intermission bullshit

Surprise, surprise. Grandpa Harley is back and ALIVE.

In which John finds out that shaving cream is flammable, Dave can’t control his bladder, Jade hits her grandpa’s booze, and Rose writes a poem about the incompetence of her co-players.

John finds himself in the Land of Wind and Shade! Well, “finds himself” is a manner of speaking, he has pretty much been here all along, only way higher up!

Okay, so we got a whole land to explore and somewhere here is DAD’s car (which we absolutely have to find because John’s server copy of Sburb is in it), also the unabridged version of Colonel Sassacre! John still has to read the first few pages with Nanna’s message and she for some reason decided to make everything more difficult and threw it away?? Because she is weird like that, I guess. (the truth is that she is the villain all along, that’s nanna, it’s her, the true final boss, screw chess pieces.)

Also, the constellation that dance beneath the clouds, they are just the fireflies! Nanna was feeling poetic.

I GET TO FIGHT THE IMPS????!! John, prepare to die five hundred times, I’m truly sorry, I’m very bad at this kind of games but I’m afraid that this won’t stop me from killing every one of those little bastards.

….Talk to you like what?! Unless grandma just created a Pesterchum account. Her chumhandle… gelasticCounselor. Sounds good.  Although I like to think that the two of them are just shouting at each other while the imps nearby watch, perplexed. Even though they are too far, I guess??

BUT TO MORE IMPORTANT POINTS! This sheds light on a very important subject! Jade’s choice of prototyping can’t be Grandpa! If sprites cannot  move from the location of their houses, Grandpa would be breaking all the rules! He just slay imps left and right, he staffed them, the giant ones too! But the point is that he not only killed Jade’s imps, but also Rose’s, Dave’s and John’s ones! That means he will/already has (?? what is this Intermission level of time bullshit??) travel from one planet to another! Please don’t ask me how though. Also he… randomly comes back to life… yeah…. Hell, maybe it’s some sort of bonus in the game, like… Jade gets through the Third Gate, handfuls of confetti greet her at her passage and BOOM. “END OF GATE THREE BONUS! Bring a loved one back to life! But choose wisely! You won’t get this proposal again!!” Okay, no but it would be cool. The End Gate Bonuses. Bringing Grandpa back is cool too. 

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