This is all about firsts! Now I’m not talking about your first kiss or the first car you ever drove. I’m talking about important dates! So check this out!

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You know it’s bad when you fear opening your inboxes and mentions because there’s always a threat or hateful insulting message to be found. Or when you’re afraid to post things because you know it’ll end up in someone’s article, without proper citation. Being a vocal ‘non-respectable’ woman of color online comes with constant exploitation by way of content-mining and plagiarism, abuse, threats and harassment. And it’s worse if you vocally identify as a black woman. It makes you a target for non-black people of color and whites alike.

The same mechanisms that leave us unprotected and unnamed when speaking of violence in the flesh, also leave us as open to targets online. The same biases that tell people you deserve abuse in the flesh, pummel you online. And every time an article is written on online abuse, it’s white-centered, when white women experience the least of it. Online is just another realm of typical oppression and erasure. I probably consider quitting every day. But then I remember the wonderful community we’ve built and the people who need the affirmation I needed, and I stay. I don’t know how long I will be able to endure it, though.

Zahira Kelly

Quote is from Women Crush(ing The Patriarchy) Wednesday: Zahira Kelly in Latina. The whole thing is GREAT; I am really loving what she said here about online safety and its real connection to the violence that we face offline. Few people think about this for Black women. 


“I feel like a queen,” says Brazilian woman teaching in Finland, the No.1 country in the world in education

Note from BW of Brazil: Another interesting category that we like to feature here from time to time is the success and experiences of black Brazilian women in other countries. We’ve already seen a former maid’s “nightmare to American Dream” in the US, a music career that took off in Italy, another former maid create a social enterprise in England, another woman finding race easier to deal with in Germany, and yetanother who saw another perspective of herself while living in Canada. Today, we bring another story of a black Brazilian woman who has found success on the other side of the world, this time in Finland!

Full story here: “I feel like a queen,” says Brazilian woman teaching in Finland, the No.1 country in the world in education

Me and another awesome agent @madisonmalibu in Flower Mound, TX checking out a new development by Ashton Woods Homes.

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Brides of the World 

Part II.a- Asia mainland & Japan

Pictures of brides around the world in traditional styled wedding attire.  Click  the picture for the source link with more info! Hope you enjoy =)