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AU where Even is a 24-year-old who is currently unemployed and stays mostly in his apartment and starts ordering the most random stuff from some Home Shopping Network and the delivery boy that he gets is this cute, blonde cupid bowed angel named Isak. Instantly, Even gets obsessed with ordering more stuff (surely for these interesting things, only) and so he orders the weirdest most embarassing shit so when Isak reads it out loud on his delivery document thingy, he blushes the most beautiful color ever or just scrunches up his nose in confusion and Even only winks at him. One time he opens the door only a towel around his waist with a flirty ‘wow, you’re so fast, Isak?!  So thankful that YOU’RE my boy. Oh, I mean, delivery boy’ just to see Isak try to look anywhere but at Even’s naked chest and choke out a squeaky ‘thank you!’ while Even makes an internal dance over the beautiful crimson color on Isak’s face (again). Later on, Even starts throwing the worst pick-up lines as Isak becomes more comfortable with him and just groans longer with each pick-up line of the day. They get to know each other more, talking a little after every delivery and Even loves it (because Isak is just SO INTERESTING? AND SMART? AND BASICALLY EVERYTHING THAT IS BEAUTIFUL IN THIS WORLD?) but he also gets super frustrated at how Isak sometimes brushes off those clearly awesome lines as a joke or thinks that Even is just being friendly and funny and so one day, he opens the door and Isak just has those doe eyes that make Even melt and that shy smile, and the sun is hitting Isak’s golden curls just right and he is in a white shirt that just looks so good on him and he mutters a breathy ‘hi Even’ as he casts his eyes down and starts repeating his usual mantra ‘I’m here to deliver your…’ and Even can’t take it so he just yells out ‘GO OUT WITH ME DAMMIT’ and Isak opens and closes his mouth like a fish for the whole 15 seconds and says ‘umm…okay?’ really unsurely but still with a shy smile on his face and Even can’t find it in himself to be embarrassed for losing his chill because HE. GOT. THE. DATE.

AUs & Drabbles that I will someday write;

You smell whatever your soulmate is smelling;

“It smells like a hospital all the time.” 
“Probably means Luffy’s soumate’s a doctor, huh?”

“Papa, all I ever smell is fire.” 
“That’s not a good sign. I’ll have to have a talk with your soulmate, Gully. A long talk.”

Your soulmate always feels your pain;

“Urgh.” “At least you know your soulmates’ a girl now.” 
“Shut up, Sabo. I am a fourteen year old male. I should not be experiencing period pains!”

 You share your soulmates abilities/gifts; (and devil fruits too!)

Sabo will never, never get over the fact Luffy can set a bone and stitch skin back together.
Rosinante had absolutely no idea why Law’s capable of fitting what amounts to an entire shark into his mouth in one go, but he’s not going to ask.

“Oh,” Riskua breathes, staring at the fire that’s flicking at her fingers and not burning. 
“Oh,” Sabo parrots mockingly, even as he internally dances because yes! Those two idiots are a pre-destined thing!

Pokemon Trainer AU;

“Ace, no.” 
“But I could do it so much better.” 
“You can’t take over the fire gym, you have to be appointed by the league. I don’t care how much of an ass Akainu is to his challengers.”
“…But Luffy and Law took over Doflamingo’s gym…”

Superhero AU;

“Er, what is this?”
“Ace, tiger, you’re a lot of things, but subtle is not one of them. I can sew, so put on what I made you and stop fighting crime in ripped jeans and a store-bought mask, okay?”

Canon(?) Fluff Stuff;

“Ace. What are you doing?”
“Building a blanket fort.”
“In the middle of Thatch’s messhall? He’s going to kill you.” 
“Get in here already, Bright Eyes.”

“Ace! What the hell happened to the carrot?”
“I only had a little nibble.”
“It was for the snowman’s nose! Now he’s gonna look like a freak!”

