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Vaginal Davis on representing ‘like a black diva’

The Queen of Berlin talks drag, diversity and why she would never even dream of driving.

Vaginal Davis is an American intersex-born, genderqueer performing artist, painter, independent curator, composer, and writer. Davis’ name is a homage to activist Angela Davis.Vaginal Davis wears dress by Rick Owens; earrings and necklaces by Iosselliani; bracelets (worn on hands) by PradaPhotography by Matt Lambert, Hair and make up by Servullo, Styling by Sebastiano Ragus

Queercore pioneer Vaginal Davis appeared in Bruce LaBruce and Rick Castro’s cult classic Hustler White, made headlines kissing Gwyneth Paltrow at a Fluxus-inspired happening and babysat for Rick Owens. She’s also run notorious riot grrrl and neo-burlesque LA club nights and championed outsider art through zines and home-run galleries. We met the underground drag icon at the Berlin opening of her pal John Waters’ exhibition Bad Director’s Chair to discuss her punk roots and why Germany’s capital is one of the few bastions left for the creative non-moneyed.

What inspired your move from LA to Berlin?

Vaginal Davis: I’d never live in a boutique city like London or Paris, which are only about the rich. I already had an infrastructure here from 2001 when I did the first Cheap Collective project, a salute to Carmen Miranda. LA was traditionally the most inexpensive of all the international cities. Not any more! 

Skyrocketing costs pushed you out?

Vaginal Davis: I lived in Koreatown in this beautiful 1920s apartment building. The owner only rented this building out to artists and she liked queens. She kept the rents way below market value. Then her husband got Alzheimer’s and she sold it to a carpetbagger. I even had a garage. But I never learnt how to drive a car, even though LA’s the city of cars. I used my bicycle. That’s why I feel so at home in Berlin. Even when I’m on a bicycle, if I see a cute boy I turn towards him and stare. Can you imagine if I had a car? Horrors! You could take a person’s life in a car.

You came out of the LA punk scene. How did that influence your take on drag?

Vaginal Davis: My form of drag doesn’t placate mainstream sensibilities. I’ve always had this unease with the wealthy and privileged and do digs at them in my work. Now drag’s on television. RuPaul has a regular mainstream show, but she came out of the same underground scene I did. My cousin Karla Duplantier got me into punk. She was the black lesbian drummer of one of the earliest LA punk bands, The Controllers. It was the only scene that allowed me to get on to stages. 

The gay scene didn’t?

Vaginal Davis: If you were a black drag queen you had to represent like a black diva and sing the songs of a black diva, but I was writing original songs and my persona was a sexualising of political activist Angela Davis. The original punk scene was very female-centred and art-driven. But by the advent of hardcore it had became all suburban testosterone and conventional. Punk lost its drive, and that’s when people like me and Bruce LaBruce and GB Jones in Toronto were doing our own little things that later became known as the queercore scene. We became close through these 15-page letters with photos, drawings, ephemera

anonymous asked:

ljdfkj I've seen several commentaries on it being like the Muslim ban, including a comment on a fic saying they couldn't deal with anything positive to Tony's side because they felt it was like the Muslim ban that would impact them/their friends and like... I try to be understanding since it won't impact me but there's a huge difference in the UN/world asking a US organization to not cross their borders/accept accountability vs the xenophobia/racism of the US and its Islamophobia.

unless you/your friend/your family member is a superpowered/heavily armed member of a vigilante justice group called “the avengers” who are illegally crossing international borders, trashing cities, and then leaving, with no oversight or consequences for your actions, the accords would probably not apply to you/your friend/your family member. like, the “came here illegally” thing isn’t the issue here. it’s the destruction and loss of life. wanda was living in the states (probably without a visa? it’s never discussed?) since aou and no one had an issue with it until she killed 11 people in a paramilitary operation in a another country that she also wasn’t supposed to be in because she couldn’t control her powers as well as she thought.


