

Surprised by your words, Hoseok lets out a fruity laugh before tucking his finger under your chin with a smirk. “Well, aren’t you excited to die? Let’s have a bit of fun since–” 

“Bullshit! Just kill me already!” you screamed as you grabbed Hoseok by the collar. Regardless of the past you had with Hoseok and Hyunwoo, there was still a little bit of attachment present in Hoseok and Hyunwoo’s heart. Looking at the little sister they once cherished, Hoseok could feel a tug in his heart. 

Hoseok lets out a shaky sigh and looks at Hyunwoo, who just gave him a nod. Wrapping his fingers around your hands, Hoseok carefully removes your hands and looked dead straight into your eyes. “Do you really want to die?”

“Isn’t this what I’m fated to?! Once caught, I must die.”

Hoseok moves aside and let’s Hyunwoo take over. “Alright, if that’s what you want then, let it be.” Pulling the chamber and pointing the gun in your forehead, you stared at Hyunwoo and smiled. “Even though we had some misunderstanding between the three of us, I’m glad that I met the two of you–”

Before you could even finish, the sound of Kihyun’s voice echoed throughout the whole room. It was from your watch and you didn’t even bother to respond to it.

(Fuck it [y/n]! Get out of there, please. We’ve called back up. Please don’t do anything to get yourself killed–)

You were startled when Hoseok aggressively grabbed your wrist and responded to Kihyun, “Well, too late. She just asked for it.” You could feel your heart sink when you heard Kihyun scream from the other side, telling Jooheon and Changkyun to hurry up and get the back up.

Kihyun, I really am sorry.” You muttered loud and clear against your watch and grabbed Hyunwoo’s hand, forcing him to press on the trigger, totally catching the two off-guard.


The sound of a gun being fired echoed throughout the whole room, everyone went silent for a moment, unable to process what just happened. Hoseok stared blankly at Hyunwoo before going insane. 

Grabbing you on the shoulder, Hoseok shook your almost lifeless body and wailed, “Why did you do that?! We were going to let you off–”

“This is not the time to do that, Hoseok. Let’s get her out of here and get her treated before it’s too late.” Hoseok was too shocked to move. Hyunwoo swiftly carried you bridal style and carried you out of the building, only to see Kihyun, Jooheon, Changkyun and all of the back ups that they’ve called.

Spotting the ambulance, Hyunwoo didn’t think twice and ran towards the EMTs. “Please, help her. Don’t let her die… please.” Hyunwoo begged, tears were already threatening to fall. Without further ado, the EMTs took a hold of you and did what they could do.

Kihyun, who finally got his sense back, turned around and saw you lying on the stretcher. “We need to bring her to the hospital now. She’s already lost a lot of blood and if she doesn’t get to the hospital, she’d die.”

“Then what are you waiting for?! Hurry up and get her in the vehicle!” Hyunwoo screamed. Everyone scrambled to their feet and carefully brought you inside the ambulance. Kihyun didn’t think twice but to enter the ambulance despite being stopped by the other agents. Just letting Kihyun be, the EMTs didn’t think twice and pressed on the gas.

“[y/n]….” he muttered as he noticed you opened your eyes and looked at him. “Why… are you… here?” you whispered but was then hushed by Kihyun. “Don’t do speak, w-we’re almost there… D-don’t close your eyes on me now, [y/n].”

Everything seemed to happen so fast. You closed your eyes without even hearing out Kihyun. When you’ve finally arrived at the hospital, you were immediately treated by the doctors. Kihyun sat at the waiting area with worry completely plastered all over his face.

Glancing down on his watch, he looked at the picture of the two of you took in his office. The two of you were smiling happily at the camera, Kihyun had his arm wrapped around your shoulder and you were leaning your head head on his neck. The sound of doors opening snapped Kihyun out from his train of thoughts. Three doctors stood right in front of him and they’ve hanged their head low as they one in the middle spoke up.

Mr. Yoo…. we’re so sorry but… we couldn’t save her.”

Amazing how President Trump visits Saudi Arabia and the democrat party becomes Islamophobic overnight.



Charles Cullen - Most prolific serial killer in American history?

