internal unrest

Enneagram Tumblr as a Country
  • Enneagram Country is divided into nine districts.
  • The wing most represented is the capital city.
  • The city you reside in is represented by your core type.
    • Alternatively, if you cannot find people of your type, your city is represented by the type you hang around the most.
  • Your fixes are where most of your products are from.
  • Your mistypes are cities that you visit for pleasure.
  • Integrations and disintegrations represent relations between the districts.
  • The Districts
    • The Nines are the governing district of all of Enneagram Country. They resolve disputes between districts and have a lot of nice parks.
    • The Eight district isn’t as bad as it seems. They got the wreckage from Eightgate cleared out.
    • The Seven district is the party district. They have a tourism-based economy and are fairly tolerant.
    • The Six district, due to internal unrest, has split their cities into phobic and counterphobic regions. Natural disasters occur on a regular basis here, so every house has an apocalypse-style bunker complete with everything imaginable.
    • The Five district is known for its impressive libraries and cutting edge technology. This is where research is done.
    • The Four district has a lot of cool things and a barter-based economy. They don’t believe in money for various reasons.
    • The Three district is where the rich and famous are. People judge its all the time, which causes unrest.
    • The Two district has given itself over to humanities and helping the other districts. They don’t have much for themselves because of this.
    • The One district is where things are inspected, packaged, and processed. People tend to be a bit uptight here, but it’s for a good cause.
  • Elections for governor are held once a year. It’s a one year term for both positions and a six term limit. Each district elects one governor and two senators, one from each city.
  • The governor of the Nines has power over the entire country.

prior to trump’s election i’d pegged china’s environmental pollution as being one main issue that could hobble its goal to become a superpower. it’s a huge problem that has already cause social unrest internally and it has exhausted its natural resources far more than america has. 

but now i’m wondering if climate change is instead going to be precisely how china begins to seize the reins of global leadership from america. honestly, resources and infrastructure-wise the US is in an even better position to remake itself into a clean energy superpower that is also energy independent. it’s already started down that route. but judging from how trump is looking to appoint several people who deny climate change…it’s like…what a way to piss away an advantage.