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Love is War: Rivals are the Enemy! - An Ikki Analysis

So sayeth War General Waka. A cursory glance will identify Ikki as the playboy character of Amnesia, and you wouldn’t really be off the mark. Besides having his own fan club, he has a flirty, easy-going attitude in all of the routes that would lend to the belief that the trope fits him like a shoe.

Actually this trope is so overused that it’s become rather boring in otome, and the only way something cliche can be successful is for its usage to be somewhat unique. Otherwise you have to reinvent the trope by doing something different to it entirely, and that is probably the most difficult option. Yet, arguably, Otomate actually manages to do a bit of both with Ikki.

Major spoilers beneath the cut.

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calypcso  asked:

Are you more rowaelin or doraelin in general?

The way I see it is this:

pros: relatable to one another, both love reading, Fleetfoot, future leaders, understand one another’s burdens, sexual tension, fluffiness, possible prophetic foreshadowing (on Elena’s part), Dorian took her out of the mines, Aelin made him more courageous and comfortable with himself, (etc)
cons: related to each other (by Elena Havilliard), both have to rule their own countries (and a union between the two would only end badly), Chaol, Sorscha, Dorian isn’t exactly himself at the moment…

pros: Carranam, literally two halves of one soul, matching tattoos, both are Fae, both are warriors, both have internal/external scars, they’ve helped each other grow more so than any other characters have, major.character.developments, Aelin freed him from Maeve, Rowan taught her how to control her magic, they’re the first members of the court that will change the world, “to whatever end”
cons: distantly related to each other (but to be fair, they’re as related as Dorian and Aelin), Lyria, Rowan is a few centuries older, Rowan is immortal (although Aelin might became an immortal…just a theory), the bromance is so strong

By default, I ship Rowaelin more than Doraelin although I’d be very happy with either! I don’t buy into the whole “they’ve got too strong of a friendship to become more” crap because, imo, the best romantic relationships are made from close friendships. Also, just imagine Rowan as the king of Terrasen.

Just. Imagine.

anonymous asked:

hope and aya are the best international brotp, lbh. they respect each other so damn much and are so happy to compliment each other and praise their abilities. i cry because honestly the american and japanese rivalry is the best because it's all about respect.


apparently Hope said that she’s not friends with players on opposing teams, but Aya is like the one exception obviously. they have such a cute friendship and they respect each other so much after playing together here in the states. for real tho, the Japan/USA rivalry is my favorite because it’s not a really intense “I hate you” kind of rivalry. it’s just two of the best teams in the world playing each other (and always having entertaining games) and then congratulating each other after the game finishes. 

apparently the Japanese players respect our team so much that they always say “sorry” after they foul our players which makes me v emotional. and ofc Abby went over and congratulated the JapWNT after they won the WWC 4 years ago, despite how heartbroken she obviously was. and then there’s the players all being cute together after games (Pinoe bowing to them + ruffling their hair, Aya giving our players candy, u know).

Japan/USA is the GOAT woso rivalry tbh