internal unrest

Enneagram Tumblr as a Country
  • Enneagram Country is divided into nine districts.
  • The wing most represented is the capital city.
  • The city you reside in is represented by your core type.
    • Alternatively, if you cannot find people of your type, your city is represented by the type you hang around the most.
  • Your fixes are where most of your products are from.
  • Your mistypes are cities that you visit for pleasure.
  • Integrations and disintegrations represent relations between the districts.
  • The Districts
    • The Nines are the governing district of all of Enneagram Country. They resolve disputes between districts and have a lot of nice parks.
    • The Eight district isn’t as bad as it seems. They got the wreckage from Eightgate cleared out.
    • The Seven district is the party district. They have a tourism-based economy and are fairly tolerant.
    • The Six district, due to internal unrest, has split their cities into phobic and counterphobic regions. Natural disasters occur on a regular basis here, so every house has an apocalypse-style bunker complete with everything imaginable.
    • The Five district is known for its impressive libraries and cutting edge technology. This is where research is done.
    • The Four district has a lot of cool things and a barter-based economy. They don’t believe in money for various reasons.
    • The Three district is where the rich and famous are. People judge its all the time, which causes unrest.
    • The Two district has given itself over to humanities and helping the other districts. They don’t have much for themselves because of this.
    • The One district is where things are inspected, packaged, and processed. People tend to be a bit uptight here, but it’s for a good cause.
  • Elections for governor are held once a year. It’s a one year term for both positions and a six term limit. Each district elects one governor and two senators, one from each city.
  • The governor of the Nines has power over the entire country.

Naval Command

In its 11th season, NCIS continues to win the No. 1 spot on television

To get a sense of how long NCIS has been on the air, consider this: When the show premiered on CBS, a gallon of gas cost $1.64. NCIS has since risen through the ranks to earn the top spot, gaining millions of viewers along the way even as others aged and declined (as TV shows that aren’t NCIS do). It’s as though the longer the series airs, the more viewers it will have.

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When you teach a man the science of government he wants an equal part or position in that government…or else he wants a government himself. He begins to demand equality with his master. No man with equal education will serve you. The only way you can continue to rule us is with a superior knowledge, or by continuing to withhold equal education from our people. America has not given us equal education, but she has given us enough to make us want more and to make us demand equality of opportunity, and this is causing unrest plus international embarrassment. Thus, the only solution is immediate separation.

- Malcolm X / El Hajj Malik El Shabazz

prior to trump’s election i’d pegged china’s environmental pollution as being one main issue that could hobble its goal to become a superpower. it’s a huge problem that has already cause social unrest internally and it has exhausted its natural resources far more than america has. 

but now i’m wondering if climate change is instead going to be precisely how china begins to seize the reins of global leadership from america. honestly, resources and infrastructure-wise the US is in an even better position to remake itself into a clean energy superpower that is also energy independent. it’s already started down that route. but judging from how trump is looking to appoint several people who deny climate change…it’s like…what a way to piss away an advantage. 

Here’s the thing about Effie Trinket. She is born into privilege. While the reader/viewer might see her as gaudy, eccentric and quite ridiculous, she is the epitome of Capitol society. She never had to stand there and hope her name wasn’t pulled at Reaping, she never had to step foot into the arena. Hell, Effie Trinket never faced adversity in her entire life. But through the series, Effie begins to love Peeta and Katniss. She doesn’t see them as vehicles for entertainment, she sees them as humans. And then she realizes that everything the Capitol stands for is wrong. There are hints at her internal unrest starting in The Hunger Games (like that flawless scene at the Reaping where she has to repeat Snow’s speech word for word to remind herself that what she’s doing is right showing how brainwashed she really is), but it’s the Quarter Quell that finally shows her how wrong this all is. Her entire life has been a lie. Do you know how devastating that reality can be? I love that they decided to up her role in mockingjay. My version of Effie would want to be there, to help Katniss. Here’s the thing. Effie doesn’t know how to overthrow a corrupt government, she doesn’t know how to even fire a gone. But Effie knows how to make sure things run according to a schedule and how to make sure Katniss looks beautiful. So that’s what she does. She gives everything she knows to the cause. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t murdered 23 other people on live television. She is without a doubt the most relatable character in the entire series, and by far my favorite. Hell, I think her internal struggles are far more interesting than selfish ass woe is me Katniss. I vote for a rewrite of the hunger games from Effie’s point of view.

There is a harbor in her chest born of self criticism and internal unrest. She knows she is flawed, and in her awareness she burns her fingers as candlesticks to light the path she follows through near physical resistance. Freedom is at his core and in all his tail chasing antics he has wounded her seven times in seven days for seven years for all it’s worth. She peels back skin one layer at a time and paints a gentle mural of discipline and patience and she covers it back up, it comes through like a tattoo but the skin crumbles and dries and flakes away leaving the paint to chip and her self worth to decay. The messages come in conflicted, and create in him the same, he hears “love yourself” and “do better” and gives them equal weight. In all his painstaking attempts at happiness he destroys and damages others, and as he attempts to abandon them, he slowly fades away. He tries so hard but he can’t take his scars to the bank, so he sits and remembers he could turn around tomorrow and throw every cent of her away. She’s a strong bow pointed west with fury and contempt and he is the mast of a ship long sunk, waiting to be revived under the murky sea near the harbor in her chest.