internalized bias

Feminist: *states his/her opinion*

A Man: “I don’t agree with you.”

Feminist: “Mansplaining mysogynist! You’re a man! Therefore, your opinion doesn’t matter! Talk to me when you’re being oppressed!”

A Woman: “I don’t agree with you either.”



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I find the word lesbian so uncomfortable and idk why? I just use gay which is absolutely fine but i think the only reason I feel the need to use the term gay is bc i feel like people will judge me less? I think that I think people will stereotype me more if I use lesbian instead of gay. I'm sorry this is ridiculous I'm just so weirdly uncomfortable with it -it feels like some sort of bad word. Idk where I'm going with this - do you have any thoughts? Thanks!

I feel like you should use whatever word is most comfortable for you. As long as that internalized negative bias against that word doesn’t carry over to other people (other women who identify as lesbians), then I don’t think it’s a huge deal.

I think it is something worth meditating on, bc I don’t think your feelings about that word come from a very healthy place– especially if your asking for advice about it.

I’m really not the authority on you or your emotions, so take what I say with a grain of salt (I don’t truly know why you feel what you feel), but I’d wager that your feelings about the word “lesbian” are in part, the unfortunate result of living in a society predominantly run by straight men.

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respectfully, shut the hell up

No I will not ‘shut the hell up’. International fans are getting a bad reputation from that small group of ANY ETHNICITY of fans and I wanna speak up because some of us European fans actually wanna see our bias live before it’s too late 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Your comment just proves how much shit international fans get

I was diagnosed as autistic when I was 3 and, in life, I’ve never really fit in. I sort of had this internal bias that I was different or broken, thanks to stigma. I still feel like that, but after I read Order of the Phoenix in 7th grade, Luna kinda wormed her way into my head, I guess. It wasn’t until 11/12th grade, or when I saw a headcanon of her being autistic, that I started to relate to her. So Luna is kind of helping me break from my own stigma, I guess, because she’s different, but loveable.

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I'm having a bit of trouble with my internal Slytherin bias. I always thought I was a trauma-Slytherin (had a major personality change that made me a Slytherin rather than a Puff) but I was thinking about me as a kid and I realized I've always been wildly ambitious, and power hungry and clever etc. I almost feel like a bad person now and idk why

Ambition and cleverness aren’t bad traits though ? Slytherin is an awesome house, it doesn’t matter if you’ve always been a Slytherin or are a ‘trauma-Slytherin’, you don’t have to feel bad for being part of this house !

- Céline

EXO reacting to their idol crush being obsessed with their group

A/N: Omg this is the first EXO reaction in a while hahaha my inbox is so full of bts reactions hahaha. I hope you enjoy it, and thanks to the anon for the request! ;)


He would be so happy because he would know his crush liked this huge part of him which is EXO and he might have a chance. 

Chen: Yay! Now all I have to do is win her heart! It can’t be that hard.

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As he would know his crush is obsessed with EXO, he would be so careful with all the memebers and try to keep distance.

Chanyeol: Stop it Kyungsoo, I know you love me but keep it low, she is gonna think I’m taken. *sweats*

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He would be happy but he wouldn’t be amazed at all, he know EXO is great so it wouldn’t be a surprise to him.

Sehun: Good to know she’s got good taste, now I need a plan to make her obsessed with me…

