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Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know

whom other wlw on here used to read gay fanfic when they were younger and thought they were one of those gross cishet girl readers who fetishized gay men but then it turned out they loved girls and fanfic as outlandish and ridiculous it can get helped normalize same gender relationships for themselves jw

who run the stage? (girls) >> in honour of international womens day, a sample of the incredible talents of the women (and girls!) of musical theatre [listen]

omigod you guys from legally blonde - laura bell bundy and ensemble // i’m here from the color purple - lachanze // everything i know from in the heights - mandy gonzalez // and i am telling you i’m not going from dreamgirls - jennifer holliday // seventeen (reprise) from heathers - barret wilbert weed, alice lee, katie ladner and elle mclemore // with you from ghost - caissie levy // fly, fly away from catch me if you can - kerry butler // not for the life of me/nyc/astonishing - sutton foster // safer from first date - krysta rodriguez // love while you can from if/then - idina menzel, lachanze and jenn colella // ring of keys from fun home - sydney lucas // the wizard and i from wicked - ashleigh gray // simple joys from pippin - patina miller // easy as life from aida - heather headley //  i’d give my life for you from miss saigon - lea salonga // take me or leave me from rent - idina menzel and fredi walker // pretty funny from dogfight - lindsay mendez // sal tlay ka siti from the book of mormon - nikki m james // all grown up from bare - jenna leigh green // born to entertain/don’t rain on my parade - laura osnes // no day but today - idina menzel // i know it’s today from shrek - leah greenhaus, marissa o'donnell and sutton foster // i’m a star - eden espinosa // mama who bore me (reprise) from spring awakening - lea michele, lilli cooper, lauren pritchard, remy zaken and phoebe strole // the hill from once - cristi milioti // never neverland (fly away) - stephanie j block // as long as he needs me from oliver - jodie prenger //  watch what happens from newsies - kara lindsay // on my own from les miserables - samantha barks // out tonight from rent - daphne rubin-vega // i can do better than that from the last five years - betsy wolfe // quiet from matilda - adrianna bertola // the music and the mirror from a chorus line - charlotte d'amboise // i’m not afraid of anything from songs for a new world - andrea burns // defying gravity from wicked - willemijn verkaik // dear mr president - natalie weiss // on the steps of the palace from into the woods - anna kendrick // maybe (next to normal) from next to normal - alice ripley and jennifer damiano // the graveyard from jane eyre - marla schaffel and lisa musser // we’re not done from bring it on - taylor louderman and adrienne warren // dyin’ ain’t so bad from bonnie and clyde - laura osnes // it’s the hard knock life from annie - lilla crawford and ensemble // there’s a fine, fine line from avenue q - stephanie d'abruzzo // a new life from jekyll and hyde - linda eder // get out and stay out from 9 to 5 - stephanie j block } 

Miraculous Headcanon

Warning: i have been adding to this headcanon for nearly a month so it is pretty long xD OOPS SORRY NOT SORRY (i did put a cut though, so, yeah) NO REGRETS

  • Marinette is a youtuber
  • Her channel consists of mostly sped up videos of her drawing designs and making her designs. Some have voice over, some have soothing and relaxing music.
  • Her channel blew up
  • Partially because, wow, she’s really talented for only being in high school
  • And people just really enjoyed watching her work, it’s very unique
  • Sometimes she’ll do simple tutorials on how to make a simple skirt, or get started on designing, but those are more rare videos
  • She has a second channel that is less professional than her main, where she posts a bunch of random vlogs that her and Alya take whenever they do something interesting, or even some random challenges. Most of these videos involve Alya, since she got Marinette to make a second channel for fun vlogs
  • Her international followers (#subtitles) find it very interesting anytime she talks about Ladybug and Chat Noir because there are legit superheroes in Paris and no other part of the world has seen that.
  • They vlog all sorts of things
    • going to the craft store for new fabrics, buttons, patterns, literally anything Marinette needs for her next project (or they’re just bored)
    • They record random things they see around Paris, cosplayers of LB and CN, pigeons being weird, aesthetics
    • Alya and Marinette have a weekly “review” which includes Alya buying something for Marinette to review- mostly themed around her favorite heroes
    • Sometimes just walking around the mall. Nino is spotted in many vlogs as well, but Adrien is rarely seen since he is already around so many cameras in his normal life Marinette is respecting his privacy
  • A lot more below the cut because I have been working on this headcanon for nearly a month!