Charles Cullen is the most prolific serial killer in New Jersey history and suspected to be the most prolific serial killer in American History. A former nurse, he confessed to killing 40 patients during his 16 year long career. However in interviews with police, psychiatrists and journalists it became clear that he had in fact killed more. Experts have estimated that Cullen may be responsible for as many as 400 deaths.

Born in 1960, he first attempted suicide at age 9 by drinking the chemicals from a chemistry set he had received as a present. This would be the first of many attempts during his life.  Cullen was extremely close to his mother, she died in a car accident in 1977. This prompted Cullen to drop out of school and join the Navy. This is where he began to show signs of mental instability. He eventually received a medical discharge in 1984. That month he enrolled at the Mountainside Hospital School of Nursing.

Cullen continuously moved around, working at several different hospitals. His first confessed murders occurred in 1988. On June 11 he administered a lethal overdose of an intravenous medication. Another patient was given an overdose of insulin. A internal investigation began and Cullen left.  A month later he was working at Warren Hospital and murdered 3 women by giving them overdoses of the heart medication digoxin. This medication soon became his drug of choice as well as epinephrine and insulin.

After several jobs at different hospitals Cullen began working for Somerset Medical Care in 2002.  On June 18, 2003 he attempted to murder Philip Gregor who survived. After this staff at the hospital were beginning to be suspicious of Cullens actions. The hospitals computer systems showed that he was accessing records of patients he wasn’t assigned to and the hospitals computerized drug dispensing cabinets showed that he was requesting medication his patients had not been prescribed. In July 2003 the executive director of the New Jersey Poison Information and Education System warned the hospital that it was possible an employee was killing patients.

When a patient died of low blood sugar in October 2003 an investigation into Cullen’s employment history showed past suspicion about his involvements with previous deaths.

On December 12, 2003 Cullen was arrested and charged with one count of murder and one count of attempted murder. In April 2004 he plead guilty to killing 13 patients and attempting to kill 2 others. As the months went on he pleaded guilty to more murders.

Cullen is currently serving a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole for over 100 years. In March 2006 he was sentenced to 18 consecutive life sentences and is not eligible for parole until 2403.

Part 2 of the interview can be found here.

The book ‘The Good Nurse’ by Charles Graeber was written about Cullen’s life and crimes.
BREAKING: Police Officer Who Fatally Shot 15-Year-Old Texas Black Boy Is Fired
The teenager, Jordan Edwards, was a passenger in a car fired upon by a police officer responding to reports of underage drinking at a party, the authorities said.
By Manny Fernandez, Matthew Haag and Dana Goldstein

BALCH SPRINGS, Tex. — A Texas police officer who fired a rifle into a car full of teenagers in a Dallas suburb on Saturday night, killing a black teenager, was fired on Tuesday, the police chief of the Balch Springs Police Department said.

Chief Jonathan Haber said at a news conference on Tuesday that the officer, Roy Oliver, had violated numerous department policies and terminated his employment after an internal investigation into the shooting. Prosecutors are investigating the shooting and could bring charges.

The boy, Jordan Edwards, 15, was shot in the head with a rifle when he was fleeing an end-of-the-school-year party in a car with his brother and three friends. Jordan’s 16-year-old brother was sitting just a few feet away in the driver’s seat when Jordan was shot in the head.

James: “Taste on my tongue, I don’t wanna wash away the night before.” (x)

Harry: *touches lips and preens* I know nothing why are you looking at me Lou I didn’t ask you to write a sex song I don’t do anything weird okay

Liam: what you doing James we’re dead, Louis you shit stop writing sex songs about your boyfriend Harry you shit stop smirking,Niall you’re giving the game away you little shit where is Zayn is this why you left Zayn

Louis:*giggles* haha omg do people know this is about Harry,Harold you insatiable prat I hope you’re happy now aww look at my boy doesn’t he look good..oh my god why is he touching his lips like that OH MY GOD look away look away ABORT ABORT

Niall:*looks at Harry,looks at Louis,laughs,rinse and repeat* THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING my ship is so real YES DRAG THEM JAMES drag them..Louis you arsehole this is for all the times you did it above me bunk bed on the bus.

