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Hamilton Cast Voices

Okieriete Onaodowan - A gentle earthquake feeding you chocolate.

Anthony Ramos - The delicious icing and crumbs and cinnamon mixed together in the bottom of the box after you eat a cinnamon roll.

Christopher Jackson - Drinking English Breakfast tea, sitting opposite a waterfall, in a cloud of mist.

Daveed Diggs - If brightly coloured silk could rap.

Renee Elise Goldsberry - Screaming internally with joy while expressing your opinions perfectly using only hand gestures.

Jasmine Cephas Jones - Someone dancing/doing martial arts/icing a cake/assembling complex machinery without ever breaking eye contact with you.

Leslie Odom Jr. - When you crack the egg, and no shell gets in the bowl, and the yolk is a perfect circle, and there isn’t anything floating in it, and then you look down and see that shell split perfectly in half.

Phillipa Soo - The sun rising and setting simultaneously, to the sound of waves crashing against the shore.

Lin Manuel Miranda - Getting in a taxi which then transforms into a MAGICAL FLYING UNICORN, takes you to your destination in seconds, and then disappears after solving all of the world’s problems.

Closet (M)

Description : When Jimin innocently goes on a search for his laptop in his roommate’s closet, he finds much more than he bargained for

Pairing : Yoonmin x Reader

Word count : 3k

Genre : 101% smut

Warning : voyeurism, cum play, guy on guy action, dom!yoongi

a/n : This is filth, idk what to do with myself

“Alright where’d you hide it?” Jimin scoffed at the fake startled expression that danced on his roommates’ face after he’d asked the question.

“Me? Hide what?” Yoongi smiled widely at his success in annoying Jimin and continued to eat his dinner while Jimin stood before him and scowled.

“Yoongi I need my laptop!! I’ve got important stuff on it!” Jimin whined endlessly while slamming soft fists against the small coffee table they shared in the living room.

“Aww, like what? Your porn?” They both had images of the other day flash before them simultaneously accompanied by the uneasy feeling it came with when it happened.

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International Fanworks Day

Originally posted by hanahsong

Hey Darcyland! So, Ao3 informes me that it is International Fanworks Day, and that is awesome! And i’ve thought how to properly celebrate this day and of course I want to comment and send love to each and every one of you. But where to start? We are such a wonderfully diverse fandom, and every day more get’s added to our basket of joy, to my utter delight.

So here is what i propose:

Reblog this and add 1) Link to a fanwork that you recently read and liked and 2) one of your own fanworks.* It could be a story that you want some feedback on, or that you think is your best work. Or one that you think you failed at. Or a story that you think hasn’t gotten enough attention. Or just, any story. Don’t you dare shrink away from a little bit of self-promotion, okay?

So, do this. Everything that get’s added to this within the next 24 hours will be read and commented on by me at some point. (And who knows, maybe some other folks, too?). I will try my best to write you a long and loving comment. If you want anything in particular for that comment, feel totaly free to add that, too. I will also let everyone know who recced their thing, to spread the love even further. Let’s be honest, we all love to know who likes the things we do, don’t we?

Let’s appreciate the hell out of each other, like we always do, okay?

(* Btw, I said fanworks in general and i really mean anything. Pictures, Podcasts, Stories - anything that you or someone else did that is fanish.)

So…Galra Mama thoughts

• She is one of the most badass members of the Blade of Mamora. Can kick your ass my ass everybody’s ass.
• The one thing that softens her is Keith. Like…that’s her baby boy. She didn’t get to see him grow up so after they are reunited she’s always remaining close to him
• Super protective. Mama Galra does *not* let anyone near her son, her team, or the other Paladins (bc they are important not only to her secret society’s goal but bc they’re Keith’s adoptive family and she wants him to be happy)
• Understandably, Team Voltron doesn’t trust her right away. Still seems shady, and she is practically the galaxy’s top assassin/spy. But she keeps her cool like a pro because she wants to be able to protect Keith.
• She totally does the embarrassing mom things to Keith. Like fussing over his hair, asking if he has rested properly, insisting she personally tend to his wounds. Keith is awkwardly accepting because “??? What’s it like having a mom???? Help???????” but at the same time it’s his mom, she means well, and he’s wanted to know her ever since he was a child. Better late than never.
• She totally carries Keith against her chest if he’s injured or if she finds him asleep somewhere. Just lifts him like its no big deal and carries him to a healing pod or to his bed. Protective Mama.
• To everybody else, she’s Kalthara. But to Keith she’s “Mom” and that brings her so much internal joy you can’t even imagine.

Just… I want an awesome Mama Galra in S3 PLEASE

I was at Walgreens buying my brother a birthday card. An elderly woman was also in the aisle. She said “can you believe they have wedding cards for two men and look even two women!”

[screams internally]

But she then said “I’ve seen so many changes in my 80 years, it’s wonderful how things are moving forward.”

[internal tears of joy]

She then mentioned that she didn’t know any gay people but that everyone should be treated like they would want to be treated. I smiled and said “you know one now” and pointed at myself. She smiled, patted my shoulder and said “now I do”.

Somebody Else Pt 5

Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3 Pt 4 Pt 6

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Smut, Angst, college AU

Pairing: Jungkook x reader x Taehyung

Warnings: Cheating, Explicit sexual content.

Summary: You had met Jungkook on a summer day at the age of 10,  at 12 you became best friends,  at 14 you had your first kiss,  at 15 you fell in love and at 16 you made love. You’ve never really knew what heartbreak was until at the age of 18 he broke your heart.

Inspired by Somebody else by the 1975.

A/N: Sorry if i have grammar mistakes, English is not my first language.

An apathetic Tae looked at you before leaving “Yeah, I’m sorry too for thinking you were more than this”. The comment felt like a punch in your face, your heart trembling at the sight of the man who had given you an opportunity without asking for nothing in return, walking away from you and your rotten soul.

The next few days you felt like complete shit, you had thought a thousand ways to text or say something to Taehyung but you didn’t find the right words, the damage was done, you had been wrong, there were no excuses really, and you knew it. The only thing you could do was apologize to him correctly, you didn’t think he would forgive you, but you had to try it.

