international alopecia day


[Four images: 1- a 20 something white woman with alopecia smiles into the camera with lots of trees in the background. 2- same woman and her partner look super cute together. 3- same woman and her friend sit side by side on a grassy hill. 4- same woman on a hike with trees and the ocean in the background.]

Happy International Alopecia Day 2013! I decided to take pictures of bald people (ok, maybe just one person, myself) enjoying life.

1-Me loving Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

2-My partner and I showing that people with alopecia can have loving and meaningful relationships.

3-My wonderful friend and I showing that some people with alopecia look like they have a full head of hair and others don’t!

4-Some people with alopecia go on gorgeous hikes!

To simply exist in a world that wants denies your existence is radical.  There are so many people who can only imagine baldness being a result of chemotherapy, so they assume I have cancer without ever giving me the opportunity to explain my identity.

I envision living in a world where I can choose to explain my identity to others if I desire, and where I do not feel forced to explain it because people make assumptions about my identity based off my appearance.