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aaaaaaah noona can i get seventeen jun, male reader, K/M? whichever letter is more comfortable hehe thANK YOU ~finn

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(warning: smut ahead)

M: Porn Star AU 

(obvi we’re doing this one cause we all know that Jun fucks like a porn star)

You were spread out on the bed, completely naked save the black leather collar you had been given to wear, your cock in your hand and a moderately sized, veiny, flesh colored dildo stretching out your sweet little asshole as you pushed and pulled the object. 

There was a parade of people around you - camera men, one getting a wide angled shot of your body, lean and perfect with your knees raised so pretty to your chest, revealing your pretty hole and round cheeks, and the other circling the bed with profession and focus, getting close ups of your leaking cock and the dildo going in and out of you. The director was here of course, the producers, make up artist, and other people you didn’t much know the purpose of. 

And of course, even though your concentration was supposed to be completely on the titillation of your aching body, your attention wandered to the presence of a gorgeous young man as he came onto the set. 

“Junhui!” The director called to him.

You recognized the name immediately. He had been the person you were supposed to shoot with today, but supposedly bailed, leaving you to do an unexpected solo scene.

“You’re three hours late!”

“A king is never late, every else is simply early.”


It wasn’t long before he was naked, wearing just enough makeup to swell your cock up just the slightest bit more - to make it painful now when you looked down and saw that he was getting hard, and big enough to kill you without even being at full mast.

“Good thing you warmed up for me, baby boy.” He teased. 

He flipped you onto your front, handling you with strong hands, rough touches. You got up onto your hands and knees and he shoved your head down onto the mattress, perching your ass high into the air, displaying you in all your glory.

Your breathing was shallow, air tight in your chest; hands gripping the sheets with anticipation. Jun pumped his now fully hardened cock as he got onto the bed behind you. One of the interns tossed him a condom and he ripped open the pack as he teased your fluttering hole with the swollen head of his cock.

“Are we rolling?” Jun asked casually, pulling away for a tragic moment to put the condom on.

“Yeah.” The director answered.

“Good. Cause you’re gonna wanna get this.” 

You could almost feel him wink into the lense before he plunged into hot, hard, deep. 

(I really hope you like it, Finny.)


What’s Up With The Female Condom?

Uh, FEMALE condom? That’s a pretty cis-centric name, yo.

I know, right? We agree: the name isn’t super inclusive, or even accurate. While the female condom is designed to be worn in the vagina, not all folks with vaginas identify as female. Also, female condoms can actually be used inside the anus as well (if the inner ring is removed), so they’re useful for all bodies.

Thus, some people choose to call them “internal condoms,” “receptive condoms,” or “innies” (female condom) and “outies” (male condoms). However, others dislike those names too. We at Planned Parenthood use the brand name “FC2 Female Condom” (female condom for short) because that’s the only kind that’s FDA approved to prevent pregnancy and STDs. But if you have suggestions for alternative names that are gender non-specific, let us know!

What’s the difference between the traditional “male” condom and the FC2 Female Condom?

Just by looking at them, there are some obvious differences in shape and design. Traditional condoms fit snuggly and completely over the penis, while female condoms are roomier and use an “inner ring” at the closed end to hold themselves in place against the vaginal walls. The FC2 Female Condom is made of nitrile, a type of synthetic rubber, while the majority of traditional condoms are made of latex (or sometimes polyurethane or polyisoprene).

What are the benefits of female condoms?

Condoms, including female condoms, are the only method of birth control that can prevent both sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. The FC2 Female Condom is latex-free, so it’s great for folks with latex allergies, and can be used with any type of lubricant (even oil, unlike latex condoms).

The outer rim can offer additional clitoral or labia stimulation, while the inner ring may give penises the feel-goods too. And female condoms can be inserted before foreplay and don’t need to be removed right after ejaculation, keeping your sex party all action, no interruptions.

The female condom is worn inside a vagina (or anus) instead of fitting onto a penis, so it’s a great option for those very, very few whose penis size makes using traditional condoms uncomfortable or difficult. Along similar lines, female condoms are useful for people with erectile issues (trouble getting and/or keeping ol’ Professor Peen standing at attention). While a penis must be hard the whole time it’s wearing a traditional condom so the condom doesn’t slip or fall off, female condoms give boners the freedom to come and go without affecting your level of protection. And because there’s more room, penises of all shapes, sizes, and stiffness-levels may find female condoms more pleasurable.

Finally, there’s that whole “taking charge of your sexual health vagina empowerment” dealio – lots of people feel like taking the initiative to protect themselves and their partners by using female condoms gives them a sense of control and self-esteem.

What are the drawbacks?

Availability and price are major ones: they cost around $2-3 each, and female condoms are harder to track down than traditional condoms (although that’s changing). Online retailers and select drug stores now carry female condoms, and some Planned Parenthood health centers have them. Female condoms are slightly less effective at preventing pregnancy than traditional condoms, but as long as you’re using them correctly (just like all birth control methods), they’re very effective. People who use a diaphragm or cervical cap for additional pregnancy protection can’t use a female condom, because the female condom’s inner ring needs to fit in the same place. Folks who are on the vaginal ring (NuvaRing) should remove it before using a female condom, but don’t leave your NuvaRing out for longer than three hours. 