After all Tae had been an angel, it was him who was there all those times that Jungkook left you for Bora, all those times that you felt depressed and the bad thoughts returned, he had been your pillar in these last months and you felt like trash for not having considered his feelings, because you really didn’t, you still were with Jungkook and every time he disappointed you, you ran into the arms of the blond haired boy. You were, after all, the same or worse than your ex.

Even Minah had been angry with you, but being your friend she had forgiven you two days after, nevertheless she didn’t stop telling you how bad you had been, and you were already tired. You felt really bad and you knew that you had fucked things up; you didn’t need anyone to remind you of it.

“Aren’t you going to talk to Tae?” Minah asked for the tenth time.

“I’ll talk to him when I know what to say, I want to do things right,” you replied dryly, already tired of responding the same thing to your friend.

“You know? The problem is that you don’t even know what you want, because even if you try to deny it Jungkook is still in your heart and Tae really doesn’t deserve to be with you when you’re still in love with someone else.”

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Kitten (Dan x reader)

Originally posted by teenagephantxsy

Pairing: Dan x reader

Genre: romance, fluff, smut in general

TW: swearing, dirty talk, light bondage, spanking, master/pet roleplay

Word count: 1,941 (I tried not to make it too long)

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies! So sorry I took over a month to post my first imagine fic. I’ve been trying to ease my way into a comfortable routine in a new college semester after all the stress from last semester. I promise, I’ll get back to those requests I put off from doing for the last handful of months.

Btw how do you like the new formatting? I prefer it this way and to use GIF’s over my photo collages for your visual instead.

Also, I’ve been meaning to tell you guys the good news, but I keep forgetting. RL DAN AND I ARE BACK TOGETHER. We’ve been spending the last few weeks together and rebuilding our relationship after the goddamn disaster of emotions during winter break. We’re very happy now. We moved past his wrong choice and he’s doing so much to make up for it. Long story short, “she” lied about the whole lockdown thing and now she’s apparently dating one of RL Dan’s “friends” (I say it like that because RL Dan hasn’t forgiven this friend for something else that’s an entire different story). What a complicated world we live in. 😅

This imagine has been in my head for the last several days. I knew I wanted to post something for St. Cupid’s Day, and what better idea than to return with some smut? I still got my requests to take care of and this is my way to transition back into that kind of writing. Also, RL Dan and I have been getting a bit frisky too lately, so this is also a bit of a cultivation of my, ahem, raging kinky thoughts. Anyway, I hope ya’ll enjoy. I blame RL Dan for putting me back into this mindset lol.

Standing in the bathroom of your boyfriend’s flat, you take a calculating look on the mirror. You bite your lip anxiously. Dan has no clue you’re doing this for him. On the most loveliest day of the year, you decided to do more than hearts and flowers as your gift for him.

Breathe, (Y/N). You’re doing this for Dan. You want this. You know he wants this.

You giggle softly. This is Dan. You know he’s going to ravage you as soon as you walk out this door, into the lounge, and he lays your eyes on you. You can practically imagine him undressing you with his eyes. Those warm mocha-shaded orbs that’ll darken with lust during your “nights of passion.” 

“Babe?” you hear Dan call out from the other side of the door. “What’s taking you so long? I got (your favorite romantic movie) set up.” 

“C-coming.” Which you’ll probably be doing multiple times tonight.

You nod at the mirror. It’s Valentine’s Day. You’ve dated Dan for nearly a year. His friends and family adore you. Your friends and family approve of him. You two are hopelessly in love with each other. You two have slowly pushed through boundaries of your physical relationship. Tonight, you’re taking the initiative to push it just a little further. 

You unlock the door, swinging it open and heading back to the lounge. Dan is on his usual spot on the sofa, dressed in a casual pair of black pajama bottoms and his green camouflage jumper. He looks up when he hears your enter, and his audible gasp has you internally dancing in joy. 

“Fuck,” he mumbles. “(Y/N), what’s the meaning of this?” 

“Surprise,” you say softly. 

His eyes roam over the length of your body. Thanks to (B/F/N), she helped you put together your outfit for the evening. (F/C) lacy boyshorts. Black lacy camisole. No footwear, because as tempting as it was to complete your attire with a pair of red heels, you found something better to do the job. 

“You’re trying to kill me, aren’t you?” 

You smirk. “Meow.” 

A pair of black cat ears with blue, purple, and black roses shipped from Hot Topic’s online store is perched on top of your head. All the R-rated fanfiction you’ve read over the years led you to click the purchase button while you did your internet shopping. Not only did the accessory match the clothes, but you knew the colors would trigger Dan’s inner dominant side. 

It’s there. All he needs is a little push. 

He groans. In a matter of seconds, he’s off the sofa and has his arms around your waist. He cups your face in his large hands, gazing down at you with a soft but carnal expression. 

“Happy Valentine’s Day, babe.” 

He grins. “Oh, it’s a happy one indeed.” 

Leaning down, he presses his lips to yours. You snake your arms around his neck, burying your fingers in his hair. You push yourself closer to him until the lower half of your body touches his. You can feel his hardness through his pajamas. 

A soft groan escapes your lips. You can’t wait any longer. 

“Bedroom?” you mumble. 

He nods wordlessly. You grab his hand, and together you two walk to his room. There’s a palpable tension in the air. Nerves fill your lungs as you think about the rest of the night. Judging by the firm but reassuring grip Dan has on your hand, he’s most likely going to give in to his inner beast. You enjoy whenever that side of him slips during sex, though a part of you remains having doubts. 

Will you live up to his standards? 

Will you be able to comply if he converts into full-on dominance? 

“(Y/N),” Dan speaks once the two of you are in his room and he closes the door. “Are you sure you’re comfortable with this?” 

You nod. It’s one of the few things you’ve ever been one hundred percent ready for. 

“You can have me any way you want me,” you say. “I’m all yours tonight.” 

He looks at you coyly. “Really?” 


A corner of his lips tilts upward. “Is my kitten ready for me?” 

You flush. Kitten… sounds fitting.

“Yes… master.” You reach into the lone back pocket of your boyshorts and pull out a (F/C) scarf. “Kitten has something for you.” 

He stares at the scarf thoughtfully. “What does kitten want me to do with it?” 

