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Panic! At the Disco

okay so i went to my first concert last night and it was P!ATD in Philly and omg i died it included 

  • Brendon doing a backflip
  • wearing 2 different sequenced jackets  
  • him playing this is gospel on a bedazzled piano 
  • walking through the crowd singing the death of a bachelor
  • while singing girls/girls/boys having a montage of LGQT+ ppl in the form of a rainbow flag behind him and before that saying that the song is abt how some motherfckers taking away basic human rights 
  • Singing “this calls for a toast” in a british accent during sins
  • the intermission video being pete wentz kidnapping and then electrocuting him 
  • singing bohemian rhapsody on a piano 
  • playing 24 karat magic and bitch better have my money on the drums 
  •  doing some great dancing during crazy=genius
  • vocals higher than my grades 
  • messing up during golden days and just saying oh shit instead
  • before singing emperor’s  new clothes saying he had a dream he was a demon 

TRIGGA Reloaded - The Intermission


TRIGGA Reloaded - The Intermission

Watch on

11/23/16: Jake Guentzel interview (before the game)

11/23/16: Conor Sheary interview (first intermission)

11/23/16: Sidney Crosby interview (second intermission)

Who created this myth that men don’t gossip, cause…have y’all ever been to a barbershop? lol. Rhetorical ques, we know who and the source. Gossiping is viewed as an effeminate quality associated with women and queer men. And we live in a society where negative traits are often associated with femininity. But gossiping, which is negative, is a basic human trait. All genders backbite. Just because us men have interludes or intermissions of discussing sports, video games and “manly things” don’t make that shit any different, essentially we all “spill tea”.  

All men do on the brothers side of the mosque and barbershops is gossip, lol miss me with that shit. When u slut shaming that girl, its gossip. When you talking about another niggas rep compared to yours, its gossip. And the amount of het men that pass shit that’s unconfirmed and not true about other men is mad pervasive.