How do I use it?

You or your partner can insert a female condom, which is a fun way to make condom use a sexy part of foreplay. Grab the female condom, squeeze the inner-ring at the closed end of the condom, and insert it into your vagina (similar to the way you’d put in a tampon). Put your finger inside the condom and make sure the inner ring is pushed all the way up to your cervix, while the outer ring should hang about an inch out of the vagina. 

You/your partner should guide the penis into the condom to make sure the penis doesn’t miss the condom or push it inside the vagina — if this happens, you can remove and reinsert the condom as long as your partner hasn’t ejaculated yet. Feel free to add additional lubrication inside and outside the condom. After ejaculation, twist the outer ring of the condom and gently pull it out of the vagina. and the FC2 Female Condom website have more detailed instructions for using female condoms, including this video.

-Kendall at Planned Parenthood

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And finally… a small contribution to the fandom: Katsudon buys a pack of condoms w/ Internal Eros-Translator & over-the-shoulder Angel!Viktor/Devil!Yuuri wrecking havoc.   My interpretation of a partial scene from Chapter 5 of Pro-antagonist’s epic companion piece to the YOI anime “Winter Song” on AO3. (READ IT. IT’S REAL GOOD.)  She’s also the author of quality YOI meta under borntomake on tumblr. 

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Scars (Soulmate!Luke)

Summary:  The only way for your scar to disappear is if your soulmate kisses it…

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Pairing: Y/N + Luke

Word Count: 2.8K

Warnings: A little bit of bad language

Based off this post


You remember the day you got your scar almost perfectly. How could you ever forget the moment when  your appearance changed forever and placed a lovely scar on your wrist? 

 It was the early evening and the light was fading to a purple hue as you worked on an essay. You’d been irritable all day with an unusually tingling sensation scratching over a patch of skin by your wrist. You kept having a bizarre craving for Lima beans and penguins. This was weird for several reasons. Not only are Lima beans your worst enemy but you’d recently discovered penguins have a nasty bite if you scare them. 

 Suddenly the feeling of fire burning deep into your skin flew across your wrist. You cried out and doubled over as your hand seemed to take on a body of its own. You watched on in horror as piercing black lines were carved into your flesh. Any attempt to touch your hand and you’d immediately be scalded. It was terrifying. 

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Unfortunately I think part of the truth about lesbian safe sex/safe sex between women is that the interest just isn’t as present among us as it is among heterosexual women. Partly this is because a lot of women do have misconceptions about the risk level of the sex they have (“Well the odds of me getting pregnant are 0% so I don’t need a barrier” or “If we take turns going down on each other there is no exchange of fluids so the odds of me contracting an STD are 0%” are both wildly incorrect but common assumptions, women engage in sex in very different ways and even digital penetration does pose certain risks) and thus should be combatted with better education, which women who have sex with other women need to at least have access to and often cannot access at all without extensive and possibly confusing searching.

But a lot of it is also that, frankly, the kinds of sex we tend to have are intimate in such a way that physical barriers get in the way more, and our sexualities aren’t acted on the same way cishets generally act on their sexualities. For instance, vaginal condoms/internal condoms are both uncomfortable and much less useful for someone who’s not using it to prevent pregnancy. Dental dams are impossible to find in stores and make oral about 10% as fun, because smell and taste are such major parts of cunnilingus (!!!!) and both are really limited by dental dams. Finger condoms are sort of fun in my experience and the least intrusive, but also the least useful if your hands are clean and your nails are clipped to a length where you don’t be internally cutting either your partner’s vaginal or anal walls. And lesbians and bpq women have sex in all kinds of ways that would require any different number of barriers and tools- for women who use strap ons regularly, condoms both increase safety and make cleanup a lot easier, for just one example, and any couple could probably make use of a couple of dental dams lying around regardless of orientation, bodies, etc.

I’m not saying these are excuses but they are real considerations- I think we genuinely have more to lose when using physical barriers. I think the very beginning of a better approach is women getting tested a lot more often so they at least have the information to make decisions about their sexual health and their partners’ sexual health. Anyway I should go get tested again because it has been a while, and you should too if you’re reading this! I just got health insurance a month or so ago and hopefully STD screenings are covered as preventative, in which case most plans are required to cover them. But loads of clinics have free or low cost screening days too. Might reblog with some links and resources later, considering it is nearly 2 AM!

okay im officially gonna lose my mind… im in this  STUPID science class full of freshman because im awful and put it off, and it’s like a huge class with 50+ ppl in it, and today we had some student who i guess is studying to teach like progressive sex ed? and she came in today to practice and do her sex ed lesson for our class…. and she was going over protection, and she was like “okay this is an internal condom! the box says female condoms, but we dont call it that, bc not all people with vaginas are females.” and the whole class…. literally cracks up?? and the ppl next to me were like “how are you gonna teach sex ed if you dont even know what a FEMALE is! haha!” and then everyone started laughing.. and the person didnt even stop and like respond to them?? which i feel like, if she had calmly explained it, would have made some of these ppl actually use their brains, but nope!! I hate being reminded that im surrounded by rude ass ignorant children