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  • wanting exo to make a comeback every two weeks
  • meeting another kpop fan and praying they don’t have the same bias as you
  • screaming internally and externally when your bias shows off those abs
  • screaming internally when your bias wrecker shows off those abs
  • wondering if you still stan your bias
  • wondering what you’ve done to deserve this
  • wanting to buy kpop merch but finding like 1 store in your city
  • crashing and deciding to order online
  • but the shipping fee costs more than what you’re ordering
  • wanting to go to a concert but not having the time/money/permission/whatever other reason to go
  • listening to other groups but still thinking to yourself that you will always stan exo
  • starting to stan a member of another group 
  • questioning why kpop exists
  • is it to kill my fangirl heart
  • is it to make all these flower boys popular
  • is it some subliminal message from the government brainwashing our youth into some weird cult-like structure
  • but then you’ll think to yourself
  • no its because they’re talented
  • wanting to read more smut but finding no good smut
  • finding a good smut except it’s part of a series that is discontinued
  • finally finding a good one shot but wanting it to become a series
  • deciding you’re going to be an innocent exo-l and read a normal fanfic for once
  • but then you’re like “i wish it was more romantic”
  • reading a fanfic about your bias wrecker and being like “whY DID YOU MAKE ME THIS WAY”
  • reading fanfic until 1 am
  • your friend finally crashing and asking you why you like kpop and then you’re all like
  • “it’s really an art”
  • “let me show you”
  • “i hope you didn’t eat anything recently”
  • then being satisfied by seeing the traumatized look on their face
  • “are you okay”
  • and you’ll be all like
  • shouldn’t we all be concerned for each other
  • lets just hold each other in our arms
  • that feeling when there’s a dating rumor surrounding your bias
  • you’re saying “aw that’s nice”
  • but inside you’re all like
  • “this can’t be happening why why why i will find you”
  • this is why some of us feel bad for girl groups
  • that feeling when you feel like exo has ruined your life
  • so you want to stan another group
  • but then exo’s all like
  • “i’m disappointed”
  • “so unfaithful”
  • “oppa’s angry at you”
  • and you feel bad
  • because of that
  • then you eventually crash and go to tumblr
  • where you meet all these people who have sunken into this alternate reality with you
  • and you don’t feel as bad about yourself
  • but then you have to adjust to the new reality of having a new smut being posted every 0.71 seconds and it being one of the best smuts you’ll ever read
  • you’ll be all like
  • “thank god for tumblr”
  • and then you’ll also be like
  • “what do you mean i’m selfish????>??>?/”
  • “i have to share my bias with 1094819784134018491381939 other thirsty fangirls on tumblr and you’re calling me selfish”
  • “like most of them like smut”
  • that feeling when you rewind to MAMA era
  • oh the ot12 feels
  • when you see luhan, kris and tao
  • then caress their cheek
  • what
  • oh right
  • watching old interviews of ot12
  • seeing how much everyone has growth
  • “i wonder what luhan/kris/tao are doing right now”
  • “blow it like a flute”
  • “luhan still looks like a girl”
  • “what tao’s w/ jackie chan”
  • “kris is… oh juice”
  • but you’ll always love exo
  • cause they won’t let you stop
Strive Pt. 13

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Pair: Tomarry

Rating: M-E(depends)

Tags: Mild Language, Homosexuality, Sexism, Obsessed Tom, Time-Travel/Dimension-Travel, Teacher/Student, Eventual Romance, Teacher-Harry, Grey!Harry, MoD(sort of), Death!being,

On the train ride back to Hogwarts, Tom Riddle found himself inside a compartment with his Slytherin contemporaries. They spoke calmly and quietly about the drama that had occurred at Malfoy Manor over the course of the holidays. Abraxas was being as dramatic as possible to make the story even worse than it actually was. Tom had managed to remove himself from the situation well enough, until Abraxas mentioned that the Aurors tried to unlawfully search his person.

The others immediately turned their eyes upon his form, looking mildly horrified and curious. There was no choice but to join the conversation by then, and Tom nodded regally. 

“It was amusing when Lord Malfoy pointed out that they needed a warrant to check individual people on the premises. I believe I have also lost all hope in the Auror forces if they plan to listen to the hearsay of random wizards with no actual proof. Something else that will eventually need to change, I assure you all.”

A moment of silence met his words and he made sure to eye each of them considerably, before returning to his tome about potions and their potency.

The peace was disturbed when the compartment door slid open to reveal the Trolley Witch, who was looking expectant. “Anything off the trolley?” she inquired, waving a hand toward her wares.

Tom’s eyes noticed the large amount of Daily Prophet rolls. The woman glanced over and smiled. “We were given a massive amount to sell on the train, dear. Some drama in politics as usual.”

Abraxas immediately bought a paper as well as several Chocolate Frogs.

After several moments, the blond’s jaw dropped. “Dumbledore is currently being investigated!” he announced loudly.

Tom hissed, waving a hand to lock the door to the compartment and silence the entire room before the fool could make an even bigger spectacle than he already was.

The paper was passed into Tom’s hands immediately, who folded it carefully, eyes trailing over the words that proceeded to condemn Albus Dumbledore for foul action against the Lord of an Noble House, as well as call into question, his behaviour at school.


During the Yule holidays, the Auror Force headed a raid on Malfoy Manor in search of what is being termed, ‘Dark Artifacts’. An inside tip had alerted the Aurors of devious actions taken by the Malfoy Lord and an expressed concern for the visiting Hogwarts student, Tom Marvolo Riddle, Head Boy and Slytherin’s star pupil.

The Head Auror was among the group who searched the Malfoy’s home and found absolutely no trace of anything Dark. One of the Aurors on the team, who shall remain anonymous as requested, admitted to the group attempting to search the people inside the building without having a warrant to do such. Lord Malfoy has done as he had promised and filed a complaint with the Minister himself.

An inside source admitted to this reporter that the warning the Aurors received came from a golden and red Phoenix and was written in fanficul script. As there is only one wizard within our Magical community who has a Phoenix familiar, we have come to believe that the anonymous tip to the Auror Office was from Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Deputy Headmaster and Transfiguration Professor of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Many would question why Professor Dumbledore would even involve himself in such matters when he is but a school teacher, but it turns out that Mr. Dumbledore is also working to become Chief Warlock of the British Wizengamot. Such a thing is not something a passive school teacher would do. It is also very interesting when we consider what some individuals have divulged to us in concern.

