international ask a question day

  • In a lesson I taught yesterday, one of the high school boys, upon being told it was International Womens Day, asked the time old question 'but when is it ever international mens day?'
  • Before I could say a damn thing, a girl on the other side of the class, who incidently is my new favourite student, yelled across at him 'every other fucking day - its the default that men get celebrated.'
  • Feminism lives and she is 15 years old.

Despite the awkward beginning, things had finally started to relax and you were almost enjoying yourself… almost. Of course, as much as you liked the guy opposite you, something was making you hold back, or, perhaps, someone. You mentally sighed as you tried to force him out of your mind. Now wasn’t the time, you were on a date for heavens sake! You didn’t need Harrison Wells running through your mind when you were trying so desperately to move on from your little crush.

Taking a sip of your wine, something you were enjoying more than this date, you couldn’t help but wonder if you had made a mistake. Certainly, this friend of Iris’ was good looking, even charming, but was he what you wanted? No, you needed to stop thinking like this. He was a good guy, he deserved a chance, a proper chance, one where you weren’t trying to compare him to your boss constantly.

Just as you had decided to do just that your phone began to vibrate. Throwing a quick glance towards it, trying to determine whether or not it was important, you were shocked by the caller I.D. ‘Harrison Wells’ flashed up on your screen, causing you to furrow your brow in confusion. Certainly, you had been called in before, all the more so since helping Barry become The Flash, but you could never recall Wells being the one to call, let alone on his mobile.

Apologizing quickly to your date, you pick up the phone. “Hello?”

“Y/N, where are you?” the urgent, and surprisingly worried, voice of Harrison Wells called through the phone. The question struck you as odd, hadn’t he known you had a date tonight? Barry and Cisco had been practically singing that you did all week long, surely he would have heard. But then again, he had no reason to take notice. 

“I’m at dinner, is everything ok?” you ask, internally cringing at your question. Of course it wasn’t, it wasn’t every day Wells dialled your number.

“I need your help” he spoke. The words were so simple, and their meaning ranged so far, but it was all you needed.

“One second” you reply quickly, putting your hand over the speaker. “I’m so sorry Y/D/N, I have to go. There’s something of an emergency.” Not giving your date the time to reply you quickly gather your things before making your way out of the restaurant. “Doctor Wells? I’m on my way.”

*don’t delete the text it won’t show*

August 3rd is International Friendship Day! I thought we should all celebrate as a tumblr family!

Basically, reblog this post and I’ll send you a ‘tumblr friend.’ You must anonymously send them random compliments, random facts about yourself, questions, or cute things like pictures of cats with mustaches. Then around about August 3rd, reveal yourself and BOOM you have 2 new tumblr friends! (the person you’re sending stuff to and the person you’re receiving stuff from.)

There’s a few little rules:

  • Reblog this post 
  • Please follow me bc I’ll work real hard on this and that’s fair
  • Be active and nice :)
  • Any blog style and all will be included

That’s it! I’ll try to do EVERYONE. Any questions just message me. PS the pic is transparent :)

1 reblog = 2 new friends! Get to it!