In Tropical Plant ID class today we got to have a field trip to the Best Western Hotel (Wellington, London, Ontario) and go into the Lamplighter Inn Oasis Atrium (I took lots of photos. So when I get the time I’m going to go through them all and upload them~).

At the end of the tour before we could wander around I asked the interiorscape grower if I could take some Coffea arabica berries that were growing in the Atrium, he said no, however he did say we could take some fruit/seeds off from the humongous palm trees! We shook the trees so that the fruit could fall, but he also came in and let us take more from a container of the fruits he kept on hand. They were Saribus rotundifolius palm trees, formerly known as Livistona rotundifolia.

At the moment I do not have the space for more seedlings, but I may still sow them once I’ve confirmed the length of time it takes for them to germinate (if it’s months, then I may sow them now regardless of the space, since they wouldn’t get in the way). Also if this species has a high seed viability I may also share a few odd seeds to anyone interested- though I’m not making promises yet.

Photographed February 12th 2015