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I am SO sorry if you get tired of asks about Russian/Japanese, language learning, language kinks, etc. and if you do please let me know so that I stop, but I have another question if it's okay: do they become fluent enough in each other's languages at some point that they start to interject conversations or daily routines with random words and phrases? Or do they stick to English? It's just that I find some things more intimate and comfortable to hear or say in certain languages than others lol

Yeah, they do become fluent. They both start learning very quickly after they get together and though their styles are very different. Yuuri learns academically so he memorizes grammar rules and the alphabet and starts with basic phrases while Viktor dives straight in with hands on learning conversational Japanese by speaking it all the time, even when his grammar is horrendous and he keeps using the wrong words, until he improves and he picks it up very quickly even if he can’t read or write it to save his life at first. They also start by having a ‘Japanese day’ and ‘Russian day’ once a week when they’re only allowed to speak that ;language for practice and it kind of just becomes a normal thing. And even when they talk in English, after years of fluency it sort of just devolves into a weird English/Russian/Japanese hybrid mix that only they can understand

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angsty 144 with jimin please thank you ❤❤ love all your stuff btw❣

#144: “I cheated.”

It was 3 AM, and you were still awake, waiting for your ever so faithful boyfriend to get home from his drinking extravaganza. You had already received a call from Namjoon apologizing, that he knew Jimin didn’t mean it, that he didn’t think about it before he actually did it. You weren’t mad - he was drunk, you may have done the same thing, but he should know right from wrong. The door slammed and there was shuffling, then Jimin walked into the living room, half-sober and stumbling over the rug. “You should fucking know better.” You started, and he looked over to find you curled up on the couch. “I cheated. I’m sorry. It was stupid and I was drunk - more drunk than I am now and I-” Jimin began to explain with a sigh, but you interject. “Don’t give me that shit, I know you know well enough to see the difference between your own girlfriend and a stranger!” You yell, and Jimin hangs his head. “You’re an idiot, and I don’t want to talk to you. Sleep on the fucking couch.”

Prompt list is HERE, request a number and a boy!

cestlafilledunroi replied to your post: Okay…but imagine TC singing Evermore from Beauty…

And like. Evermore is so. similar. to If I Can’t Love Her. The compositional structure is the same, the sentiment is the same, even the orchestral interjections at the end??? But like the poetry in Evermore doesn’t come close to IICLH and honestly I feel like Dan Stevens could have managed that song since it’s pretty much within the same tessitura?? IT’S MY FAVORITE BATB SONG I’m just

HAHAHA I feel you, mon ami….Like…

“I rage against the trials of love (??? what this mean, laddie boy)
I curse the fading of the light  (ok, very Twilight but ok, I gotchu)
Though she’s already flown so far beyond my reach (ok…)
She’s never out of sight” (is this a Facebook vaguepost, my dude?)

It is the tell of the Show vs. Tell storytelling phenomenon. I haven’t seen the movie yet so I probably will notice the song’s shortcomings less when in combination with the visuals but I can’t help but feel a little cheated out of my Awesome If I Cant Love Her on the silver screen dreams! Oh well. 

Japanese lesson: Interjections

うーん (uun) - hmm
あら (ara) - oh my
ふぅ (fuu) - phew
うえっ (ue) - yuck
しーっ (shii) - shh!
えっと (etto) - well..
えっ (e) - eh?
やった (yatta) - hooray
えへん (ehen) - ahem
したり (shitari) - good heavens!
へえ (hee) - really?
うそ (uso) - no way

okay so context is that the Dm allows us to do pretty much anything we wanted leading to some pretty silly outcomes but if we wanted to do something particularly stupid luck had to be on our side.

so we were towards the end of a very long dungeon and we came across the final boss (a 300 year old witch by the name of Grendil the wicked) and my friend (who was playing a neutral good barbarian dwarf) said that he wanted to befriend the evil witch (keep in mind that our entire part of 3 had a total charisma of 5). 

DM: that wouldnt be possible even if … you know what ill allow it if all three of you roll a nat 20.

the drawf rolls first and gets a one 

DM: roll failed. grendil appears to be –

my other friend who is playing a Drow sorcerer interjects by saying that “if one of use fails, we all fail” picks up his d20 and gets a nat 1.

all eyes are on me as i pick up my d20. i roll it, and i get a one.

