internal antenna

So, like, I been thinkin’…

How the fuck do they fit all them parts into televisions an’ computers ‘n’ stuff nowadays? Like, I thought screens had somethin’a do with tubes an’ stuff, but now they’re all flat, an’ everything’s got a touch screen, but it’s, like, cheaper, too?

Fuck, even phones got em’– an’ there ain’t even antenna on ‘em anymore, neither! How do they get the signal waves if there ain’t no antenna to catch ‘em, huh?! Where’s the sound gonna get in?! An’ the internet, too! Ain’t hooked up or nothin’!

Is it ‘cos they’re phones? I heard the internet’s got somethin’a do with dialing or whatever - dialup, yeah? That shit that makes all them nasty noises like yer computer is dyin’. So is it that? Is there an internet phone number?

This really is the future. Where’s the robots an’ holograms at?