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Thousands of men spend thousands of dollars on their cars, boats, and hobbies

They spend hundreds on new wheels and fancy rims. Hundreds on oil changes every six months. Thousands on speakers. Tens of thousands on paint jobs. Upkeep, maintenance, car washes, studying up on vehicles, putting in new lights or trendy accessories that they switch with the seasons or styles.

All this knowing that almost every car devalues over time, you’re probably not going to make back what you put into it like a house. The investment isn’t going to pay off.

I mean, I work with a guy who saved and dropped $2,000 on a new interior lighting system for his VW while his girlfriend works at McDonalds. Everyone applauds his hobby, compliments his car, and tells him he should be proud of what he’s done for it.

And yet.

If your girl becomes your hobby, if you help her be fit and eat healthy, if you spend money to help her achieve her goals, if you make sure she has the funds to dress well, have pretty skin and hair, and be your beautiful other half. If you spend money on this precious creature that will make you laugh, go on adventures with you, be creative with you, may start a business with you, help you when you’re down, may marry you, grow old with you, perhaps carry your children…

Then you’re a cuck and she’s a gold digger. Then she’s just using you. Then it’s a “waste of your hard earned money.” Then it’s a waste of time because “what if she leaves, what if the investment doesn’t pay off?” There’s shame from people who are jealous or angry, and why? She’s flesh and bones, not a piece of metal.

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hey can u maybe tell me something about cancer venus that isn’t about nurturing or the vanilla family life or some other bullshit please i’m trying so hard to relate to my cancer venus but it’s just not happening

It’s impossible to detach the connotations of family from a Cancer placement, but I will say that “family” can manifest in many different ways for every Cancer (Venus or other) throughout their lifetime. “Family” can be found in anything from blood relatives to friends to celebrities to house plants to hobbies, not always marriage and procreation. Besides that, Cancer Venus are very emotional (of course) and tend to define their relationships – including their relationship to self – based on their feelings. This can make them quite turbulent & extremely hard to pin down. Cancer Venus loves deeply and with their whole heart. They want love to be at the foundation of things (art, relationships, self-esteem, etc.) so nurturance will always be part of them, but not necessarily toward others. They can be very self-nurturing, and nurturing of anything they are responsible for. However, because they’re so emotional, they can experience a battle between nurture and nature, unsure whether they should let things be as they are (they often want to be left alone with their feelings and go through the motions without having to worry about controlling themselves, for example) or if they should make an effort to build it up and heal it (they may like to express their autonomy by giving others the space to relinquish control to them, for another example).

Speaking of autonomy, the incredible stoicism and independence of Cancer Venus is sorely underappreciated. They can be beautifully self-sufficient when mature enough to know their own worth and create their own security. Oftentimes people will describe the unhealthiest form of Cancer Venus as if it is the only way it can manifest, but depending on the rest of the chart, Cancer Venus can be very self-confident and composed, very safe within themselves. They wear their heart on their sleeve but it is supported by a complex interior system of self-care and self-protection that even if they are broken, they can take the radical initiative to bear their pain like it’s a victory, something to be proud of & grow from. Cancer is such a strong, brave, and beautiful sign.

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Thank you for your answer about the wizards with DID. I appreciate that you take the time to research subjects like that and like autism before answering. Do you think that a person who lives with dissociated identities would be more or less susceptible to influence and/or interactions with the Lone Power? And do you think the people with their system in disorder might have their wizardry placed on hold by the powers?

I don’t think a person with alters would be any less or more likely to have LP problems than a person who doesn’t have dissociated personalities. We all have our weaknesses, no matter how many of us are inside our heads. And DID is a mental disorder, not a moral one.

Getting “grounded” by the Powers is a different issue. This normally happens when a wizard is using their power inappropriately or in ways that increase entropy. If someone’s interior system of being is giving them trouble in ways that interfere with their ability to use their wizardry appropriately, then it’ll be limited or withdrawn while they seek whatever assistance they need to get things running correctly again. Exactly the same thing would happen with single-personality wizards who were having trouble acting correctly; they would be told to get help and assisted in getting it. Wizardry once given is too valuable a gift to take back lightly… but the Powers aren’t going to allow someone to use it in ways that recklessly cause harm. 

Devaron worldbuilding | Government

Montellian Serat, siege of the government of Devaron and of the Serat Arrje’d.
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The Government of Devaron

The government of the planet of Devaron is a Representative Democracy largely influenced by matriarchal ideals. Indeed – just like in most other sectors (such as businesses, banks, etc), the government is led only by females. Males are usually prohibited from participating in politics, unless under specific circumstances.

