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Long Distance || Jack Gilinsky imagine ||

So this was requested by anon and I thought it was cute but I did change a few things, but  here you go I hope yall enjoy it! Want to read more? Masterlist

    Going to design school/ Fashion school in Paris had always been my dream, I lived and breathed fashion and travailing had always been one of my favorite things. So when I got the opportunity to move to Paris to go to Paris International Fashion Academy (IFA), I knew I had to go but there was one thing holding me back, my boyfriend Jack. He encouraged me to go he helped me through the whole process he was my best supporter just like I was with his music so he understood what I was going through.

     When It was finally time for me to leave for Paris Jack threw me a Party with all of my friends and family, it was one of the best nights of my life. Then the next day I left and I couldnt be happier, but at the same time I missed Jack and my family more than anything.

     Now here I am a Paris resident of almost 4 months and about to have my first fashion show hosted by my school. I sat in my apartment that was on campus that I shared with two other girls who were now some of my closest friends. I was putting together different fabrics to see what fabric would look good as a sash for a dress that I was putting together for the fashion show, when my phone started to ring. I answered it immediately knowing who It would be on the other line “Hello” I sang sweetly through the phone “Hey babe, someones happy.” Jack noted “Yeah I guess I am im just so excited for the show and to come home.” I said feeling butterfly’s in my stomach just talking about the upcoming events. Jack chuckled “Im sorry I cant be there you know I would if I could but my and Jack have so many shows.” Jack sighed “Its okay Jack I dont mind I know you will be thinking of me.” I said hopefully “You know I will.” Jack said sweetly.

                      *The Next Day*

    Today was the day of the show and I was beyond excited I at school in the little building behind the main building where the show was being held. Designers were running around trying to find there models or rushing to finish outfits, I found my model and took her to the changing rooms where I pulled out my outfits and showed her how to put them on and the outfit line up. 

     Once I was sure that my model knew everything she needed to know I was ushered to the main building where I would need to find a seat preferably close to the runway. I set my bag down on a chair in the front row on the right side of the runway, “Do you want me to watch that for you?” An all to familiar voice asked me, I turned around slowly and saw Jacks smiling face. I was too shocked to do anything so for a few seconds I just stood there, then I jumped on him wrapping my legs around his hips and nuzzling my face into the crook of his neck. 

     Jack set me down “I cant believe you here!"  I squealed "I missed you so much (Y/N).” Jack said before he pressed his lips to mine “Well since your here I guess we should sit"  I said pointing to the chairs, he smiled and nodded and took a seat.

     Jack and I watched the fashion show and we talked the whole time filling each other in on the drama and other irrelevant shit and it was one of the best days of my life.

Sorry about the length I was on my phone and didnt have much time, imagine requests are still open BUT YOU MUST INCLUDE DETAILS IF YOU DO REQUEST!!