You step toward him, giving him the scarf. “Master wants kitten… to be tied.” 

“Do you now. Then hands behind your back.” 

You do as he says. You wait a few seconds as Dan loops the scarf around your wrists, then secures it with a double knot. You move your wrists slightly. It’s tight enough so it won’t fall off, yet still slightly loose so you can move your hands around. 

“On the bed.”

Once again, you obey his command, flopping down onto the mattress. 

“Kneel.” You move onto your knees so your ass faces him. 

“Mmmm…” You close your eyes as you feel his palm caress one of your ass cheeks. “So… delectable.” 

You giggle. His choice of words for your butt amuses you. 

That giggle instantly turns into a yelp when his palm slaps against your satin-covered buttocks. 

“What’s so funny, kitten?” 

You bite your lip. “N-nothing master.” 

“That’s what I thought.” His fingers slip through the boyshorts, sliding it down your legs. His breath hitches once your underwear hits the floor. Bingo

You’re startled when he flips you so your back is on the bedsheets. You gaze at him with hooded eyes. “What will you do now, master?” 

“What does kitten want?“  

Your body warms. Is he really asking me to say it? “You know what I want.” 

“Then say it.” 

“Y-your hands master.” 

“Mmmm-hmmm.” His fingers brush along your bare thighs. “And where does kitten want my hands.” 


“Fuck…” His hands move to the straps of your camisole, dragging it down your body and throwing it to the floor to join your discarded underwear. He blinks when he notices that you aren’t wearing a bra. 

It was (B/F/N)’s suggestion. She thought it would be “easy access” for Dan. 

His lips ghost over your collarbone and down your chest until it hovers over your breasts. You let out a breathy moan when his tongue licks over one of your mounds. You arch your back, silently begging him to do more with his mouth. For a brief second, you wish your hands aren’t tied; by now, you would’ve taken care of matters yourself. 

As if he can read your thoughts, his mouth fully engulfs your breasts while his thumb fiddles with your neglected one. Your thoughts temporarily shuts down, your mind only focused on the sensation of his lips. You whimper when his teeth lightly scrapes at your nipple. The slight pain is making you more of a mess. 


His mouth and hand ceases their movement. He lifts his head to look at you. 

“Who’s Dan?” he asks with narrowed eyes. “I don’t know of any Dan.” 

Shit, he’s really into this. “S-sorry master.” 

“Tsk, tsk.” He inches his body away from you. “I’m disappointed in you, kitten.” 

“It was a mistake, sir.” 

“It is… but a mistake has its consequences.” 

You gulp. What’s Dan going to do to you?

You brace yourself for the likelihood of another spanking, so you’re surprised when his hands trails down the length of your body and makes their way to your now moist pussy. You exhale harshly when two of his fingers suddenly thrust into you. Your reaction results in a grin slowly appearing on his face. 

“You like that kitten?” 

You nod, unable to elicit any words. His thumb joins in on the action, rubbing moderately-fast circles on your clit. You spread your legs wider. You buck your hips to meet his fingers – whatever punishment he has planned, at least you’ll receive an orgasm out of it. 

Except you don’t. 

You whine when Dan withdraws his fingers. He smirks at your annoyed expression, playfully raising an eyebrow. “What’s wrong, kitten?”

Damn you. I’m not letting you have the upper hand.

You resist your whine. “Nothing master.” 


“Yes master.” 

You bite your lip. “Sir, why do you still have your clothes on?” 

“Hmmm… seems like kitten thinks she’s running the show.” 

You blush. “It was just a question, sir.” 

 He chuckles, patting your head. “Don’t worry, kitten. Do you want them off?” 

“Yes master. I’d like that very much.” you reply enthusiastically. 

“Anything for my kitten.” 

With your pussy still longing for a release, you watch as Dan removes his clothes. You sigh in content when he lifts his jumper and throws it off, exposing his toned bare chest. Your lick your lips when he pushes his pajamas and boxers down his legs. And this… this is all mine. 

Once Dan’s closed are all gone, he joins you back on the bed. He hovers over your body, peppering kisses on several areas of your skin until he reaches your face. Your lips meet, and you pour your sexual frustration into the kiss. You suck on his upper lip, even biting it a couple of times. He practically shoves his tongue through your mouth until it’s as if you can feel every inch of it. You absolutely love it. 

“Please master,” you beg when your mouths disconnect.  

“Please what?” 

“Please… fuck me.” 

He smiles. “As you wish, kitten.” 

You moan in relief when he finally enters you. Hips flushed against his, you’re even more relieved when he reaches behind you and unties the scarf, throwing it to the floor to join your discarded clothes. His mouth nips at the column of your neck. With your now free hands, you grip onto his shoulder blades. 

“Yes…” you hiss. “So good.” 

He forgoes his usual gradual pace, instead going for an immediate quick pace. Pounding into you relentlessly, your moans reaches a higher pitch that could rival any belting singer. You don’t care how loud you’re being. Phil’s not around and your neighbors should understand it’s Valentine’s Day. It’s not every day you get a dominant, oh-so-sexy boyfriend. 

“I love you,” you groan, not caring that you’re breaking character. He inches away from your neck to look at you. 

His own mask falters, brown eyes filled with adoration. “I love you too. Now come for me, (Y/N). Come on master’s cock.” 

You yell his name in ecstasy, your inner walls fluttering around him. Your arms hold him tighter against you. You swear you see fireworks over your eyelids, because all you can see is a spontaneous explosion of bright colors. Your body shakes, and as Dan reaches his peak too, you bite his neck to contain any more screams. As loud as you are, you don’t want his neighbors to think you’re being murdered. 

“Ah…” you breathe out when Dan pulls out of you. Your hair is tangled and your cat ears are haphazardly close to falling off. 

“We should’ve done that sooner,” he muses. 

“Ya think?” 

He laughs, moving so he lays on his back. “That wasn’t too much for you?”

“Nope.” You lay your head on his chest. “It was perfect.” 

“That’s all that matters, love.” 

The two of you lay in comfortable silence for several seconds before you angle your head up. 

“Again?” you ask. 

“Already?” he says in amusement. 

“It’s not even midnight. We got time.” 