I Can’t Dance (Carry On Countdown Nov. 24th)

I love doing 5th year fics. Normally I go for angst but today I thought, what stressed me out as a teenager? Hope you enjoy some awkward fifteen year old Snowbaz :) @carryon-countdown


Baz felt a moment of rare peace sitting in his quiet bedroom. For once Snow wasn’t obsessively stalking him around Watford. He wished he were entirely relieved but a part of him felt a tiny burst of annoyance. Of course he needed a break from Snow’s attention but why did Snow need a break from him?
As if the room were listening to his thoughts, Snow burst through the doorway to their room. He looked frustrated and slightly panicky, his expression becoming worse when he saw Baz lounging on the bed.
“Why are you here?” Snow’s question wasn’t tinged with its usual antagonism.
“I live here?”
Snow huffed. “Usually you’re at football practice right now.”
Baz felt his heart stutter. “Stalker.”
Snow rolled his eyes. “It’s just the room is usually empty right now.”
“Usually yes. But today’s practice was cancelled. So here I am.”
Snow bit his lip nervously. “Well I need the room.”
Snow’s cheeks reddened.
“Oh gross you are not messing around with Agatha in here.”
Snow winced. “That’s not…no I meant…”
Baz waited.
“I need to practice…dancing.”
Baz had not expected that answer.
“Um, why?”
“For the winter formal.”
Baz mentally calculated how far the date of the dance was.
“That’s in a month Snow.”
Snow huffed and began plugging in his ancient CD player.
“Yeah I know. I barely have enough time to get the whole thing down.”
“That’s not what I meant. It’s way too far away to be worried about it. Plus…there’s no formal choreography. It’s just a school dance.”
“I. Can’t. Dance.” Snow’s shoulders were tense.
Baz threw his hands up in a sign of surrender.
“Okay, okay! I get it. Just act like I’m not here.”
Baz tried to go back to reading. Normally he could completely immerse himself in his studies. But he couldn’t help but watch Snow struggle through basic leading form. His shoulders sagged and he tripped often over his own feet. He managed to do all of this without even a dance partner to distract him. Snow definitely couldn’t dance.
At one point he tripped over their carpet and nearly crashed into Baz’s desk. Out of instinct Baz rushed forward to help him, not being as careful as he should be of his vampire enhancements. Snow jumped backwards away from Baz’s outstretched hands.
“I’m fine. Stop staring at me like I’m some pathetic loser.”
“Then stop acting like one!” Baz snapped.
They both paused then, not wanting to get too riled up. The Roommate Anathema was always a helpful threat to keep them calm. Snow looked back at Baz with watery eyes.
“I’ll never get this right. I’ve been practicing for weeks already.”
Baz wished he could touch Snow’s face, to try to comfort him.
Snow glared. “Yeah I get it. It doesn’t look like I have.”
Baz sighed in frustration. “Merlin Snow I wasn’t trying to be a prat. I’m just surprised that this is so important to you. You’ve slain dragons and chimeras, why do you need to beat this too?”
Snow clenched his fist. “That’s the point. I’m good at killing things. How can I ever…date Agatha if I can’t even properly dance with her?”
Baz felt himself internally recoil. It somehow always came back to her. But even as he wanted to lash out at Snow he knew it wasn’t fair. Plus, he wanted to help.
“Hasn’t Bunce offered to help you practice?”
“Yeah, but it hasn’t helped. She doesn’t know how to lead. So I’m not learning what I need to do.”
Baz looked away. “I can help.”
He sneered. “I can’t stand the idea of watching you muddle through the steps for the next month. At least this way you can get it done right and then I can have some peace of mind again.”
Snow’s eyes widened. “You’ll really help?”
“Yes. Now start the CD over again.”
Snow scrambled over to the machine and pressed a button. He walked back over and grimaced.
“This is going to be awkward.”
Baz glared. “Only if you make it so. I’m going to start off leading so you can get the idea. Then we can switch roles so you can practice.”
Baz carefully placed a hand on Snow’s waist and lightly gripped his hand with his other. His stomach felt like it might float out of his body. He had never dreamed he would be able to touch Snow like this, much less dance with him.
“Just follow my lead. But pay attention.”
Snow nodded, his face a mask of concentration. After a pause Baz led him into the dance. Baz knew Snow would get the hang of it eventually. Baz was a fantastic dancer and Snow had a kind of steel determination. Still, a part of him hoped it would take the whole month for Snow to master the steps.

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Things I will pay money for: Jumin and MC going ballroom dancing.

