international exhibition of sherlock holmes

anxiousyetepic and I had a blast going to the “International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes” at a museum downtown! It was SOOOO AWESOME!!!

There was a section devoted to props and costumes from various incarnations of the famous duo, and stuff about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but by far the best part was the interactive section, where we got to follow along with Sherlock as he solves a crime, looking for clues in a crime scene, performing forensic tests, reconstructing events and evaluating plausible or possible scenarios!

It was AMAZING!!!

100% recommend!!

anonymous asked:

*Curtsies* Is our Duke visiting the Duchess? I want to be in London so bad right now! :( SO jealous. But I hope you enjoy your trip immensely! And maybe post more photos of the exhibition? If you can. xx

*Curtsies* Alas, no! I can’t afford to fly around the world more than once a year—or maybe ever again, if we’re being honest. The Duke is visiting the King, Queen, and Prince Regent (elder brother). 

I’d love to post most photos but we actually weren’t really allowed to take any :/ It was sort of silly but a lot of fun.


More artifacts from the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes here in Seattle. 

1. Original Paget illustration from The Red-Headed League and one of eleven known complete copies of Beeton’s Christmas Annual, featuring the first appearance of Sherlock Holmes.

2. Letter from ACD to Dr. Joseph Bell, in which he informs Dr. Bell that he is the inspiration for Sherlock Holmes.

3. Original Frederic Dorr Steele illustration for The Hound of the Baskervilles

4. A page from Chapter 12 of the manuscript for The Hound of the Baskervilles, with hand-written edits.

5. A page from Chapter 9 of the manuscript for The Hound of the Baskervilles, with hand-written edits.

6. In the prop 221B area, I found this charming wax fellow lounging in his dressing gown. You can see a bullet hole in his forehead if you zoom in enough.

ACD has very tiny, neat handwriting.