He smiles at you mischievously. “Well then.” You squeal when he tackles you so your back returns to lying on the mattress. “There’s more where that came from, kitten.”

I actually do have those cat ears. There were a few different choice colors when I went to Hot Topic to purchase them. I ultimately chose the one I wrote in the fic since the colors suit me and purple & black are RL Dan’s favorite colors. The blue is a bonus. It’s so adorable and RL Dan gets all mushy whenever I wear them.

Idk why I didn’t write this sooner. I had so much fun working on this. 😍 To save this as my comeback for 2017… I’m glad I waited.

GOT7 ⇝ You Drunkenly Confessing to Them

betchbettahavemypizza said: Got7 reaction to their BFF drunkenly confessing to them¿

A/N: I love the cliche of “BFF to Lovers” thing, so, feel free to request more stuff like this!

❀ Requests open for GOT7 AND BTS ❀
All gif credits go to the rightful owner(s)
Masterlist ^.^
I get all my prompts from this lovely lady

This one is rather long so that’s why I added the Keep Reading splitter

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We don’t believe what’s on TV - Chapter 10

 / Chapter 11 / Chapter 12 / Chapter 13 / Chapter 14 / Chapter 15 / Chapter 16 / Chapter 17 / Chapter 18 /  Chapter 19 /  Chapter 20…>>

Resume: I had an ordinary life, or that’s what I wanted to believe. I lost myself in the TV series that I listened to forget the normal boring life. What I didn’t know, however, was that my life would change completely overnight.

Finding myself in 2013 at Beacon Hills County.

This will be a Stiles x Reader but only further in the story

Tags: @kwien-cee @saoirsewhittle @standalls @anonimereader06 @shantayok @thiscuriouslymiss @dashofsunshineblog @negative-love @sarasmismyonlydefence @sharenaloveyoux @hoedorshegort @teenwolfobsessed321 @tomlinsonlovers @brianaisasongbird @xcastawayherosx

In this chapter: Nightmares. Again. The party.

Word count: 2585

Blood, everywhere, on the ground, the walls everything is covered and no matter where I look, my eyes only catch the red dripping and sticking all around me. I want to throw up but at the same time I feel nothing except the cold and the smell of blood that makes my head spin. I see badly, so much red, so much blood. I don’t want to look, I close my eyes. But when I try to stop seeing, I hear. I hear the cries, the pain and the suffering.

“It will be your fault.”

And I wake up shouting.

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Smut between the reader(or any og character you choose 😊) and Spencer Reid? Any setting or prompt will do!! Thanks 😘

I’m feeling some smut this weekend.  I can do this, and I hope you enjoy it.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

It had been a long day.  An absolutely exhausting 12-hour day.  You knew you were in for long days and short nights when you opened your boutique, but you had never planned for things like vandalism.

So, when you had gotten a call at 3 AM from the police with Spencer laying right beside you, you knew that it was the store.

It had to be the store.

“How bad is it?” Spencer asked as he slid a glass of wine your way on the counter.

“Well, the good news is I could afford some serious insurance on the place,” you sighed.  You took the glass as Spencer eyed you up and down.  He always did when you didn’t feel like talking.

“It’ll take everything to rebuild and replace, won’t it?” he asks.

“I honestly don’t know if I will,” you sigh into your glass.


Spencer knew your sighs.

He knew their different tones and connotations.  He knew their places and wants.  He knew their goods and bads.

He was very familiar with your sighs.

“Why wouldn’t you rebuild?” Spencer asked.

“Because,” you sighed.

He could see how tired you were.  How your words blurred together with air as your half-lidded eyes lobbed closed in the middle of drinking your wine.  He saw how sad you were behind the Y/C/E irises of your eyes.  He saw your defeat in the slumped posture of your shoulders.

How he wished he could change the connotation of your sighs.

“Talk to me,” he urged as he took your hand and led you to the couch.

“More wine,” you grumble as you drop down onto the couch.

“I know,” Spencer chuckled as he filled your glass up.

“Bless you,” you sighed.

Another sigh.

A relieved sigh.

He smiled as his ability to change the connotation of your sigh.

“What happened?” he asked as he sat down close to you.

His body heat was comforting as you leaned into him.

“The glass is broken.  Items have been stolen.  Looks like they took a baseball bat to some of my displays.  Register was cracked open.  They tried starting a fire in the back…”

“Jesus,” Spencer muttered into his wine glass.

“Yeah,” you sighed before taking another drink.

Uh uh.

No no no.

Not that connotation.

Not if he could help it.

“Come here,” he said as he took your wine glass.

“Nooooo,” you whined lightly.  “I like my juice.”

“Turn around,” he motioned with his hand.

You sighed in frustration as Spencer furrowed his brow, but quickly sighed in relief when he began massaging your shoulders.

“Oh, yeeeees,” you groaned, much to Spencer’s enjoyment.

He massaged your shoulders with his thumbs and prickled at the skin on your neck.  His hands glided down your back, maneuvering one vertebrae at a time as he slowly worked his hands around your sides and splayed them out over your ribcage.  He found his thumbs in the small of your back, pressing down deep as you groaned lowly in your throat.

And then, he leaned in to kiss your neck signaling that he was done.

And you sighed.

But, not just any sigh.

And he really recognized this sigh.

“Spencer,” you breathed as you leaned your head back.

And he didn’t have to be told twice.

He wrapped his head around you and locked his lips with yours, and as you laid yourself into his lap, he cradled your head like a precious gem as his other arm snaked around your waist and held your upper body close to his.  He felt your tongue press through his lips, desperately searching for his as he moaned into your mouth.

He wanted to feel all of you.

He wanted to make you feel better.

He wanted to make you sigh.

You laid in his lap as his hand slowly traveled down your front.  His hand slowly slid over your breasts before descending to your stomach, and as his hand inched up your shirt, your skin prickled underneath his touch as your arms tightened around his neck.

“Mmmmmm,” you hummed into his lips, and it made Spencer smile internally with joy at the sounds he could elicit simply with his fingertips.

Up and up and up he traveled, and when he slipped underneath your bra, his dexterous fingertips began pinching and tweaking your pert nipples.