The planet is ruled by the High Ministry of Devaron. The High Ministry is comprised of twelve members, five of which are the heads of the five primary departments. The heads of the departments aren’t elected by the people, but chosen through presidential decree by the other seven members of the Ministry. These seven ministers, however, are elected through universal suffrage by the people of Devaron. The High Ministry holds a monthly meeting in the chambers of the Ministry, in the Tower of Serat, or Serat Arrje’d in Devaronese.

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Apple is catastrophically late to the self-driving car game

(No. Just no.Motor Trend)
After thinking that the Apple Car — “Project Titan” — was pretty much dead, we saw it crawl from the grave via a filing in California to test a self-driving technology on public roads.

With this move, Apple joins a host of other automakers and tech companies that are already permitted to test their autonomous experiments on the Golden State’s highways and byways.

And thanks to some intrepid reporting by Business Insider’s Kif Leswing, we now have some idea of what Apple is actually up to. 

The tech giant is clearly developing some type of self-driving car technology. That much is obvious from the test vehicle setup, which consists of a Lexus SUV with self-driving controls in the backseatUp front, it’s a regular old steering wheel, so that if anything goes wrong, a human driver can take over. I’m pretty sure that the “fly by wire” system is something that Apple has engineered in a bolt-on capacity.

(The interior of Apple’s “Automated System,” according to a training document obtained by Business Insider.California DMV)
There are some serious problems with this approach. For starters, bolt-on technology doesn’t work, you have to develop a self-driving technology that’s designed to be integrated into a vehicle as it’s assembled — but that’s beside the point.

The real takeaway here is that Apple’s self-driving program, although evidently not dead, might as well be. 

This is because Apple has fallen catastrophically far behind the competition. 

Just for the record, Google started outfitting Lexus SUVs back in 2009 with the first of its own self-driving technologies. Eight years later, Google has become Alphabet and the Google Car has become Waymo — and Waymo has racked up an enormous number of self-driven miles, with precisely zero monetization in sight.

Waymo’s concept of a self-driving car is very out-there, very futuristic. Meanwhile, Tesla has been taking a here-and-now approach with its Autopilot semi-self-driving tech: incremental improvement through software and hardware updates. It, too, has been racking up the real-world miles.

A lot of other automakers have been reeling in experimental miles including Ford, General Motors, BMW, Mercedes, and Audi. In fact, almost every major car company has some kind of autonomous plan under construction.

And let’s not forget about Uber, which stunned the auto establishment last year when it debuted its fleet of self-driving cars in Pittsburgh.

So let’s run through what the self-driving world is up to:

Here’s a run-down of Waymo’s efforts

(Waymo; Business Insider/ Skye Gould)

A look back at the Google Car, the adorable podmobile:


And some of the original Google self-driving Lexus SUVs:

(AP/Eric Risberg)

A visualization of Tesla Autopilot: (Tesla)

Me going hands-free with Autopilot, which I don’t recommend:

(Benjamin Zhang/Business Insider)

One of Audi’s self-driving vehicles:


A self-driving Uber:


And finally a self-driving Ford:

(Ford fully autonomous Fusion Hybrid research vehicle on streets of Dearborn, MI. Ford has been researching autonomous vehicles for more than a decade and currently tests fully autonomous vehicles in Michigan, Arizona and California, and will triple its autonomous vehicle test fleet this year to have the largest of any automaker.Ford)

Finally, Apple’s latest:


The self-driving systems powering these cars use similar hardware, but are ultimately different. 

Some companies are using complex and expensive laser-radar or Lidar systems, some have combined radars and sensors, and some are using cameras. It’s not entirely clear yet what Apple’s setup consists of, but according to BI’s reporting, the training protocol demands some simple maneuvers and scenarios. 

Maybe Apple’s systems and/or vehicles are capable of more. Maybe. But the permit applications suggest that Apple has made rudimentary at best progress on autonomy. 

I have a theory about this, which is that Apple was at one time, under Project Titan, working on a fully-fledged car with a radically innovative driver/infotainment interface, an electric powertrain, and some self-driving capability.

Given that I’ve been saying the Apple Car is vaporware since the get-go, I still think that Project Titan writ large has been abandoned. But Apple has probably decided to keep the self-driving component going and is likely focusing most of its efforts on developing the software for autonomous vehicles. Hence the crude-looking setup in the test vehicle.

The problem is it has to play catch-up. Apple has a gigantic heap of cash to spend on doing just that. But sometimes, money isn’t enough when you’re running a decade behind.

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