maureen + michelle = cool friends who hate everything together [x]

I’m FINALLY done with this! Took longer than expected (trying to get used to this coloring style!). I guess I didn’t get to show the “hate everything” part but that text post mainly inspired me to draw these two (I hope you don’t mind, steveeugenecarlsberg!). Always imagined intern Maureen to have red hair.

(AHHH most of the details– mostly on Michelle– are lost because of the size ;_;. Anyway, a few HC’s: Michelle changes her highlights frequently, she’s really tall [taller than most Night Vale citizens], and that most of her tops have “Dark Owl Records” printed on them)

Oh, and Michelle’s holding a pager :p

Cecil’s show is popular among the older/more traditional Night Vale crowd, but for the young, hip and dangerously rebellious, Intern Maureen hosts a podcast where she puts her own sarcastic spin on events going on in Night Vale. The Sheriff’s Secret Police have tried to shut it down several times, but Maureen keeps it going with a combination of black magic and the inexplicable technical skill of a 90’s movie hacker. 


Cecil I can’t believe you left your niece with Carlos and his team of scientists and not expect anything to happen.

For MOGAI/LGBTQIA+ Day of  PoC Night Vale Week!!

Featuring: Queer couple Mayor Dana and Intern Maureen, Cecil and Carlos (kinda), and (most importantly) trans Janice.

Warning: fire, eye strain (bright colors)

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