international ink

here’s to the women with fire in their eyes, the ones who sing too loud and love too hard. the one’s who know what they want, the ones who know how to get it, and the ones who will do whatever is needed to get it. here’s to the fighters.

here’s to the women with clouds in their eyes. the ones who hum under their breath, whose smiles can light up a thousand cities, the ones who love gently. the one’s who don’t want for much, but they will take what they do want. here’s to the lovers.

here’s to the women with cities in their eyes, cites of their very own. here’s to the ones who make things before other can even imagine them, the ones in love with creation. the ones who find what they want for themselves. here’s to the dreamers.

here’s to the women with civilizations in their eyes. the ones whose knowledge encompasses galaxies and centuries, the ones who thirst for knowledge. the ones who love recklessly and think rationally, who are the tacticians in a fight. here’s to the thinkers.

here’s to the ones who fight back, every day. here’s to the ones who persevere, no matter what. here’s to the ones who don’t take abuse and intolerance lying down.

here’s to all of us. 

happy international women’s day. keep fighting. 

to all of the women
who break barriers
defy norms
smash ceilings
raise their voice
stand their ground
your strength
and courage
gives me hope
and reminds me
that there is no wrong way
to be a woman.
—  happy International Women’s Day ✨
(cc, 2017)
Here’s to the girl who’s far from perfect. The one who’s confident yet completely insecure at the same time. Here’s to the girl who cares just a little too much. She loves with all of her heart yet pretends to have no emotions. She has her bad days and her really bad days, but most days are good and she’s thankful for that. She loves her family and friends, and she’s learning to love herself too. This girl is so extremely passionate, more than it even comes across. It is often her strength and her downfall. She wants to be swept off her feet, but will never be taken advantage of. She’s strong, but vulnerable in ways some will never know. She’s opinionated and a perfectionist and her mind is filled with the most beautifully outrageous dreams. So here’s to the girl who’s still trying to figure things out. The one who people might not know as well as they think they do.
—  Kiannah Joylinn (i’m in love with this. by far one of the most personal things i’ve ever written)
Girls like me are dangerous. Well read, well spoken.
The true daughters of the ancient Pantheon. We have Athena’s mind, we have Artemis’s freedom, we have Aphrodite’s beauty, we have Hera’s power, we have Hestia’s fire, we have Demeter's generosity
we have steel spines and strong hearts and a willingness to follow through. we are storms of our own making, with fire in our eyes.
we will not, cannot let others makes us weak, think that we mean less, think that we can do less
we were never allowed in the arena. 
oh, but that just made us hungry. that just made us learn to fight in back alleys, learn to scream in the silence of our homes,  learn to walk softly and carry a big stick. 
oh, but that just made us angry and we’ve finally been allowed to unleash that rage. we are weapons, with our killer smiles, our high heels, our winged eyeliner. we’ve taken what you all decay and made into arrows and daggers, little things that when used right can draw a whole lot of blood
oh, but that just made us fierce. that just made us lean on each other, that just made us grab each other’s hands and squeeze before the battle, that just made us turn our bruises, our sisters’s broken hearts, into bombs made for destruction
oh, but that just made us powerful. that just made us a family, like vines strong enough to wrap around a tree and pull it down when they work together, that just made us able to disappear like smoke, we will never forgot how easy it is to become invisible, that just made us queens, with crowns of blood, crowns of toil and sacrifice and also crowns of flowers, crowns of faith and hope
we are here
we’ve entered the bloodbath and we are never leaving
we are sirens, we are witches, we are angels, we are the true goddesses
and oh darling,
we’re fireproof
—  You Can’t Burn Us Any More by Abby S

We are not those who burnt, because flames were deemed too showy for wilting flowers
except when fire was chosen as the only way to teach us again
how to be silent

We are those who march with our own pace, our hearts hollow diamonds capable of engulfing all the rivers of the Earth
and love them

We are those who were running on the island which still remembers us and calls to us,
racing the wind and the goddesses,
verses in our heads and violets tangled in our hands

We are those defying the implicit rules in the chaotic city we loved
and hated
and spited
and the world buried us under heaps of parchment which would make people feel for centuries

We are mothers and daughters of the same name, walking different parts of Europe in different years,
asking for rights or inventing the modern novel during a storm
– how appropriate

We are those who let words flow from our pen in letters similar to streams
and novels to rivers,
always water surrounding us, water we would ultimately