this is a specific group of like 4-6 specific people who have actively chosen to threaten lives and livelihoods on a regular basis because They Know What’s Good For The World and everyone needs to be Grateful to them for coming into their country illegally and trashing it. everywhere they go, it’s the end of the world. this isn’t even Kind Of the same thing as banning entire countries of civilians from crossing your border because of islamaphobia, xenophobia, and racism. this is a direct response to one american paramilitary group. this is countries saying “hey so you’ve proven that you can’t actually be trusted to not endanger lives when left to your own devices, so we’d like something to be done about that, maybe, before you kill more people and have no consequences because one of you could probably take out an army” 

the team’s reactions to the accords aren’t “wow but we would have to do all of these really invasive things that we aren’t comfortable with that threaten our free will and our rights in our day-to-day lives and might be locked up and it seems kind of scary what are our options”, it’s “yeah but what if we WANT to go to a country to fight someone (and maybe wreck some stuff and kill some people in the process, but hey, can’t save everybody), and they don’t want us there? what if we know better than the UN council? what then? we don’t need to answer to anybody but ourselves” and i think that’s really telling, especially because we’re, like, assuming that they’ve all read it at this point (or at the very least, that vision’s used his sweet sweet android skills to skim it and give a summary or something). 

like nobody’s yelling “hey okay but fuck the team, i’m concerned about Going To Prison Under The Sea or having some kind of sketchy superhero registration thing or a tracking collar or some shit like what if i just want to retire on a farm with my family and friends like clint or something would they let me do that”

the accords are a fairly complicated issue and the russos didn’t really go into quite enough depth with it or commit to the idea well enough for us to have serious in-depth discussions of tiny details re: what the actual plans were for the avengers, but like. it wasn’t “join or die”, and doing the “let’s compare this thing to a Really Awful thing affecting lives in recent history to trigger an automatic emotional reaction” thing to bring people onto your side of a debate regarding a fictional law imposing regulations on a team of superheroes is really fucking gross? 


2/2/16 | 11:45 I enrolled in uni courses today and I’m stressing massively over whether I’ve done it correctly or not and whether I need to go to the enrollment advice session tomorrow even though I’ve already enrolled. I was not mentally prepared for the amount of stress I’m currently experiencing. 

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Julian Schnabel: A Private Portrait

Tribeca Film Festival 2017 - World Premiere

Written and directed by Italy’s Pappi Corsicato, Julian Schnabel: A Private Portrait chronicles the personal life and public career of the celebrated painter and filmmaker Julian Schnabel, whose acclaimed work has turned him into a superstar in the international art world.

More cities to be announced soon.

Yakitori Nonchan, Kobe, Japan

Friend of ours are traveling to Kobe for Thanksgiving and commented how they couldn’t find many posts about my adopted hometown here on Eataku! At first I didn’t believe them, till I checked, and discovered they were right; I’ve spent a large part of the last 25 years of my life in Kobe but there have been a minimal mentions on this blog. Time to fix that, starting with a post about my favorite yakitori joint, Nonchan…

More of a “locals only” eatery located up a small alley near Sannomiya Station, Yakitori Nonchan specializes in grilled chicken and regional sakes, mostly from the nearby Nada region of Hyogo. However, they do from time to time serve raw chicken as well, sashimi style…

For those who prefer their meat grilled, I suggest starting simpler with the “tsukune”, or chicken meatball…

“Kawa”, or skin, with salt not sauce, and “nankotsu”, or chicken cartilage…

I prefer my tsukune with “shichimi”, or hot pepper, on the left in red, and the rest with “sansho”, Japanese mountain pepper, on the right…

Gizzards (zuri)…

Liver (kimo)…

Heart (hatsu)…

Ice cold mugs of Asahi always help…

Some pork belly to break up the chicken parade as we get into some funkier cuts…

Like the chicken’s digestive tract…

Or its reproductive parts (hina)…

Local sake and housemade pickles as we move on…

Japanese “karaage”, or fried chicken…

Grilled thighs (momo yaki)…

And my favorite part of poultry, the “bonjiri”, or chicken butt…

…where here at Nonchan, they leave it still attached to the rest of the tail!