DM: Grendil is so revolted by your attempts at trying to befriend her that she feels sorry for all three of you for being so incompetent at being functioning adults that she decides to adopt all three of you as her children. several years have passed before you even realize it you now have a wonderful mother who, while stealing the lives of the innocent for her rituals, has been the most wonderful person you have ever met. you failed to make a friend, however, you have become a family.

a quick guide to seamlessly integrating spanish into fic dialogue

this is going to be a quick and easy to follow list of guides and examples of how real cuban americans use spanish in their day to day lives without sounding ridiculous and forced. enjoy: 

  • random words, usually objects, are referred to in spanish for some inexplicable reason often in mid sentence and perhaps the only spanish word in the sentence
    • “Hey can you hand me my bolsa from the couch other there?” 
  • interjections and direct instructions are almost always in spanish even if the rest of the sentence is entirely in english
    • “Mira, I finished the dishes so all you have to do is sweep now.” 
    • “Oye, I told you not to bother your mother when she’s working.”
    • “Digame, I have to know what the guy said.” 
  • swearing is in spanish, and cuban swearing is with the main workhorse swears (conjugate as you see fit)
    • “coño”
    • “me cago en diez” 
    • “carajo” 
    • “comemierda ” 
    • “joder” 
  • food. food food food food foooooood. if it’s cuban food you bet your ass it’s said entirely in spanish. 
    • you don’t want in and order a guava pastry, you order un pastelito de guayaba 
    • it’s always arroz blanco y frijoles negros
    • it’s tostones not banana cookies don’t even dare   
  • family members are always referred to in spanish
    • Mami/Papi, Tia/Tio, Primo/Prima, Abuela/Abuelo, Bisabuela/Bisabuelo, and so on
      • oh and it’s common for older family members to speak entirely in spanish and for everyone else to speak to them entirely in english 
      • and yes everyone understands each other.
  • and perhaps most important and close to the heart of any spanish speaker: Idiomatic expressions
    • can be sprinkled in conversation with both spanish speakers and non spanish speakers (we will say it if it fits the situation no matter if you understand it or not) 
      • Good weather: “Paya playa piscina piscina”
      • when someone is being obnoxious because they skipped a meal and they are sooo hungry: “muerte de hambre”
      • a cheapskate: “Camina con los codos” 

and that’s the list for now! if anyone has anything they’d like to add feel free

Untranslatable Spanish Words

NOTE: They are untranslatable to English, not necessarily every language :P

Anteayer (m. noun)

The day before yesterday

Botellón (m. noun)

A group of (usually young) people drinking out in the open

Desvelado(a) (adjective)

Not being able to fall asleep

Empalagoso(a) (adjective)

Something that is so sweet it makes you sick

*This one has some variations too: empalagar (to make someone sick of sweets), empalagado/a (to be sick of sweets)

Estadounidense (noun)

A person from the United States (cuz we’re technically all Americans btw)

Estrenar (verb)

To use something for the first time

Friolento(a)/ friolero(a) (adjective)

Someone that gets cold easily

Madrugar (verb)

To get up very early

Merendar (verb)

To eat a snack

Ojalá (interjection)

Used when you really want something to happen

Pardo (adjective)

Brownish-grey colour

Puente (m. noun)

Taking Monday or Friday off from work because Tuesday or Thursday is a holiday

Quincena (f. noun)

Half of the month or bimonthly pay

Sobremesa (f. noun)

The time you stay at a restaurant after the meal is over

Te quiero (expression)

Somewhere between I like you and I love you (usually for friends and family)

Tocayo(a) (noun)

Someone with the same name as you

Trasnochado(a) (adjective)

Someone that stayed up all night 

  • Character A: Your date killed grandma. Why did you, bring Death to Thanksgiving?
  • Character B: Well Death was the only being, willing to be my fake date for this dinner.
  • Death: If I can interject? One, I agreed because your cute. Two, it was kind of your grandma's time. The old girl has been dodging me for like a century.
  • Character A&B: ...
  • Death: Also this mac and cheese is banging.

Quick interjection: When you keep saying ‘on the line,’ you do mean online?

