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What's the difference between 'experiencing' and 'feeling' race or gender? Womanhood, according to the majority of the world's population, is having a vagina. Being a woman is therefore, largely not a feeling or a choice. It's a biological reality in the same way that having dark skin is. Similarly, being black is having dark skin. But this is different in other cultures. For the example, northern Sudanese don't identify as black. But this small population doesn't make 'black' a self identify.

Okay, look. Let’s start with gender.

I am a nonbinary cisboi person. I am also Pakistani.

I have always been feminine. Since the day I was born.

I have FELT feminine in my heart, mind, and soul.

I have also felt the social implications of being feminine and assigned male, through patriarchy, gender roles, hypermasculinity, and cissexism. This is the EXPERIENCE of gender.

I would FEEL my gender even without the implications of gender norms, it would still exist because gender is a natural part of human life.

Our ideas of gender based on genitals is a Eurocentric construct. One may not have much agency to live as their authentic selves, but it does not mean that they don’t FEEL their gender. A closeted trans person is still a trans person, they are just not an OUT trans person. And they aren’t out because of what? SOCIAL IMPLICATIONS.


I have identified with culture, ethnicity, and religion. These things are part of my upbringing and identity.

RACE is not something I FEEL as part of my internal being. It it something I’ve EXPERIENCED because of Islamophobia from SOCIAL IMPLICATIONS. I feel some type of way because of Islamophobia, and race is certainly IMPORTANT because of RACISM, but because race is simply a social construct it not something I grow up feeling inside of me.

THIS is the difference. WE FEEL & EXPERIENCE gender. But we only EXPERIENCE race.


katblaque and bbclifestyle this was what I was trying to explain does that make sense?