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who run the stage? (girls) >> in honour of international womens day, a sample of the incredible talents of the women (and girls!) of musical theatre [listen]

omigod you guys from legally blonde - laura bell bundy and ensemble // i’m here from the color purple - lachanze // everything i know from in the heights - mandy gonzalez // and i am telling you i’m not going from dreamgirls - jennifer holliday // seventeen (reprise) from heathers - barret wilbert weed, alice lee, katie ladner and elle mclemore // with you from ghost - caissie levy // fly, fly away from catch me if you can - kerry butler // not for the life of me/nyc/astonishing - sutton foster // safer from first date - krysta rodriguez // love while you can from if/then - idina menzel, lachanze and jenn colella // ring of keys from fun home - sydney lucas // the wizard and i from wicked - ashleigh gray // simple joys from pippin - patina miller // easy as life from aida - heather headley //  i’d give my life for you from miss saigon - lea salonga // take me or leave me from rent - idina menzel and fredi walker // pretty funny from dogfight - lindsay mendez // sal tlay ka siti from the book of mormon - nikki m james // all grown up from bare - jenna leigh green // born to entertain/don’t rain on my parade - laura osnes // no day but today - idina menzel // i know it’s today from shrek - leah greenhaus, marissa o'donnell and sutton foster // i’m a star - eden espinosa // mama who bore me (reprise) from spring awakening - lea michele, lilli cooper, lauren pritchard, remy zaken and phoebe strole // the hill from once - cristi milioti // never neverland (fly away) - stephanie j block // as long as he needs me from oliver - jodie prenger //  watch what happens from newsies - kara lindsay // on my own from les miserables - samantha barks // out tonight from rent - daphne rubin-vega // i can do better than that from the last five years - betsy wolfe // quiet from matilda - adrianna bertola // the music and the mirror from a chorus line - charlotte d'amboise // i’m not afraid of anything from songs for a new world - andrea burns // defying gravity from wicked - willemijn verkaik // dear mr president - natalie weiss // on the steps of the palace from into the woods - anna kendrick // maybe (next to normal) from next to normal - alice ripley and jennifer damiano // the graveyard from jane eyre - marla schaffel and lisa musser // we’re not done from bring it on - taylor louderman and adrienne warren // dyin’ ain’t so bad from bonnie and clyde - laura osnes // it’s the hard knock life from annie - lilla crawford and ensemble // there’s a fine, fine line from avenue q - stephanie d'abruzzo // a new life from jekyll and hyde - linda eder // get out and stay out from 9 to 5 - stephanie j block } 

*Screams Internally*


The catering director told me she found a guy to be my houseman and my “bitch” on the floor during parties. “He’ll just do whatever you tell him to do.” She went on to tell me he’s “very cute” but, tragedy of tragedies, “I think he might be gay.” Heather, her…intern? Assistant? The girl who works for her, said, “He looked gay.” I just stood there like :). The catering director and Heather both seem like the type of people who see gay men as fun accessories but are creeped out by lesbians, which is disgusting to me but I guess I’ve dealt with worse. And this continues the trend of people in that sales office trying to talk to me about men. Stephanie used to give me tons of unsolicited dating advice, and I’d just politely smile and nod along, and Liz always talks to me about what to expect out of Straight Marriage, and I sit there and think about how the things she describes sound like a nightmare.

Total Drama 30 Day Challenge- Day 17

Day 17: Favorite Song

This Is How We Will End It

All of the episodes after African Lying Safari had some really great songs, save for the last aftermath, so this was a very close pick. While “I’m Gonna Make It” was a contender for a while, it ultimately lost to “This Is How We Will End It.” This song is just plain fucking good. While Heather was better in “I’m Gonna Make It” (at least in my opinion), Alejandro REALLY shined here. All the puppet imagery and him feeling some actual internal conflict about leaving Heather in the hole really made it work. Also, I like this one because he’s most himself here and he doesn’t have a weird autotune effect going on with his voice like he does in Condor and Versus. 


The Wedding Party cast attends the 2010 Melbourne International Film Festival

First and second photos: Isabel Lucas, Essie Davis, Nikita Leigh-Pritchard (whom you may recognize from playing Millie Wilton in “Blood at the Wheel” in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries)

Third photo: Geoff Paine, Nikita Leigh-Pritchard, Essie Davis, and Heather Mitchell (who played Madame Fleuri in “Murder à la Mode”)

anonymous asked:

Why do you think Heather is set on getting Hiccup and Astrid together? Doesn't she have enough on her plate?

Now, to clarify from the start, in case it’s needed: Heather is not being some obnoxious hook up. She is not trying to force her friends Hiccup and Astrid into a relationship, she is not devising schemes to yank the two together into the throes of love, nor is she being obnoxious about them and their romance in any way, shape, or form. Heather is not on a huge, self-appointed matchmaking mission.

Rather, what Heather is doing is relating to one of her friends in a very natural and realistic way. I remember when I was a teenager, being in sleepovers with my friends, where the girls would giggle about their crushes and share who they were interested in to each other. Friends, supporting each others’ interests, would encourage a girl, “Hey! You two would be perfect together!” - especially if it were obvious that said girl and her love interest were already flirting with one another. Talking about each others’ love interests and love lives was a way to connect with another friend.

Heather and Astrid are very close friends who are able to talk to each other about whatever is on their mind, be it axes or love interests. Their conversation about love interests, back in “Have Dragons Will Travel Part 2,″ begins naturally when Astrid teases Heather about Snotlout’s flirtations. Heather responds that she is interested in Fishlegs, and then brings up Hiccup casually to Astrid. Astrid says that Hiccup is just a friend, but Heather does know better. It is to note that, while she teases a little, Heather does not press, badger, or harass Astrid about her interest in Hiccup, and in fact only has one other conversation about Hiccup to Astrid… two seasons later. At this point in time, what Heather says to Astrid about Hiccup is not trying to shove romance ungracefully into Astrid’s life. It is advice from one friend to another, and frankly, Astrid is open to listen to it. Astrid might look a bit awkward because being in love is an awkward thing (especially when it’s at the we’re-not-in-a-relationship-stage), but she is listening, and Heather’s words are not obnoxious to her. Heather is being a helpful friend trying to assist Astrid in navigating through a real, ongoing romantic development.

The reason why Heather is “set” on Hiccup and Astrid getting together is because she has made the correct observation that Hiccup and Astrid are avoiding something that cannot be avoided. Hiccup and Astrid are clearly interested in one another in something that is more-than-platonic. However, Hiccup and Astrid have yet to actually verbally acknowledge this or address the needs-to-be-addressed issue. Heather is trying to help with these feelings inside Astrid’s own heart, and making suggestions about how she should proceed with her affections toward Hiccup. So Heather is being a good friend. I always appreciated friends in the junior high and high school who gave me some advice about how to handle my crushes and romantic interests; Heather isn’t forcing an agenda on Astrid, really, but it saying something she knows is relevant to Astrid’s internal thoughts.

So what Heather is doing is basically just interacting with a friend!

To say that Heather has “enough on her plate” suggests that what she is doing would be a taxing, stressful effort that is a tiring addition to the other challenges she has in her life. Rather, what Heather is doing with Astrid is recreation and bonding with a friend. Poor Heather has had so many challenges in her life that she deserves some good, laid-back time where she can talk to another woman in friendship!