intern dana

Almost always we are all experiencing the same problems as everyone else,” said Josie, “and pretending we don’t so that every one of us thinks we are alone.
—  welcome to night vale
  1. Jewish Latina/Korean bi trans girl Janice x lesbian African American cis girl Tamika 

  2. aro ace Jamaican cis woman FOW x biro bisexual Navajo cis woman Josie

  3. queer Morroccan Muslim cis woman Dana x queer Indian genderfluid Vithya

  4. lesbian Peruvian cis woman Hannah Guiterrez x panro pansexual Cuban agender woman Lucy Guiterrez

  5. panro pansexual Latino cis guy Paolo x biro gay Chinese cis guy Leland

Okay wow I was gonna catch up with POC Night Vale Week today but I spent all my time on the Queer Day…


I’ve been working on a little project called Night Vale Inspires, which is, quite simply, a series of typographic posters with moving or inspiring quotes about love, and life, and being. Things that have stuck with me from the show. Maybe they’ve stuck with you, too.

If you have any lines that stay with you–like a spider-like flickering in your peripheral so constant that it becomes a familiar comfort, you know the ones–then feel free to drop them in my ask box. I might make up a poster for it. :]