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respectfully, shut the hell up

No I will not ‘shut the hell up’. International fans are getting a bad reputation from that small group of ANY ETHNICITY of fans and I wanna speak up because some of us European fans actually wanna see our bias live before it’s too late 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Your comment just proves how much shit international fans get

I was diagnosed as autistic when I was 3 and, in life, I’ve never really fit in. I sort of had this internal bias that I was different or broken, thanks to stigma. I still feel like that, but after I read Order of the Phoenix in 7th grade, Luna kinda wormed her way into my head, I guess. It wasn’t until 11/12th grade, or when I saw a headcanon of her being autistic, that I started to relate to her. So Luna is kind of helping me break from my own stigma, I guess, because she’s different, but loveable.

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I'm having a bit of trouble with my internal Slytherin bias. I always thought I was a trauma-Slytherin (had a major personality change that made me a Slytherin rather than a Puff) but I was thinking about me as a kid and I realized I've always been wildly ambitious, and power hungry and clever etc. I almost feel like a bad person now and idk why

Ambition and cleverness aren’t bad traits though ? Slytherin is an awesome house, it doesn’t matter if you’ve always been a Slytherin or are a ‘trauma-Slytherin’, you don’t have to feel bad for being part of this house !

- Céline

So we got this ask about why I/the blog are more lenient with shows/movies that do “right” by Black people even when there’s sexism and homophobia. I think…that anon might be right at least about once instance. 

Black Panther vs. Runaways. Alex’ betrayal is tropey and ridiculous but BP is straightwashing one of the characters and we are only calling for a boycott of one of these. 


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EXO reacting to their idol crush being obsessed with their group

A/N: Omg this is the first EXO reaction in a while hahaha my inbox is so full of bts reactions hahaha. I hope you enjoy it, and thanks to the anon for the request! ;)


He would be so happy because he would know his crush liked this huge part of him which is EXO and he might have a chance. 

Chen: Yay! Now all I have to do is win her heart! It can’t be that hard.

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As he would know his crush is obsessed with EXO, he would be so careful with all the memebers and try to keep distance.

Chanyeol: Stop it Kyungsoo, I know you love me but keep it low, she is gonna think I’m taken. *sweats*

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He would be happy but he wouldn’t be amazed at all, he know EXO is great so it wouldn’t be a surprise to him.

Sehun: Good to know she’s got good taste, now I need a plan to make her obsessed with me…

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This may sound like an out-of-contest question, and if it is please let me know, but I was wondering: how do I create a main character that's not "yet another white boy"? The book itself will be diverse, but the main character is white, and I'm scared people will glance over it and call it "a white book" because of this. What do you advise me to do? How do I make him stand out in a sea of other white boys? He's diabetic, aroace, has scars and feminine tastes, but it's still not enough.

Thanks for your question, and I apologize for the wait </3  It’s been a busy week, but I’ve got some thoughts for you!

So, the phrase “yet another white boy” can mean a lot of different things, as can “a white book”.  The White Boy stereotype is pretty broad: money/privilege, sexism, homophobia, cockiness, self-centered worldview, the “chosen one”/”golden boy” trope, and a bland/angst-centric personality constitute a stereotypical white guy for me, but that’s just one perspective.  TVTropes has some common white guy tropes here.

Overall, though, it’s about more than diversifying your cast – it’s about diversifying the experience itself.   If the story is written from a white person’s POV – particularly someone with limited exposure to stories/perspectives from actual POC – then the story can easily become a “white book”, no matter how diverse the cast is.  Diversifying your own experiences through travel, fiction, & media will add color to your stories.  It can also help to find co-writers or beta readers of color to help you spot these kinds of problems.

