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Did you know 3.22 is International seal day? I'm not sure if it still is in your time zone. My friend mentioned it today and I was so happy.

YESSS!!! I do know actually! :D  Unfortunately, when you live in a country where seals practically do not exist, International Seal Day is not that big of a deal ;O; But!! I did draw this little thing yesterday to celebrate!!ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

So I FINALLY got my friends to start reading ACOTAR and one of them just got to Calanmai and this was deadass me trying to gauge her reaction because she finally met Rhysand 

Seventeen AU: Mafia

A/N: Just to make up for not posting a lot. 

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S.Coups: Leader. With his strength and position as the eldest, it’s a no-brainer. His loyal is unquestionable and unswerving for these boys and nothing will step in his way. Goes on every mission/dealing and makes sure each step is done right.

Jeonghan: Sweetheart scamming, given his angelic but handsome looks. Getting rich/powerful women under his spell and conning his way into their bank accounts then after taking a large amount, disappearing without a trace.

Joshua: Dealing. Drugs, cars, weapons, guns, whatever. As he knows quite a number of languages, he does the dealings with international gangs around the world. Japan, France, America, China, it doesn’t matter. He knows them all. Is very intelligent and knows how to strike deals to his taste. Nobody ever argues.

Jun: Gambling. Is very confident and holds an unattainable reputation that makes many want to defeat him. However, the boy is like a walking lucky charm- he’s seen every move and he knows just how his opponent plays. He never loses and takes your money in just one round. Also the owner of many high-end clubs across Asia and controls things like alcohol and prostitution.

Hoshi: Street racer. An activity that calls for adrenaline and slight insanity, it was made for him. Does the street racing against international gangs, just to seal a deal. Although S.Coups goes on the missions, Hoshi is the mastermind and knows how to move without getting caught.

Wonwoo: Computer hacking. Knows how to break down firewalls and difficult security systems. Can easily filter through top secret government files to find information. Breaks into bank accounts just as easily, he could do this kind of stuff in his sleep.

Woozi: The brains of the group. Comes up with all of the plans and tells what each boy is to do. Will not hesitate to shoot anyone and never shows weakness. Yells at the boys when they don’t finish the mission correctly.

DK: The brawn of the group. Does the kidnapping with S.Coups and can beat up bodyguards to a pulp. Is also a moodmaker, in a way. With his easygoing nature, he can turn a tense atmosphere into one of ease until the deal is over. Many would assume he was the “lost” one of the group but that’s not true- that’s just his outer image.

The8/Minghao: Combat. Took martial arts since he was a child. Lithe and graceful on his feet. Knows 100 different ways to kill with a knife. Very nimble and flexible and can knock out people in seconds. Aim is very accurate. Do not doubt him unless you want a knife thrown at your eye.

Mingyu: Takes care of mechanisms. One of the reasons why he goes on the mission is bc he can disable cameras and laser fences. Having always been handy, he knows how to activate bombs too. Knows where to cut bomb wires or make them difficult.

Seungkwan: The “eyes” of the group. Always has an earpiece in one ear and is sitting at the computer with Wonwoo. Knows how to hack into credit card companies and bank systems to track people the gang is looking for. No matter how well-hidden one thinks they are, there’s always Seungkwan.

Vernon: Pyromania. Ever since he was younger, he’s always had a thing for wild things: parties, dancing, rap music, fast car rides…….fire. After any mission, the boys rely on him to set the place on fire to erase any traces. He’s not really a maniac but he does get this calm feeling when setting the fire……

Dino: Skilled all-around. is their youngest and all the boys train him in every field, hoping he’ll find his knack in something. But he seems to be good at everything and is kind of like a substitute for the person if they aren’t able to do it. Hoshi trains him the most, especially in street racing. Dino also does the burglary because he knows how to be lowkey.


Keith x Pidge

Rated M 


The very idea that coincidences didn’t exist had taken place within the bones of his hands. That’s where he kept most of his beliefs. Clenched tight and flexed in preparation for battle and a call for strength. He would breathe and tighten his fingers into fists and he’d find himself. He would remember and internally seal turning points of his life into the fabric of his soul and his fingers would shake at the power of that knowledge. The energy of the Blue Lion, the isolation that had kept him on his toes, and finally the nature of Katie’s stance at his side. 

She kept her beliefs in her jaw. Teeth clenching, jaw quivering, lips pursing. He could see how she’d gnaw at her lip when in focus. How she’d tongue her cheek when in thought or how her teeth would bare in irritation. Years in space and fighting had made his hands strong, had set her jaw in confidence. But there were times he saw her waver. Times where her fingers tightened so hard he feared they would break, bruise, shatter. And it would be his turn to clench his jaw until his teeth ached and his tongue throbbed. 