You gyrated in his lap as your sighs ballooned off of his lips, and he let you loose as he began peppering your neck with kisses.

“Spencer,” you sighed.

“Oh, yes,” you sighed again.

He loved your quiet noises.  The ones at the beginning of the throes of passion when it was still just a secret between the two of you before you decided to clue the neighbors in.

He loved that secret time.

His hand began to travel downwards…down towards your belly button to the hem of your pants, and as he slips his soft skin underneath the fabric of your pants and finds his way underneath the skimpy fabric of your underwear, you begin to roll your hips into his hands as he bites down lightly on your breast.

“Oh, god,” you groan as his fingers lightly part your petals.

Round and round his fingers went, slowly and tortuously.  He nibbled and he sucked and he peppered your breasts with marks as you dug your heel into the cushion of the couch.  You wanted him to go faster.  You wanted him to go harder.

But he kept soft, and quiet…like a secret he didn’t want the neighbors to know just yet.

“Spencer, please,” you sighed, begging for your release as he smiled against your skin.

He loved hearing you beg.

“Please,” you choked out as your leg began to tremble.

“Have mercy,” you sighed.

And that was his cue.

Sitting you up and he removed your hand, he began unbuckling his belt as you slipped out of your pajama pants.  But, when he looked over at you, you weren’t laying down, but standing up.

You straddled his knees as he shifted his pants down to his thighs, and you watched his erection bounce proudly as he stared up at you.

Silently, you placed both of your knees on either side of his hips, and his body trembled in anticipation as he lined himself up with your entrance.  Slowly, and tortuously, you slid yourself down onto him.

And ever so slowly, you heard his sigh.

His wonderful, relieving sigh.

You wrapped your arms around his neck as you began to roll your hips into his, and you laid your foreheads together as your silent sighs and light groans intermingled in the same air you both breathed.  His hazel eyes stayed locked onto you and your eyes stayed locked onto those beautiful plump lips, and when he realized you were staring, he locked you into a furious kiss.

A kiss that always did away with the sighs.

Spencer grabbed your hips as he held you tight, and he girded his loins as he began thrusting into you.  His balls bounced against the couch and his legs gyrated with every pump, and your breasts bounced in his face as your sighs gave way to moans, and your moans gave way to cries.

“Spencer!” you choked out as the couch rattled on the floor.

“God, Y/N,” Spencer grunted.

Skin hitting skin.  Breath stealing breath.

Lips locking lips.  And bodies riding bodies.

You buried your face into Spencer’s neck as you felt the burning in your pelvis begin.  Spencer could feel it with the flutter of your walls, and he bit into your shoulder as you whimpered and moaned into his skin.

“Yes.  Please.  God, please,” you begged.

And then, he gave you one last thrust upward, throwing you over the precipice as your body shook and pulsated in his lap.  You could feel his dick give way, twitching inside of you as he filled your cavern with his essence, and when he was done you could already feel it leaking back down his shaft.

But he didn’t care.

Because when your body finally gave out, folding into his as he cloaked his arms around your back, both of your bodies heaving for air, he did the one thing  he had wanted to do since that very first frustrated slam of the door when you finally came home that afternoon.

He changed the connotation of you sigh.

And oh, how it was music to your ears.

“Whatever you want to do, I’ll support you,” Spencer murmured lightly into your ear.

“I love you,” you sighed into his neck.

And he smiled with delight as he ran his fingers through your hair.

notoverjoyed  asked:

YOU. I love your voltron headcanons, especially all those about galran culture/biology and Keith's heritage. And you mentioned his bayard looks like a katar, and how it seems to have foremd this way as a complement to his marmoran blade? love that. (also now I desperately want a katar and this message was spurred by the need to tell you that I blame your marvelous analysis for that desire)

I think a lot about the discussion in s2e9 and Keith’s “I didn’t turn galra,” and I’ve talked about it on this blog before but Whoops, Here It Comes Again.

I guess part of it is, I project a lot onto Keith’s alien heritage as an autistic person.

When I was younger, I kinda picked up I was not the same as many of the people around me. I couldn’t exactly put it in those words but there was definitely a sense of disconnect and, with that, a bit of discomfort. Again, I had no idea really why, or what that meant.

Eventually, somebody ran some Scientific Tests and went, “Clockie, you are autistic.”

At first I didn’t really like that? Because autism is a disorder right, disorders are bad, right, that means I’m in that class with those ~weird kids~ right. (joys of internalized ableism)

But the thing is like… I am not a perfectly normal person who at some point in grade school was kidnapped and dragged down a dark alleyway by the nefarious lurking presence of Autism Genes ™. You cannot actually meaningfully separate me from my autism. It’s not a sinister influence I have to fight for control or something I have to reject or suppress in order to be happy.

In fact, I’m happiest when I can,y’know, do things that accommodate the way my brain works. While I can always appreciate the support of my non-autistic family members and friends, there’s also some very meaningful things I was only able to really understand about myself by connecting to other autistic people.

…You see where I’m going with this?

Because, again, like- Keith is not a Very Normal Human who is about to get dragged on an unexpected joyride by his alien genes. Whether he’s half-human or what, you can’t meaningfully separate “Keith” from “galra Keith” because, y’know. exact same person.

What happened in s2e8 was a diagnosis. I would bet good money that Keith’s had a lingering sense of “hey, maybe I’m not exactly normal people?” his entire life. I mean, we even saw some of that in practice- s1e1, when Keith talks to the group about the strange energy he’s feeling and later, Lance brings it up again to which Keith, very put out, goes, “you made fun of me for that.”

Keith probably gets that most people do not feel suddenly compelled into the desert by nebulous energy sources. His intuition has probably done weird stuff his entire life.

But, cut off from anybody else with galra heritage, Keith has no language to discuss it, he’s got no way to understand it, he just goes with the takeaway of “I’m weird and probably a bad person.”

And then somebody goes, “Hey, Keith? You might actually be an alien. Stuff might be hard for you because Earth was not exactly where you were supposed to live.”

And Keith goes “um, what?”

Fathers Day

Chris Evans x Reader Fic.