240317 SWC V Dallas

Key told us the story about his costume in Vancouver “MY GUCCI BURNED”
cr: drivebydmtn

Key was saying he took off his clothes & his stylist left it on a lightning device & it went up in flames 
Key: My Gucci burned.. I wondered what the burning smell was. It was my Gucci.
cr: yeolstyle

(next ment)
Taemin was sayin he hasn’t had time to relax & Key interjects “& my Gucci burned in Canada” 
Taemin: We’re not talking abt that 🤣
cr: yeolstyle

Key sees his next costume: “Oh my god, I hate this set.” The coat is too stiff.
Minho: “I like my coat, it’s soft.”
cr: marlubsGD

The SHINee fanboy just screamed and Jonghyun and Key immediately noticed him and got excited. “It’s you right?”
cr: yeolstyle

Taemin: It’s like war over there. 😂(Talking about backstage, changing costume)
cr: sheiwol

Onew: Our next song is Selene 6.23. (in the cutest possible way with his arm at the back of his head)
cr: sheiwol

Key: I was worried about the weather bec it was raining again.
cr: sheiwol

Jonghyun: I hope this becomes memorable for you bec it’s our first concert in the states.
cr: sheiwol

Minho: english very good me too (Minho’s so cute trying to keep up with Kibum lmfao)
cr: shineeh8r

Jjong and Onew are saying how their American tour is going really well 😢 they’re so happy
cr: yeolstyle

Key jokingly said our Korean must be better than his and Minho said “and English better than mine”
cr: yeolstyle

Key didn’t turn his mic off when back stage so people heard him complaining about his outfit lmaooo
cr: yeolstyle

Jonghyun: it was all because of your big cheers that we could finish the concert well. This is our second time in Dallas. I hope that if you cheer more, we can produce more great music.
cr: trashyjongtae

Taemin: I’m very happy that we could perform on this huge stage and visit Dallas for a second time. From this I hope we can come back again.
cr: trashyjongtae

The Pros of Your Sun Sign

Aries: You are a natural leader, when you speak others follow. You do not wait for good things to happen to you, but you go out and make them happen yourself. When people are mean to those who cannot stand up for themselves, you will interject on their behalf. 

Taurus: You have a way at putting other people at ease with your stable sense of self. You do not compromise your values to fit in with other people. You are loyal to those you truly care for. 

Gemini: You can start a conversation with anybody. You know how to entertain a room. You will listen to other people complain about their problems for hours if that is what it takes for them to feel better. 

Cancer: You are a natural empath as you can relate to what others are going through. You care about your loved ones and will put your life on hold for them. You will take care of home responsibilities for your loved ones.   

Leo: You are constantly trying to make people feel better about themselves by trying to shine the light on others. In social groups, you like to make sure that everyone is having a good time. You know how to present yourself in a confidant manner, which gets you where you want to go. 

Virgo: You help others fix their problems. Your friends, family, and lovers can always rely on you. You will take care of the nitty gritty details so other people do not have to. 

Libra: You know how to defuse arguments. You can see two sides of the same perspective and agree with both of them equally. You care deeply about social justice issues. 

Scorpio: You are loyal to those you care about. When someone you love is going through a tough time, you will come to their aid. When you decide you really want something, you will not stop until you get it. 

Sagittarius: You have an adventurous spirit which brings excitement and joy into peoples lives. You think on a grand level, which helps you come up with big ideas for your life. You are naturally competitive and do not buckle under the weight of competition. 

Capricorn: You do not let anyone or anything get in your way when you desire something. You have a strong work ethic. No matter how long it takes you, you will not stop until you have achieved your goal. 

Aquarius: You are a unique individual who does not follow other people. Your opinions are entirely your own. You know how to belong in large social groups without losing yourself and becoming more like them. 

Pisces: I know I already said it for Cancer, but it is the same for Pisces, you are a natural empath. Even though you may have not had a similar experience to what other people are going through, you can still feel what they are feeling. You do not try to take the spotlight away from others and are glad for other people when they shine. 

Exo Reacts To You Being A Clingy Wife

You wake him up in the middle of the night and ask him if he likes likes you.

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It was 2 a.m when you woke up your sleeping husband. He rolled over and slowly opened his eyes. 