Lastly, it has a lot to do with the means of promoting the book, both externally and internally.  Consider how you’d be selling the book – which characters/plots/hooks you’d be using to find an audience.  Then consider the plots and characters that are the most relevant to the story – the love stories that get the most scenes and the characters who get the most background.  Keep an eye out for a few things:

  • Baiting – think queerbaiting, but include people of color, disabled people, and neurodivergent people.  If you find you’re advertising more diversity than is actually important and focal to the story, you may be presenting a diverse experience without following through.
  • Softening the Blow – A.K.A. making it more attractive to neurotypical straight white men by underselling the non-white aspects, either in advertisement or by diminishing POC/ND/LGBTQ/female roles within the story.  If you’re including diverse characters for scenery or posterity only, your audience is going to sense that, and declare it a “white book”.
  • Weak Representation – This includes stereotypes, tokenism, lack of research, or any show of internal bias.  No matter how diverse your cast is, if you’re writing all the characters without thinking about how you’re writing them, you’re going to struggle.  Your non-white non-NT non-straight characters should be just as complex and interesting as your white cishet characters, period.

Anyway, that’s what I could think of for you.  It’s different for every situation, and as a white person, my expertise here is limited.  If any of my followers have anything to add, feel free!

Thanks again, and happy writing :)

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

Listen up my fellow non-black people

Don’t use the n-word.

Just don’t.

I don’t care if you end it with “ah” or “a” or “uh” or whatever other ways you try to spell it to justify your using it.

It’s a racial slur.

Racial slurs don’t have a cheat code like swear words. They’re unmistakably the same thing.

I’m sick of hearing people try to justify using the n-word like that.

Why are you so eager to say it, anyway?

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Idk what the other anon is talking about, but I really love how open minded your response was. I love the fact that instead of getting defensive or whatever, you asked for more details. This is an awesome blog, and it's really obvious that yall work really hard on it, and I'm sorry for being all kinds of gushy but it's just super refreshing. I hope all the mods get to interact with their favorite animal asap! <3

I just realize we all can fall prey to internalized stuff like this. I might unintentionally do this because I’m Black and I’d rather someone call me out so I can recognize the behavior and fix it before it interferes with what we are trying to do here.

I really appreciate ad love the gushing it makes me feel good and accomplished on this blog :) and actually, I get to see my fave animal right now. His name is Nick and he is my ESA.

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TW diet/weight/internalized fat hate


Soooo I have been feeling really unhappy and unattractive because I have gained weight back and more from the last time I tried to lose weight. And the thing is I know that diets don’t work and I have done all this research and activism around challenging my own internalized fatphobia and bias/hate and I still hear this voice in my head telling me that I look awful and of course I should be unloved, how could I ever expect someone to love me if I let myself look like this, etc etc. And the only thing I can think of to do about this is fucking post these pictures anyway. Ones with makeup and without. Ones where I am trying to look good and ones where I am sick and a mess. This is me. I am a being. I specifically shout out all my fellow mixed indigenous nonbinary/trans/genderqueer/demigender LGBTQIA mentally ill poor fat folx. Sending you as much love as I possibly can.

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im just asking cause im genuinely curious, i know how the artist portrays pharah is bad because everyone else is proportionally accurate and dainty [still weird to draw women as always dainty but thats another issue i feel] - but would it still be bad if everyone was stylized with exaggerated body types?

I feel that issue too about keeping all the ladies nice and tiny. >:/

But! If all the other characters were stylized, I think that it deeefinitely wouldn’t have been as terrible. I think I’ve chatted about something similar before where if you have some of your villains have features that could potentially be xenophobic (dark skin, big or hooked noses, etc.), then some of your villains shouldn’t have those. Some of your heros also should have those features too.

So like… if the other characters were shown to be nice and big or exaggerated or w/e, then that’s no problem, as long as there isn’t some internalized bias happening (e.g. only the brown women are the ones who get the top-heavy, muscle treatment while the white women stay the same). Gotta vary across the board! Like gimme that muscle Pharah, but gimme that pointy or tall or muscle Mercy, too! Don’t just regulate perceived masculine or “non-human-like” features to non-white characters. >:0!