Notes: So this is my first reader fic. I decided to write this cause it Father’s Day!!!! Hope it lives up to your expectations. If you can, please please comment, reblog and message me about this fic or about anything else. Your thoughts and comments make my day :)

His mind was blank. Strangely empty of any and every sane thought. He was overthinking and not thinking at all. His head buzzed, heavy and tired with the activities of the day;  His muscles ached underneath his skin and he repeated his movements over and over again - rinsing the dishes with water and placing them into the dishwasher. The sound of running water had filled his ears, their pounding force creating an almost relaxing rhythm in his mind.

Glancing upwards, he eyed the clock that said it was 12:23 pm. Good God. He’d been awake for almost 23 hours now. Placing the last spoon and glass into the dishwasher, Chris turned the knob in the center, punched a few buttons and switched off the lights as the dishwasher roared to life, breaking his trance like state; pushing him back into reality, one in which he was absolutely terrified and lost. Hopeless. His buzzed thoughts cleared out, making way for fear, anxiety, confusion, haste. He was barely conscious of his movements as he moved around the ground floor of his house, switching off lights, picking up stray tissues and shoes, placing the remote controls back into the shelf, folding the soft, blue blanket. Checking the back door one to ensure it was locked securely, Chris started his ascent towards you as his footsteps guided him up the rich, cream carpeted staircase.

He could feel the air thinning as he moved up, making it harder for him to breathe with each passing second. His shoulders felt strained, as though he’d carried a ton of weight on them and walked here. His feet stopped on their own accord when he reached the upstairs landing. Taking in a deep, shuddering breath, Chris walked towards your bedroom. Placing his hand on the door, he tentatively pushed it open, only to find that you weren’t there: the bed was empty; the bathroom door was open, no lights switched on. Sighing to himself, he turned to his right and walked a few steps to the door nearest to your bedroom. It was shut half-way, and he could barely hear a soft murmur from inside. Pushing the door open softly, he glanced inside, only to have the remaining few breaths left in his lungs snatched away.

There you were, in a corner of the small room, tucked into a large, comfortable armchair by the window. The room was airy, illuminated by the traces of sunlight that had managed to reach the window. Chris stared at you for a while, propping himself up on the doorway - because if he hadn’t? He was pretty sure he’d have fallen to his knees then and there. He’d seen you in a plethora of states. He’d seen you dolled-up, ready to head out for some party. He’d seen you fresh faced, without a trace of makeup, looking absolutely immaculate. He’s seen you in formal, red-carpet worthy dresses and sundresses and that gorgeous white wedding dress that you had hung in the back of the closet, neatly wrapped in a cloth cover. But this? He’s never seen you like this, looking so… serene. You sat in the sofa, covered by an old t-shirt of his and tights. But it wasn’t your carefree look, or your mussed hair that had caught his attention. No. It was your posture, your expression that caught his attention. It was what you held in your arms and the way you looked at it, that caught his attention.

Swaddled against your chest, Chris could barely make out the face of the little baby boy he knew was placed inside. Baby. Your baby. His baby. Our baby. Suddenly, he felt the urge to be there, beside you, looking over his son. He moved as quietly as he possibly could, coming to rest beside you, before dropping to his knees. You looked at him, your eyes connecting for a moment - a moment in which time seemed to halt. All Chris was aware of, was your beauty. How truly relaxed, calm and composed you looked. You shared a smile with him, eyes twinkling, before going back to your previous duty of simply staring and admiring your new baby. Chris leaned back a bit to observe you. You seemed… different. Not in a bad way, not in the slightest. No. You seemed changed. Gentler. Softer. Calmer. From the way you traced your baby boys’ cheek to the way you softly inhaled and exhaled, making sure to not disrupt your baby’s sleep. Your were so careful. Loving. And in that moment, Chris realized what had changed. You. You weren’t just his wife, or the spectacular professional that you were. No. Now you were a mother. The biggest role of them all. And it terrified him. He was scared. So fucking scared. His life wasn’t like usual dads. And he didn’t want to burden this tiny life now. Not ever.

He knew this was all real but he still had a hard time believing it. Come to think of it, just 4 years ago, when he hadn’t even met you, Chris had given up his dream of this life. Of a family that was his. And only his. But looking back at the two people he cherished most in the world, he couldn’t help the internal explosion of joy and love that had occurred. Never would he have thought he’d see this day. Him, married. Chris Evans, married and who now had a baby. A proper home, filled with various memoirs of your lives together: photographs and trinkets and even the curtains that you two had fought over for nearly 2 whole weeks. It all seemed so surreal, so…pure, that he didn’t know if he deserved all this. If he deserved you or that little bundle of joy.

Your hand weaving through his hair brought him back to reality. He looked up at you, wanting to say something but words failed him. You looked gorgeous. Simple as that. The scintillating, roaring fire that you were was now a softer, benevolent flame - one that provided comfort and warmth; protection and safety. Home. You were, are and will be his home. His source of truth. His faith even. You smiled again and moved to get up to place your baby in his bassinet. Chris watched your smooth movements, mesmerized by you once again.

“I love you y/n. I love you so much,” Chris spoke softly, forcing you to turn away from the bassinet and stare at him. “I… I want to say so much but… I can’t - I don’t know how to say it. You - you deserve to know how much I love you and how happy all this is making and I - I don’t know how to say all that I want to.”

You made your way over to him now, wrapping your arms around him, feeling the hard planes of his back that were so familiar to you. You smelled like flowers and baby powder, the scent making Chris lightheaded.

“You don’t have to say anything Chris. I know. I love you too.” you reminded him before reaching up to press your lips to his. Exhausted by the few days you’d had, you lay your head against his chest, maneuvering both of you so you could look at you baby again. Chris’ soft sighs and beating heart started to lull you to sleep. But you had one last thing to say to him.

“Happy father’s day Chris.”

And with that, all his anxiety, all his nervousness evaporated. It was real. All of it. No matter what happened in your lives, this moment, this joy was the only thing that mattered. He was a father, and as difficult as acceptance was right now, Chris knew he’d do anything to make sure he was a thumping good one. All around him, it seemed as though the grey faded; the white shone through, leaving behind pure elation - one in which you two basked in, feeling so proud and so so so very happy.

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You promise? I promise. part three!

