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okay but Jeremy helping Jean relearn how to be his own man and all that includes: i.e. midnight trips to ihop after late games, disney movies, literally all the different coffee you can have you have not lived until you've tried this double chocolate chip caffeinated monstrosity, and scented candles. also sweaters. Jean steals Jeremy's sweaters pass it on. You know that boy has 5000 sweaters.

i feel like this is betrayal to sam but im gonna do this one first and hey maybe smth will end up in the fic who knows lmao

  • jean’s always been a loner
  • maybe that’s just a symptom of growing up with a family indebted to the moriyamas, or maybe it’s a symptom of growing up with a relatively rich family in a beach house in marseilles, he’ll never know
  • either way, he’s a loner
  • up until he joins the ravens
  • then he’s partnered with someone constantly, and it’s not that different from having a bodyguard follow him around
  • he’s then plunged back into being a oner after riko almost kills him
  • and then he’s with the trojans, who do everything in groups, and it’s weird
  • they don’t act like the ravens
  • they all wear different clothes, they aren’t silent when jeremy is speaking all the time, they’re each their own person and jean…. 
  • jean’s not

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Ihop Shooting

On the 6th of September 2011, 32 year old Eduardo Sencion walked into an Ihop (International House Of Pancakes) restaurant in Nevada and began shooting. Three uniformed national guards were killed and an elderly lady. During a police shootout, Eduardo killed himself.

No motive has been linked, but Eduardo was a paranoid schizophrenic who stopped taking his medication. Financial problems were also prevalent as he recently became bankrupt.

My Junjou Romantica fanfic

constructive criticism compliments only pl0x

usami came back 2 da condo after his Gay day of his Gay writing.
he wanted to see his waifu misackee.

“//insert im home in japanese here” hte raboot said

he saw his gey lubber and like.
he fucking saw misock eating a tub of ice cream
jus tlike the entire fuckign thing

“nani the fucko is going on mysack” said da reboot

“THE H8ERS WER ON ME AGEN” cries the chikd

 “what the shit misak u twat. u r better dan dat,,,,, u r 21.” said rebok

 “no im 18” shitstain said

 “omfg socks sop being a littel bithc who knows what canon universe we’re in, ur crying pepe tears” said usack

“alright u mother memer” said nutsack while he sopped crying :’(

then michael myers sugoiied out of that house bc it was like work time or smthn

what is time

time is just a figment of our imagination

oh well we know salami made out with michael phelps so ya its gey X3 


 at the fuckign work place desu

 “so like u gotta give this fuck ign paper to ihop or smthn” said a gay

 “h-hai,,,” said microscope


so misucc whent to ihoe and like???
ijuuin got in all of mishits biznuu????????????
so like ijuuin was like…..
and was like gay fo r mesook
but like misak was confizzled for brizzled
and left the international house of pancakes


so yeah mitch went to the condo and like

hid what hapen about the gay at that pancake place to ushit

so yeah they banged

ill give you a line from “my immortal” of what it was like

bc i cant nsfw

And then… suddenly just as I Usagi kissed me passionately. Usagi climed on top me and we started to make out keenly against a tree. He took my top of and I took of his clothes. I even took of my bra. (im just taking everything from there). Then he put his thingie into my you-know-what and we did it for like the hundredth time.

It was very gay and they made children or something.


North American Tour week 1

Our first week of our seven in North America has been a frantic affair but we’ve many stories to tell. Now that South By South West is over and done with I felt the first blog was due.

 We began at Heathrow on Sunday 7th March, where after mummifying our guitars and a few cases with baggage wrapping, we ate a fried breakfast whose price to size/quality graph featured a strong negative correlation. The waitress almost threw a tantrum at our request to split the bill, something we have yet to encounter over here, where the service is sublime and the tipping reflects this.

Taffel demonstrates the travelling stoner look, with mummified bag to the left.

Taffel unwrapped his birthday presents with an unusual ferocity. 

The flights themselves were relatively painless, despite their length. The excitement felt by all kept us in high spirits, despite essentially travelling back in time. I had a mild seizure upon our arrival after discovering that the airline had put my bag on the flight after the one we actually flew on. Once I’d recovered we had soon arrived in our hotel in Nashville. After so long confined in tin cans 30,000 feet up in the air it was great to be able to spread all four limbs as far as possible on a master bed. Taffel and I then ordered a burger that instantly became the best we’d ever had (this has happened thrice since). I managed to have an accident with a freakishly high-pressured ketchup sachet that exploded into my face, hair and onto the mirror behind me. This gave me the appearance of a gunshot victim before I’d even had the chance to irritate any American into drawing a weapon.

Ketchup: Heinz, face: model’s own.

After a dab down we headed into town to a bar called Soulshine that upon entry smelled like a cheese factory. The music that had drawn us took the form of a blues jam night and the standard was ferociously high. Every fifth male in Nashville looked like ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill in a trucker hat and all were steeped in the blues. After a couple of hours we fell into bed and attempted to cheat the jet lag.

Picture drawn by me in the van. 

The next day we picked up the mighty vessel we will call home until 1st May. With its plush leather seats and onboard wifi, this is a van like none we’ve driven before and we’re pretty pleased with it. The fact that we were still saying that after a 14 hour journey down to Austin is testament to its charms.

On Tuesday we ventured into town for our first taste of SXSW. After a remarkably smooth accreditation process we were in need of sustenance. Several of our party had heard that the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) was a decent eatery and a branch was was conveniently located just over the road. Unfortunately, IHOP was a major let down. Luckily the food since has been a blur of supreme medium rare beef and all things Mexican, which we’re now very well acquainted with after meeting some East LA Latino homeboys who gave us a detailed description of all their native food stuffs. They also promised us that they’d have our backs if we ever came to hang with them in their part of town. Having since discovered that their hood is about as safe Compton or Watts, we’ll be passing them up on their gracious offer.

