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This is one of Robert Capa’s last pictures before he stepped on a lethal landmine in 1954 and one of his strongest war photographs. The inaction of the soldiers, all staring idly in different directions, on one side of the road and the adult and child walking with their animals down the other side of the road suggest the ambiguity the French military presence in Indochina and of Capa’s own engagement with what would eventually become the Vietnam War. Tragically this was not a war he dedicated himself to fighting by taking photographs for the international press, like the Spanish Civil War or World War II, or was he even interested in the conflict. This was supposed to be a short, well-paid assignment to cover for a LIFE photographer who had to leave for several weeks. It was one of the only photographs that he shot in color that was later published in black and white after his death. He often photographed the same scene in both black and white and in color film, but the juxtaposition between the French soldiers and their military motorcycles and the Vietnamese peasants with their geese had no correlation in black and white.
📷 [On the road from Namdinh to Thaibinh, Indochina (present-day Vietnam)], May 1954

This week staff photographer Chip Somodevilla (@somophoto) is taking over @icp to share the photos he has captured over the years while documenting US-Cuba relations in his work for Getty Images and from a 2011 trip to Cuba with his father, who was born in Havana. Follow @icp this week and @somophoto to see more of his work. 

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