No country (or trophies) for "good black men"

As is the standard operating procedure in the black community, after a public incident wherein a black woman is hurt or killed by a black man, the resounding phrase from the ashy-n-aimless dick gallery and its fluffers is, “She should of chose better”. For the record, the correct use of those words is “have chosen”. If one, an irrelevant black male in these instances, is going to pontificate about how the woman should have picked a better man instead of how that man should BE better, then correct the admonishing retort should be: “She should have chosen better.” Past participles and all that, but I digress.

At any rate, when black men say, “choose better”, what they’re really saying is women should choose someone less terrible. She should choose someone who has 3 kids by 2 different women, instead of one who has 4 by 3. She should choose someone with a conviction of reckless driving, not DWI on his record, a charge of lewd acts with a minor, not rape. The lesser of the many evils. Black women are expected to dig through a pile of trash to find the least broken piece that is the easiest to mend with some super glue, prayer, collard greens and p*ssy. You know? The brotha who just needs a chance. A “good black man”…

If a black woman wants a NEW car, she is expected to go to the junkyard, salvage yard, or scrap heap to find a new-to-her car. After spending hours in the hot sun walking the rows of “options”, her choices are: the 2000 Ford Explorer with a busted axle and 189k miles or the 2006 Kia Sephia with a blown head gasket and 200k miles. Guess what? She’s not going to be able to get where she needs to go, on a regular basis, with either of those cars, at least not without an inordinate amount of repair, which will cost her more than it’s worth. However, in the end, after several breakdowns, flat tires, duct tape, and several high-interest payday loans to cover repairs, she’ll have her a “good” car. “See? I’s drivin’ now”.

The good black man is dead. As a matter of fact, he never existed.

That’s just a lie black women have been fed by the black community in order to keep black women energized with false hope and accessible to the leeches who want to use them and leave them depleted, unfit, and unqualified for someone else after they have tapped out their resources. The goal is to leave a black woman as damaged beyond repair as the men who do the damage. Misery loves company and it’s a parasite, so it needs a host.

When a black man says he’s a “good black man”, he’s saying that he does the basics, what he’s supposed to do, like protect, divide, defend, and build. When he says he’s a “good black man”, he’s saying that he should be given credit for doing the bare minimum, because in relation to his block-hugging peers, he’s going above and beyond. He’s exhibiting the appropriate behavior of well-adjusted, fully-functioning, adult men, yet he thinks he’s moving mountains. He expects praise because “at least he’s…” or “he could be doing…” or “at least he isn’t…” or “he comes home at night”. He wants to be recognized for not being abusive, unfaithful, predatory, neglectful, or violent. A trophy for finding his way to and from work ever day he’s scheduled to be there. The “good black man” is a loaded, seemingly innocuous label. However, it is dangerous, because it is a distinction that has been unilaterally assigned to and usually by the person toting the “good black man” badge. It’s subjective and arbitrary, and precludes the label wearer from inspection, review, or oversight. “I told you I’m a good man. What more do you need?” This lack of accountability is the equivalent of a company/entity/organization, etc. finding that it has not engaged in any wrongdoing after an internal investigation or in-house audit. “Good black men” also come spring-loaded, with anger, resentment, and entitlement. They’re “good black men” after all, and they should be have all the rights and authority granted thereto. You know? The same way your bachelor’s degree grants you all the privileges that earning one affords, yet there’s no proof that you actually know what you’re doing and there’s no evidence of what you’ve done.

Be very cautious of men who call themselves a “good black man”. I emphasize “good black man” because I don’t know of another race or group of men that has to declare itself because its actions have not created a good reputation to precede it. There’s a reputation to precede black men, but it’s not an overall or overwhelmingly positive one, which is the reason for the “good” adjective. Be very suspect of black men who label themselves good. They are coming to you with hopes that your expectations are low and requirements are few and they’ll be really angry when your social, monetary, physical, and intellectual value exceeds their budget. Instead of them leaping over and clearing hurdles, they’ll want and expect you to do the limbo to see how low you can go…


“You’re saying that a paranormal force could be behind this? What are your theories?” He was no stranger to this kind of thing, but he only knew about spirits that were connected with channeling. If it was possible that this was something else entirely, then he’d definitely need an expert opinion.