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Don't you know? (He's my now and Forever)

Summary:  During their road trip across America, Felicity runs into someone from her past.

Notes:  Post s3 - during Oliver and Felicity’s get away and before they took their travels overseas. In my headcannon, Ray’s ‘death’ didn’t happen until sometime in the middle of the summer, so Felicity’s not CEO and Starling City hasn’t been renamed yet.



Hearing her name, Felicity looked up from her tablet where she was sending information to Laurel.

An internal alarm went off in her head, a habit she picked up being around Oliver for the past three years. It was justified considering she was in a small town in the middle of California where the only person who knows her is her travel companion.

The person saying her name is definitely not him.

Upon looking up, it took a second for Felicity to register him. Once the recognition kicked in, her eyes widened

“Daniel?” she said in disbelief. A smile formed on her face as the man, Daniel, approached her.

Felicity welcomed him with an embrace. “Oh my god, I can’t believe it’s you,” she said as they pulled apart. “How long has it been?”

Daniel shrugged humbly. “Two, three years I think?”

“Yeah…” Felicity trailed off for a few seconds thinking back to the last time they had seen each other.

It wasn’t pleasant.

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