“What is it jagi? Are you okay?” He asked while pushing your hair away from your face. 

You were nervous and you knew that you shouldn’t have woken him up but you… were having a moment..

Looking down you mumbled, “Do you like me?”

It was quiet for a moment before looking up to see him staring at you. 

“Did you really just ask me that question? I mean it’s not like we’re married or anything.” He asked staring directly at you. 

“I mean like… like.. me.” You interjected. He sighed and rolled over on his other side, “Goodnight WIFE.”

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When he rolled over to ask you what was wrong you asked him, “Do you like like me?”

He looked at you and contemplated his entire life decisions.

“Did you really just ask me that question?” Do you not remember that thing we did when you wore a white dress.. and like.. we put rings on each others finger? Did you… just like forget that entire day?”

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When you asked him that question in the middle of the night he took it personal. Like he hasn’t been showing you his love for you and he would be really upset about it.

“Of course I love you jagiya.. You’re the best thing thats ever happened to me. Thats why I married you. I don’t like you, I love you.” He said before kissing your forehead and wrapping his arm around your waist to cuddle.

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When you had woken him up he was trying to figure out if you were being serious. He looked at you and tried to read your facial expression but he couldn’t.

“Uh… Do I like you..?” He repeated the question

You nodded and looked at him.

“Is this a trick question because it’s 2 in the damn morning and I’m not mentally prepared. I love you! I love you I love you I love you!!” He rushed out before throwing his body over yours and going back to sleep.

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“Let me get this straight.. you woke me up in the middle of the night to ask me, your HUSBAND, if I….like you…?” He asked. 


“Goodnight Jagi.”


“Goodnight.” He cut you off before rolling back over and going back to sleep.

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He’d be like Lay. He’d be worried that he wasn’t showing you how much he loves you and would be really sad with himself. He’d try to change the subject by joking around.

“I married you, you know what that means right? I love you.. like… alot….” He gave you a smirk before pulling you closer to him and humming you to sleep.

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He ignored your question and just pulled you into his arms and held you. He knew you were just going through a moment and wanted some love. 

“i love you more than you could ever imagine jagiya…”

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“Do you like like me?”

He squinted his eyes at you. Looked at his wedding ring and then at yours.

“ Are you okay babe?” He asked while feeling your head with the back of his hand.


“I mean what kind of question is that, Mrs. Kim?”

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“ Are you serious? Do I ‘like like’ you? You know what, No I don’t. I was sleeping and you woke me up. So no I do not ‘like like’ you.” He growled before turning his back towards you, mumbling “The hell is ‘ like like’? Girl know damn well I love her. Fuck. Waking me up for this shit.” 

He grabbed your hand and pulled you so you were spooning him, kissing your hand and making you wrap your arms around his waist before falling back asleep.

So, the gang is wandering in a mysterious haunted mansion, when they find the best clue of all...

…a cheeseburger!

But then Velma says…

“See those claw marks? The ape man was eating this sandwich!”

Um… well, no, I don’t actually see any claw marks, but I’ll take your word for it.

Soon, they decide it couldn’t have been the ape man’s since apes don’t eat meat… and that rule apparently applies to mysterious ape men that were previously unknown to science. So, Freddy says…

“It’s ok, Shaggy. You can eat it.”

…because if you find a half-eaten burger with weird marks on it that’s been sitting on the floor of a dusty mansion for an indeterminable amount of time, but it wasn’t the bad guy’s burger, it’s ok to eat.

Food poisoning only comes from bad guy food.

Finally, though, Freddy interjects…

“Ok, let’s split up and search for this ape man who eats hamburgers!”

…and in an instant, I knew this was the best sentence ever written by mankind.

X-Men Characters Being Jealous

Charles “Furrowed Brow But Still Pleasant” Xavier

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Erik “Stoicly Watches On” Lehnsherr

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Hank “Jealous? I’m Not Jealous” Mccoy

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Kurt “Awkward Interjection” Wagner

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Peter “I Must Outdork Them To Win Her Affections” Maximoff

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Warren “Definitely Not A Show Off” Worthington III

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Alex “I Coincidentally Want To Make Out Now They’re Around” Summers

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french is the language of love so i’ve learned how to call you a nerd in french parce que je t’aime, ringard