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So, my mom came into the room and gave me this

saying “these are christmas little stars!”

I looked at her and said something like “it looks like the poop you take from the streets when you walk your dog out” 

but then 

THEY WERE REALLY LITTLE STARS and I thought this was super cute






The Zodiac Signs + Meeting the Parents

NOPENOPENOPENOPE: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Taurus, Aries

“Sure, sounds fun” *Internal freak out*: Scorpio, Libra, Aquarius, Virgo, Gemini

*Is actually excited to see them*: Cancer, Pisces, Leo

Boyf Riends First Date HCs

A/N: I love these nerds so much, so here are some fluffy headcanons

- Jeremy and Michael’s first date is kinda awkward bc they’ve been besties for 12 years

- It’s at some like kinda nice restaurant, and I think that partially contributes to the awkward vibe bc those boys aren’t used to fancy food

- Eventually they decided to ditch the restaurant after like entrees and they just end up at, like, Burger King or something

- They definitely relax a bit more, but they’re still kinda unsure of how to do the whole date thing

-The fact that their hands brush a few times when they’re reaching for fries doesn’t help them

- A lot of the time there’s kinda comfortable silences bc they’re staring at the other person

- Jeremy does it occasionally, but boy Michael is the most guilty of it

- “Michael.” *snaps fingers in front of his face* “Michael!” *shakes his head slightly* “Yeah?”

- I reckon at one point Michael takes Jeremy’s hand while he’s ranting about something, and Jeremy just kinda stops mid sentence

- “I still can’t believe that….“ *pause* "Uh, Michael?” *noise of fake innocence from Michael*

- From that point on Jeremy’s cheeks are kinda permanently pink, and Michael thinks it’s adorable

- Some old lady probably approaches them and tells them that they’re an adorable couple, and we get two very blushy boys because of it

- “She’s right, you know?“ "Shut up Michael.”

- After they finish dinner, they probably drive back to Michael’s

- That car ride was when Jeremy found out that Michael doesn’t just love Bob Marley

- “Is this… is this Mariah Carey?” *profuse blushing and sputtering from Michael followed by a cackle from Jeremy*

- They rock up at Michael’s place and probably just play video games till like midnight

- However, this time the beanbags are shoved right up against each other, just like Michael and Jeremy

- At about 12, Jeremy starts getting super tired and yawning nonstop. Michael thinks it’s adorable, but refuses to tell him

- “Dude, I don’t think I can drive home.” *awkward pause* “You can… you can just stay here.”

- They end up in Michael’s bed, and although Jeremy doesn’t think much of it bc he’s pretty much asleep, Michael is freaking out internally

- “I had fun tonight.” “Me too, Jer. Me too.”

- Just before Michael falls asleep he kisses Jeremy’s forehead, and he drifts off just before he can notice the little smile that settles on Jeremy’s face

medical field stereotypes

Family Medicine
- personality: easy-going, family-oriented
- quirk: low self-esteem
- 7 deadly sin: gluttony
- hobbies: hanging out with your significant other and other family medicine docs

Internal Medicine
- personality: ambitious, jack-of-all-trades
- quirk: over-confident
- 7 deadly sin: pride
- hobbies: cooking, moderate physical activity

- personality: patient, childlike
- quirk: eccentric
- 7 deadly sin: gluttony
- hobbies: maintains “childish hobbies”, love of Disney, music, and games

General Surgery
- personality: daring, high-achiever
- quirk: narcissistic
- 7 deadly sin: pride
- hobbies: secretly slovenly at home, loves going and eating out

