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There are just some things in your relationship that go unspoken. Tom being the big spoon, is one of these unspoken things. He takes pride in the role of protecting your body from the cold. He loved how your fingers interlaced with his against the softness of your belly, or sometimes against your lips. He loved how you would roll over in the middle of the night, your nose brushing against his jaw before moving to his rest against his skin. There were many moments where he found himself struggling to be quote on quote “masculine,” but he felt like he came close to it when he was curled up behind you.

But it was nights like this when he thankfully relinquished the role.

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all dimensions of space/matter are interlaced; there is no separation between them, but separation becomes apparent to a manifested perceiver whom emerges and evolves reading information of a specific dimension 

from a two dimensional perspective, matter is perceived as a surface of one dimension in two dimensions of space.

from a three dimensional perspective, matter is perceived as a surface of two dimensions in three dimensions of space.

from a four dimensional perspective, matter is perceived as a surface of three dimensions in four dimensions of space.

and so on and so forth…

an infinite number of 1 dimensional shapes are in an object of two dimensions

an infinite number of 2 dimensional shapes are in an object of three dimensions

an infinite number of 3 dimensional shapes are in an object of four dimensions

however, all the same… it’s the same object no matter the specific dimension that it’s being perceived in 

Blue. Was his fingers interlaced with her own as they strolled through Mirkwood during the winter, bundled up for the cold winter. She would often find herself pressed up against his chest, as he would drape his robes around the both of them. Blue was the color of his eyes that she knew all too well when he stared into her own for many night on end- his the color of ice and hers, the color of mist upon the sea. Blue. That was the color that he told her she reminded him of; gentle as the morning sky, yet mysterious as the ebbing tides of the great oceans. Blue, was the color he said he liked best on her. -  Prelude to Spring

“Meleth Nîn, no matter what the tides may bring, remember, I will always be with you.”

The internet has changed the way that we construct, view and discuss identity. At MESH ARCHIVE, our goal is to navigate those changes in a way that explores the concept of community and seeks to subvert static definitions of our experiences.

We’re interested in asking questions that allow us to heal our communities through dialogue. MESH is focused on building communities, and restructuring them through a process of reparative learning arising from conversations with each other.

We are looking for submissions of any medium (e.g. essays, video work, design work, photography) to be published in our upcoming publication and website. We are focused on ideas concerning the role of the internet as a tool for education, identification, and community-building and would love to hear about yours.

Currently we are working on a multimedia project concerned with the relationship between objectivity and identity, how aesthetic practices interrelate to our performance and perception of race and gender, and how our selfhood online and offline are interlaced.

If you have an idea for piece or a completed piece to submit, please fill out our pitch proposal form as best you can!

Those who want to contribute to Mesh in a more permanent way as staff members are encouraged to apply. We are currently looking for coders, graphic designers, editorial writers, photographers, and videographers to join our team. 

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can i just point out how easily and quickly they linked their hands together
you can see their fingers first interlace with with confidence, knowing who goes where, and then go flat against the hands securing them together
it just seems like this isnt the first time its happened
they seem so sure of how their hands fit together and if that isnt the single most cutest thing then get out

(gif credit to @feliz-navidan)