Note: GUYS I THINK THIS IS THE LAST PART!! im finishing this here BUT i am still open to any ideas you guys have of what you might want to happen, I HOPE YOU ENJOY!!

Warning: angst, mild smut, reunion!!

part one  part two

Originally posted by anjenha

You don’t know how long it’d been. A couple months, maybe even a couple of years since the last time you saw your old group. That night you left the prison, covering up your tracks so that no one could find you. You didn’t want to be found. After a couple weeks of being alone, you were starting to go crazy, talking to the trees and the sometimes even the walkers. You decided to go back to the prison, maybe the group would accept you back. That’s not what happened. When you arrived back you were greeted by mounds of dead bodies that were scattered across the yard. Trucks and tanks lay abandoned outside the gates. You cautiously checked every walker to identify anyone from your group. You could only pick out one though, the sweet old man who had taken the group in back on the farm. Oh, how you missed those days. Your mind flashed images of Daryl in front of your eyes. Your heart hurt to think of him. There were so many things that could have happened to him. You pushed your thoughts aside as you picked up any remaining guns with ammo and you left the prison for good.

Daryl thought about you every day. When he woke up in the morning, his first thoughts were about you, whether you were alive or dead. The group had just found a community, Alexandria. He wasn’t comfortable there, the people had no idea what they were doing, they weren’t prepared to survive out there. It pissed him off how the group was settling in, going to the parties Deanna would throw and actually making themselves comfortable in their own house. He wished you were with him. You were the only one who understood him and actually helped him to feel wanted.

You had met a guy a few weeks ago. He seemed shady at first, but as he stuck around you got to know him. His name was James. There wasn’t much to tell about him really. You guys didn’t speak too often. You shared a relationship that was based purely on guessing what the other was thinking, and after time you two were experts at reading each other. He would help keep watch when you went to raid a store, or when you were exhausted he would take watch for the night. You two had each other’s backs and it was nice to finally have someone with you after so long on your own.

“I’m gonna go find some lunch or something” you said, getting up from the floor and grabbing your knife which was lodged in the tree.

“You want me to come?” James asked, looking up at you questioningly.

“I’m good, I won’t be too long”

He nodded his head as you turned and walked through the trees. You kept your eye open for anything that moved quickly across the ground. So far you had seen nothing, until you came to an open space. The grass was tall, but through it you were able to see something move. As you squinted your eyes, a smile spread across your face when you realised it was a horse. As cruel as it was to kill it, you were hungry for something more than just berries and cold canned beans. You put your knife in its holder as you grabbed your gun from the back of your jeans. You slowly creeped closer, it wasn’t facing you but any slight sound or movement could scare it away. You were close now, you aimed the gun at its head and let off a shot. It echoed through the air and the horse dropped to the ground, dead. You internally screamed with joy as you ran towards it and pulled out your knife. Just as you were about to start cutting into its flesh you heard a click behind you. You stopped moving immediately and you lifted your hands in the air. You were kneeled down on the floor with your back facing whoever it was, this was not a good situation.

“Drop the knife” the voice mumbled.

You hesitated for a minute but you dropped it to the ground, not wanting to make things any worse.

“Put the weapon down”

You heard another click and you recognised that voice. It was James. Thank god, he was here. You turned your head a little to see the man had dropped his weapon, and your heart nearly stopped when you saw it was a crossbow. It looked identical to Daryl’s, but it was impossible. The chances of that happening were like zero. You quickly stood up, grabbing the gun from your pocket as you turned around and aimed it right at Daryl Dixon.

You froze when you saw him. Your eyes locked together and you could tell he was just as shocked as you were by the way he squinted his eyes. You couldn’t move or think. There was no way he was here right now. You were 100% crazy.

“Shoot him and let’s go (y/n)” James said, shifting from foot to foot, clearly uncomfortable with the situation.

You felt tears start to burn behind your eyes but you blinked them away, standing strong. You lowered your gun and looked at James. “I can’t”

“Fine. I’ll do it”

James took a step back and it took you a second to register what he had just said. “No!” you shouted as James raised his gun. Everything happened in slow motion. James let off a shot but you quickly shot him right in the head. You watched his body slowly drop to the ground, the life had left his eyes as he stared blankly up at the sky. The tears had come back and dropped down your face. You kneeled down next to him and closed his eyes with your hand, saying goodbye to him. You turned back around to see Daryl kneeling next to someone.

“Are you hurt, did he hit you?” you asked, running over to him and the other person.

“Na, he hit Aaron, come on we gotta get him back” He said, grabbing both of Aarons ankles.

“Back where?” you asked, not thinking as you grabbed the man’s wrists and you both hauled him up.



“Stop asking me damn questions and move fast, he’s losing a lot of blood” Daryl snapped.

You looked down at the man who now had a stained shirt, blood drenching his neck and hands.

“Open up, quickly!” Daryl shouted as you approached a gated community. Tall walls blocked out the inside, all you could see was a man standing by the gate.

“Eugene open up the damn gates, now!”

“I can’t, we don’t know her” he said, pointing at you.

“We do, you don’t. Don’t make me ask again”

He hesitated before sliding the gates open and letting you in. You viewed your surroundings as you followed Daryl to wherever he was taking Aaron. You were losing your grip on his wrists but you were approaching a small house. Daryl kicked the door open and you both laid Aaron down on the sofa.

“Olivia?” Daryl shouted. He got no answer. “You wait here, I’m gonna go get Olivia” Daryl said, rushing off before you could even protest.

You awkwardly stood in the middle of the room, your eyes on the door. It seemed like there was no one around but you could never be sure. You kept your hand on the gun in your pocket, just in case.

“He’s in here”

You heard voices outside and you backed up against the wall as Daryl walked in with some lady you didn’t recognise, she was probably the doctor or something. She bent down next to Aaron and ordered Daryl to grab some stuff from her room. Daryl eyed you before going up the stairs, taking them two at a time. You realised that Olivia hadn’t seen you, so you used this opportunity to try and sneak out.

“What the hell is going on?”

You were just about to open the door when someone on the other side burst through it, almost knocking you to your feet. You stared at the familiar faces that crowded outside the house. Rick, Maggie, Glenn, Carol, Carl and Sasha.