- personality: well-rounded, grounded
- quirk: catty
- 7 deadly sin: pride
- hobbies: your children > your spouse, always doing or planning something

- personality: loquacious, social
- quirk: diva
- 7 deadly sin: envy
- hobbies: going out to town, having people over, selfies and social media

Emergency Medicine
- personality: confident, outgoing
- quirk: impatient
- 7 deadly sin: lust
- hobbies: working out/aggressive physical activity, teaching

- personality: efficient, organized, quiet
- quirk: odd
- 7 deadly sin: pride
- hobbies: the kinds that can be done alone like reading or gardening or raising goats

- personality: down-to-earth, eloquent
- quirk: self-centered
- 7 deadly sins: lust
- hobbies: travel, fine dining

someone: what do you like to do for fun? 

me, internally: well, i watch this show called voltron legendary defender and i love it so much but to be specific, there’s these two space boys named lance and keith. their ship name is klance and i think it’s so adorable!!!! !!1 i even have a blog where i reblog cute fanarts of them, but getting back to the point, they had a bonding moment and keith cradled lance in his arms. lance says it didn’t happen, but it did and he just doesn’t remember. or maybe he does and he doesn’t want to tell keith. i’m really not sure, but anyway, lance is the guardian spirit of water and keith is the guardian spirit of fire, making them complete opposites, but together they make a good team and…  

me: oh, you know, the usual stuff. 

@hazardtomyhealth !! guess who stalked your tags I’m sure you’re asleep or something like a decent being (unlike myself) buT!! yooo

DiaMari - 450 words-ish drabble (no readmore)

Ohara Mari isn’t in love with Dia. She’s not. Promise. It’s a ridiculous notion, really. Mari’s a party animal, someone you turn to when you need a wild time out, someone who’s full of charm. And Dia’s, well, Dia. Serious, completely no fun, and Mari thinks she’s seen her laugh maybe three times, and that’s saying something since she’s been around her.

(But when she does, it’s refreshing, beautiful and just a little dazzling. It knocks Mari’s breath away, and she’s not quite sure why. )

Yet Kanan keeps pushing her towards Dia, backing out of their arrangements last minute, convincing Mari to spend more time ‘reconnecting with her childhood friend’, even though Kanan’s her childhood friend too. It really doesn’t make sense. She’s not in love with Dia. Promise. Why would she fall for someone as boring as her?

(A little part at the back of her brain protests, Kurosawa Dia isn’t boring. She’s competitive, fun to get a rise out of, someone she can always depend on to react to her jokes, albeit negatively. Fine, maybe she’s not boring. But she wouldn’t fall in love with someone like her. Because… because. She wouldn’t. She hasn’t. )

(Mari seals off that part of her brain as easy as you please. Or maybe it was never really shut away? )

And Mari tells Kanan so one day, shouting it at the top of her lungs, when Mari’s had a draining day and she’s had enough, because Kanan’s actions don’t make sense. Mari’s not in love with Dia and there’s no way Dia would like her, so what is she getting at anyway?

Kanan’s face is full of surprise and disbelief, her eyes widening in shock possibly because Mari has just yelled as loud as she can, reverberating around the school. Or maybe Kanan’s mouth is opening to protest again, to tell her to reconsider. Mari’s steely eyes meet Kanan’s, challenging her. She can try. It won’t work.

Only then does Mari realise Kanan’s gaze isn’t meeting hers, but instead staring behind her.

“Dia!” Kanan’s voice cracks. She’s reaching out her hand, stumbling forward.

Mari whirls around only to see the last strand of dark brown hair disappear past the doorframe, leaving the corridor empty. Kanan’s already given chase, shouting Dia’s name, but for some unknown reason, Mari’s still rooted to the ground.

Mari’s hand reaches up to her chest, clenching the smooth white fabric, feeling the tightening of her chest, the dryness of her throat, the tears’ course down her cheeks, all at once. It feels ethereal, as if she’s not in charge of her body.

She’s not in love with Dia. She’s not. Promise.