Can this be like at least an extra content in the future or something?
I can’t help but turn this into a headcanon

~RFA and ballroom dancing~ (With Jumin x MC)

☞Jumin dances with MC happily. He was taught the manners of ballroom dancing when he was young, though he can’t help but get nervous since it’s with her, making small mistakes every now and then. She just smiled gently, and Jumin can’t help but grin back.
☞Zen entered to the ballroom and somehow can’t help but get pissed off after seeing Jumin grin so cheekily. “Hmph, such a show-off. It’s not like I don’t have a dance partner.” He then grabbed Jaehee’s hand who was idling around nearby and danced with her. Jaehee’s internal fangirl self is dying even if she danced along calmly. ‘Omgomgomgomg I’m dancing with Zen, I’m dancing with Zen’
☞Yoosung, Seven, Saeran, and V arrived late. Seven decided to dance with Yoosung just for fun. Seven is laughing his ass off and Yoosung blushed out of embarassment.
☞V couldn’t help but laugh along and secretly asked Saeran to record it with V’s camera. Yoosung noticed though, then gets mad at V, while still blushing. “V!!! You’re not getting away with this!”
☞Saeran tagged along with all of these antics, though one thing went through his mind, ‘Wtf is wrong with these people’
☞Since Yoosung practically screamed at V, it caught Jaehee and Zen’s attention. So they joined in the bandwagon and teased Yoosung. Seven is still laughing his ass off, his stomach is beginning to hurt.
☞MC watched them from afar and laughed lightly. Jumin looked fondly at her, and they continued to dance.

It was a memorable night for all RFA members~ UvU

Misty Copeland & Marcelo Gomes perform Marcelo Gomes’s TOCCARE at International Evenings II of the 2017 Vail Dance Festival , Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater, Saturday, August 5, 2017.

Credit Photo: Erin Baiano

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Dorky GoM + Kiyoshi + Kagami in prom with their crushes looking so beautiful

this is adorable omgg my baes

Kagami the bae: he’d stare at them so intensely he’d forget to breathe tbh. After his crush approaches him and asks if he wants to dance with that breathtaking smile, his face explodes and he accepts it, stuttering.

Kuroko: he’d smile gently at them, finding them the most beautiful creature on earth. He’d ask them to dance softly, and would give out compliments through the whole night.

Aomine: he’d blush like the dork he is and asking them to dance with a gruff voice, but that’s cuz the butterflies in his stomach won’t settle down. He’d give them a sweet peck on the lips at the end of the night, blushing and stuttering out a compliment.

Kise: he’d take one look at them and his face’d soften, and he’d honestly think he was the luckiest guy in the world. He’d be unusually quiet, giving out a lot of compliments to them and blushing lightly when they compliment him.

Midorima: he’d blush uncontrollably, gulp and give himself a small pep talk before he gathers the guts to ask them to dance. He starts stiffly, but relaxes as he watches them smile, while unconsciously smiling as well.

Murasakibara: he’d take one look at them and rush to them before anyone else could. He’d take them in his arms, bury his face in their hair and mumble that they should look that beautiful only in front of him. His siblings’d probably have taught him how to dance only for this day, and he’d be internally grateful for this, even though they wouldn’t dance much.

Akashi: he’d look at them with half-lidded eyes and approach them confidently, but he’d be a mess inside. He’d softly ask them to dance, and he’d be so hypnotized by them he wouldn’t be able to look anywhere else. He’d also remind them from time to time how beautiful they were.

Kiyoshi the bae: he’d smile the brightest smile ever and goofly go up to them and ask for a dance. His smile softens as they dance, and they’d talk softly throughout the whole night.

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In class yesterday we read excerpts from the poem The Bells by Edgar Allan Poe and it mentions ghouls! They are described as creatures that feed on corpses. It was really interesting! The lines that mention ghouls go: They are neither man nor woman- They are neither brute nor human- They are Ghouls-- And their king who tolls it "ghoul king"!! I immediately thought of Eto & Kaneki and the one-eyed owl/oek. Hearing my teacher & class say ghoul was so strange tho, i was internally screaming :'D

You know it gets even better “ And he dances, and he yells Keeping time, time, time” (haha we still need to find out why Noro carried around a clock and even during Kanae’s torture time plays a big role and all of these events/persons are of course related to Eto).

Edgar Allan Poe is a really well known writer. I wouldn’t be even surprised if Ishida (who seems to read a lot) knows this poem ;D.

But yes, I understand why you were internally screaming. I think we all reached a point where the word “ghoul” will always reminds us of TG :’).Thank you for this message. I love to hear these kind of stories!