Some “ginnan”, or gingko nuts, to help some cut of the fat at the end of your meal…

And I highly recommend closing out your meal with Nonchan’s “tori zosui” or chicken & rice porridge…

Kobe is one of the most international cities in all Japan with a vastly underrated dining scene, except when it comes to beef. I definitely recommend you spend a few days in town sampling more than just yakiniku and steak, and would start at Nonchan, where they treat their chicken with the same respect!

Reservations recommended.


1-8-2 Kita-Nagasadori

Chuo-ku, Kobe




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Volantis is going to leed an 'international' coalization of slaves cities and declare war against Daenerys? If this is going to happen, this war could cause significants political changes in the map of Essos, like the fall of Volantis itself? And, another question, what is the probablity of Tattered Prince take and rule Pentos?

Well, Volantis has been crumbling for a while now. As we see in the ADWD chapters in Volantis and the worldbook, they are living an unsustainable dream and rotting from the inside. A slave revolt might just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. That being said, it will probably descend into rather brutal factional warfare as groups attempt to replace the absent slavemasters with themselves, and stop others from doing the same in a race to the top.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

As I’ve been reminded, Londoners aren’t the only Brits who defied national stupidity and actually voted with their heads last night. Love you Scotland.

SKYFALL (2012)

This film upheld the franchise tradition of featuring architectural icons and international cities, by including sequences on Japan’s abandoned Hashima Island, and in both central Istanbul and Shanghai. But for once it was the British locations that were the stars. There were extended sequences in London, and, when it became necessary to escape modern technology and go “back in time” :-), the world’s most stylish and atmospheric Scottish roadtrip.

SKYFALL (2012)

This film upheld the franchise tradition of featuring architectural icons and international cities, with sequences on Japan’s abandoned Hashima Island and in both central Istanbul and Shanghai. But for once it was the British locations that were the stars. There were extended sequences in London, and, when it became necessary to escape modern technology and go “back in time” :-), the world’s most stylish and atmospheric Scottish roadtrip.  The Skyfall Lodge, however, was not one of the many Scottish locations featured. It was a set, custom built on a site in Surrey.

SKYFALL (2012)

This film upheld the franchise tradition of featuring architectural icons and international cities, by including sequences on Japan’s abandoned Hashima Island, and in both central Istanbul and Shanghai. But for once it was the British locations that were the stars. There were extended sequences in London, and, when it became necessary to escape modern technology and go “back in time” :-), the world’s most stylish and atmospheric Scottish roadtrip. 

14:07 | 4/1/16 I got my IB exam results today, and while I’m not particularly happy with them I still did well and got well above the guaranteed entry score for my first uni preference. I also managed to come out on top of the competitive ATAR score competition between my cousin and I, so that’s a plus! To make ourselves feel better, a group of friends and myself went shopping after and this book cover makes me happier tbh

2011′s most popular cities

2011′s most popular cities (international arrivals)

1    London (20.1m)
2    Paris (18.1m)
3    Bangkok (11.5m)
4    Singapore (11.4m)
5    Hong Kong (10.9m)
6    Madrid (10.1m)
7    Istanbul (9.4m)
8    Frankfurt (8.4m)
9    Dubai (7.9m)
10    Rome (7.9m)
11    Seoul (7.9m)
12    New York (7.6m)
13    Amsterdam (7.4m)
14    Kuala Lumpur (6.9m)
15    Milan (6.7m)
16    Barcelona (6.7m)
17    Vienna (6.2m)
18    Shanghai (5.5m)
19    Taipei (5.4m)
20    Tokyo (5.0m)

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