Matt’s betrayal had taken them all by horrid surprise. Shiro, strong and powerful, had nothing to say, looking beyond deflated, beyond disappointed. Lance and Hunk, while having built a small pseudo friendship with the older Holt, didn’t understand the full weight of the anger that surrounded Keith and left Pidge looking slack and exposed. His actions, regardless of intention, had nearly destroyed the hope of the team, the galaxy, the universe… It was the first time Keith had ever seen such broken rage spurn Pidge to punch her brother in the nose. She had made no noises, not even a single cry of anger when she did so. She just stood over Matt’s fallen figure, meeting his shocked expression with one of cold fury that melted into a violent indifference. She said nothing, not even to respond to Matt’s weak pleas, or the team’s soft utterances of her name, and walked away. Keith watched her storm off, watched how her back curled and hitched in knots of anger and betrayal, and her her jaw worked with uncertainty, confusion, and disbelief. That night Keith had made his way to her room. He had expected silence to his knocking, maybe even a dismissal after calling her name for the fifteenth time. Instead her door cracked just an inch and the light of the hall cut over her face to expose her grief. Her eyes were swollen, blotchy with unchanneled fury. Yet, her jaw wasn’t tight, but rather loose and lifeless. It sent a tremor into his fingers. 

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AN: I just discovered TimTams and wow. Also, I have been doing nothing, but watching Parks and Recreation today. I’m so productive…Thanks to the anon for sending this request in! (Gif not mine.)

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Plot: Can you do a imagine where you and pietro and dating for a while but badly break up for ¿4 months ? And you get a new boyfriend and he tries to be happy for you but you and him just always find each tower? Please? thanks ❤️ your amazing!!

“Moving On”

Four months. It had been four months since you and Pietro called a quits. You knew you had to get over him, but how? You both lived in the same building for gosh sakes!

Running into Pietro was inevitable. Every time you rounded a corner you’d slam right into him, panic, and teleport away before you said anything ill-advised.

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FN FS2000

Civilian model of the F2000, a Belgian bullpup chambered in 5.56x45mm. It uses standard AR-15 magazines but is limited to only USGI mags. Polymer mags will not fit because of the internal dust seal/gasket in the mag well. Commonly seen in all black, FNH did release some in OD green, which are harder to find and cost more due to their rarity. (GRH)

Unusual Care

(What was supposed to be just a cute little idea of Anders providing some unorthodox care at his clinic quickly turned into, well, something. So here’s uh… whatever this is. Warning for animal abuse, but everything ends happy, so yeah.)

[Now on AO3]

Anders let out an exhausted sigh as he collapsed into his chair. Maker, it had been a long day. He’d woken up this morning to the news that there’d be an accident at a Lowtown factory, most of the employees having been from Ferelden, forced into such dangerous work for far too little pay, followed by the injured arriving in droves. It had taken almost everything he had to deal with it, between attempting to triage the patients and actually healing them. Halfway through, he’d found himself leaning on Justice for help too much for his liking. The mage had managed to save most of them, but a couple were already too far gone by the time they got there, even for his talents.

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Check out the Penguins of Madagascar trailer! There is a baby seal character in this movie~!

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If you were to take a sealed zip-lock with no air into it into space on a space walk, could you pull apart the sides so that it would look like there was matter inside of it? Or would it probably inflate a little anyways due to trace amounts of gas still in it from when it was closed?

Funny thing about zip-top bags: They are actually permeable to air and other gases, even through their plastic walls. This is part of how they keep food fresh, and simply due to the thin nature of the plastic. Ever notice how a “freezer” bag is thicker? That’s because it is less permeable (to fight freezer burn).

But you work for NASA, so maybe you have new and improved “space bags” that are truly impermeable to air. Well, even if they weren’t permeable to air, it would be next to impossible to create a true vacuum inside the bag, because true vacuums don’t really exist, even in interstellar space.

Let’s say you ate your space sandwich our of your space bag while inside the International Space Station, sealed it, removing all the air you could (but never all of it, of course), and then took it outside. If the conditions inside the space station are similar to sea level (except for the weightlessness part) then we can calculate exactly what would be in the bag, and the forces at play.

Spoiler: If you leave more than a few trillion molecules of gas in it, the bag will immediately explode when you went outside (it would actually explode inside the airlock). Even a the volume of air just a millimeter above a pinhead would contain about a billion times more air molecules than that. In that best case, air-on-a-pin scenario, you still leave about a millionth of a mole of air inside the bag.

Space is not a complete vacuum, and even in low Earth orbit there’s about 10 nano-Pascals of pressure, or about 10 trillion times less than the air pressure at sea level. At this pressure, exposed fluids spontaneously boil and your flesh would swell or even pop, like an egg in the microwave. Joseph Kittinger, who held the record for highest skydive before Felix “Red Bull” Baumgartner broke his record last year, had a glove malfunction on his dive that resulted in his hand swelling up to nearly twice its size, and he wasn’t even in space.

Temperature in space isn’t the same everywhere either, and can range from very hot to very cold depending on exposure to sunlight. Let’s say you keep your zip-top baggy in the shade, to keep it cold and try to avoid adding extra pressure by increasing the temperature.

So at -100˚ C, with just a millionth of a mole of air in the bag, and with an external pressure of 10 nano-Pascals … that air wants to occupy a seriously big volume. How big?

Well, assuming your space baggy can stretch infinitely without exploding and that it exerts no elastic force pushing back in and that its molecules can stretch that far without it becoming porous and letting all the air out … it would expand to roughly the volume of two Olympic swimming pools.

EDIT: I went back and checked my math and changed some of the original numbers, because morning brain > night brain.