intern maureen

“Well, you are not going to believe this. Probably, like, you won’t even understand. I gave her the recording of me hopping. I know that, like, ruins it because now someone else has listened to it, but somehow I don’t mind if Maureen hears it. I think, maybe even I like that. I hope she comes back soon.“

i hadn’t intended anything for valentine’s day specifically, i’ve just been meaning to do some art of michelle and maureen for a while. these two are just so sweet ;___; ❤︎

but hey, i’ll just roll with it. happy valentine’s to these galentine’s, and to everyone else today!

The Characters of Night Vale, as explained by Troubled Birds

[image description note: all images are from The Minced Mockingbird’s Guide to Troubled Birds, and feature realistically painted birds on top of classical wall paper, with paper quotes on top. Image descriptions have the quote. I’d put what kind of bird it is as well, except I’m horrible with birds. Sorry!]


[image description: I had on my prettiest dress and he never even looked at it. “For God’s sake!” That’s all I could think of to say.]


[image description: The risk I took was calculated, but man, am I bad at math.]


[image description: Your eyes look tasty.]

Steve Carlsburg:

[image description: The ability to remain sober and gracious is, indeed, a form of mild insanity.]


[image description: Dealing with you is like herding cats.]

The City Council:

[image description: The drinks came. I wasn’t about to be sobered by anything like regret.]

Station Management: 

[image description: My mating dance is mostly seizures.]

Tamika Flynn: 

[image description: I’m three ounces of whoop-ass.]


[image description: Foie gras this, motherfucker!]

Jackie Fiero:

[image description: That’s a crazy idea. Insane. It doesn’t make sense. “You’ll do it?” “Of course,” I replied.]

Diane Crayton:

[image description: He told me that I would never forget him, as long as the two of us would live. His eyes demanded an answer. I had to overcome my desire to laugh.]


[image description: He gave them the heebie-jeebies. He had nothing else to give.]

The Man in the Tan Jacket:

[image description: Finally he gathered himself together and spoke. “What the hell?”]


[image description: “This is wonderful!” “This is going to be fine!” “I love this!” I was soon to change my mind, however.]


[image description: A meat cleaver, he thought. “Oh my God!” “Oh my God!” “Oh my God!”]

-In the break room of NVCR-

Marueen: Chad said he thinks about you sometimes when he’s making love to himself

Cecil: What?

Chad: One time.

Cecil: What?!

Chad: I thought about bangs and your face just appeared beneath them. Okay, by the way, like I’m not the only one. Kareem told me it happened to him, like, a bunch of times.

Marueen: Chad you told me the first week you got back from Michigan, you had a sex dream about Edward Scissor hands but instead he had raccoon hands.

Chad: Dreams do not count.

Cecil: You’ve all thought about me while self-completing?!


I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love it when the record store is empty, when there are none of those annoying customers clamoring for music to listen to. Being alone is the best.
But I also kind of like it when Maureen comes by. Her being here is cool too, I guess.
I just have to figure out what album to show her next. Only, there’s so much good music, you know? - Michelle Nguyen about intern Maureen, The April Monologues