Rick spoke first as everyone looked at you with confused and shocked looks on their faces. This was overwhelming. You were starting to panic. You weren’t used to being around so many people, even if you did know them. But that’s the thing, you didn’t know them, not anymore. They definitely must have changed over time, just like you. You started to back away but you bumped into someone. Turning around you saw Daryl, he had just given the supplies to Olivia and now he was staring at you. You turned around again but this time more of the group had walked inside, even some new faces had appeared. Your breathing grew heavy and you were getting hot flushes. You started shaking your head. “I need to go” you choked out, walking to push past the group but Rick placed a hand on your shoulder.

“You’re in no shape to go anywhere.”

“Rick please” you took in a deep breath but that was it. Your airways started to close and you wheezed as you breathed in. The next thing you knew you dropped to the ground and everything went black.

Daryl bit his thumbnail as he stared at you. You lay asleep on a mattress on the floor in his house. He had offered to let you stay with him so that you wouldn’t feel so trapped when you woke up. He always loved watching you sleep, not in a creepy way, but the fact that you were peaceful and vulnerable to the world around you.

You let out a small groan and you turned on your side to see Daryl crouched down and leaning against the wall. You both stared at each other for a minute, unsure of what to say. It was awkward, you had to admit. You guys didn’t exactly leave on a good note and you hadn’t seen each other for ages, you had both definitely changed. You started to sit up but Daryl put his hand on you and slowly pushed you back down.

“You need to rest, your body’s weak”

“I’m fine”

“(Y/n)” there was a warning tone in his voice, one that wasn’t to be messed with. “Olivia checked you over. You haven’t eaten in days and you’re dehydrated, not to mention shocked about what happened to your friend”

He paused for a moment, waiting to see if you’d reply but you didn’t.

“Thanks for that by the way” he added.

“There’s no need to thank me. I’d do it again if I had to” you said coldly.

You both looked at each other but you averted your eyes to the floor, half of you wanting him to go away but the other half wanting to just hug him and embrace him, you wanted it to go back to before.

“I tried lookin’ for ya” he said suddenly, making you raise your eyes to meet his. “Back at the prison, I came back that same day I left, but Rick told me you had gone.”

“I needed to cool off-”

“For a couple of years?” he cut you off, raising his voice a little, making your heart race. “I mean you clearly didn’t wanna be found, you covered your tracks well”

“If I knew I would have gone back sooner!” you tried to defend yourself. You sat up now and you were both at the same level. “You went off with your no-good brother and id had enough!”

“Don’t talk about him like that” he said, his voice was low and he dropped his head, his eyes breaking away from yours.

You wondered why he reacted like that but then you understood. Merle was dead. You dropped your head as well, sad that Daryl had lost his brother but at the same time you knew it was for the best.

“I’m sorry, how did it happen?”

“The Governor. Then I found him, walking around and munching on other people. I had to put him down myself”

You stayed silent, not knowing what to say. Daryl knew how you felt towards Merle and the awkwardness in the room thickened.

“You can say it you know” Daryl spoke up.

“Say what?”

“Everything. That he deserved to die, that he was scum. That even though he was my goddamn brother he was still a bastard!” Daryl’s voice rose and you jumped at his sudden anger.

“I wasn’t even thinking that Daryl!”

“Na I know what you were thinking. You’re glad he’s gone so now I can ‘concentrate on me’! Well screw that (y/n), we aint living in the past no more. He changed!” He said, standing up and you followed him.

“I’m sorry you’re hurting but I wasn’t gonna say that!” you touched his shoulder but he brushed your hand off. He turned away from you, facing the kitchen counter. You moved to the other side of it so you could face him.

“Look at me” you said calmly, your voice soft as to not startle him. “Daryl” you said, this time making him look up. You saw the tears in his eyes that threatened to spill, and for the first time in a long-time Daryl let them roll down his face. The one thing he could never understand was how vulnerable you made him feel. Whenever he was around you he could always let out his deepest and darkest emotions. Even though you both had changed, that’s the one thing that never would. You walked back around and hugged him from the back. You knew how he felt in these moments, weak and defenceless. You wrapped your arms tighter around his body and all his pent-up pain and sadness over Merle washed away, allowing a heavy burden to be lifted from his shoulders.

When Daryl finished letting all his emotions out he turned around to finally face you. “I missed you so damn much”

His words brought tears to your own eyes and you smiled at him. You saw him hesitate before slowly pressing his lips to yours. The sensation took over your whole body. You hadn’t had human contact like this in years, and having it with Daryl made the experience much more pleasurable and emotional. He scooped you up in his arms, bridal style, before bringing you up to his room and he laid you down on the bed. You smiled at him as he slowly kissed up your arm and neck until he reached your lips. You opened your mouth against his and he slid his tongue in, dancing together with yours. As you two were going at it, Daryl was slowly undoing your jeans, sliding them off your body before taking your shirt off as well, leaving you completely naked. Daryl broke away from the kiss to remove his clothing but his lips were soon back on yours and he pulled the covers over you.

Daryl grabbed himself in his hand before sliding his tip against your wet folds, using your juices for lubrication before pushing completely into you. You both moaned at the contact and Daryl kept up a steady pace while he kissed your neck and you pulled at his hair. After a while, you were both nearing your highs. He could feel your walls tightening around him which sent you both into your release, forgetting about all the problems of reality and just enjoying the moment in your bubble together.

Daryl pulled out of you when he was done and he lay besides you, wrapping an arm behind you as you curled up against his body, draping an arm around his chest.

“Never leave me again” he whispered.

“I won’t” you replied, nuzzling your head into his neck.

“You promise?

“I promise.”

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The group as moms part 1 - parachute jumping
  • Gryffindor's kid : mom can I do parachute jumping this summer ?
  • Mom!Gryffindor : only if I come with you ! *internally shrieks in joy*
  • Hufflepuff's kid : what about me mom ?
  • Mom!Hufflepuff : are you crazy ?? No way ! That's so dangerous !
  • Ravenclaw's kid : mom-
  • Ravenclaw : absolutely not. Do you know all the ways something could go wrong ?
  • Slytherin's kid : *sigh* I suppose -
  • Mom!Slytherin : you suppose right. You're not going. I am, though.