internal horror

ID #97420

Name: Lara
Age: 19
Country: Germany

Hello there!
I am a university student from Germany, doing English/American Studies and International Literature. Being rather introverted I find it particularly hard to make new friends directly, so I’m hoping a pen pal could be a fun and nice way to get to know other people. I’m currently at a point where I constantly question myself “What am I to do in life?” and being a dreamer, I therefore easily think of goals I want to achieve. I’d love to talk to someone with a similar mindset, talk about life in general etc. Though, I also wish to talk about more fun topics. Some of my interests are literature, movies, art, photography/videos (would like to start at least), video games, travelling and more. Hope to talk to you soon! :)

Preferences: Preferably 18+
Country wise I don’t really care where from, although it would be nice to talk to someone from Canada, America or England since I’m planning my year abroad right now.
I’m fluent in German and English; but know French and Spanish as well, wouldn’t mind to work on that too!

Imagine your OTP

Person 1: *walks up to person 2* Dude, give me your hand.

Person 2: What, why?

Person 1: Would you just give me your hand already?

Person 2: *sighs* Fine. *sticks out hand*

Person 1: *takes sharpie and draws ring on run finger.*

Person 2: You drew a ring. Why’d you draw a ring?

Person 1: We’re married, [insert person 2 name here]. Now and forever.

Person 2: *internally screaming in horror*