international friendship park

I finally got to visit this place that divides the US from Mexico. I’ve lived here all my life & not once have I visited the International Friendship Park (Parque de la Amistad). It was a good mile walk along the dirt road but you can always reach it by walking on the beach (Border Patrol told me).

There are 2 fences: the black one (reaches into the ocean) & the slightly shorter gray one. In between these 2 fences is enough room that’s the size of a 2 way road. If you didn’t know, that land belongs to the US.

It amazes that while there is a 2 to 3 miles of land before a city, there are literally people walking on the beach up to the fence in Mexico. I’ve been to Parque de la Amistad (Mexico’s side) & it’s so nice. There are murals & benches that people go and sit on. It’s very lively there. Regardless I’m one of the few lucky ones that can cross the border whenever she pleases & I am forever grateful for that.