We are those conjoining under a bright and coloured southern sky after the grey and brown of a city where only others seemed to be able to write,
because between us two we had
the Earth and the Moon

We are all of those,
and more anonymous legions still, forgotten but alive, trampled on but with our eyes intact and our voices sharpened like knives

We are, after all, daughters of so many goddesses;
you thought you were naming storms after us
– it is we who created them

—  We Were Just Allowed to Breathe and Yet Hurricanes are Female, E.M.F.

the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of equality for the sexes

synonyms: because her heart skips a beat every time she walks home in the dark; because i am told to cover up at the same time she is told to take off her hijab; because another little girl goes from playing house to keeping house every two seconds; because she is talked over every time she opens her mouth; because people call her cold for not smiling; because she is told that her skin is too dark for her to be pretty; because she is told that her love is wrong; because her uterus is policed; because they tell her she will never be a real woman; because her accomplishments are blotted from history; because she sits on the bed and cries, violated and broken.

because it is necessary.

—  and i will fight as long as i live (y.w.)

She’s is fierce.
She is kind.
She is strong.
She is loving.
She is a mother.
She is a friend.
She is a daughter.
She is a wife.
She can fight.
She can protect.
She breaks.
She hurts.
She heals.
She rises.
She is breathtaking.
She is beautiful.
She is sassy.
She is selfless.
She is intelligent.
She is powerful.

She is a woman.

—  Happy International Women’s Day!💖

To be a woman,
She constantly bathes in gravel,
and is asked to lie
that it feels like coating the skin
with milk and honey.

To be a woman,
She always lays on a bed of thorns,
and she is asked
to deem it as the equivalent
of laying on cotton.

To be a woman,
She learns the skill of halvening herself.
because Earth forbid,
this world does not hold enough room
for every woman to be whole.



To Be A Woman. (Revised Version)

From the Frontline

There’s a war waging within–
Me vs. me,
Battling for peace
Of mind and sanity–
I’m not sure which side will win.
I know there’s a path
To victory, where shines
The Light that leads
To my truest fulfillment…
Sometimes that light looks dim,
The darkness closes in.
They say we must choose
Happiness, but how can I
When I get so far away
That I can’t make out
Even its outline glow?
It’s what I fight for,
But each battle seems
To leave me weaker.
Is it all right if I just
Rest awhile from this
Infernal internal war?

To the Women

To the women
  Cooking meals
  Sewing clothes
  Giving homes
  To our children

To the women
  Scribbling notes
  Dusting boards
  Teaching minds
  Of our children 

To the women
  Spreading love 
  Drafting laws
  Making change
  For our children

To those women
  And many more,
  Thank you
  For being
  Phenomenal women. 


You have never been brave,
and you have never been ashamed of it.
But now, looking at her
with her supernova eyes,
her razor blade smile,
and her steel enforced spine
which has never bowed beneath the weight of fear,
you find yourself yearning
for a taste of courage like hers.
—  Maybe she’ll teach you what it is to be brave, and you’ll teach her what it is to be soft.

Traditional ink drawing I did back on International Women’s Day this year. Based off of a quote from WIlliam Golding about how women are given something and return it as something greater.

I got the idea to make up line based off of this quote for Undertale’s main ladies. Here’s Undyne’s. I’ll post Toriel’s tomorrow.

she’s just a hanger, a bit bent out of shape,
nothing that a few strong hands can’t fix;
drape a pretty dress on her, when it dries it’ll be wrinkle free and straight,
she’ll be straight.

she’s just a tote bag, something to be flaunted;
her straps aren’t very strong but she’ll bear a heavy burden on the arm of a man.

because you know she’s just a towel,
something to rub up against your wet body,
it’ll be good, but soon you’ll be dry,
and toss her into the spin cycle,
mark her to be used again.

—  commodity by m.m

to do a thankless job
and ask for nothing in return
is the most admirable trait anyone could ever hold
i wish to be as selfless as her.

with a heart like hers
she might as well be called midas
spreading love and happiness everywhere she goes
teaching me time and time again how to love.

though her soul is as wild as a thunderstorm
her eyes are as gentle as a drizzle
she teaches me to be the calm within the storm
and to be the storm within the calm.

thank you
for loving me like i was one of your own
and for showing me that the blood of the coven
can be just as thick as the water of the womb.

with a personality that could move mountains
and a fierce determination to tear them down
it is no wonder
that storms are named after people.

—  an homage to some of the most inspirational women in my life, in honor of International Women’s Day 2017
(cc, 2017)