American cuisine at its finest.

SXSW was a mass of humanity, with people trekking from far and wide to converge for the near-constant noises being emitted by the city. With the US music industry generally split between New York and LA (save the country hub of Nashville), Austin, Texas was a warm and welcoming middle ground where close to a thousand acts peddled their wares to any available ears. Brass bands, lone drummers and magicians lined the streets, and that was before you’d even got inside one of the myriad venues. We played a couple of sterling full shows as well as acoustic sessions, and almost featured in a Hip Hop video. No really. At an acoustic gig in a house just outside the heart of town we were peeping through the garden fence at an entire rap crew who were the absolute real deal, miming out a yard scene for their latest release. After enthusiastically inviting us to be involved they made their way over the road but unfortunately our packed schedule was against us and we just missed out on becoming the awkward-looking extras that the rest of the guests became. We did manage to complete another teen dream a few days later though, where at the same locale we played fully amped up in the front room of a house party, complete with the mythical red cups that we’ve all grown up seeing in the movies. 

Our amps, on loan from Orange, back up the local phrase that ‘everything’s bigger in Texas’ (thanks Orange!).

Taxis were hard to come by at SXSW. One night a trio of our troupe were out raving hard till late and had no option but to hitch a lift. With everyone being so much friendlier in the USA than in London, this wasn’t a problem. Here’s a transcript of what followed:

Ben (sheepishly): Can we pay you chaps $30 for a lift back to our hotel please sir?

Cody the driver (straight-faced): No problem man, but if you pull a knife on me I will shoot you.

As it turned out, Cody and his buddy Emerson were two of the coolest guys we could have hoped to meet, both self-titled ‘roughnecks’ who made a killing working on the Texan oil fields, and as such didn’t accept our money. They were also armed to the teeth, their pick up truck like an NRA convention on wheels. They came to our gig the next day and took Taffel out for several whiskeys, which resulted in him acquiring a small tattoo of the state of Texas on his upper back, which was classy.

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you Josh 'Texas’ Taffel.

Our first week here can’t be accounted for without our accommodation getting a Trip Advisor-style mention. Austin Suites was the kind of place you would never book if you had any sort of a budget. The rooms were generally fine, although their whites wash could’ve done with around 100% extra bleach. A more pressing concern was the clientele. One man we met was a hardcore nicotine addict, asking us all nightly for a hallowed cigarette. It wasn’t until we were about to leave that we found out his name was Kevin but went by the alias of Igadda Bigadda. He claimed he’d been abducted by aliens, tried to give us drugs (‘I wanna help y’all party but don’t drive on these’) and carried a spray bottle around with him filled with chemicals that he’d aim at the eyes of any potential assailant before they could land their sucker punch. This is the type of person who hung around the gloomy, bloodstained landings of the Austin Suites hotel. As much as we’d enjoyed Austin there was definitely a part of us all that couldn’t wait to leave.

Our friend Kevin, also drawn by me in the van, who looks a lot less like Bob Dylan in reality.

We’re now heading north and if you’re an American or Canadian who fancies watching us, here’s where you can still do it:

I’ll speak to y'all soon.



/ T H E  W E E K E N D /

  • Tatay, as I said on my previous post, went back home last Saturday so we can celebrate Mother’s Day together. Truly, it is easier now that he is working in Singapore, only a 3 hour flight away from Philippines rather than when he was in US. Before, it would take months before we can see him again, but now, he goes home 1-2 times a month. How great is that, right?
  • My day still consisted of movies and series. I have finished the 5th season of Grey’s Anatomy (halfway on the 6th now) and watched Decoding Annie Parker. The movie was about a true to life story of two very different women on finding a cure for cancer. It was drama, love, family and science stuff altogether. It wasn’t that life-changing for me, but I do not think it’s bad at all. I’ll give it a 7/10.
  • Saturday afternoon, we went to Town. We just met my brother in there because he still has an OJT at Filinvest. Had a quick snack at Auntie Anne’s. Yup, it is my cheat day weekend. I’m trying to eschew from processed foods, but we always eat a lot especially when tatay’s here, so I have no choice to just work it out the next day.
  • Played Laser Tag and Mission with the boys except Jeb! It was really fun and cheap, all of us were in sweat after the game though it was all worth it because Tatay and I won the game! HA to my brothers! I also got the 2nd place on the hard level in Laser Mission (overall, you guys). You’ll see my name listed in there if ever, HA! Okay, enough with that.
  • We were all tired after playing so we decided to have dinner at Pepper Lunch. I had pasta because I felt like cheating to the next level if I would order white rice. Well, I know it is pretty much the same thing with the nutritional content and stuff, but pasta looks more healthy, LOL.
  • I had my hair dyed with a color I already forgot but it looks light brownish to me.
  • Celebrated Mother’s Day with the whole family at IHOP. Okay, so all this time I didn’t know IHOP stands for International House Of Pancake until Tatay told us. It was a great dinner full of good jokes and stories. Anyways, I felt really guilty for ordering so many food. The pancakes were da bomb.
  • New addiction: Charlie’s. Actually bought it because of the packaging. I suck at anything in cute packages.. I always end up buying them.

Gahd, my weekend consisted a lot of food!! I hope you guys had a great weekend because of Mother’s Day. I just wish and pray that our love would for our mothers will always be the same even if it’s a special day or not. I have to run some sister errands today, ciao! :)