“I have known Albus for many years. He was a bright pupil and always ready to learn what was available. However I have noticed that he has always been a bit too superstitious and tends to believe the worst of everyone upon first glance if their immediate impression isn’t positive. His attitude has changed quite drastically over the course of these past seven years, though I cannot for the life of me understand why,” said Armando Dippet, current Headmaster of Hogwarts. “If he was truly behind such a thing, I wouldn’t be able to give you a reason.”

“Albus has always been a delightful mind to pick and prod!” Potions Master Horace Slughorn stated enthusiastically. Unfortunately, that seemed to be the only pleasant thing he had to say about Hogwarts’ Deputy Headmaster. “Albus has a tendency to be rather biased. He is quick to jump on a Slytherin should they appear to be doing anything even remotely questionable. I have noticed that he neglects to pay Slytherin students the attention they deserve while lavishing his Gryffindors often and unnecessarily. He doesn’t even acknowledge the Slytherins unless something unpleasant happens, in which Albus will be the first to accuse a Slytherin. It is concerning behaviour.”

Finally, we spoke with Hogwarts’ new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, Harry Potter. Professor Potter has been seen by many students and staff, in heated discussions with Mr. Dumbledore. This has lead many to believe that the two do not in fact, get along.

“Professor Dumbledore becomes visibly irate whenever he spots a Slytherin so much as looking at students from another House. He gives detention to Slytherins without proof of them doing wrong, and often times, Professor Slughorn must intervene upon his student’s behalves. A Gryffindor student was caught bullying a Hufflepuff student and Professor Dumbledore did nothing but waive the detention I assigned. He proceeded to give detention to a Slytherin Prefect for being out after hours, despite the fact that it was said Slytherin’s duty to patrol on the First Floor for an hour after curfew.

“I have witnessed him refuse to acknowledge the efforts of students who are not Gryffindors, yet raise his Gryffindors far above a level they deserve. He was displeased with my teaching style, claiming that ‘the good and just students of his House deserved better grades’. The fact is, a good percentage of his students did in fact, not do well in my class, and I have steep grading expectations.

“In addition to his questionable behaviour toward Slytherins and Gryffindors alike, he also has controlling tendencies, having attempted to coerce me into believing particularly terrible things about certain Slytherin students that he does not like. I am in no way shocked that he would try to put the Malfoy family under fire, seeing as he constantly puts the Slytherin students under similar stress and undeserved punishment.

“Sometimes I worry for the students with him here, which is why I did not take a holiday like many of my fellows. I was concerned for the Slytherin students who remained behind without their Head of House to be there to defend them.”

With the statements from these three individuals, plus many lingering comments from many Hogwarts students and other members of the staff, it has lead us at the Daily Prophet, to question whether or not our children are safe among the influence of a man who lacks any respect for his peers, nor any caring for some of the students under his purview.

An investigation by the DMLE is underway. We will keep you updated.

Garrison Bespoke,
Special Correspondent to the Daily Prophet.

A dark grin that felt well deserved in his opinion, spread across his face. This was the perfect way to destroy Dumbledore’s reputation. To shed light on his internal bias that he was incredibly poor at hiding. And then soon everyone who adored him, would see the type of person he really was.

“Professors Slughorn and Potter weren’t merciful in their comments. Even Headmaster Dippet spoke out against his attitude.”

If there was any more of a reason for Tom to like Professor Potter, he had it now.

Looking up at the Head Table and seeing Professor Potter sitting there calmly while the seat Dumbledore usually sat it, remained vacant, made Tom incredibly please. Enough to smirk openly. How he despised Dumbeldore’s very existence.

However, this would not distract him from his mission. he needed to find out why the professor knew about about Tom’s blood family.

He knocked thrice and waited a few seconds.


When Tom stepped into the man’s office, he found Professor Potter sitting with his… friend Mortimer.

“Hello, Tom.”

Mortimer glanced between them, before standing. “I will take my leave now. Remember what we discussed.”

Professor Potter gave a firm nod as Mortimer strode out the door without even giving Tom another thought.

“Come and sit, Tom. What is on your mind?”

Tom closed the door behind himself and waited until he was seated before placing the ‘anonymous’ letter on the other man’s desk. Seeing no reason to extend the awkward feeling he was experiencing, Tom asked, “How do you know who my mother was, professor?”

Potter’s eyes grew wide and for the first time since meeting the man, Tom saw him without any self-control or his aloof demeanor he’d become known for.

The following muttered curse, was enough to make him feel good. 

Too good.